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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 42

  1. General Tang Fred

“What’s wrong?”

You Jia saw Ji Mingzhu stop and he turned around, looking puzzled.


Ji Mingzhu replied briefly, continuing to walk forward and casually turning off Yu Heng’s messages.

Sure enough, the Netherworld Organization was making a move. With the capital in such chaos, they wouldn’t miss such a good opportunity to interfere. When the Big Dipper team assembled earlier, Ji Mingzhu knew that the Netherworld Organization had set its sights on a batch of power cores that were about to be delivered by the Sky City. However, he hadn’t expected them to target You Jia at this moment.

“Netherworld Organization seems to be in a hurry. They’ve sent several consecutive messages.”

Axiu said, “Should we reply?”

Watching You Jia enter the cockpit, Ji Mingzhu withdrew his gaze. “No need.”

To hell with them.

With that, he leaped lightly, his arm wrapping around a steel cable that had fallen from the mecha, and he jumped into the cockpit using the force of the cable’s retraction.

As soon as the cockpit detected a pilot entering, numerous buttons and lights inside the cockpit lit up at the same time.

“B-Class Assault Mecha, General Tang Fred.”

You Jia’s voice came through the cockpit’s communication system. “The armor strength has been reinforced twice, and it’s powered by a modified A-Class core. The weapon systems have been fully upgraded, with M44 shoulder anti-cannons and Ethereal Energy Scatter-Laser equipped…”

You Jia meticulously recited the parameters of the two mechas, his tone carrying a hint of pride. “Performance-wise, it has already reached the mid-range level of A-Class mechas. These are two of Lu Yan Tower Group’s ace cards, which were just overhauled half a month ago. All systems are running normally…”


The two had just taken their seats in the mechas when the sound of the power cores starting up caught the attention of two Aberrations not far away.

These two Aberrations resembled wolves, with exaggerated deer antlers on their heads. They were about ten meters tall, with bodies covered in a dense exoskeleton. Their faces were like human skulls, as if they were crawling out of the bodies. They were extremely terrifying.

Confronted with the sudden appearance of two unfamiliar mechas, the two Aberrations immediately emitted piercing screeches and charged towards the mechas, one from the left and one from the right.

You Jia’s heart tightened. He hadn’t had a chance to tell Ji Mingzhu about the operating instructions for this mecha, and they were already facing an attack from two Grand Disaster-level Aberrations. He immediately gripped the control stick in front of him and spoke urgently, “Can you operate this?”

“You’re asking if I can at a time like this…”

In the face of You Jia’s anxious question, Ji Mingzhu smiled and smoothly opened the densely packed switches next to him. “That’s a bit impolite.”

The next moment, the mecha Ji Mingzhu was piloting, General Tang Fred, moved into action.

Hum, hum!

In an instant, the power core reached its limit, and a blinding blue light burst forth from the mecha, cutting through the battlefield’s haze like the dawn. The heavy footsteps of General Tang Fred created a massive crater in the ground, and then, as if lightning tearing through the darkness, an alloy Horse-Chopping Saber popped out of the blade gate!

Botler Zero-Type Power Overclocking!

Even though he had seen it many times before, You Jia was still in awe of Ji Mingzhu’s seemingly effortless overclocking technique. The complex and highly challenging micro-maneuvers were nearly non-stop, and the timing, angles, and power core rotation speed were all impeccable.


The blade gleamed like lightning, and in the deafening sonic boom, the Aberration at the very front was cleaved in half!

The second-stage power overclocking provided by the Botler Zero-Type resulted in an instantaneous surge in power core output to its peak, and the overclocked power was focused on one point—

Though it appeared to be a casual and carefree maneuver, the difficulty and intimidation it carried were beyond words.

The Aberrations had originally charged directly towards the head of General Tang Fred, but Ji Mingzhu’s control was so precise that he didn’t even need to make large movements. He executed a swift slicing motion right in place. The Aberration was sliced in half, and its severed body passed by on both sides of the mecha, splattering blue blood on General Tang Fred’s armor. It looked like the arrival of a god of death!
This isn’t over. Between Ji Mingzhu’s precise control of the joystick, General Tang Fred, the mecha, agilely spun around and narrowly evaded another Aberration’s lunge. The massive and heavy mecha moved incredibly gracefully. A fraction of a second slower, and the mecha would have been tackled to the ground by the Aberration. However, Ji Mingzhu seemed to have calculated everything meticulously, and with unwavering determination, he firmly controlled the pace of the battle!


