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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 46

  1. OLd Habits Die Hard

Sitting in the Titan, Ji Mingzhu felt that it was completely different from a regular mech.

It wasn’t just a description but something transmitted through his senses, a genuine and distinct feeling.

The interior structure of Zhu Jiuyin’s cockpit was no different from other mechas. The control sticks, overdrive accelerator, detachable knobs, particle balancer… all the buttons were familiar to Ji Mingzhu, and there was no barrier to operating it compared to other mechas.

But when Ji Mingzhu sat in the pilot’s seat of Zhu Jiuyin, activated the power core, and gripped the control sticks, he felt as if there were ancient eyes watching him. This feeling was so real that Ji Mingzhu couldn’t convince himself it was just an illusion.

At the same time, Ji Mingzhu felt a strange connection between himself and Zhu Jiuyin. It was as if he was not operating a machine but an extension of his body. At this moment, he had become a giant, overlooking the city’s skyscrapers. The buildings that used to require him to look up were now level with him, as if he could easily push them down like building blocks. The indescribable sense of power swept over him, making him tremble with both fear and fascination.

The power core emitted a deep hum, which resonated clearly inside the cockpit, like the ebb and flow of a heartbeat.

—”It’s not an inanimate object; on the contrary, a Titan is alive.”

The words Zuo Quanzong spoke while showing him the Titan suddenly appeared in Ji Mingzhu’s mind. At that time, Ji Mingzhu didn’t understand the meaning of those words and thought it was just a common metaphor. But now, he keenly felt the vibrant vitality of the Titan as if he had merged with it.

“Ji Mingzhu, Titan pilot.”

Zuo Quanzong’s voice sounded through the communication system in the cockpit. “How do you feel?”

“I…” Ji Mingzhu squeezed his hand, placed it back on the control sticks, and took a deep breath. The awe on his face gradually subsided. “I feel great.”

He had never felt this good before.

Sitting in this human god’s cockpit, everything in the world seemed tiny, like ants at his fingertips. He felt like he could control everything.

Hearing Ji Mingzhu’s relaxed tone, without any sense of difficulty or reluctance, Zuo Quanzong showed a hint of surprise. He paused and said, “I know you have many questions, but there’s no time for explanations now. Let’s save that for after the battle. Ji Mingzhu, Titan pilot, I believe you have already sensed the uniqueness of the Titan.”

“Yes, it’s very different,” Ji Mingzhu replied.

“When you sit in the cockpit and activate the power core, your body is already connected to the Titan,” Zuo Quanzong explained. “This is the Titan’s unique ‘sensory link.’ You can feel its power, its movements, and even its vitality. It’s like an extension of your body. This feeling will take some time to get used to. But for now, you need to focus on the battle.”

“Understood, Red Guard Commander.”

Ji Mingzhu smiled slightly, adjusted the control sticks, and casually pressed some buttons around him. “I couldn’t wait any longer.”

“Bang! Bang!”

Under the gaze of countless onlookers, Zhu Jiuyin took steps in the city.

With a height of over a hundred meters, each of its movements felt like a small earthquake, and an unparalleled sense of power enveloped it. As it stood amidst the setting sun, it seemed to radiate a halo, like a deity with a radiant crown in religious paintings. It walked step by step towards the three Disaster-level Aberrations.

Compared to when Chang Bei piloted the Titan earlier, the pressure it exerted now was even more suffocating.

The three Aberrations, [Glass Swallow], [Black Scale], and [Waterfall Prison], abruptly ceased their city-destroying rampage. Simultaneously, their bodies contorted into aggressive postures reminiscent of wild beasts on the hunt. [Black Scale], with its thick and impenetrable black scales, emitted a warning sound as they shifted and trembled.

Zuo Quanzong seemed calm on the surface, but deep within, there was a hint of nervousness.

Every Titan pilot qualified to sit in the Titan had to undergo complex training so that the pilot could quickly adapt to the Titan’s unique “sensory link.” Moreover, Titan pilots had to undergo physical tests and enhancement injections before officially piloting the Titan to maximize the reduction of the Titan’s force field’s impact on the human body.

