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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 52

  1. It’s you again ah!

“Live broadcast?”

Upon hearing this familiar term, Ji Mingzhu was somewhat surprised. “At a time like this?”

“This is also the idea of the Jupiter Division.”

Zuo Quanzong nodded and said, “Shangjing City is now in a state of reconstruction, but what needs to be rebuilt is not just the damaged city walls, nor just the facilities in the city… but also the hope in people’s hearts.”

After the retreat of the Aberrations, everything seemed to have returned to calm, and people could continue their lives. However, the traces of the disaster still lingered on everyone’s faces.

In this war against the Aberration invasion, numerous people lost their loved ones, their homes collapsed, and some were even contaminated by the Aberrations’ blood. If you took a stroll through the streets, you could distinctly feel the difference from the past. People’s faces carried various degrees of confusion, helplessness, despair, and blankness after experiencing the hardships. Outside the broken walls, occasional roars of the Aberrations in the wilderness would instinctively make people shrink their bodies, revealing expressions of fear.

Compared to the damaged city, what needed more attention was the confidence of the people in Shangjing City in the future.

Therefore, the Jupiter Division proposed this idea. The Shangjing City government, many high-ranking officials from the Calamity Control Bureau, and Jin Qing, the representative of the Immortal Clan, jointly came forward to soothe the anxious hearts of the people. They mourned those who died in the disaster and commemorated the heroes who sacrificed themselves in the Aberration battles.

Of course, more importantly, they needed to establish a banner, a spiritual role model.

In such an environment, the power of a role model was enormous, and the question was, who could become that role model?


Ji Mingzhu pointed at himself and asked.

Zuo Quanzong nodded.

Yes, there was no one more suitable than Ji Mingzhu.

In the battle against the Aberration tide, Ji Mingzhu, piloting General Tang Fred, emerged like lightning from the sky, accomplishing a series of incredible miracles under everyone’s gaze. With the body of an A-Class mech, he annihilated the Disaster-level Aberration, the Fiendish Flesh. Later, he boarded a Titan, controlling the immensely powerful “Divine Presence,” consecutively slaying three Disaster-level Aberrations within Shangjing City.

It can even be said that without Ji Mingzhu’s appearance, Shangjing City would have had almost no chance of winning this battle.

From an identity perspective, Ji Mingzhu was equally fitting. He came from an orphanage, entered the Zongbingyi Academy based on his abilities, and with extraordinary talent, broke the precedent of entering the mecha combat class, making it into the unique and elite class. This was already an inspirational and legendary story, almost a replica of the legend once written by Zuo Quanzong.

Such an identity made Ji Mingzhu approachable for most common citizens of Shangjing City. The motivating effect on people’s hearts was many times better than those high-born scions of conglomerates.

“Of course, you don’t need to feel pressured,” Zuo Quanzong said. “If you are unwilling, we…”

Ji Mingzhu: “I have no problem.”

Zuo Quanzong: “…”

He had originally thought that if Ji Mingzhu was unwilling, he would use another way to persuade him. After all, for a child with a simple mindset and a commoner background, suddenly taking on such a huge responsibility and facing so much attention would be an enormously pressuring thing. However, Zuo Quanzong did not expect Ji Mingzhu to agree so quickly.

Of course, Ji Mingzhu welcomed it.

This business was familiar to him. Wasn’t it just being an idol and setting an example? Professional players did exactly that.

Moreover, he wished to be more important. Now that he had fallen out with the Netherworld Organization, the only force he could rely on was the Calamity Control Bureau. The more significant expectations the division placed on him, and the greater the investment, the more difficult it would be for them to easily cut ties with him.

If Ji Mingzhu really became the spiritual role model for Shangjing City after the disaster, then what if one day his identity as an undercover agent for the Netherworld Organization is exposed? Considering Ji Mingzhu’s talent, the sunk costs invested in him, and the support of Shangjing City’s people, can the Calamity Control Bureau just decide to eliminate him?

Certainly not.

“All right then.”

The mischievous kid who used to cause worries finally showed a sensible side. Zuo Quanzong couldn’t help but reveal a pleased smile. “I haven’t misunderstood you. You are indeed a very responsible child. I’m glad you think this way.”

Facing Zuo Quanzong’s trusting gaze, Ji Mingzhu felt a bit embarrassed.

Although, from the perspective of outcomes, everything he had done so far was positive, and Zuo Quanzong had shown full approval. If Ji Mingzhu looked at his own actions from the perspective of an outsider, he might have the illusion that “Ji Mingzhu” was a young, justice-filled, and compassionate boy.

However, he understood the reality: everything he did was purposeful, selfish, and far from the image presented on the surface.

“Your specially made mecha suit is ready. Later, Huo Zai will take you to pick it up,” Zuo Quanzong said. “Also, the Fire Division has approved my request, and there will be an elite team from the Fire Division providing close protection for you.”

“Thank you, Red Guard Commander.”

Ji Mingzhu expressed his gratitude, but in his heart, there was some distress.

Zuo Quanzong was always concerned about his personal safety. While this was touching, it also meant that Ji Mingzhu wouldn’t have the freedom to move. In his warehouse, there was a Phoenix Redeemer waiting for the activation of its power core. Additionally, he needed to find an opportunity to meet with Tian Ji and extract information about himself from him.

Now, with Zuo Quanzong keeping such a close eye on him, Ji Mingzhu had no chance to do these things.

Just as he was thinking about it, the office door opened, and Huo Zai walked in. He looked calm and smiled warmly at Ji Mingzhu. “Let’s go. Your suit is ready. I’ll take you to get it.”