From stillness to motion, General Tang Fred’s movements were incredibly fast. After dodging, it took another step forward. The mecha’s arm viciously grabbed the Aberration that had just passed by and then there was a deafening, earth-shattering thud as General Tang Fred drove its knee fiercely into the head of the Aberration!

With the teeth-gritting sound of bones breaking, blue blood sprayed into the air!

You Jia was dumbfounded, and his hands had unconsciously released the joystick. He could even bet that Ji Mingzhu’s effortlessly graceful actions were something that not even the Titan pilots in the capital could replicate.

It was magnificent, bloody, and filled with a violent aesthetic, full of mechanical precision and power. General Tang Fred, piloted by Ji Mingzhu, portrayed it vividly and unmistakably.

The Aberration’s body soared high under the tremendous impact force. Before it could land and adjust its body, in the next instant, General Tang Fred raised its machete, much like a valiant general from ancient battlefields, and the blade flashed past, completely penetrating the Aberration’s body!

The Aberration let out a piercing cry, struggling frantically.

“Boom! Boom!”

Amidst the thunderous roars, the M44 shoulder artillery on General Tang Fred’s shoulder activated, and a rain of fire filled the sky. The Aberration’s body, shattered into pieces, was burnt to a crisp by the high temperatures, falling to the ground.

“This, this…”

The staff who hadn’t entered the shelter yet witnessed everything from a human perspective. When a towering steel giant, which usually required people to look up at, made such graceful movements and single-handedly dealt with two major Disaster-level Aberrations in the blink of an eye, it was more shocking than a hundred movies combined. As the Aberrations’ bodies fell to the ground with a resounding crash, he felt like he was dreaming.

“You Jia.”

Ji Mingzhu’s voice came from the other end of the communication channel. You Jia, who was still in a daze, stammered, “Uh… huh?”

“Keep up.”

Ji Mingzhu said calmly. Then, General Tang Fred emitted two arcs of light from its back, and the mecha, propelled by the thrust, leaped into the air and headed towards the center of another chaotic battlefield.

You Jia was a bit flustered, trying to keep up with Ji Mingzhu’s movements. However, his General Tang Fred was far less agile and graceful than Ji Mingzhu’s. His entire mecha looked noticeably bulkier, and it took him a while to adapt. He controlled the mecha to follow Ji Mingzhu.

“What’s going on?”

Bai Weng asked solemnly, “Still no response?”


Yu Heng shook his head. “I sent four urgent messages to Tianshu, and I haven’t received any replies.”

Could something have happened?

Both Ji Mingzhu and You Jia were students from the Mecha Combat Team, and logically, they should have been the first to be evacuated to the underground shelter. However, there had been no response from Ji Mingzhu so far, which made Yu Heng feel somewhat uneasy.

Yu Heng tried to send a message to Tian Quan, and Tian Quan responded quickly. However, his reply was that he had been delayed by Aberrations and couldn’t reach the battlefield to carry out the mission.

“Never mind.”

Bai Weng’s gaze darkened. “Let Tian Ji’s team go first. How’s the situation now?”

“We received a secret message from our undercover agent in the Calamity Control Bureau.”

Yu Heng said, “It seems that Sky City has abandoned its support for the capital and has not allowed Zhu Rong and Guo Mang to mobilize.”

“The High Priest hasn’t awakened yet, so of course, Sky City won’t let the two Titans activate.”

Bai Weng sneered. “Each time a Titan is activated, it consumes a large amount of energy. With the energy reserves of Yangyuan City and Jiusheng City, if the Titans are activated, it will delay the High Priest’s revival.”

After so many years of conflict with the Aberrations, the Immortals knew their nature well. Even if they had the ability to launch a destructive all-out attack, they had never done so. The Immortals seemed to maintain a delicate balance, not allowing the Aberrations to devour all of humanity, but also not allowing humanity to have the power to truly fight back. They let both sides struggle and counterbalance each other, and the Immortals were like puppeteers controlling the chessboard, manipulating everything in the mortal world.

This time, the Aberration tide was a full-scale counterattack for the Aberrations as well. With four Disaster-level Aberrations and numerous lower-level ones, this attack led by Feibo was definitely for a purpose, or they wouldn’t have launched such a grand assault all of a sudden.