But now, time was running out, and Ji Mingzhu had almost started the battle by sitting in the mecha without much preparation. Even though Zuo Quanzong had some understanding of Ji Mingzhu’s talent, he couldn’t guarantee that this young man would definitely adapt to piloting the Titan.

Initially, Ji Mingzhu, piloting Zhu Jiuyin, was slow, but after a few steps, his movements noticeably became smoother. From a slow walk, he gradually picked up speed, and after a few more steps, Zhu Jiuyin had already started running in the city!

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Buildings, streets, scattered vehicles, and roadside trees, as Zhu Jiuyin’s steps passed over them, all turned into ruins. The destructive power of the Titan needed no further explanation. The Catastrophe Control Bureau had always tried to avoid Titan battles in the city for one major reason: the colossal steel giant caused almost as much disaster as the Aberrations it fought!

With each step, a look of joy gradually appeared on Ji Mingzhu’s face as he sat inside the cockpit. This feeling of running wild, much like Kuafu chasing the sun, was truly mesmerizing.

Zuo Quanzong watched Zhu Jiuyin running in the distance and asked, “Do you like this feeling?”

Ji Mingzhu’s lips curled up slightly.

“It’s not bad.”


The power core hummed melodiously like a dragon’s roar. Ji Mingzhu pulled the control stick forcefully, and with incredible agility, Zhu Jiuyin slightly crouched and lunged forward. His palm touched the ground, and as he did, he grabbed the “Ultimate Crimson Blade,” a bright crimson blade that had fallen to the ground during the battle. At that moment, Zhu Jiuyin, as if boldly pulling out the sword from the stone like King Arthur, took a step with the sword in hand. With his right foot, he acted as a pivot and performed an incredible leap!

Like a goose soaring in the sky, he moved like a meteor!

In that moment, it seemed as if the world contained only this crimson figure. The proportionate and slender Zhu Jiuyin leaped with the sword, merging with the setting sun in the sky. Then, with a fierce sonic boom, he fell like a shooting star, crossing the distance between him and the Aberrations in an instant. In the blink of an eye, the sword’s radiance tore through the atmosphere, like a Milky Way cascading from the ninth heaven!


The Ultimate Crimson Blade emitted a prolonged hum, and its incredibly sharp blade, driven by the Titan’s force, cut through the scales of Black Scales. The thick scales couldn’t stop the blade’s advance, and it cleaved through the Aberration’s scales and body fibers like cutting through tofu.

Blue blood surged!


Black Scales let out a deafening roar. Its front half was nearly split from head to toe by this one strike. Even with the formidable vitality of a Disaster-level Aberration, it was struggling to endure. The Titan’s force field was terrifying. The formidable bio-field, which was extremely troublesome for all mechas, was torn apart the moment it approached the Titan, unable to obstruct it in the slightest!

Ji Mingzhu’s strike with Zhu Jiuyin was swift, without the slightest pause or delay. In the next moment, he turned and sheathed the blade. Using his right leg as a pivot, he spun around on the spot, and with a fierce whip-like kick, the leg armor collided with the head of Waterfall Prison, producing a deafening noise!

“My goodness…”

You Jia sat inside General Tang Fred’s mech, watching this scene in disbelief. His mouth hung open, and his eyes seemed like they were about to pop out of their sockets. A hundred-meter-tall Titan was actually capable of such agile and fluid movements?

Inside the command room, many commanders were equally dumbfounded. But Zuo Quanzong’s astonishment was even greater. No one knew better than him the difficulty of piloting a Titan. In these few short steps, Ji Mingzhu had already shed any signs of initial clumsiness. This leap, this strike, this graceful performance seemed like a scene from a grand movie.

What a terrifying talent…


Waterfall Prison took a hard hit from Ji Mingzhu’s high whip-like kick. Its massive body staggered back a few steps, knocking down a tall building. Ji Mingzhu was about to launch another attack when a piercing sonic boom sounded from his side.

