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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 47

  1. Our Victory

With the death of Black Scales, the situation on the battlefield quickly became clear.

As Ji Mingzhu took control of Zhu Jiuyin, the human side gained the power to rival Disaster-level Aberrations. S-classmechas had a chance to catch their breath and began coordinating with Ji Mingzhu in the attack. On the flanks, they constantly harassed the bio-fields of the Aberrations using docked-axis shells.

“Boom, boom, boom—”

Glass Swallow and Waterfall Prison erupted in continuous bursts of fire, and the two Disaster-level Aberrations let out mournful roars. They looked towards Heilin’s direction, and for some reason, Ji Mingzhu felt as if he saw sorrow in their eyes.

But how could Aberrations possess emotions like sorrow?

However, in the next moment, Glass Swallow and Waterfall Prison seemed to go mad, launching a frenzied assault on the surrounding mechas and circling fighter aircraft. Glass Swallow’s body writhed on the ground, sweeping away dozens of A-classmechas. Then, it quickly lifted its body, its mouthparts snapping open and shut. It directly bit a soaring S-classmecha that was bombarding from a high altitude. The pilot inside the mecha didn’t even have time to eject; they were instantly crushed along with the mecha by Glass Swallow!


Waterfall Prison acted similarly, its massive iron hooves trampling the city. In the earth-shattering noise, it launched a fierce attack on Ji Mingzhu, who was next to Heilin!

Ji Mingzhu’s arms swung out, grabbing Waterfall Prison’s horn. The tremendous impact made Ji Mingzhu’s body numb. The giant Titan and the monster wrestled in the city. With each step back Ji Mingzhu took, another building collapsed.

Having finally stabilized his body, Ji Mingzhu subconsciously attempted to activate overclocking to break free from Waterfall Prison’s charge, but he saw the already red energy bar retract once again.

Only 18% of energy remained, and there were still two Disaster-level Aberrations left…

Ji Mingzhu quickly surveyed the situation and made a decision in the blink of an eye.

As a professional gamer, he had faced such moments of decision countless times. Whenever the team was in danger, as the captain, he could always turn the tide at crucial moments. The more critical the situation, the calmer his mind became.

He needed to find an opportunity.

“Red Guard Commander.”

Ji Mingzhu’s voice echoed in the command room, fast and urgent. “B472, B151, E5, D909…”

He rattled off a series of coordinates without pause, then continued, “I need support at these positions.”

The people in the command room exchanged puzzled glances.

These were tactical coordinates that Zuo Quanzong had sent to Ji Mingzhu earlier. The various commanders were already familiar with them. However, the key point was that it had taken Ji Mingzhu less than half an hour to memorize the densely packed coordinates.

Zuo Quanzong quickly glanced at the positions Ji Mingzhu mentioned. Although he didn’t know what Ji Mingzhu intended to do, he chose to trust him completely.

People in high positions often made more cautious decisions. Previously, every time a Titan was deployed, the one devising tactics was Commander Quan, Commander of the Red Guards. Ji Mingzhu’s words were, to some extent, a form of overstepping. Bluntly put, if following Ji Mingzhu’s plan led to a deviation in the battle’s outcome, Zuo Quanzong, as the nodding commander, would bear full responsibility.

However, Zuo Quanzong didn’t hesitate. He pressed the communication button. “Fifth combat group, seventh combat group, move quickly to the lower positions and await further orders…”

The commanders looked at each other in surprise.

Red Guard Commander… he actually agreed to Ji Mingzhu’s tactical plan?

“Glass Swallow is coming again!” A commander who had been monitoring the battlefield reported quickly, “Ji Mingzhu, pay attention to your right side!”

In the battlefield, Glass Swallow’s attacks in its enraged state were devastating. Wherever its sharp bone blades passed, no matter how sharp the armor, it was severed cleanly in half. The cut was incredibly smooth. In just a short moment, a large number of mechas had lost their combat capability, and the fate of the pilots inside was unknown.

