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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 34

34. Calamity Control Bureau Visit

What on earth is going on?

The small symbol on the leg armor of the Phoenix Redeemer is a habit that Ji Mingzhu has had for a very long time.

It’s a stylized “m” shaped letter, with two clusters of flames above two small peaks, looking like two candles joined together.

When Ji Mingzhu was a child and in school, he loved to daydream during class and draw this little mark in his books. Other students would write their names on the book covers as soon as they received them, but Ji Mingzhu disliked writing his name and preferred to make marks.

Even when he entered his profession later on, he added this customized symbol to his custom keyboard and headphones.

Clearly, the mark on the leg armor of the Phoenix Redeemer was also made by him.

Subtle details carried his personal habits, and even if others imitated it, they wouldn’t get it so alike. Besides, after coming to this world, Ji Mingzhu hadn’t left this symbol anywhere else.

At this moment, Ji Mingzhu was filled with deep uncertainty.

In his memory, he first woke up in this world in that small rented room.

—But was it really like that?

Had he also woken up earlier in this world, leaving traces behind, and then, during some period, his memory vanished, only for him to revive once again as “Ji Mingzhu”?

What happened during this process? What did he do?

Why did he have absolutely no recollection of this intermediate period in his memory? Moreover, coincidentally, Axiu, just like him, lost all data and became a state of complete ignorance?

A strange chill ran down Ji Mingzhu’s spine.

If memories can deceive, then what else is real?

Thinking about such matters in depth is truly terrifying. Ji Mingzhu started to doubt his own life profoundly, unable to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not.


“Tian Shu?”

“Ji Mingzhu!!”

It wasn’t until Tian Quan loudly called his name that Ji Mingzhu snapped out of his thoughts.

“What happened?”

Tian Quan had never seen Ji Mingzhu wear such a bewildered expression and couldn’t help asking, “Did you discover something?”


Ji Mingzhu started but found his voice somewhat hoarse.

He didn’t answer Tian Quan’s question; instead, he forced himself to calm down and started pondering all of this.

First, the initial question.

Had he truly crossed over?

Ji Mingzhu believed the answer should be affirmative. His memories about Blue Star, himself, Ji 【Qi Ming】, Deep Crimson, Azure, and all those club teammates fighting side by side, every detail could still be recalled. These memories were real and stood up to scrutiny.

With this clarified, the second question he needed to consider was the exact time he arrived in this world.

It wasn’t in that rented room; it should have been earlier. The mark on the leg armor of the Phoenix Redeemer was solid evidence; it was a trace he had left in this world.

Given Ji Mingzhu’s personality, if he knew that a future version of himself might lose his memories, the first thing he would do is leave behind information that only he would know.

However, Ji Mingzhu had searched the entire warehouse and hadn’t found any useful information he left behind.

This indicated that his amnesia shouldn’t have been intentional. Something unexpected must have occurred, preventing him from leaving any message.


Ji Mingzhu felt like he was standing on the edge of an abyss, with unknown dangers beneath his feet and enigmatic mist all around. Clues of all kinds were like elusive smoke, making his thoughts incomprehensible.

Wait a minute.

Ji Mingzhu suddenly thought of a crucial person.

—Tian Ji.

The warehouse certificate in his hand had been given to him by Tian Ji.

Tian Ji’s original words were, “The thing I borrowed from you last time, I’m returning it to you.”

This meant that the previous version of him must have trusted Tian Ji a lot. After all, placing the Phoenix Redeemer, an s-grade mecha, in the warehouse was such a significant matter. Would he just lend something so important to a stranger? Even Tian Quan, a fellow member of the Big Dipper team, only found out about the Phoenix Redeemer just now.

“Where’s Tian Ji?”

Ji Mingzhu’s sudden inquiry left Tian Quan puzzled. “Why are you looking for him?”

“I have something I want to ask him,” Ji Mingzhu replied. “Can you contact him?”

Tian Quan shook his head. “Tian Ji is our squad leader. He usually contacts us with mission-related matters. I don’t have a direct way to contact him. But if you want to find him, you can do so through Yu Heng.”

“Yu Heng…”

Ji Mingzhu pondered for a moment and eventually shook his head.

Forget it, he shouldn’t stir things up just yet.