He pushed the control stick, and Zhu Jiuyin immediately turned around. He pushed with both arms, grabbing hold of Glass Swallow’s massive mouthparts. The pungent odor was extremely foul under the influence of the sensory link. Glass Swallow’s mouthparts forcefully closed, attempting to bite off Zhu Jiuyin’s arm. Ji Mingzhu squinted, overclocking his systems. The power core spun vigorously, and the tremendous power transmitted to his arm as he firmly held Glass Swallow’s upper and lower mouthparts, engaging in a struggle.

Creak, creak…

The biting force of the Disaster-level Aberration was terrifying. Even if there were a mountain in front of it, this bite could pierce through it. Ji Mingzhu could even feel Zhu Jiuyin’s arm trembling slightly. The crimson hand armor and internal cables emitted a creaking sound…

At this moment, Waterfall Prison had already risen from the ground and assumed a charging posture. It heavily rammed into Zhu Jiuyin’s chest!

The mountainous Titan was pushed back two steps by the impact. Ji Mingzhu quickly operated inside the cockpit, pulling Zhu Jiuyin’s arm out just in time to avoid Glass Swallow’s sharp mouthparts, then stabilized his body.

On the other side, the wound on Black Scales, which had been sliced open by Ji Mingzhu’s Ultimate Crimson Blade, was slowly healing. It let out an angry roar towards Zhu Jiuyin. Although it looked considerably worse than before, it was still visibly capable of further combat.

“Black Scales’s weak point is located twenty-four meters above the center of its back wings. Glass Swallow’s weak point is inside its mouthparts, and Waterfall Prison’s weak point is on the upper side of its abdomen…”

Zuo Quanzong’s voice resounded. He had already experienced Ji Mingzhu’s absolute lack of experience in practical Titan combat. In order to prevent Ji Mingzhu from missing any opportunities in battle, he quickly informed him of the weak points of the three Disaster-level Aberrations.


Ji Mingzhu took a deep breath and touched his chest.

The sensory link allowed the Titan to become an extension of the pilot’s body, enabling the pilot to feel every detail of the Titan’s movements, making it easier to control. However, there were pros and cons to this. When the Titan was attacked, the pilot would also feel the corresponding pain. For other battle-hardened pilots, the sensory link helped them better protect their vulnerable points, keeping their combat instincts sharp. But for Ji Mingzhu, who had always been afraid of pain, it wasn’t so friendly.

“I take back what I said earlier,” Ji Mingzhu grimaced and then regained his grip on the control stick. “This feels terrible.”

Zuo Quanzong: “…”

Through the sensory link, Ji Mingzhu could see the surrounding scene through Zhu Jiuyin’s perspective. This sensation was more intuitive than looking at screens inside the cockpit, and his field of vision was broader. He quickly scanned the three Aberrations in front of him and formulated his attack plan.

First, kill Black Scales!

With a loud clang, like the roar of thunder streaking across the sky, the crimson blade was once again held in Ji Mingzhu’s hand, and Zhu Jiuyin began to sprint forward.


Glass Swallow and Waterfall Prison seemed to sense what Ji Mingzhu was about to do. They roared and blocked Zhu Jiuyin’s path, one on the left and one on the right.

Three massive creatures collided in the middle of the city. In the blink of an eye, Zhu Jiuyin ducked under Glass Swallow’s bite, planted his legs firmly on the ground, and swung the blade. The crimson moonlight flickered suddenly!


The Ultimate Crimson Blade tore through the sky, slashing fiercely at Glass Swallow’s tough exoskeleton. Dazzling sparks flew, magnified countless times, brighter than the setting sun, illuminating half of Zhu Jiuyin’s body, making it look like a god.

Glass Swallow’s exoskeleton was much harder than Black Scales’ scales, and despite the Titan’s ability to ignore the Aberration’s bio-field, it was still challenging to cut through. However, Ji Mingzhu had no intention of engaging with Glass Swallow. After the blade’s charge and a sudden retraction, his footsteps slipped. Glass Swallow’s force was difficult to withdraw, and it pounced from the side of Zhu Jiuyin.

On the other side, Waterfall Prison was also thrown off balance by Ji Mingzhu’s footwork and missed its attack.

