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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 44

  1. Dangerous and Daring

“Zi, zi, zi—”

In a district in Shangjing City that used to be bustling and had property prices so high that it discouraged countless people, the area was now in ruins. The broadcast from the central shopping mall occasionally emitted chaotic noises. Only one building with the ‘gg’ sign remained intact and continued to play its catchy promotional tune.

“The hardships of the past are far behind us, and beautiful melodies are playing. The Sky City guides us to gaze at the future—”

“The hardships of the past are far behind us, and beautiful melodies are playing. The Sky City guides us to gaze at the future—”


General Tang Fred descended, smashing the ‘gg’ sign that was still playing the brainwashing melody into pieces.

“Mech damage: 9%. Damage to waist-side joint structure: 23%, affecting some power transmission…”

“Damn it…”

Red light flickered, and the system warning blared inside the cockpit, leaving Ji Mingzhu’s head feeling a bit dizzy.

Even though he had exceptional piloting skills, there were some things that couldn’t be compensated for by mere operation. The powerful bio-field of the Beast Flesh, despite General Tang Fred being an A-class mecha modified from a B-class one, struggled with every attack under the field’s suppression. Each assault felt like trudging through mud, making it extremely strenuous and significantly reducing Ji Mingzhu’s attack efficiency.

Although it seemed like they had the upper hand now, the once formidable Beast Flesh had acquired numerous injuries, but with the resilience of a Disaster-level Aberration, these wounds were far from fatal.

With a powerful sweep of its flesh tendrils, Ji Mingzhu was sent flying three kilometers away. If he hadn’t assumed a textbook defense posture at a critical moment, this would have been enough to render the A-class mecha and its pilot scrap.

As he was about to regroup and fight again, Ji Mingzhu’s gaze suddenly fell on an area nearby. There, a damaged sign lay quietly, and scattered around it were massive cylindrical objects resembling water tanks.

“Alfred Energy Factory.”

Ji Mingzhu seemed to have a sudden realization as his gaze flickered.

“Red Guard Commander.”

His voice came through the communication channel from the command room. “What’s the explosive power of the energy reserve batteries?”

Zuo Quanzong was taken aback. “Why are you asking this now?”

He, too, was a seasoned Titan pilot with countless battles under his belt. He looked at the satellite images and understood Ji Mingzhu’s thought process. “You can’t be thinking… No, this is too dangerous!”

“Let’s give it a try.”

Ji Mingzhu replied and didn’t wait for Zuo Quanzong to respond. He controlled General Tang Fred to stand up again. His mechanical arm scooped up seven or eight energy reserve batteries scattered around the factory. Each of these batteries weighed several tons.

Then, General Tang Fred’s cockpit closed, and with these dozens of tons of energy reserve batteries in its arms, it charged towards Beast Flesh.

The immense weight caused each step to create deep craters in the ground, and the energy reserve batteries jumped and collided in General Tang Fred’s arms. The sight made everyone in the command room feel a sense of dread.


Zuo Quanzong hadn’t had time to stop him when he saw that Ji Mingzhu had already taken the initiative. He swallowed his words, thinking, where did this reckless and daring youngster come from? But upon closer consideration, even though it was highly dangerous, it was indeed a feasible plan when executed correctly.

Well, let’s take a gamble with this young one.

Then, Zuo Quanzong gritted his teeth and held down the communication button. “Pilot Wen Kang, coordinate with General Tang Fred’s actions, break through the blockade, and use the dock axis cannon to blast open the biological field at the core of the Beast Flesh!”

“Red Guard Commander, Zhu Jiuyin is barely holding on!”

On the other side, Zhu Jiuyin and several other S-class mechas were still struggling, but Zhu Jiuyin had reached his limit. His movements had slowed to the point of near immobility, and his god-like figure was surrounded by the Disaster-level Aberration, the Beast Flesh, about to collapse.

“Don’t worry for now, follow my orders!”

