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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 51

  1. Postwar Operation

Although it was a whimsical guess, from this perspective, many things that seemed off before now had a reasonable explanation.

Perhaps for some reason, the Immortals couldn’t eliminate the Aberrations, so they needed to provide humans with weapons, mechas, and even Titans to help humans eliminate the Aberrations.

So, they resided in Sky City and rarely appeared on the ground;

So, the Immortals needed to maintain a certain balance to control a situation where humans and Aberrations formed a mutual equilibrium. Otherwise, if either humans or Aberrations gained the upper hand, it would pose a significant threat to the Immortals.

Seeing Ji Mingzhu’s thoughtful expression, Zuo Quanzong also didn’t reveal everything.

Although Red Guard Commander held a high position, to put it bluntly, he was nothing more than a hawk trained by Sky City. Regarding the Immortals, Zuo Quanzong could only make educated guesses without strong evidence. Moreover, for the current humans, maintaining the status quo was undoubtedly the best choice.

Although humans seemed to have the upper hand, with Aberrations in front and Sky City above, the human satellite city had little resistance when facing these two species. Without the mecha weapons and Titans provided by Sky City, it was only a matter of time before the Aberrations could overrun the satellite city.

Zuo Quanzong stopped his words at this point, but Ji Mingzhu had already understood his meaning. Although the Calamity Control Bureau was subordinate to Sky City, there were quite a few people within the bureau who shared Zuo Quanzong’s thoughts. They maintained the current situation and secretly accumulated strength, truly striving for the fate and future of humanity.

“It’s getting late,” Zuo Quanzong glanced at the sky and said, “You’ve just experienced a battle; you should rest first. I’ve arranged your accommodation. If there’s nothing else, try not to leave the Calamity Control Bureau. Taking away You Jia from the Netherworld Organization probably won’t sit well with them. Your safety is guaranteed more within the Calamity Control Bureau.”

Ji Mingzhu tentatively asked, “Red Guard Commander, how much do you know about the Netherworld Organization? I heard it’s a very dangerous organization…”

“A bunch of lunatics who consider Sky City their mortal enemy, hating everyone who supports Sky City.”

Zuo Quanzong chuckled mockingly. “Their power indeed exceeded my expectations. Over the years, we haven’t found an opportunity to deal with the Netherworld Organization. Moreover, quite a few conglomerates have covert collaborations with the Netherworld Organization, and the entanglements are quite complicated…”

“Within the Calamity Control Bureau, could there be people from the Netherworld Organization?”

“Yes.” Zuo Quanzong’s tone was affirmative. “The Calamity Control Bureau has a large number of personnel across its five divisions. It’s quite normal for some small mice to sneak in… Recently, we just caught a technician from the Netherworld Organization. We hoped to obtain some information from him, but unfortunately, during the Aberration tide, he was rescued by people from the Netherworld Organization in the chaos.”

Obviously, the technician Zuo Quanzong mentioned was referring to Yao Guang.

“But it’s not without gains.”

Zuo Quanzong said, “I’ve requested support from Sky City for an investigation team. Seizing this opportunity, we’ll thoroughly clean up the Calamity Control Bureau. Actions against the Netherworld Organization are already in preparation. So, during this time, I want you to stay here. With your performance today, you’re an easy target for the Netherworld Organization.”

“I understand.”

Zuo Quanzong’s “gains” probably had something to do with the list that Axiu sent to the Calamity Control Bureau.

Ji Mingzhu had considered that after turning against the Netherworld Organization, Bai Weng might expose that he was an undercover agent for the Netherworld Organization, making it impossible for him to gain any advantages.

However, on second thought, this possibility was low. On one hand, he had become the pilot of Zhu Jiuyin, gaining Zuo Quanzong’s trust and successfully infiltrating the organization. The Netherworld Organization wouldn’t willingly give up this opportunity, and he still had value to Bai Weng.

On the other hand, by attacking You Jia, the Netherworld Organization had also angered the Lu Yan Tower Group. Facing the dual pressure from the Lu Yan Tower Group and the Calamity Control Bureau, the Netherworld Organization was likely in a tight spot. During this time, Ji Mingzhu could use the resources of the Calamity Control Bureau to do more things.

After leaving the medical room, Ji Mingzhu, guided by the staff, arrived at the rest area for Titan pilots.