Compared to the Aberrations, humanoid Titans, under the control of the pilot, were faster and more agile. Ji Mingzhu’s incredibly skillful and agile footwork was like a beautiful dribbling maneuver on a sports field, easily evading the encirclement of the two Aberrations!

The precision of his timing and the proficiency of his maneuvers even left Zuo Quanzong astonished for a moment.


Ji Mingzhu gracefully dodged the attacks of the two Aberrations. At the same time, his arms moved in a beautiful arc over the control panel, and with a rapid series of clicks, he activated several buttons. Instantly, two rows of cannons popped out from Zhu Jiuyin’s waist, and a surge of blue light briefly converged before six brilliant blue lasers shot out, crossing the sky and detonating on the two Aberrations!

Among the twelve Titans, Zhu Jiuyin wasn’t specialized in firepower, but it was still several notches stronger than S-Class mechas. The laser cannons easily tore through the Aberrations’ bio-fields, creating bloody wounds on Glass Swallow and Waterfall Prison. Zuo Quanzong understood Ji Mingzhu’s intention and quickly commanded the few remaining S-Class mechas to swarm the Aberrations. They launched missiles in coordination with the lasers, preventing the two Disaster-level Aberrations from obstructing Ji Mingzhu.

Utilizing the recoil from the shots, Zhu Jiuyin’s massive body performed a perfectly executed turn with a blade withdrawal. The power core hummed and buzzed as it started a secondary overdrive. Unparalleled power coursed through the god-like Titan’s body in the human world. Beneath the crimson armor of Zhu Jiuyin’s elongated arm, complex power components and cables turned and conveyed… ultimately converging into the Ultimate Crimson Blade, which resembled a bloody moon!


In an instant, an unbelievable burst of speed erupted. It was astonishing that a mecha over a hundred meters tall could have such explosive speed. There was even a crimson trail left in the air. By the time everyone’s vision refocused, Zhu Jiuyin had already arrived behind Black Scales!

—A forward thrust!


Zhu Jiuyin’s body came to a halt, and in a half-kneeling posture, the Ultimate Crimson Blade was retracted into its scabbard with a crisp sound. Along with the alloy Tang Sword entering its scabbard, Black Scales’ body collapsed with a burst of blue blood spraying out.

The collapse of the Disaster-level Aberration’s body was tremendously loud and powerful. Amidst the dust and debris flying in the air, Zhu Jiuyin’s demeanor appeared incredibly calm and composed. This scene, captured through satellite images, left a deep imprint in the hearts of every citizen of Shangjing City.

It was magnificent, fluid, brutal, a fusion of the aesthetics of machinery and action that even the most accomplished artists would find challenging to depict—a breathtaking spectacle.

Axiu: “…Was it necessary to sheathe the blade like that? You’ll have to draw it again in the next battle.”

Ji Mingzhu shook his head with a sigh. “You don’t understand.”

As a top esports player, Ji Mingzhu still retained some habits that were not suitable for real combat, such as casually using high-difficulty overclocking, various flashy micro-operations and advanced techniques, and the need for a stylish finish every time a battle was resolved.

During these moments, the cheers and enthusiasm from the audience would always reach their peak. Ji Mingzhu had become a popular star player right from his debut, not only because of his looks but also because of his highly entertaining combat style.

Zuo Quanzong’s brow twitched as he watched the long energy bar in the command room, representing Zhu Jiuyin’s remaining power, drop to just 20%. He felt like rushing into the Titan and pulling Ji Mingzhu out to give him a scolding. “Do you think overclocking is free? Clearly, a level-two blade could have solved this situation. Why do you have to make it so fancy?”

The energy required for each Titan activation was enormous, and most Titan pilots would try to minimize their energy consumption in every battle, aiming to win with the least possible expenditure. But Ji Mingzhu was different; he used overclocking as if he were afraid that there would be even a tiny bit of energy left.

Ji Mingzhu shrunk his head, hesitated for a moment, and muttered quietly, “You can just say I look cool, Red Guard Commander.”

Zuo Quanzong: “…”

Damn it, I must have been blind before.

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