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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 35

  1. Next, what you are about to see is… the God of the Mortal Realm.

“This is the Operations Command Room of the Thunder Division.”

The staff led the students of Zongbing Academy into a spacious hall. The hall was surrounded by densely packed screens, and members of the Thunder Division moved around the hall, engrossed in their work.

As these young faces entered, members of the Thunder Division nodded at them in a friendly manner. After all, those who could visit this place would likely become their colleagues in the future, making them almost like insiders already.

“Wow, it’s so big…”

“So, this is the famous Thunder Division Operations Command Room!”

“Finally seeing it in person.”

“You fool, don’t touch anything…”

Several students curiously walked around the command room, looking at the advanced equipment they rarely encountered in their daily lives, their eyes filled with envy and longing.

Ji Mingzhu moved around like an excited child, following the group, his expression also reflecting a sense of awe.

However, at the same time, the voice of Axiu swiftly passed through his mind.

“Terrain scanning complete.”

“Attempting to access the internal network of Jupiter. Key authentication required. Attempting decryption, progress 3%… 8%…”

“Can’t you speed this up a bit?” Ji Mingzhu strolled around seemingly casually, while urging in his mind, “This progress is a bit too slow.”

“It’s already quite fast,” Axiu responded. “The internal network of Jupiter has a dedicated key. I’m disguising the internal data flow of Jupiter to infiltrate. If we use brute force, the decryption progress could increase by 84%, but it’s likely to trigger the warning system of Taigui.”

The Thunder Division’s command and operations room was a heavily guarded place responsible for coordinating the Thunder Division’s regular mechas, issuing combat orders to assist pilots in command operations. From a certain perspective, it could be considered the brain of the entire Thunder Division. Even ordinary members of the Thunder Division didn’t have the qualifications to enter.

“The equipment here is connected to the core database of the entire Thunder Division office building. From the moment they entered the Operations Command Room, Axiu had already begun attempting remote access to the Thunder Division’s database. As an advanced AI, Axiu’s capabilities were strong, but its remote access operations could only be conducted within a five-meter range. To avoid raising suspicion, its decryption progress wasn’t rapid.

“Alright, you’ve seen enough here. Let’s not disturb the work of others and get ready to move to the next location.”

The Thunder Division staff leading their tour spoke to the students, “Time is tight, and there’s a lot more to see today.”

Curiously, You Jia asked, “Where are we heading next?”

“The Mech Hangar.”

As these three words were spoken, excitement immediately spread across the students’ faces.

Ji Mingzhu also showed an excited expression, but deep down, he wasn’t happy.

Axiu’s decryption progress was only at 17%.

Once they moved beyond the five-meter range of this Operations Command Room, Axiu would be forced to halt the decryption.


Suddenly, Ji Mingzhu’s expression changed, he clutched his stomach, looking quite uncomfortable.

“Classmate, are you okay?”

The staff quickly noticed his abnormality, and other classmates gathered around as well.

You Jia looked anxious, “Mingzhu, what’s wrong with you?”

Ji Mingzhu waved his hand, “It’s nothing, probably something I ate. My stomach feels a bit uncomfortable.”

“Don’t just stand there, find a place to sit.”

A Thunder Division member from the Operations Command Room hurriedly brought over a chair for Ji Mingzhu to sit on.

In his mind, Axiu’s decryption progress continued.

“Why did I have to get an upset stomach right now…”

The staff member frowned slightly, feeling troubled, “There are still several places left to visit. If we waste time here, we might not have enough time for the rest.”

“It’s alright, you don’t need to worry about me.”

Ji Mingzhu waved his hand, “I’ll rest here for a while. You all can go ahead with the tour. Once I feel better, I’ll find you.”

“Rest here?”

You Jia looked around and expressed concern, “Isn’t that a bad idea? Everyone here is from the Thunder Division, and there’s no one to take care of you…”

“Yeah, Ji Mingzhu, don’t make us all wait. Can’t you tough it out? This is such a rare opportunity, just endure it for a bit.”