Without the support of other Titans, and with no replacement pilots available for the capital at this moment, the outcome of the capital was clear. It would be ravaged by the Aberration tide. It was estimated that less than one-fifth of the population would survive.

At the last moment, Sky City would appear as the savior, exterminating all the remaining Aberrations in the capital. Then, humanity and the Aberrations would return to a power balance, just like before. Sky City could also use this to declare to everyone that without the protection of the Immortals, human peace and prosperity were nothing but illusions.

As for the countless lives in the capital…

Who would care?

“Pilot Chang Bei!!”

In the communication, there were countless anxious shouts. Chang Bei’s body trembled, and his blurred consciousness gradually returned.

He struggled to grasp the control lever again. Inside the capital city, Jiu Yin’s movements slowed as he pushed back the Black Scales in front of him. However, at the same time, his other arm was entangled by the Beast Flesh, and the armor emitted a harsh creaking sound.

Except for the regular mecha units cleaning up low-level Aberrations on other battlefields, almost all of the remaining mecha in the Thunder Division were here. There were a total of forty-six A-class mecha and six S-class mecha, but these… were far from enough.

Because besides the four Disaster-level Aberrations, there were hundreds of Calamity and Catastrophe-level Aberrations combined, not to mention the endless Misery-level Aberrations, like a swarm of locusts.


Three S-class mecha separated from the battlefield and rushed to support Jiu Yin. Countless laser cannons flashed across the sky like a meteor shower and bombarded the massive Disaster-level Aberration.


The Black Scales, having lost one of its forelimbs, let out a deafening roar. With a flap of its fleshy wings, it knocked down one of the S-class mecha that had pounced on it. However, the force fields carried by the other two S-class mecha managed to tear through the biological field of the Disaster-level Aberration, creating a bloody hole in the Black Scales.

In the midst of splattering blood, the Beast Flesh gave up its fight with Jiu Yin and instead charged towards the five S-class mecha, which posed a significant threat to them. Flesh and blood surged like dancing tentacles, rolling between the heavens, the shattered city skyscrapers.

“Red Guard Commander!”

Wen Kang, avoiding the attacks of the Beast Flesh, had a look of madness on his face. “I request permission to board the Titan!”

Chang Bei’s condition had reached its limit. Wen Kang’s voice echoed in the command center, and everyone turned their eyes to Zuo Quanzong.

Indeed, Chang Bei couldn’t continue, and Jiu Yin’s combat strength hadn’t even reached one-tenth at this point. At this moment, who cared about qualifications? Wen Kang was also a Titan pilot, so he could take his place!

Amid a room filled with hopeful gazes, Zuo Quanzong shook his head slowly. “No.”

There was no room for negotiation in his tone.

“Why… why not?”

A commander stood up, questioning the Red Guard Commander whom he had always admired. “Wen Kang is also a Titan pilot, he has the qualifications to pilot it. Chang Bei can’t continue, and at this rate, the capital will…”

“It’s not that I’m unwilling to let him go.”

Zuo Quanzong’s eyes were filled with sorrow. “Wen Kang… can’t board the Titan. The Titan doesn’t recognize him.”

Everyone was stunned.

The Titan didn’t recognize Wen Kang… what did that mean?

Zuo Quanzong didn’t provide a clear explanation, and in the next moment, in the satellite feed in the command center, Wen Kang was already targeted by the third Disaster-level Aberration, [Glass Swallow].

Glass Swallow was a creature resembling a centipede with over a hundred footings. Its body was covered in hard purple exoskeleton with sharp-edged bone pieces along its edges. When it slithered on the ground, everything in its path, including towering skyscrapers, would be cut in half like tofu by the bone pieces on its body.

Facing Glass Swallow, Wen Kang didn’t dare to be careless. He pulled the control lever forcefully with both hands and simultaneously pressed several buttons on the top of his cockpit. The mecha’s legs emitted a large amount of gas, and the tens of meters high mecha rose into the air, avoiding Glass Swallow’s bone slicing. At the same time, laser cannons fired from its hands, leaving several black scorched marks on Glass Swallow’s heavy exoskeleton.

However, while his mecha was still in mid-air and before it could turn around, the Beast Flesh suddenly opened a fleshy column and coiled up the airborne mecha!