In terms of treatment, the Calamity Control Bureau was unparalleled in its extravagance.

The Titan pilots’ rest area was located inside the Thunder Division Building, occupying a space of two entire floors. Pushing open the door, the luxurious furnishings momentarily dazzled Ji Mingzhu.

Training rooms, gyms, entertainment rooms, restaurants… The facilities in the Titan pilots’ rest area were comparable to those of a luxury hotel.

The individual rooms for Titan pilots were on the second floor of the public area. Each pilot had a separate large room, ensuring not only comfort but also maximum security. There were guards from the Fire Division stationed twenty-four hours a day, and a nutritionist carefully prepared nutritious meals were delivered to the rooms every day.

Ji Mingzhu took a stroll around, unable to help but sigh.

Wasn’t this the salted fish life he had always yearned for!

Curiously exploring here and there, he occasionally exclaimed in admiration. Afterwards, he lay down on the soft sofa in the lobby of the rest area, letting out a comfortable sigh.


Axiu: “What?”

Ji Mingzhu revealed a satisfied smile. “This is paradise ah!”

Axiu: “…”

In the hall area, there was a three-meter-high holographic screen connected to top-tier gaming consoles. Ji Mingzhu went over to fiddle with it, quickly grasping its usage under Axiu’s guidance.

It had been a while since he arrived in this world, and Ji Mingzhu rarely had moments of relaxation. Essentially, he was still an esports player with a great passion for games. Whenever he encountered a game console, he somewhat lost himself.

Ji Mingzhu found a two-player fighting game, picked up the controller in front of him, and said, “Axiu, want to play a round?”


Axiu was somewhat surprised. “Forgive me for being blunt… There is no possibility of failure for artificial intelligence in console games that rely on reaction time and hand speed.”

Apart from games like “Warfall” that involved real-time holographic simulation, in other games with predetermined programs, artificial intelligence could always find the optimal solution in the shortest time. It could even counter the opponent’s moves in the moment they were executed, achieving a level of play that seemed like a dimensional reduction.

Ji Mingzhu taunted, “Is that so?”

Ji Mingzhu’s provocative posture stirred up an emotion in Axiu known as “competitiveness.” This feeling was unfamiliar to Axiu, but it didn’t reject it in the slightest.

Ji Mingzhu quickly entered the game interface, familiarized himself with the controls, selected the two-player mode, and allowed Axiu to invade the console, taking control of the opposing character.

“How’s your body?”

Outside the door, Wen Kang, Wei Lan, and Mo Hongyu, the three active Titan pilots from the capital, were walking toward the rest area.

“It’s okay, just needs a couple of days to heal.”

Wen Kang moved his arm, wrapped in bandages. “These injuries are much lighter than I imagined.”

“Still, it’s because that kid saved your life,” Wei Lan said. “He’s so young, yet his piloting skills are excellent. It’s just the first time piloting Zhu Jiuyin, and he performed like that… If he had appeared earlier…”

The other two fell silent; they knew what Wei Lan wanted to say.

If Ji Mingzhu had appeared earlier, Chang Bei might not have had to die.

“Stop saying such things.”

Wen Kang shook his head. “That kid witnessed Chang Bei corroding in front of him. He probably suffered quite a shock. Be careful when talking to him.”

Although Titan pilots had dedicated restrooms within the Thunder Division, they usually had a fair amount of freedom. This time, their gathering was partly due to the fact that the Calamity Control Bureau had many matters to handle, requiring these Titan pilots to come out and take charge. Additionally, Zuo Quanzong had the intention of having them protect Ji Mingzhu.

“I heard that when Red Guard Commander first piloted a Titan, he was about the same age.”

Mo Hongyu said, “The first time on the battlefield, emotions are inevitably a bit problematic. We…”

As they spoke, they pushed open the door to the rest area.

“Ahaha, I won again!”

Ji Mingzhu’s cheerful voice echoed in the hall.

“…Come again.”

This time, Axiu was dissatisfied. It felt that its operation was flawless, with almost zero-delay reaction speed. Even if someone were using cheats, they wouldn’t be a match for artificial intelligence. However, Ji Mingzhu’s operation impressed Axiu. His talent in games was terrifying. After just two rounds of adaptation, this hardcore fighting game on the market posed no challenge for him.