“If you can’t talk, then shut your mouths.”

You Jia shot an irritated look at a classmate who was making thoughtless comments and then turned to the staff, asking, “Is the Thunder Division’s medical facility nearby?”

“Very close.”

The staff regained their composure and said, “Indeed, staying here isn’t a good idea. Let me have someone take you to the infirmary where you can rest for a while…”

A group of people surrounded Ji Mingzhu, expressing concern and care. This left Ji Mingzhu somewhat speechless. If he didn’t go to the infirmary and insisted on staying in the Operations Command Room, it would certainly raise suspicions.

With a reluctant nod, Ji Mingzhu stood up. “It’s alright, no need to go to the infirmary. I’ll tough it out for a bit.”

You Jia asked, “Are you really okay?”

“I’m fine, really. Don’t let me disrupt your schedule.”

“Now that Ji Mingzhu says he’s fine, let’s hurry to the Mecha Hangar!”

“Yes, yes, let’s go quickly. We might end up wasting more time if we linger here.”

“Decryption progress 24%…”

“Decryption progress 28%…”

Ji Mingzhu slightly delayed their departure, but that time wasn’t sufficient. It was only when their group exited the Operations Command Room that Axiu’s decryption progress reached around 30%.

He could only find another opportunity to slip away later…

The interior of the entire Thunder Division building was grand and imposing. People wearing Thunder Division uniforms were bustling around. Ji Mingzhu’s group of inexperienced youngsters stood out oddly. Passing Thunder Division members couldn’t help but cast curious glances at them.

“Wasn’t that person who just walked by Lord Wen Kang?”

“Yeah, it was him. I saw him in the newspaper before.”

“Oh my, oh my! To actually see him in person!”

“This is an active Titan pilot…”

Ji Mingzhu looked in the direction of their discussion.

Walking by from a short distance was a tall man with a steady gait. Even in his uniform, the powerful muscles on his body were evident.

This was one of the active Titan pilots, Wen Kang.

Throughout the entire Jupiter, combining all twelve satellite cities, there were around fifty to sixty active Titan pilots. On average, there were about five for each city.

The title of Titan pilot wasn’t a formal ranking among pilots. It was more like a “designation.” Becoming a Titan pilot meant that their piloting skills had reached the pinnacle of human capabilities.

Acquiring the title of Titan pilot only indicated eligibility to pilot a Titan; it didn’t necessarily guarantee the opportunity. For example, Wen Kang in front of them had acquired the title of Titan pilot four years ago. However, in reality, he had never actually piloted a Titan. At most, he had only operated S-level mechas.

After all, the number of times a Titan could be activated was extremely limited. Many times, there might not even be a single activation opportunity in a year. To truly pilot a Titan, besides having the qualifications of a Titan pilot, the orders of the Thunder Division’s Red Guard Commander, Zuo Quanzong, were also necessary.

If the members of this batch of Mecha Combat Class ultimately didn’t pass the assessment, there was a significant possibility that the next Titan pilot would be Wen Kang.

“Dear students.”

Guiding them downstairs, the staff led them to a large iron door with a mechanical feel. With a proud smile, they input their identity verification and said to Ji Mingzhu and the others, “Welcome to the ‘Hall of Heroes’ in the Thunder Division.”

This somewhat dramatic nickname caused many students to suppress their laughter. However, soon, as the iron doors slid open to the sides, everyone was rendered speechless.

“Boom, boom, boom…”

As the iron doors opened, an overwhelmingly breathtaking scene unfolded before them.

The place was bustling with activity. People were coming and going everywhere. Thunder Division guards armed with guns were stationed on both sides. Research personnel hurriedly walked with stacks of documents. Technicians in oil-stained overalls were yelling instructions to those around them as they handed over tools. Small unmanned transport drones hummed softly as they carried components.

