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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 38

  1. Handle Him

“Minister Huo.”

Ji Mingzhu pressed his hat’s brim and said, “If I recall correctly, you should be in the command center with Red Guard Commander, directing the operation.”

Huo Zai remained expressionless, his voice calm. “I was concerned that someone might take advantage of the chaos to tamper with the database room. So, I came down to inspect it. Any issues?”

Ji Mingzhu keenly sensed that Huo Zai’s hand was already behind his back. He stared at Huo Zai’s arm, the muscles in his body subtly tensing. “Is that so… the Deputy Minister of the Thunder Division, doing the work of a security guard? Besides… there are no guards in the database room. Did Minister Huo send them away?”

Huo Zai’s reasoning was riddled with loopholes. Faced with Ji Mingzhu’s question, Huo Zai’s expression remained unchanged. “Why I’m here doesn’t need to be reported to you. But you… a new recruit in the Mecha Combat Class at Zongbingyi Academy, didn’t evacuate with the others. Instead, you infiltrated this place, wearing the Thunder Division’s uniform. I think you should provide me with a reasonable explanation.”


The dark barrel of a gun was aimed at Ji Mingzhu’s forehead.

“Several days ago, Zongbingyi Academy was attacked by members of Feibo.”

Ji Mingzhu suddenly said, “A few members of Feibo and Aberrations appeared at Zongbingyi Academy, evading all the guards. During that time, I received a message while in my dorm.”

“The authority of the Mecha Office is accessible to many individuals within both the Calamity Control Bureau and Zongbingyi Academy.”

“Is that so?” Ji Mingzhu shrugged, “I didn’t say the message came from the Mecha Office.”

Huo Zai hesitated for a moment, then quickly realized, “The investigators of the Calamity Control Bureau have recorded your statement. I’ve seen the investigative records.”

“Feibo destroyed the city wall and initiated an Aberration tide attack. As the Deputy Minister of the Thunder Division, covertly aiding Feibo members to infiltrate the city wall and plant explosives shouldn’t be a difficult task.”

Ji Mingzhu let out a soft breath. “Going back further in time, when Minister Jin Qing arrived from Tian Shu City to Shangjing City, how did Striker know about it and prepare an ambush during Minister Jin Qing’s escort?”

Huo Zai froze.

How could he know about Minister Jin Qing’s arrival in Shangjing City?


The trigger was pulled the next moment, and a flash of fire erupted from the barrel.

Huo Zai fired directly!

This shot was sudden and completely without warning, but Ji Mingzhu had been closely observing Huo Zai’s movements. Axiu’s monitoring of Huo Zai’s body had never wavered, and the moment Huo Zai’s arm muscles twitched, Ji Mingzhu received Axiu’s warning. He slightly tilted his head, and the bullet grazed past his forehead.

However, his physical response was a little lacking. After evading the bullet, Ji Mingzhu intended to advance and seize the gun. But the gunshot that rang in his ears made his eardrums ache, causing a brief moment of disorientation in his brain. As a result, Ji Mingzhu’s actions were slightly distorted, and he failed to seize the gun from Huo Zai in the first instance.

Huo Zai’s eyes flashed coldly. He took a step back, then raised his foot and delivered a powerful side kick. Ji Mingzhu only managed to lift his arm to block, but he was kicked aside by Huo Zai’s strong kick.

Huo Zai remained silent, raising the gun again and aiming it at Ji Mingzhu, his finger on the trigger!


The expected gunshot didn’t sound. Huo Zai was taken aback, realizing that the safety of the gun had been engaged at some point.

Seizing this fleeting opportunity, Ji Mingzhu swiftly slipped into the data room, disappearing from Huo Zai’s line of sight.

“The breach in the city wall is expanding!”

“The first batch of mecha pilots dispatched to the battlefield has resulted in 11 casualties! Mechs damaged by 47%, 44 Aberrations have been eliminated, including three Great Disaster class and one Catastrophe class!”

“Coordinates 275 show two life signs of pilots with damaged mechas. Requesting rapid deployment of rescue team!”

“The second batch of mecha pilots has arrived at the battlefield!”

Inside the operations command center, the room was filled with noise, different orders were being relayed in all directions, creating an extremely chaotic scene.

Zuo Quanzong’s face remained stern as he looked at the densely packed battle data before him. He knew that behind every pulsating number was the passing of a valuable mecha pilot’s life.

