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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 40

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The appearance of the Titan brought certainty to every member of the Disaster Relief Division who laid eyes on it.

This was not blind confidence but the awe-inspiring presence that Titans had built up over centuries of battles against Aberration life forms.

“Hum, hum—”

A colossal figure, over a hundred meters tall, stood on the battlefield. At this moment, Zuo Quanzong appeared to be a true deity. The hum of the Titan’s power core, rotating rapidly, overshadowed all other mechas on the field.

“Zhu Jiuyin has arrived on the battlefield.”

Chang Bei’s voice echoed in the command room.

All eyes turned to Zuo Quanzong in the center, waiting for the Red Guard Commander to issue orders.

Zuo Quanzong asked, “What’s the status of the evacuation of the city’s civilians?”

“Reporting to the Red Guard Commander, 80% of the population has been evacuated. There are no personnel gathered around the Titan.”

“Good.” Zuo Quanzong nodded and spoke into the communication microphone on the command stand. “Permission to engage.”

Chang Bei said, “We can’t wait any longer.”

The next moment, seated in the cockpit, Chang Bei pushed the control stick, and the enormous Zhu Jiuyin’s head, with red lights flashing in its eye sockets, moved at the same time.


A crimson alloy weapon, shaped like a Tang sword, popped out from the mech’s hand armor. The blade tore through the air, producing a tremendous sonic boom like a hurricane. With earth-shattering “thuds,” Zhu Jiuyin took a step forward and charged toward the Disaster-level creature Black Scale!

The gigantic Zhu Jiuyin was like a walking skyscraper in the city. Its body was level with the adjacent buildings, and it seemed like only this terrifying crimson figure remained in the world. Wherever it passed, the skyscrapers blocking its way were instantly shattered!

Chang Bei’s face bore a fierce expression as he manipulated the control stick and attacked!

Deafening sonic booms resounded, and nearby buildings’ glass shattered one after another. The crimson Tang sword cut through the densely packed black scales on the Black Scale’s body—


The enormous claws crashed down, creating a deep crater in the ground. Blue blood poured out like a waterfall from the Black Scale’s severed claw, flooding an entire street in the blink of an eye.


The Black Scale’s fleshy wings behind it flapped, lifting huge concrete chunks from the ground. Its ferocious head opened a bloodthirsty maw, emitting a pained roar.

With a violent movement, it charged at the massive Titan before it!

The two colossal entities collided forcefully in the city. The tremendous impact caused Zhu Jiuyin to stagger back several steps. Cars, buses, and shuttles scattered on the street were sent flying like ants. Zhu Jiuyin tightly cradled the Black Scale’s head, resisting the terrifying force of the collision, while the hum of the power core reverberated throughout the heavens and earth.

“Wen Kang, target the left wing of the Black Scale! Hong Hu, Wei Lan, hold off the other Disaster-level creature!”

Chang Bei’s voice came over the communication channel. The pilots of the three S-class mechas instantly tensed. “Received!”

At the same time, in various underground shelters, screens were showing satellite footage.

Inside the shelters, there were men and women, young and old, even pregnant women with babies. Countless citizens of Shangjing wore nervous expressions as they watched the battle on the screens. What should have been a bustling shelter was now silent, and you could hear a pin drop.

It wasn’t until Chang Bei piloted Zhu Jiuyin into the battle and severed the Black Scale’s front claw that almost simultaneously, cheers erupted in all the shelters. Everyone let out a sigh of relief.

“The Titan! It’s the Titan!”

“Pilot Chang Bei is here! He’s here to save us!”

“That’s wonderful, wonderful, wonderful…”

“Kill these Aberrations! Kill them! Avenge those who have died!”

“Take down these abominations! Kill these monsters!”

There were feelings of relief, tension, survival, and overwhelming hatred. Many people had been separated from their loved ones in this disaster, and many had lost friends and family to the attacks of the Aberrations.

Inside the shelter, cries could be heard intermittently. The refuge that they depended on for survival had been destroyed by the invasion of the Aberrations. Many of the people here had never experienced a real war against these Aberrations. They had thought that as long as they stayed within the satellite city, under the protection of Calamity Control Bureau and Sky City, disaster would be far away from them.

However, reality cruelly taught them that the brief peace was just a facade. The hatred between humans and Aberrations could never be erased unless one side was completely annihilated.


A muffled sound, and a patrolling guard fell to the ground.


Ji Mingzhu had changed into his own clothes and checked the time. “Axiu.”


