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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 5

  1. As soon as Ji Mingzhu enters the scene, his opponents tremble in fear

Under the moonlight, the cold silver-gray metal reflects a special gleam. The sleek and elongated lines of the mecha, its colossal steel body, and the intricate network of cables visible between the shoulder armor and steel arms create a mesmerizing sight. The fish-scale-like plates on its exterior move in a synchronized pattern, giving the impression of a living entity. The mecha’s design features numerous sharp angles, exuding a sense of agility and dynamic movement.

It is the Aerial Raider – Modified 4th Generation – Assault Type.

Ji Mingzhu is intimately familiar with the mecha before him. As one of the world’s top players in the game “Warfall,” he knows every model and variant of mechas. Although there may be slight differences in color, both in appearance and weapon specifications, this real-life mecha closely resembles the popular Assault Type mecha in the game.

The two mechas are positioned in a half-kneeling posture, connected to a cable that extends along the ground to the computer in front of Yu Heng. Even in this half-kneeling position, the Aerial Raider stands at a height of nearly six meters, giving a glimpse of its potential height of at least twelve meters when fully upright.

The Aerial Raider boasts a unique feature: V-shaped devices on the back of its shoulders, resembling assembled steel capes. When engaged in combat, these V-shaped capes can instantaneously spring forward, transforming into scythe-like weapons held in both hands, dealing fatal blows to the enemy.

Even though Mingzhu already knows that mechas exist in this world, seeing them in the game and witnessing a real mecha in person evoke entirely different sensations. A humanoid steel weapon towering over ten meters tall, requiring one to crane their neck to take in its entirety, creates a visual spectacle that even the most realistic game cannot replicate.

“This is…”

Beside him, Kai Yang’s eyes widened. “The Thunder Division’s mecha?”

“The 5th Generation Aerial Raider.”

Yu Heng took a step forward and reached out to touch the armor on the mecha’s lower leg. “This is the new model of mecha developed by the Thunder Division under the Calamity Control. The armor material has been upgraded, making it lighter and more agile than the third-generation mechas. It also has improved impact resistance. Two additional reactors have been added to the rear shoulders, providing powerful energy to the Aeria Horned Scythe.”

Thunder Division…

Axiu quickly found the information. “The Thunder Division is one of the five divisions under Calamity Control Bureau and is primarily responsible for mecha development and maintenance.”

“How did we acquire it?!”

Kai Yang appeared extremely excited. “F*ck, this is simply a work of art! Netherworld actually managed to get hold of the Thunder Division’s new mecha? Do we have our own people in the Thunder Division?”

“That’s not something you need to know.”

Yu Heng’s tone was indifferent. “Anyway, we need them for tonight’s operation.”

Kai Yang asked, “Can I sit in it and give it a try?”

The excitement in Ji Mingzhu’s heart was no less than Kai Yang’s, but he didn’t show it. His mask effectively concealed his emotions, making him appear calm.

“You’ll have time to familiarize yourselves with it.”

Yu Heng extended his hand and pressed a switch on the metal mask, projecting a blue virtual screen from within the mask. “Although you already know the mission details, I need to communicate the specific execution plan to you to avoid any mishaps.”

Kai Yang looked at the mecha in front of him, his mouth watering. The worn-out face of the middle-aged man with a stubbly beard now looked radiant. Ji Mingzhu suppressed his emotions and listened attentively to Yu Heng’s words, not wanting to miss any useful information.

“The mission tonight is to return Jin Qing to Sky City. The Thunder Division and Fire Division of Calamity Control Bureau will act later to escort Jin Qing safely to Calamity Control Headquarters.”

Yu Heng continued, “Yao Guang has already modified the identification data of these two Aerial Raiders. You will board the mechas and infiltrate the Fire Division’s escort team, waiting for my signal. When the time is right, you will seize Jin Qing and break through with the utmost speed. We will be nearby to support you.”

On the pale blue virtual screen, there were large lines outlining the shape of a map. The green dot represented their current location, while the red dot indicated their mission target later on.

“Remember,” Yu Heng paused and said, “We need to capture the target alive.”

Kai Yang furrowed his brow. “Easier said than done. The Calamity Control’s headquarters is nearby, and once they receive the news, they will send reinforcements. Jin Qing is an Immortal Clan member. It’s just the two of us…”

“Don’t worry, Yao Guang will temporarily cut off their transmission channels. You’ll have a five-minute window for action.”

Yu Heng reassured them, “Jin Qing descended secretly from Sky City, and the Calamity Control Bureau dare not make a big fuss. Their deployed forces are not as tight as you think. The chances of success are high… Yao Guang, how is it going on your end?”

“Almost there.”

The white-haired youth stared at the computer screen, not lifting his head. “I’ve already accessed the internal network of the Jupiter Division. They changed the encryption key a few days ago, so I need a little more time.”

“Hurry up a bit. Jin Qing will probably arrive in half an hour, and our time is running out.”