Zuo Quanzong’s voice grew solemn, “How’s the evacuation of civilians going?”

“The civilians within the capital have started evacuating. Shelters 1, 3, 4, and 5 are already at full capacity…”

“The Disaster-level Aberration, ‘Black Scales,’ has entered the capital from above the city walls!”

The suddenly blaring alarm created a momentary chaos among the people in the command center. Through satellite images, a massive creature with flesh wings covered in black scales could be seen descending from the sky into the city. Its wings, dark and oppressive, seemed like two clouds of darkness, and as it crashed into the city, three towering skyscrapers collapsed with a deafening roar!

Zuo Quanzong said, “Report on the charging status of ‘Zhu Jiuyin.'”

“‘Zhu Jiuyin’ is at 72% charging progress. It is estimated that it will be ready for activation in three minutes.”

“Three S-class mechas have been activated! Level 5 pilots Lang Huan, Bado, and Titan pilot Wen Kang are prepared.” The commander firmly held the command microphone in front of him, “Requesting deployment.”

Zuo Quanzong nodded, “Permission granted for deployment.”


Accompanied by three thunderous roars, a passage opened on both sides of the front platform of the Calamity Control Bureau’s headquarters. Three S-class mechas catapulted out from the underground mecha hangar, like three dazzling meteors, hurtling towards the distant Disaster-level Aberration.

The deployment of these three S-class mechas seemed to ease the tense atmosphere in the command center for a moment. With experienced pilots in control of all three, it should be possible to deal with one Disaster-level Aberration together.

However, the looming threat hadn’t dissipated. Everyone knew that this sudden influx of Aberrations was unexpected. With just the appearance of the Disaster-level Aberrations, there were already four of them. Given the available strength in the capital, it was insufficient to address this crisis.

“The support forces from Yangyuan City and Jiusheng City are en route.”

A commander reported, “Titans ‘Zhu Rong’ and ‘Jumang’ are recharging and are expected to arrive in the capital within an hour.”

Zuo Quanzong asked, “Where is Huo Zai?”

After he asked this question, everyone exchanged glances, and there was no immediate response.

Zuo Quanzong felt perplexed, but before he could speak again, his train of thought was interrupted by another commander.

“Red Guard Commander, Chang Bei has arrived!”

“I see.” Zuo Quanzong let out a sigh of relief and walked out of the command center.

Chang Bei was waiting at the entrance of the command center and saluted Zuo Quanzong, saying, “Red Guard Commander.”

The two exchanged distant gazes.

“Can you still go?” Zuo Quanzong asked softly.

Chang Bei smiled faintly, “I thought I wouldn’t be needed anymore.”

“The situation is critical.”

Zuo Quanzong shook his head slightly and whispered, “You’ve retired, I don’t want to force you.”

“If I don’t go, then who will?” Chang Bei chuckled, “Red Guard Commander, maybe?”

Zuo Quanzong’s gaze was steady, “When facing the lives of millions within the capital, who couldn’t go?”

“Red Guard Commander.”

Chang Bei looked directly at Zuo Quanzong, “Who are we truly fighting for? The capital is on the brink, and Sky City… they should intervene, they have every reason to intervene…”

“But where are they?” Chang Bei took a step forward, “Sitting in their lofty castle, witnessing all this tragedy unfold, will they feel guilty? In the depths of the night, will they be uneasy over the deaths of millions? No, they won’t. Right at this moment, they might be in Sky City, observing everything as if they’re watching two ant colonies killing each other. I can’t convince myself to use my life… to use everyone’s lives, to add another layer of faith to the throne of the Immortals.”

His voice carried strong unwillingness, subtly laced with intense resentment.

“Chang Bei.”

Zuo Quanzong’s voice interrupted, he gazed at him quietly, for a long time, he sighed, “I understand.”

He removed the badge from his chest and placed it into Chang Bei’s hand, “You’re still young, the future is long… I’ve watched you grow up, I know you’re a good kid.”

Chang Bei looked at the badge in his hand.

In a trance, he saw the scene from years ago, his first time sitting in a Titan, with Zuo Quanzong whose temples hadn’t grayed yet, much younger than he appeared now.

“For everything worth protecting, stake your life, Chang Bei.”