No need for further words. Axiu had automatically completed the cleanup work. After infiltrating the database, their actions in the Calamity Control Bureau were almost as if they were in an empty place. The security forces at various locations in the Pestilence Division were laid bare. After Tian Quan dealt with the guards, the corresponding surveillance records were erased by Axiu.

Most of the Pestilence Division consisted of scientists and researchers. When the Aberrations invaded, they were the first to evacuate to the shelter, which meant that the division’s defense forces were currently weakest among all divisions. This provided an opportunity for Ji Mingzhu and Tian Quan.

“No wonder they say that the people in the Pestilence Division are a bunch of lunatics.”

Passing by the Pestilence Division’s laboratories, Tian Quan looked at numerous experimental instruments and grotesque specimens submerged in glass containers. He frowned.

These glass containers contained parts of Aberrations’ flesh, which seemed to be alive, still moving slowly in the transparent liquid. Furthermore, in the containers, one could see the bodies of humans corrupted by the Aberrations’ blood, their eyes closed, floating up and down in the liquid. The air was filled with a faint scent of blood and a pungent smell of the aqueous solution.

They didn’t have much time. The delay in the underground computer room of the Thunder Division had cost them some time, and new security forces would soon arrive at the Pestilence Division. They needed to rescue Yao Guang and retreat within twenty minutes.

Strangely, except for the guard who had been knocked out by Tian Quan at the entrance at the beginning, there was no one else to be seen anywhere. The entire Pestilence Division was almost empty, and they encountered no resistance after breaking in.

Following Axiu’s planned route to the location where important prisoners were held, they quickly saw the figure of Huo Zai.

No wonder.

Ji Mingzhu finally understood why there was no one left in the Pestilence Division; it was probably this Deputy Minister of the Thunder Division who had sent everyone away.

However, how could Huo Zai appear here? Could it be that his goal was the same as theirs?

They didn’t bother with him; they moved past Huo Zai’s location and headed deeper inside.

The whole development of the situation was actually quite surreal. Feibo and Netherworld had always been at odds, and now the two sides had met within the Calamity Control Bureau and seemed to have reached a silent understanding. Ji Mingzhu and Huo Zai both had their own weaknesses exposed by the other side. Neither of them wanted to break this delicate balance, so this magical scene happened. When the two sides met in the Pestilence Division, they exchanged a simple look, then continued with their own tasks without asking questions or interfering.

“Yao Guang’s cell… here.”

Ji Mingzhu looked at the rows of alloy doors on both sides of the corridor. With Axiu’s guidance, they quickly found the location where Yao Guang was held.

“Deciphering the password…”

Near the cell door, Axiu swiftly took action, unseen data streams infiltrated the complex password lock at the door, and the screen of the password lock immediately displayed continuously changing gibberish.

Two minutes later, the alloy door opened, and Tian Quan rushed in eagerly.


Tian Quan had just uttered a word when he saw that the cell was pitch-black. Then he felt a gust of wind behind him.


In the darkness, Tian Quan quickly turned around and reached out, grabbing the attacker’s arm.

“It’s me.”

“…Tian Quan?”

The stern look on Yao Guang’s face disappeared. Hearing the familiar voice, he stood still and said, “Did Netherworld send you to kill me?”


Tian Quan replied, “Are you out of your mind? We’re here to rescue you.”

With the dim light filtering in from outside, Yao Guang widened his eyes, as if he hadn’t fully grasped the situation yet. A stray strand of hair swayed on his disheveled white hair. “Huh?”

Huo Zai watched Ji Mingzhu and Tian Quan walk away, retracting his inquisitive gaze. He then headed to another partially open room.

Inside the room lay a person wearing a white researcher’s gown, with blood stains all over his clothes. Most of his teeth had been pulled out, and his limbs were grotesquely twisted. His condition was horrifying, and even speaking seemed to be a struggle.

“Don’t… don’t…”

Huo Zai remained unmoved, looking down at him from above. “Where is he?”

“He really isn’t in the Pestilence Division… I swear he isn’t…” The researcher’s throat emitted painful sobs, his voice intermittent.

“I saw him enter the Pestilence Division with my own eyes.”

Huo Zai took a step forward, stepping on the researcher’s arm. The sharp pain made the researcher’s pupils dilate, and he let out a piercing scream. “I didn’t expect you to be this loyal. Don’t worry, I have plenty of time to play with you. I can give you a quick death if you cooperate. If you still won’t talk…”

The skin on Huo Zai’s arm slowly cracked, and flesh and blood oozed out from the gaps, entwining around the researcher’s neck and lifting him off the ground.