The intense barrage of laser cannons suddenly opened a gap, and Glass Swallow seized the opportunity. Without a moment’s pause, it charged toward Zhu Jiuyin, who was currently wrestling with Waterfall Prison. Their confrontation seemed like a battle to the death. Even on satellite footage, it sent chills down one’s spine.

“Let it come,” Ji Mingzhu said as he left these words behind. Then, he firmly grasped the control lever. His calm expression seemed to be brewing a raging storm. He forcefully pushed the control lever all the way forward!

The movement was swift and decisive, with a hint of a murderous intent!

Botler Type-0 Overclocking!

Zuo Quanzong immediately stood up.

In a situation where energy was already scarce, how could he dare to use high-intensity overclocking? What was this kid trying to do?!

“Buzz, buzz—!!”

The energy bar poured down frantically, with surging blue light piercing through, intermingling with the crimson armor. The red and blue radiance resembled another sun, making it impossible to keep one’s eyes open!

Remaining energy: 14%!

Amidst the humming of the power core’s rotation, Ji Mingzhu forcefully twisted both hands, accompanied by the sound of bones tearing apart. Waterfall Prison’s upper and lower jaws were directly bent to almost a straight angle by Ji Mingzhu!

This savage scene of tearing apart a ferocious beast appeared as if it was from an epic scroll, leaving every witness deeply shocked!

Waterfall Prison emitted a somewhat muffled roar. In their struggle, it was completely defeated. In the next moment, a flash of crimson passed before its eyes, and a violent impact came from below. It sent its mountainous body tilting upward!

A seemingly ordinary uppercut, when performed by a steel giant hundreds of meters tall, accompanied by sonic booms that tore through the air and thunderous roars, every inch of the air was filled with barbarity and violence.

Remaining energy: 10%!

“Now is the time,” Ji Mingzhu said.

In an instant, the Titan’s formidable energy field unfolded, forming an invisible pair of giant hands that tore apart Waterfall Prison’s bio-field protection with an extremely ruthless manner!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Numerous mechas that had already taken their positions on tactical points opened fire simultaneously. The continuous barrage of laser cannon fire overlapped, echoing through the ruined city.

The cooperation of the Calamity Control Bureau Mecha Squad was well-practiced, and this simultaneous fire achieved the desired effect Ji Mingzhu wanted, with the loss of the bio-field’s protection. A large amount of fire struck the rear limbs of Waterfall Prison. Combined with Ji Mingzhu’s earth-shattering overclocked uppercut, it directly caused this massive Disaster-level Aberration to lose its balance and crash to the ground!

Remaining energy: 7%!


The extreme crimson blade once again shot out from the blade gate, held firmly in Ji Mingzhu’s palm. He aimed it at the vulnerable area on Waterfall Prison’s abdomen and thrust it in, piercing through!


Waterfall Prison emitted a mournful roar, and thick blue blood spurted out, more magnificent than a fountain.

Remaining energy: 4%!

The energy bar was now glaringly red, and the remaining energy was almost invisible. However, Ji Mingzhu still did not deactivate the overclocking.


Before he even pulled out the blade, Ji Mingzhu, with Zhu Jiuyin in tow, rushed towards Glass Swallow at a breakneck speed!

The crimson blade sliced through Waterfall Prison’s chest, cutting through its body. Then, the sharp blade left a deep fissure in the ground, slicing through debris, elevated buildings… Ji Mingzhu approached Glass Swallow head-on in this plunging drag-blade posture!

In an instant, the Titan’s powerful energy field expanded, forming an invisible pair of giant hands that tore apart Glass Swallow’s bio-field protection in a ruthless manner!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Many mechas that had already taken their positions opened fire simultaneously, the continuous sound of laser cannons overlapping, resounding through the ruined city.