Wen Kang was momentarily puzzled, but faced with Red Guard Commander’s command, he could only reluctantly comply.


The power core spun wildly, and Wen Kang piloted the mecha into overdrive again, pouring almost all remaining power into it. This all-or-nothing approach briefly pushed the mecha to break the sound barrier, almost teleporting as it tore through the many flesh tendrils obstructing its path, charging towards the core of the Beast Flesh.

In the next moment, he saw General Tang Fred carrying a pile of massive energy reserve batteries.

This is incredibly daring…

Even though Wen Kang had extensive combat experience, at this moment, he couldn’t help but be stunned by the audacity of Ji Mingzhu and Zuo Quanzong’s actions. He didn’t have time to think further. At the same time that Ji Mingzhu charged, he controlled his mecha, and the left shoulder armor instantly cracked open, revealing a massive barrel.


The dock axis cannon shot out like an arrow, tracing a brilliant trajectory in mid-air. Then, the specialized weapon for disrupting biological force fields detonated, and an invisible wave rippled out, with faint sounds of breaking glass in the void.

The biological force field of the Beast Flesh was breached!

Although it lasted only a moment, for most people, this fleeting moment was too brief to react to. But for Ji Mingzhu, it was enough.


From the gaps in General Tang Fred’s armor, a large amount of blue light spewed out. In the battered battlefield, it looked like a blue sun.

It was the familiar Botler Type-0 power overdrive!

In an instant, the power core inside the mecha began to spin wildly under Ji Mingzhu’s control. Then, it momentarily stopped before entering overdrive again. The immense power surged through every precise component inside the mecha, and the densely packed cables inside seemed to contract and twist like a furnace suddenly bursting into flames, causing the entire mecha to emit a deep humming sound.

With a heavy step of its right leg, General Tang Fred soared into the air like a goose, the second overdrive providing it with a burst of speed comparable to an S-class mecha for a short period.

At the same time, Ji Mingzhu received a more piercing warning from the cockpit’s system. With multiple overdrives, General Tang Fred was now seriously overloaded. The mecha had already suffered some damage during the battle, and now it was even worse. Ji Mingzhu could even faintly hear creaking sounds from inside the mecha.

“Axiu, calculate the throwing trajectory.”

Without paying any attention to it, Ji Mingzhu tightly gripped the control lever. His wrists remained steady, but his gaze carried a hint of madness.

“Received. Throwing angle left 45 degrees, deviation ±0.56. Safety protocols unlocked, calculating trajectory offset…”

The blinding red warning lights illuminated half of Ji Mingzhu’s face inside the cockpit, beneath his thick and heroic eyebrows were his determined starry eyes.

The dock axis cannon had broken the Beast Flesh’s biological force field. At this moment, Ji Mingzhu seemed to see countless crisscrossing lines in the void, ruptured by the blast of the dock axis cannon, and all environmental data and parameters flashed through his mind, converging to one point…


He pushed the control lever all the way forward. General Tang Fred obediently followed Ji Mingzhu’s every subtle command. In mid-air, it spun and dodged a blood-flesh tendril in a precarious manner, while at the same time, Ji Mingzhu vigorously tossed the large pile of energy reserve batteries in his hands. They streaked through the sky like meteors, hurtling toward the gap in the biological force field!

“Unlock the safety protocols of the energy reserve batteries!”

“Received, remotely unlocking the safety protocols via the key!”

“Key accepted, protocols successfully unlocked!”

Inside the command room, the commander maintained a facade of calm, his hands rapidly operating the control panel. The thrown energy reserve batteries emitted a soft “click” sound as their safety protocols were remotely disabled by the expert handling of the control officer.

Zuo Quanzong, along with the other officers in the command room, simultaneously turned their attention to the satellite feed.

Can it succeed?