Precise predictions, incredibly fast operating speed, effortlessly executed high-difficulty combos, a formidable understanding of the game… Even after Axiu understood his operating routines, Ji Mingzhu used various feints to deceive it. His moves were completely unconventional, making Axiu unable to predict his attack intentions. Starting from the fourth game, Axiu was no longer Ji Mingzhu’s match.

Ji Mingzhu held a game controller in his hand, wearing a triumphant smile of victory on his face. His jubilant demeanor radiated pure happiness, and at this moment, even his constantly tense nerves found relaxation.


The three Titan pilots at the door exchanged glances.

Does this look like someone with emotional issues?

Looking at his mental state, he seems better than us…

Sensing someone at the door, Ji Mingzhu put away the game controller and greeted the three.

There was no trace of awkwardness in the atmosphere. These three Titan pilots had witnessed Ji Mingzhu’s performance on the battlefield, and they deeply admired the young man who, despite his age, dared to step forward to protect the city in a critical situation.

Especially Wen Kang, who had fought side by side with Ji Mingzhu on the battlefield. Ji Mingzhu had saved him from the Aberrations more than once. Therefore, when talking to Ji Mingzhu, there was no trace of formality. His rugged facial features carried a gentle smile, making the two Titan pilots who knew him well suddenly feel like they didn’t recognize him.

In any case, although Ji Mingzhu had not yet undergone the official Titan pilot commendation ceremony, he was already a colleague. All four of them had amiable personalities, and after a brief conversation, they quickly became acquainted.

As the day was getting late, after chatting for a while, Ji Mingzhu and the three Titan pilots made an appointment to practice in the simulation cockpit when they had time. Then, they each went back to their rooms to rest.

At the same time, the post-war reconstruction work in Shangjing City was proceeding systematically.

After the Calamity Control Bureau cleaned up the Aberrations within the city, most of the citizens emerged from the underground shelters. Facing the devastated land, everyone felt deep sorrow.

During wartime, the Calamity Control Bureau had the highest command authority. At the behest of the Calamity Control Bureau, the city government quickly established several temporary shelters and called on major conglomerates and wealthy individuals to actively donate, assisting Shangjing City in post-war reconstruction.

After the Aberrations and Titans battled in the city, it was now filled with ruins, each pile pressing down on one corpse after another. There were also fortunate survivors. With the support from Yangyuan City and Jiusheng City, the progress of the rescue work was swift. Within three days, all survivors under the ruins were rescued and sent to temporary medical facilities for free treatment.

The shadow of the disaster had not completely dissipated, but Shangjing City still stood, and its people still endured. The dawn of hope had not been extinguished. As for the current sadness and pain, apart from being smoothed by time, there was no other way.

During these three days, several significant events occurred in Shangjing City.

First was the action against the Netherworld Organization.

The Calamity Control Bureau acted swiftly and sealed Harold Group, owned by Bai Weng, with multiple charges. This was the largest investigation against a conglomerate in the past decade. Coupled with the intervention of Lady Rong Ci’s Lu Yanta Group, it dealt a fatal blow to Harold Group in the business sector. The longstanding giant in Shangjing City collapsed within three days.

This move was also a warning to the Netherworld Organization. Many conglomerates that had cooperated with the Netherworld Organization saw the uncompromising actions of the Calamity Control Bureau and Lady Rong Ci’s Lu Yanta Group, and they probably wouldn’t dare to get involved with the Netherworld Organization in the short term. Losing a major source of funding made life difficult for the Netherworld Organization in the days to come.

Simultaneously, based on Axiu’s list, the Calamity Control Bureau swept through several secret bases of the Netherworld Organization. Unfortunately, the Netherworld Organization reacted quickly. Key personnel and instrument data were swiftly transferred, leaving the Calamity Control Bureau with empty bases when they arrived. When the time came, the bases were nothing but shells.

The second matter concerned Li Li.

This audacious Titan pilot from Yangyuan City went through a trial, but there was no significant issue. With Zuo Quanzong’s protection and petitions from Shangjing City, Yangyuan City, and several other satellite cities, Li Li only received a result of a minor salary deduction and a major demerit.

Titan “Zhurong” had been sent back to Yangyuan City, but Li Li herself seemed to have no intention of going back. Unable to persuade her, the Calamity Control Bureau in Yangyuan City arranged for her on the support list for Yangyuan City.

The third matter was related to Ji Mingzhu.

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