Up until now, every step of his plan had been going smoothly. This meant that his role as “Tian Su” hadn’t encountered any issues so far. Although there were many mysteries to unravel at the moment, the most crucial thing was to empower himself first, to become strong enough to have the capacity to seek the truth.

At the same time, Ji Mingzhu had a strange sensation.

The truth he wanted to uncover might not unfold as neatly as he had envisioned, revealing itself through layers of mist until it was crystal clear. Instead, it might be shrouded in a bloody haze, emanating a sense of brutality that Ji Mingzhu couldn’t help but repel.

This inexplicable feeling was like an unspeakable shadow, constantly hanging over Ji Mingzhu’s heart.

Ji Mingzhu exhaled slowly, then cast a final glance at the golden and crimson Phoenix Redeemer behind him. Without any sentimental attachment, he walked out of the warehouse. “Let’s go.”

“Go where?”

Ji Mingzhu replied, “We’re going to rescue Yao Guang.”


You Jia’s face was filled with excitement as he rushed up to Ji Mingzhu, his joy radiating in his expressions and gestures. “Have you heard? Today we’re going to visit the Calamity Control Bureau!”

Ji Mingzhu smiled. “I heard it a while ago.”

“Why aren’t you excited at all?”

You Jia looked at him incredulously. “This time we’re going to see the Titans, the Titans!!”

He surveyed his surroundings. “Look, their jealous gazes are practically shooting out.”

Today marked the completion of two rounds of assessments.

Throughout the phases of the Titan pilot reserve assessment, two rounds of tests had been completed. At this point, among all the classmates who still had the qualifications to compete for the position of a Titan pilot, including Ji Mingzhu and You Jia, there were only seven remaining.

For those students who had already been disqualified in the previous assessments, the envy and jealousy within them were beyond words when they heard that these seven people had the chance to visit the Calamity Control Bureau and see the Titans. They also wished for the opportunity to visit the Titans, but they had been eliminated due to their own lack of competence.

“I also want to visit the Titans…”

“But those are Titans! Who wouldn’t want to!”

“If I had the chance to touch a Titan, my life would be complete!”

“Don’t just talk about touching, among these seven people, there might be someone who will truly become a Titan pilot in the future. That’s something to envy…”

“I think Ji Mingzhu has a good chance. He performed excellently in the first two assessments.”

“I agree.”

Chang Haoyang made a disdainful sound from the side, causing the classmates who were discussing to fall silent.

“What’s with the attitude?”

You Jia chuckled. “He got eliminated in the first round and he’s still sulking. I remember someone being all confident before, saying that only they were qualified to be a Titan pilot. And now? They don’t even have the chance to visit.”

“What did you say?”

You Jia’s voice was not quiet. Chang Haoyang heard it clearly and his expression turned unpleasant.

“I wasn’t talking about you. There were plenty of people eliminated in the first round.”

You Jia provocatively glanced back. “Why, does it hit close to home?”

Ever since finding out that Ji Mingzhu was Tian Nan, You Jia’s support for him had been evident. This also extended to Chang Haoyang, who had previously bullied Ji Mingzhu. You Jia didn’t have a pleasant attitude towards him either, often taking jabs at him with his words.

While others might be wary of the Chang family, You Jia wasn’t afraid.

Just as the two were about to start a quarrel, the teacher who entered the room interrupted all the noise.

“Quiet down.”

The teacher scanned the classroom and smiled. “I’m sure you’ve heard. I won’t waste any time then. The students whose names I call, come out. You don’t need to attend class today. The Calamity Control Bureau has specially invited students who passed the second assessment. You’ll have the opportunity to visit the Titans in Shangjing City.”

Amid envious gazes, Ji Mingzhu, who was the first to be called, stood up.


“I’m here.”

Following the teacher, Ji Mingzhu left the classroom. In a quiet voice, he said to Axiu, “I’ll see you later.”

This visit was organized jointly by the Zongbingyi Academy and the Calamity Control Bureau. Besides Ji Mingzhu’s group, there were many other specialized students.

This included Tian Quan.

However, there was a difference. Students from other specializations didn’t have the opportunity to visit the Titans. Tian Quan’s Tactical Executions class belonged to the Fire Division’s reserve, so the Division they were visiting was also the Fire Division, not the Thunder Division where Ji Mingzhu was headed.

Before boarding the shuttle from Zongbingyi Academy, Ji Mingzhu also saw Tian Quan’s figure boarding a shuttle not far away.