“No wonder Tian Shu, the ace pilot, is participating in this mission. They’re trying to capture an Immortal Clan member…”

Kai Yang’s expression was filled with excitement. “An alive Immortal Clan member… Haha!”

“Alright, you can go up and familiarize yourselves with the mecha models. The 5th generation Aerial Raiders aren’t much different from the 3rd generation. Both of you are experienced pilots, so you’ll get used to them quickly.”

After Yu Heng finished speaking, Kai Yang couldn’t wait and ran eagerly towards the Aerial Raider.

Ji Mingzhu followed behind him, seemingly nonchalant but keeping a close eye on Kai Yang’s actions.

He saw Kai Yang walk behind the Aerial Raider and press a button. Then a metal rope extended from the top of the mecha, and he skillfully wrapped the rope around his arm. The rope then retracted, lifting his entire body up.

Ji Mingzhu followed suit, pulling the metal rope to the back of the mecha. The cockpit was located in the chest area of the mecha, just as depicted in the “Warfall” game.

With a nimble jump, Ji Mingzhu entered the cockpit, and the cockpit door closed behind him. The interior lights turned on, revealing a familiar space before Ji Mingzhu’s eyes.

Beneath him was a soft seat that conformed to the contours of the body. The dense array of wires and control buttons, the dazzling data displays, the two main control levers connected to various auxiliary control sticks – the interior space was not large, only enough for one pilot to maneuver. For any ordinary person without training, facing such complex equipment in the cockpit would be utterly helpless. However, for Ji Mingzhu, the familiar layout and design undoubtedly provided a strong sense of security.

The operation interface was exactly the same as in “Warfall.”

Ji Mingzhu could even describe the function of each button with his eyes closed, as well as the parameters represented by each data display. The familiar and secure feeling brought by the cold mecha in this unfamiliar world was indescribable. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and his heartbeat slowly calmed down in this confined cockpit space.

The feeling of others having complete control over one’s life is, honestly, very uncomfortable.

But now, in this moment, as Ji Mingzhu sat in the cockpit of the Aerial Raider, entering his incredibly familiar domain, everything was different.

“Warfall” is a semi-holographic game where players simulate mecha operations through the cockpit. However, in “Warfall,” mecha control is not achieved through neural interface, but rather through manual simulation.

The game features a “correction ratio” setting, designed to simplify the operation system and make it more accessible to players. The higher the correction ratio, the easier the operation becomes. With a high correction ratio, players only need simple commands to control the mecha, and the game system automatically adjusts the mecha’s movements based on the player’s input. However, this inevitably leads to stiff and less fluid mecha movements. With a lower correction ratio, players have to manually control more detailed aspects of the mecha, increasing the difficulty of operation.

In short, “Warfall” is a game with a low entry-level operation but a terrifyingly high skill ceiling.

Most players have a correction ratio between 60% and 90%, while high-level players fluctuate around 40%. Professional players, aiming for precise micro-management, typically have correction ratios between 10% and 25%.

And Ji Mingzhu, his correction ratio reached… 0%.

Yes, 0%.

This means that every movement of the mecha in “Warfall,” down to every step and every movement of the fingers and joints, requires Ji Mingzhu’s manual operation. The game system doesn’t provide any assistance for him.

The benefits of this terrifying level of difficulty are also evident. Ji Mingzhu’s mecha piloting style in the arena is unique, with smooth and fluid movements, filled with mechanical violence aesthetics that other professional players cannot imitate. In every individual match, he effortlessly and skillfully obliterated opponents with a dominating posture, as if it were as easy as eating and drinking.

Just as an official commentator from the Professional League once said, “When Ji Mingzhu steps onto the stage, his opponents can only shudder in fear.” Even Francis, who faced him in the World Championship Finals, publicly stated that Ji Mingzhu was the opponent he least wanted to face among all professional players.

It may sound like boasting, but Ji Mingzhu indeed encountered few challenges on his way to the World Championship Finals. The players worthy of being called his “opponents” were few and far between.

After all, the game and reality are different. Even if an ordinary player reaches a high rank in “Warfall,” it doesn’t necessarily mean they can replicate their in-game performance in reality. But Ji Mingzhu is different. As the only player in the Professional League with a 0% correction ratio, no one understands how to operate a mecha better than him—at least in his world.

According to the information revealed by Yu Heng and Kai Yang, the original host was an ace pilot in the Netherworld Organization, which is why Ji Mingzhu was transferred to assist in this emergency mission. Initially, Ji Mingzhu was a bit panicked upon learning this information because only he and Ashu knew that he didn’t inherit any memories of the original host. Once the mission began, he would immediately expose himself as a fake.

But now, Ji Mingzhu is no longer worried.

His only concern is how strong the original host, as the Netherworld Organization’s ace, truly is and whether Ji Mingzhu, as the reigning champion of the “Warfall” world, can measure up to that level of skill.

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Inner Child
9 months ago

Thank you for pointing that out! It's actually supposed to be the Netherworld there.

9 months ago

When Kai Yang found out they had a mech from the Thunder Division they called the MC by name instead of their code name

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