In various underground shelters, everyone’s hearts tightened at the same time!

This battle determined the fate of the capital city. The people in the underground shelters, regardless of their status, gender, or age, all knew that if the pilots of the Calamity Control Bureau lost this battle, their homes would be destroyed in an instant.

Some people were sweating and shouting loudly, some were quietly sobbing with closed eyes, some had lost their sanity in madness, and some remained silent.

The fleshy mass of the Beast Flesh writhed like countless arms all tightening at once.

The sturdy armor of the S-class mecha emitted a warning of damage on the screen in front, as if it would shatter at any moment in the face of the crushing power and biological field of the Disaster-level Aberration.

“It’s over…”

“We’re going to die…”

“No, no, no!”

The people in the underground shelter found it hard to accept this outcome. The hope-bearer, Zhu Jiuyin, seemed powerless to continue the fight. Meanwhile, Wen Kang, the renowned Titan pilot, was on the verge of death. Despair hung like a heavy cloud over every corner.


A laser beam shot from afar, exploding on the squirming tentacles of the Beast Flesh.

Something seemed to be moving amidst the shattered buildings in the distance.

It was a red mecha.


Before anyone could identify the model of this mecha, a giant blade, the Horse-Chopping Saber, shot out of its sheath, rotating in the air and landing firmly in its hand. It was like a mythological warrior, swift as the God of War, tearing through the air and emitting a piercing sonic boom!


A clear, youthful voice came over Wen Kang’s cockpit’s public communication channel. “Please overclock.”

Wen Kang was momentarily stunned. Before he could figure out who the newcomer was, his body subconsciously complied with the request.

Then, he witnessed an unforgettable scene.

The red mecha, like a commander in armor, briefly paused in mid-air. Wen Kang could even see the debris it kicked up as it leaped, like a brilliant meteor frozen in time. As the power core spun, every part inside the mecha worked frantically, like steam-powered gears. They meshed with each other, finally coiling into a formidable force, brewing with furious thunder.

Time seemed to freeze in that moment.

In the next second, the heavy Horse-Chopping Saber cut through the air, following an arc with unparalleled strength. The red mecha turned into a red lightning bolt, as if the mightiest thunderstorm had descended!


The alloy blade clashed with the soft flesh of the Beast Flesh’s tentacle. Then it deeply sank into it. Under the resistance of the Disaster-level creature’s bio-field, the A-class mecha’s weapon didn’t sever the tentacle, but it did leave a deep scar!

However, Ji Mingzhu seemed to have anticipated this. His expression remained unchanged as he quickly pressed a few buttons, simultaneously pushing the joystick to the limit.

A blue light burst forth, and overclocking was instantly maxed out!

Amidst the heavy hum, in dimensions unseen by everyone, two bio-fields tore at each other in a violent clash. Faced with the formidable Aberration, the A-class mecha’s bio-field initially seemed as weak as a flickering candle. But in the next moment, it suddenly surged, like a streak of light racing through a muddy bio-field.

The momentum was unstoppable!


With a brief sound, the fleshy tentacle that had been restraining Wen Kang was shattered. Although the strike didn’t sever it, it left a deep wound! Simultaneously, Wen Kang’s S-class mecha activated overclocking, unleashing immense power and breaking free from its constraints!


The Beast Flesh seemed entirely unprepared for this. Its enormous body, and even its visible hesitation, gave way to a piercing howl—

In the operations command room and in various underground shelters, countless people stood up almost simultaneously, letting out uniform cries of astonishment.

Who was he?!

Countless eyes stared at the red mecha in the satellite feed, at the being who had arrived like a deity, at the supremely graceful maneuvers, as if a fierce tiger had been unleashed to cut through the Aberrations’ bodies and rescue Wen Kang. Then, in a graceful spin, it landed safely.


The Horse-Chopping Saber was planted in the ground, supporting the mecha as it slowly rose from a half-kneeling posture. Sunlight bathed its red-armored exterior, reflecting a scorching sunset.

Everyone finally recognized this mecha.

From all sides, the sound of blades rose, rising in unison.

It was [General Tang Fred]!

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2 months ago

Usually in most CN mecha-related novels, author doesn’t bother much on developing the battle scene/action and the uniqueness of each mecha. This is not, it has one of the most intricate mecha battle content that it might as well become a Gundam comic directly!

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