Their gazes briefly intersected in mid-air.

Although they didn’t communicate, a hint of unspoken understanding was exchanged through their eyes.

The office building of the Calamity Control Bureau was located in the centre of Shangjing City, often referred to as the “heart of Shangjing City.”

Compared to the Satellite City Government Building, the building housing the Calamity Control Bureau was taller and had a larger footprint, making it much more impressive. Although their functions were similar, everyone knew that in terms of authority, the Calamity Control Bureau’s reach extended further and deeper than the Satellite City Government. In comparison, the Calamity Control Bureau seemed more like the organization truly wielding power.

In times of emergency, the Calamity Control Bureau even had the authority to mobilize the Satellite City Government’s forces and require them to cooperate with all of the Bureau’s actions.

So, in the minds of Satellite City residents, the Calamity Control Bureau was a place more solemn and respected than the Satellite City Government. They represented the will of Sky City and the Immortal Clan, upholding the belief in safeguarding humanity.

This was Ji Mingzhu’s first visit to the headquarters of the Calamity Control Bureau. As soon as he got off the shuttle, he was amazed by the grandeur of the building.

It was a complex formed by five towering structures. Despite their height of several hundred meters, they were adorned with classical elements, each floor’s edges decorated with prominent eaves. This design resembled a flying bird’s wingspan. With shuttles continuously moving around the building, it added a cyberpunk futuristic vibe to the classical architecture.

The shuttle of the Mecha Combat Class landed at the headquarters building of the Thunder Division, where a few figures were already waiting at the entrance.

Huo Zai wore a gentle smile as he scanned the youthful faces before him. “Welcome.”

“Minister Huo!”

“Deputy Minister Huo Zai personally came to greet us…”

“Wuwuwu, I feel so honored. I’ll definitely brag about this to my family when I go back!”

“Wait, isn’t that person next to Minister Huo…?”

“Oh my god, he can’t be…”

Zuo Quanzong stood in his Thunder Division uniform, but unlike the others, his uniform was red. With its elaborate design and a luan ribbon, he appeared both dignified and formal.

Ji Mingzhu walked up to Zuo Quanzong and looked at this tall, imposing man with hawk-like eyes, showing a hint of surprise. “You are…”

“We meet again.”

Zuo Quanzong lowered his head to look at the young man in front of him, his eyes softened. “I said, if there’s a chance, we will meet again.”

“Wow, you actually know the Red Guard Commander?”

You Jia sidled up to Ji Mingzhu and whispered, “How do you know him? Introduce me to the Red Guard Commander later, okay?”

Every mecha enthusiast almost invariably has a common idol in their heart, and that’s Zuo Quanzong.

Ji Mingzhu smiled at You Jia and said, “I met him coincidentally before.”

“Red Guard Commander is here too. If Chang Haoyang knew, he would probably be jealous to death right on the spot.”

You Jia grinned mischievously and raised his hand. “Your Excellency Red Guard Commander! If you have a chance later, could you sign an autograph for us?”

You Jia’s suggestion immediately received support from everyone.

“I want one too!”

“If we could take a group photo, that would be even better!”

When Zuo Quanzong nodded slightly, the crowd erupted in cheers.

“Let’s not just stand at the entrance.”

A person dressed in a Thunder Division uniform waved his hand at the group of Zongbingyi Academy students. “Red Guard Commander still has matters to attend to. I will guide you on the tour later.”

“These kids have quite the energy.”

Huo Zai whispered to Zuo Quanzong, “Shixiong, doesn’t this bring back memories?”

“Yeah.” Zuo Quanzong glanced at the youthful faces before him, unable to hide his nostalgic expression.

“I’ll head back now. There’s a pile of things to take care of.”

Huo Zai looked at Ji Mingzhu and the others being led away by the Thunder Division personnel for the tour. “The newly appointed Director seems relaxed, staying in the Jupiter Division and not coming out. I have to handle big and small matters…”

Zuo Quanzong teased, “Those capable bear more responsibility.”

Huo Zai chuckled. “Come on.”

After exchanging a few words, Huo Zai turned and left.

Back in his Director’s office, the smile on Huo Zai’s face had vanished completely.

“Let’s begin.”

Huo Zai spoke slowly into the communication device, “Move swiftly. Today is a rare opportunity.”

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