“I… you…”

The researcher stared wide-eyed, looking at Huo Zai, who had transformed into a monster. Then, as suffocation and lack of oxygen overwhelmed him, he finally couldn’t hold back any longer.

“He’s… not in the Pestilence Division… truly not here…”

“When… did this happen?”

“About a week ago… Lord Jing Qing took him away personally…”


The sound of his neck being twisted abruptly filled the room, and the researcher’s lifeless body fell limply to the ground.

Huo Zai’s hand once again became covered in soft skin. He took a deep breath, his eyes filled with intense hatred.

Sky City… it was Sky City again!

Fortunately, Ji Mingzhu and Tian Quan arrived early, so Yao Guang hadn’t suffered much. He was just a bit weakened from not having eaten for some time.

“I can walk by myself…”

Yao Guang was lying on Tian Quan’s back, his young face looking a bit embarrassed as he softly said, “Put me down.”

“Stop being rebellious, stay put.”

Tian Quan didn’t turn his head, his footsteps unceasing. “You used to let me carry you when we were kids, so why are you suddenly so stubborn?”

“You said it was when we were kids…”

Yao Guang was taken aback by Tian Quan’s harsh tone and muttered.

“I risked so much danger to come and rescue you, don’t argue with me.” Tian Quan said, “Don’t move around, let’s get you to safety first.”

Yao Guang lay on Tian Quan’s back. Although Tian Quan’s steps were fast, his body was stable, with only slight bumps. He held onto Tian Quan’s shoulders and pursed his lips.

Yao Guang had already prepared himself for death. He understood Netherworld, and he knew that if he was captured, the Organization would most likely not come to rescue him. No matter how he pretended to be calm, he was still just a teenager. Faced with the unknown and death, he couldn’t remain calm.

Despair and unwillingness shrouded him, and when the door of his cell was opened, the surge of emotions he felt upon hearing Tian Quan’s voice was indescribable. He clung to Tian Quan’s clothes, smelling a familiar scent and feeling an overwhelming sense of relief that gradually calmed his heart.

The scene now overlapped with one from many years ago. He remembered when he was much younger, lying on Tian Quan’s back as they raced through the dark and narrow streets.

“You’re bleeding!”

The boy’s voice was filled with a trembling tone. “Put me down, let’s go to the hospital. Don’t run anymore, please…”

“Don’t move.”

The youth kept walking, his tone seemingly indifferent. “Why are you crying? You won’t die… Hold onto these things tightly, we’ll need them for our living expenses for the next week.”

“But… but…”

The boy tightened his grip on the parts he held. These were things they had stolen from a group of thugs, the most valuable items in the abandoned factory. “Let’s go to the hospital, okay? I don’t want to eat chicken legs anymore, I don’t want to eat them…”

“But I do. Is that okay?”

The youth replied, feeling the boy’s trembling body. He finally stopped and reached out to touch the boy’s head. “Okay, stop crying.”

The warmth in his palm and the body heat transmitted from behind intertwined. At that moment, Yao Guang felt like he had returned to that time.

He had imagined what he would be like when he grew up, eager to mature and become the person who could provide shelter from the storm. However, as a young and immature child at the time, he couldn’t have known that several years later, they wouldn’t become what they had promised: one a martial arts instructor and the other a doctor. Instead, they became members of a secret organization, living in what seemed like a peaceful but even more dangerous time.

Time arrogantly pushed the two who had once relied on each other further apart.

Yao Guang turned his head and sniffled quietly.

Ji Mingzhu walked at the forefront, Tian Quan carried Yao Guang on his back behind him. They didn’t pause, nor did they have the opportunity to visit the Pestilence Division, the most mysterious Division of the Calamity Control Bureau. They left the area without stopping, following Axiu’s planned route towards the exterior of the Calamity Control Bureau.

Suddenly, Ji Mingzhu halted and gestured for Tian Quan to stop.

“What’s wrong?”

Listening to Axiu’s prompts, Ji Mingzhu’s expression shifted slightly. He turned to Tian Quan and said, “You take Yao Guang and go ahead.”

Then he walked out of the corner.


A voice filled with surprise came from the other side of the corner. You Jia and some staff saw Ji Mingzhu’s figure at the same time.

Ji Mingzhu’s face showed a hint of confusion, and then he also exclaimed with joy, “You Jia? Finally found you!”

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