The well-practiced cooperation of the Calamity Control Bureau Mecha Squad achieved Ji Mingzhu’s desired effect, with the loss of the bio-field’s protection. A large amount of fire struck the rear limbs of Waterfall Prison. Combined with Ji Mingzhu’s earth-shattering overclocked uppercut, it directly caused this massive Disaster-level Aberration to lose its balance and crash to the ground!

Remaining energy: 7%!


The Ultimate Crimson Blade once again shot out from the scabbard, held firmly in Ji Mingzhu’s palm. He aimed it at the vulnerable area on Waterfall Prison’s abdomen and thrust it in, piercing through!


Waterfall Prison emitted a piercing howl, and its thick blue blood spurted out wildly, even more magnificent than a waterfall fountain.

Remaining energy: 4%!

The energy bar was now so red that it was blinding, and the remaining energy was almost invisible. However, Ji Mingzhu still hadn’t turned off the overclocking.


Without withdrawing his blade, Zhu Jiuyin charged at Glass Swallow while dragging the blade with both hands!

The crimson blade cut through Waterfall Prison’s chest, slicing through its body. Then, the sharp blade created a deep crevice in the ground, cutting through the debris, buildings, and elevated roads along the way. Zhu Jiuyin, in this charging and dragging motion, faced Glass Swallow head-on!

The power core erupted with a dazzling light in an instant, as if it was the final magnificent farewell. It channeled power along the complex mecha modules and into the blade, carrying an unstoppable momentum, leaving only a streak of red lightning between heaven and earth.

In the next instant, the Ultimate Crimson Blade, like a viper, pierced into Glass Swallow’s wide-open maw!

Remaining energy: 0%!

The world seemed to freeze at this moment.

Amid countless incredulous gazes, the crimson lines on Zhu Jiuyin’s body slowly extinguished, and the blue light from the power core stopped flickering. He stood there like a colossal statue, maintaining the posture of holding the blade, frozen in place.

Glass Swallow, pierced by the blade, also fell silent.


The command center fell into silence. After a brief moment of shock, immense joy welled up.

“We’ve won!!!”

All four Disaster-level Aberrations were dead. Dealing with the remaining threats would be much more manageable. With the most significant threat to the city, the Disaster-level Aberrations, eliminated, the other lower-level Aberrations could be gradually cleared out with the remaining S-class and A-class mecha forces.

At the same time, the underground shelters erupted in a tsunami of cheers. The joy of surviving the disaster filled the minds of every survivor, and the waves of their voices almost broke through the heavy walls and soil, reaching the surface.

“We won, we really won!”

“Thank you, Calamity Control Bureau! Thank you, Titan! Thank you, Sky City! We’ve survived!”

Most people didn’t know Ji Mingzhu, but this slender youth, who rode the Titan in the final moments and consecutively slew three Disaster-level Aberrations with an invincible stance, left a deep impression on everyone. Even though his appearance was too young and tender, it didn’t diminish the respect and gratitude everyone felt towards him.

In the command center, Huo Zai glanced at the people around him and gently closed his eyes. His expression was different from the others, but everyone was immersed in the joy of victory, and no one noticed him. Then, Huo Zai turned and left the command center.

On the battlefield, Zhu Jiuyin sat in the dimming cockpit, leaning back and letting out a breath.

In the last moment when he killed Glass Swallow, the instant the energy of Zhu Jiuyin was depleted, he saw Glass Swallow’s eyes.

In those huge and ugly beast pupils, there were emotions so complex that they were indescribable – sadness, anger, hatred, and despair…

Zhu Jiuyin couldn’t describe those emotions, but at that moment, he didn’t feel the joy of victory. Instead, he felt somewhat inexplicably confused.


A loud noise interrupted his thoughts. Suddenly, a thunderbolt-like golden laser beam descended from the sky, piercing through Glass Swallow’s body!

Inside the command center, the smiles on everyone’s faces froze.

A colossal and majestic figure descended from the sky and stood before Zhu Jiuyin!