The opportunity was fleeting, but Ji Mingzhu seized it. Seven or eight massive energy reserve batteries accurately bypassed the tendrils’ defensive network and entered the breach in the biological force field. They left a frozen, winding trajectory under the sunlight. Then, Ji Mingzhu raised his hand, and General Tang Fred’s shoulder-mounted M44 railgun, without waiting for the aiming system to lock, fired a laser shot directly!

Everyone’s breath stopped, and in the command room, you could hear a pin drop. Time seemed to freeze, and under the sky, there was only this dazzling laser, frozen in everyone’s vision—

The next moment.


“Boom, rumble—!!!”

An ear-piercing explosion rang out, even the countless civilians hiding in underground shelters could feel the intense shaking. For a moment, the earth quaked, and a massive purple flame erupted from the explosion of the energy reserve batteries. From a distance, it looked like a purple pillar of fire soaring into the atmosphere, and the terrifying shockwave sent many mechas and Aberrations flying!

The force field breached by the dock axis cannon was instantly restored, but the explosion of the energy reserve batteries had created a cavity at the center of the Beast Flesh’s weakness. Paradoxically, the powerful biological force field became the death knell. The explosion was confined within the force field, and it didn’t launch one-third of the Shangjing City into the sky!

“We did it!”

Excitement filled the faces of everyone in the command room, and they cheered.

In the underground shelter, countless people wept with joy as they watched the brilliant explosion on the satellite feed.

The Beast Flesh, enveloped in purple flames, let out a painful cry. Its weakness had been thoroughly destroyed, and all its tendrils lost their support, collapsing weakly to the ground, signaling its death.

Wen Kang watched as General Tang Fred landed gracefully. Although he didn’t know the pilot inside, he couldn’t help but give a thumbs-up to the red mecha from a distance.

Unparalleled courage, exceptional daring, impeccable timing, and precision control!

“Pilot Wen Kang, be careful behind you!”

Suddenly, a hurried voice echoed in Wen Kang’s cockpit. Without hesitation, he turned and opened fire behind him, but he was a step too slow.

The Beast Flesh, which everyone had thought was beyond recovery, launched a fierce counterattack at the last moment, burning its tentacles with purple flames, and suddenly sprung from the ground. It swept up Wen Kang’s mecha and slammed it to the ground, then its tendrils ruthlessly pounded down, once, twice…

The thunderous impacts sent shivers down everyone’s spines. Wen Kang’s mecha’s power core had been depleted from the prolonged battle and the previous overdrive, rendering it unable to mount an effective resistance. He could only rely on the mecha’s armor strength to hide in the cockpit, but the hammer-like blows from the tendrils caused the cockpit to deform.

Zuo Quanzong urgently said, “Initiate ejection sequence!”

“The ejection sequence is damaged!”

Wen Kang roared, forcefully pulling the ejection lever beside him, but due to the cockpit’s deformation, the ejection system malfunctioned as well. He tried numerous times without success, and he was firmly trapped within the mecha, unable to move.

Seeing that Wen Kang was about to be smashed to pieces with his mecha, Ji Mingzhu finally arrived again!


The alloy beheading sabre sprang out of its scabbard and was firmly held in Ji Mingzhu’s hand. The several dozen meters tall General Tang Fred appeared like a messianic figure, exuding a fierce and murderous aura. The red light in its eyes, usually a warning, at this moment made the mecha appear god-like, radiating a chilling aura.

The blade flashed!


With a light sound, under Ji Mingzhu’s rescue, Wen Kang finally got a chance to breathe. He used all his strength to pull the ejection lever, and his cockpit, now deformed, was wrapped in the escape equipment on both sides, before being violently ejected from the mecha!

At the same time, Ji Mingzhu was hit by the Beast Flesh’s last-ditch counterattack. He only had time to use the blade to block in front of him, and his body slightly turned to avoid the position of the power core. The next moment, General Tang Fred was directly knocked away by the devastating force of the attack, the mecha bearing the impact as the mecha almost took the place of its pilot. Numerous parts scattered in the air—

The Beast Flesh had finally lost its remaining life force. Amidst the purple flames, its weakness had been utterly destroyed, and all its tendrils had lost their support, flopping weakly to the ground, signaling its death.