The scent of oil filled the air, and the ceiling was so high that one had to look up. Bright sunlight streamed through the glass ceiling, casting its radiance on the rows of mechas that stood several meters tall on either side, reflecting the vivid colors of their outer coatings.

The rows of working lights inside resembled neon lights in a city, casting various colors. The solemn and colossal mecha warriors demanded people to look up, akin to gods towering among the clouds. Below them were the bustling personnel, merging the divine and earthly realms. This scene was so awe-inspiring that words couldn’t do it justice.

Each immense mecha was surrounded by large steel frames, which slowly transported technicians for maintenance. The human figures appeared minuscule in the presence of these titanic steel giants.


You Jia’s mouth gaped open as he looked up at the towering mecha structures.

“Is that… the [Mountain Bell God]?”

The closest mecha to them seemed to be undergoing repairs. Its nearly thirty-meter height displayed clear combat scars, blemishes, and paint peeled off in patches to reveal the lead-gray steel underneath. Even a significant portion of the mecha’s head was missing. It stood there silently, like a mountain range, a wordless guardian.


The staff member’s eyes sparkled with pride and longing as they introduced, “S-class mecha, [Mountain Bell God], one of the longest-serving S-class mechas and the finest heavyweight assault mecha. Assembled in the Ninth Victory City, it came to the Capital City in the 301st Year of the Celestial Era and has since completed twenty-nine missions guarding satellite cities. The mecha’s armor is constructed from titanium alloy, and each muscle strand has its independent miniature power core, earning it the title of the battlefield guardian.”

“It’s so cool.”

You Jia’s eyes shone with anticipation. “But is it under repair now? Will we see the [Mountain Bell God] in action later?”

The staff member shook their head regretfully. “It’s too old. Although the Thunder Division’s technicians are working hard to repair it, it’s been almost two months with little progress. If this repair doesn’t succeed, it might really have to retire.”

In “Warfall,” the S-class mechas were merely a set of data, but in reality, each S-class mecha was a treasure to humanity, an icon protecting peace and safety. When an S-class mecha reached the end of its service, all residents of the satellite cities mourned its departure.

Every blemish on the [Mountain Bell God] was not only a scar from battles but also a badge of honor.

[Mountain Bell God], [Fiery Sun Thunder], [Obsidian of Dawn], [Blazing Sword]…

Looking at the familiar S-class mechas before them, each student’s face was filled with deep respect. In this moment, they seemed to realize the weight of their responsibilities.

As if participating in a longstanding relay, generations of mecha pilots piloted these guardians, protecting the peace of the satellite cities. Soon, they would be part of this legacy. As outstanding students in the Mecha Combat Class, they would someday sit in mecha cockpits, fighting for what they held dear.

Although there were many people in the Mecha Hangar, everyone was busy with their own tasks. Nobody had the time to greet the students. The staff leading them didn’t intend to disturb anyone either. After silently observing the mechas under maintenance, they reached the end of the hangar.

Security was even tighter here. Even though they were visiting students, they were subjected to thorough body searches to ensure they carried no dangerous items.

The scanner moved over Ji Mingzhu from bottom to top. He felt nervous for no apparent reason, fearing that Axiu might be detected.

Fortunately, the scanner didn’t trigger any alarms, and their group passed the inspection without any issues.

After placing their terminals and other small belongings with the guard for safekeeping, each of them received a silver protective suit.

“Ladies and gentlemen.”

The staff members smiled warmly as they donned the suits and said to the group, “What you are about to witness is something different. Please hold your breath and steady your pounding hearts.”

Everyone realized what was happening, and their breathing quickened suddenly.

“What you are about to see is the true guardian of the Capital City, an immortal epic, a pinnacle of technology. It’s the ‘God of the Mortal Realm’ capable of making all beings tremble in fear.”

“Shangjing City’s Titan, [Zhu Jiuyin].”

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