The golden-red armor shone brightly in the sunlight, and the flame patterns on it seemed to flicker like fire. It stood at the same height as Zhu Jiuyin, around a hundred meters tall. In its hand, it held a massive and uniquely shaped spear. Numerous prominent muzzles were attached to the armor joints.

As this colossal mecha appeared, its name was on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

The Titan of Yangyuan City, Zhu Rong!

“Huh? Is it over already?”

A female voice came through the public channel.

She sounded young, with an assertive tone and a strong sense of a rebellious teenage girl. It contrasted sharply with the solemnity of Zhu Rong and seemed entirely out of place.

“I’m asking you a question, Chang Bei.”

The female voice then entered Zhu Jiuyin’s cockpit, mixed with the noisy rock music, which gave Ji Mingzhu a headache.

“Four Disaster-level Aberrations… and you dealt with them alone? Not bad, it’s only been a few months since we last met, and you’ve improved so much.”

“What… what’s going on…”

A commander stuttered, “Wasn’t Sky City supposed to allow Zhu Rong to be deployed?”

“Yangyuan City sent a message…”

Another communicator whispered, “Ten minutes ago, Zhu Rong started without authorization. The Calamity Control Bureau of Yangyuan City said…”

Zuo Quanzong: “What did they say?”

“They said that Miss Li Li, disregarding Sky City’s orders, secretly boarded the Titan and came to support the capital…”

Everyone looked at the Titan on the screen, shining like a sun god, and couldn’t help but rub their temples.

This Li Li was quite daring, wasn’t she?

“I’m asking you, Chang Bei.”

Li Li controlled Zhu Rong and leaned over, knocking on Zhu Jiuyin’s cockpit with a “knock, knock, knock”. “Are you still alive?”

“Miss Li Li.”

Zuo Quanzong’s voice sounded from Zhu Rong’s cockpit. “Forgive me for being blunt… your unauthorized activation of the Titan is a serious violation of regulations.”

“I came to help,” Li Li said indifferently. “So what if they punish me afterward? Let them be. But it seems like I’m late. Chang Bei has already solved the Disaster-level Aberration by himself. Did I come for nothing?”

“The Titan’s pilot isn’t Chang Bei.”

Zuo Quanzong paused and said, “Titan pilot Chang Bei … has already been sacrificed.”

Li Li was momentarily stunned.

“Titan pilot Ji Mingzhu .”

Zuo Quanzong called Ji Mingzhu’s name. “Your mission is complete, and Zhu Jiuyin has run out of energy. The battle isn’t over yet. I’m sending personnel from the Fire Division to pick you up.”

In any case, Ji Mingzhu had completed his mission satisfactorily. Although there were still many Aberrations in the capital that hadn’t been dealt with, it was unnecessary for Ji Mingzhu to take action at this point. His identity had changed drastically. He was no longer just a student of the Zongbing First Academy. He was now the Titan pilot who had just saved the entire capital and millions of lives. There couldn’t be any mishaps.

In other words, this youth who hadn’t yet shed his baby fat had already become a “human treasure.”

After today, Ji Mingzhu’s name was destined to become a monument, a rising legend.


Just as Ji Mingzhu finished speaking, he suddenly remembered something and said to Axiu, “Axiu, check You Jia’s location… No, send a message to You Jia.”


Axiu immediately sent a communication request to You Jia.

However, two full minutes passed without a response from the other end of the communication.

“Can you locate the location of You Jia’s mech?”

Axiu quickly replied, “I’m searching through the Calamity Control Bureau’s satellite network… I’ve found it. General Tang Fred piloted by You Jia is on the southern battlefield of the capital, but it’s in a deactivated state.”

Something’s wrong.

Ji Mingzhu’s heart sank.

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2 months ago

I’m really conflicted if I want MC to stay in the organization, or decimate them…

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Now even the Aberrations have me doubting if they’re genuinely monstrous…. confusion everywhere 😂

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