Watching General Tang Fred, which was almost falling apart in mid-air, the people in the command room felt a lump in their throats.

“Warning, mecha damage has reached 72 percent. Weapon systems damaged. Power core energy lost. Danger, danger—”

The red warning filled the entire cockpit, and Ji Mingzhu’s body tumbled inside the rolling cockpit. He struggled to find the ejection lever beside him!


With a slight sound, his escape pod was also ejected from the mecha.

But this height…

In this critical

moment, another General Tang Fred arrived, it was You Jia!

You Jia controlled the mecha to jump up and reached out to catch Ji Mingzhu’s escape pod, holding it firmly!

Then, General Tang Fred landed, but You Jia, not controlling the balance well, made the mecha tumble on the ground for a few rounds, and the escape pod was flung out.

Fortunately, there was no major damage. The escape pod, carrying Ji Mingzhu, left a long mark on the ground as it slid but ultimately landed safely.

Before Ji Mingzhu could come out, the situation on the battlefield changed again!

With the death of the Beast Flesh, the remaining three Disaster-level Aberration suddenly let out several roars. They were mixed with visible anger, sorrow, and hatred. These creatures, previously thought to be devoid of reason, now seemed to have emotions. Faced with the death of the Beast Flesh, their attacks suddenly became more ferocious!

Glass Swallow’s massive body writhed on the ground, and a large number of mechas surrounding it were thrown away. Then, the three Disaster-level Aberrations simultaneously launched an attack on Zhu Jiuyin!

And the honored Titan in Shangjing City also lost contact with its pilot, becoming like a motionless statue. Under the attack of the three creatures, it collapsed with a thunderous crash.


The spectacle of the Titan collapsing, hundreds of meters tall, shook the entire city, and countless creatures roared simultaneously, as if proclaiming the arrival of doomsday.

Everyone watched this scene, seeing the symbol of invincibility, the Titan, crashing to the ground. It felt as if their faith had also shattered. The glimmer of hope that had arisen due to Ji Mingzhu and Wen Kang’s impeccable coordination was shattered in an instant.

The Titan had fallen…

And in order to deal with the Beast Flesh, countless mechas had been lost. Wen Kang’s S-class mecha was now powerless to fight, and Ji Mingzhu’s mecha, which had appeared so impressively, had also disintegrated.

What should we do?

What else can we do?!

Despairing questions filled every underground shelter. Although the war continued, it seemed like everyone had glimpsed the inevitable outcome.

Crying echoed in countless corners of Shangjing City.

When Zhu Jiuyin fell, it crushed numerous buildings and streets, and Ji Mingzhu’s escape pod happened to be near Zhu Jiuyin’s cockpit.

Inside the command room, one by one, the commanders stood up in silence.

“It’s over.”

“We’ve all tried our best, but the outcome is sealed. There’s no way to turn the tide.”

“Everyone, it’s been a pleasure working with you… Farewell.”

Zuo Quanzong looked at the atmosphere of despair and relief that pervaded the command room, the bitter smiles and calm expressions on everyone’s faces, and closed his eyes.

“You’ve all done well.”

The legendary Titan pilot, who had always represented strength and invincibility in the eyes of countless people, seemed to have suddenly aged ten years.


There was a momentary crimson light in Zhu Jiuyin’s eyes as his massive steel body, bathed in sunlight, seemed to have something flowing within it. For a moment, the human-like god lying in the city seemed to come back to life.

No one saw this scene, but Zuo Quanzong noticed it.

He looked at the escape pod that belonged to Ji Mingzhu, lying quietly near Zhu Jiuyin’s cockpit at this moment.

Zuo Quanzong froze for a moment, and then his eyes lit up!

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2 months ago

Huh, was there a hidden mental power setting in this novel? Perhaps that’s Titans’ requirement for its pilot.

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