Chang Bei watched as Zuo Quanzong turned and walked away. He tightened his grip on the badge in his hand, “You will die, Red Guard Commander.”

“Everyone will die.”

Zuo Quanzong didn’t look back, saying, “Even the Immortals will have their day of demise.”

“To die for Sky City, it’s not worth it.”

“You’re wrong, Chang Bei.”

Zuo Quanzong turned around, “I’m not dying for anyone, I’m dying for myself. Don’t always think about why you’re fighting. When disaster is imminent, we fight for the cries of the present.”

When disaster is imminent, we fight for the cries of the present.

Chang Bei paused for a moment, and after a while, he caught up with Zuo Quanzong, whose figure was already distant.

“Red Guard Commander.”

The badge was returned to its owner’s hand, Chang Bei took a deep breath, “Let me go.”

Zuo Quanzong watched him quietly.

“Compared to me, I think the capital needs you more.”

“You’ve retired, Pilot Chang Bei, and you’re still young…”


Chang Bei saluted in place.

His gaze gradually grew determined. This time, he didn’t feel like he was fighting for Sky City.

“Report, Red Guard Battalion of the Calamity Control Bureau, Third Squad Leader, former Titan PilotChang Bei, applying to pilot a Titan to the capital.”

Zuo Quanzong looked at him, he knew this might be the last time he saw Chang Bei.

“For everything worth protecting.”

Zuo Quanzong returned the salute, his gaze filled with encouragement and comfort. After a long while, he lowered his arm, “I approve, Chang Bei, Titan pilot.”


The gunshot echoed suddenly, illuminating the dark control room for a moment with an abrupt burst of light.

Ji Mingzhu huddled behind the instruments, his breath barely audible.

“Come out.”

Huo Zai’s gaze swept across the room, where various instruments stood silent in the darkness. He loaded the bullet back into the chamber.

“Ji Mingzhu, born on September 29th in the 309th year of the Tian Yuan Calendar, orphaned and raised in the Welfare Institute of Sky City. Despite a humble background, he strived for excellence and entered the Zong Bingyi Academy. Due to his exceptional mecha operating skills, he gained the attention of Red Guard Commander and was directly admitted to the Mecha Combat Class…”

As Huo Zai recited Ji Mingzhu’s resume, he paced slowly through the control room, searching for Ji Mingzhu’s figure.

“An impeccable resume, various monitoring records also show matching traces.”

Huo Zai said slowly, “To forge this resume under the nose of the Calamity Control Bureau without arousing suspicion, there aren’t many organizations capable of that… I guess your objectives are not simple. What are they?”

“Infiltrate the Calamity Control Bureau, aiming to steal secrets?”

“Or perhaps you have designs on Sky City?”

“Or maybe… you want to use the identity of a Titan pilot to acquire Zhu Jiuyin?”

“Intrusion progress at 48%…”

Axe didn’t pause for a moment as he began infiltrating the Thunder Bureau’s database through the instruments in the control room. Ji Mingzhu remained composed, carefully listening to Huo Zai’s footsteps.


The sound of a gun being cocked echoed overhead.

Huo Zai’s face was indistinct in the darkness, his gun pointed directly at Ji Mingzhu’s forehead, a faint, almost invisible smile at the corner of his mouth, “No wonder the attack on Zong Bingyi Academy failed, had I known earlier, you wouldn’t have been met with just a few Chewing Cud Hounds.”

“Guess it’s your bad luck running into me here.”

Huo Zai said, “Venturing alone to the Calamity Control Bureau, that takes guts. However… farewell, Ji Mingzhu.”


The moment the gunshot sounded, Ji Mingzhu’s figure flickered, and at the same time, a shadow lunged swiftly from behind.

The gun slipped from Huo Zai’s hand as he was slammed onto the control room instruments by the person behind him, emitting a dull boom that reverberated in the dark room.

The bullet grazed past, and Ji Mingzhu’s cheek stung painfully. But he had no time to worry about that. Swiftly rolling in place, he picked up the gun that Huo Zai had dropped.

Ji Mingzhu’s tone was chilling, “Tian Quan, handle him.”

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Inner Child
5 months ago

Yoh WTF is that even? Thanks for pointing it out!

5 months ago

Chewing Cud Hound???

2 months ago

I hope he dies, but I also hope his collusion with Striker will be revealed.

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