In the midst of a busy season, Huo Zai, the deputy minister of the Thunder Division, also had a considerable workload. He appeared a bit tired.

Ji Mingzhu gave a slight nod to Zuo Quanzong and then followed Huo Zai out.

Walking one after the other in the corridor, there were few people around, and little noise, leaving only the echoing sounds of their footsteps.

Neither of them spoke first.

“Mingzhu, Deputy Minister Huo?”

Wen Kang passed by the corridor and saw the two. He greeted, “Is Red Guard Commander in his office? I need to talk to him about something.”

Ji Mingzhu nodded, indicating that Zuo Quanzong was in the office.

“Where are you guys going? Oh, getting uniforms, right.”

Seeing that Ji Mingzhu didn’t look very relaxed, Wen Kang thought he might be troubled about something and comforted him, “Did Red Guard Commander talk to you? It’s okay; you don’t have to feel pressured…”

Ji Mingzhu smiled at Wen Kang, “I know, Brother Wen.”

Huo Zai glanced at Ji Mingzhu with a hint of surprise in his gaze.

“Okay, then. We’ll practice on the simulator tonight.”

Seeing Ji Mingzhu say that, Wen Kang also relaxed, nodded friendly at the young man, and left.

This military-style tough guy might seem difficult to approach from the outside, but anyone who got to know Wen Kang would find that he had a very straightforward and reassuring personality.

“You get along quite well with them.”

Huo Zai watched Wen Kang’s departing figure and spoke in a plain tone, “I wonder if they’ll still treat you the same way once they find out about your identity.”

“You’ve been in the Calamity Control Bureau longer than I have, Minister Huo. You should be more concerned about this situation.”

Huo Zai looked down at him, “You’re wrong. I never cared about that.”

“Well, Minister Huo has always been indifferent.”

Ji Mingzhu nodded, “Even when tens of thousands of people died in Shangjing City, it’s just a number to Minister Huo. When you hear the endless cries in the city, Minister Huo, have you ever felt restless?”

Huo Zai said calmly, “Such righteous words coming from someone of the Netherworld Organization are truly unexpected.”

“Indeed, Minister Huo has always been indifferent.”

Ji Mingzhu nodded, “Even when hundreds of thousands died in Shangjing City, it’s just a number for Minister Huo. When you hear the ceaseless cries in the city, Minister Huo, have you ever felt restless?”

Huo Zai replied calmly, “Such righteous words coming from someone of the Netherworld Organization are truly unexpected.”

“The essence of Aberrations is also human, right?”


Ji Mingzhu changed the topic too abruptly, leaving Huo Zai momentarily stunned.

“Human beings subjected to corruption don’t look much different from Aberrations. Although everyone says that Aberrations lack emotions, being creatures driven by primal instincts for slaughter, I don’t quite believe it.”

Ji Mingzhu looked into Huo Zai’s eyes, saying, “When Waterfall Prison died, I saw complex emotions in Glass Swallow’s eyes… just like a human. So I speculate, perhaps the current Aberrations have evolved from humans. In a strict sense, Aberrations and humans are inherently connected?”

Huo Zai’s expression remained unchanged, “Is that your belief?”

“Just a guess.”

Ji Mingzhu shrugged, “What is Feibo’s purpose? If the mastermind behind all this is Sky City, why doesn’t Feibo ally with the Calamity Control Bureau or the Netherworld Organization?”

As he posed the question, he closely watched Huo Zai’s expression. His words were not only testing his own hypothesis but also probing Huo Zai’s stance.

However, Huo Zai, looking at Ji Mingzhu, gently curved his lips.

It was a mocking expression, as if Ji Mingzhu had just cracked an immensely foolish joke.

“In a certain sense, you and Zuo Quanzong are quite similar.”

Huo Zai said casually, “This self-proclaimed righteous appearance, no matter how you disguise it, cannot conceal the sinful core within you. Just by standing on this land, you’re already tainted by original sin.”

Ji Mingzhu was taken aback.

What did he mean?

He wanted to inquire further, but Huo Zai showed no intention to elaborate. More people were gradually gathering around, making it inconvenient for Ji Mingzhu to probe any further.

Huo Zai’s words were quite intriguing, and Ji Mingzhu always felt that there was a massive secret hidden in the unfinished part of his speech.

After receiving his uniform from the personnel of the Jupiter Division, Ji Mingzhu entered the changing room to put on the outfit. When he came out, Huo Zai was nowhere to be seen, and instead, Mo Hongyu, whom he had met just yesterday, appeared before him.


Mo Hongyu, also dressed in the Titan pilot’s uniform, looked Ji Mingzhu up and down, teasing, “Quite presentable.”

The Titan pilot’s uniform, unlike the antique flying fish style of the Thunder Division, had a more modern design. To better suit the pilot’s operations, it used a close-fitting, high-strength carbonene molecular fiber fabric with high elasticity. It adhered closely to the skin without affecting the pilot’s movements. Additionally, high-density armor modules were added to the chest, groin, and shins. These modules, covering the fiber fabric, had sharp lines without being bulky. Combined with Ji Mingzhu’s excellent body proportions and delicate features, Mo Hongyu nodded approvingly, “Looks handsome. Feels a bit like Red Guard Commander in his prime.”

Ji Mingzhu smiled at him, looking around, “Where’s Minister Huo?”

“Oh, he left earlier for something.”

Mo Hongyu said, “Let’s go to the assembly.”

“Where are we assembling?”

“To the training hall.”

Mo Hongyu explained, “In these few days, manpower has been insufficient, and the Thunder Division has just recruited a new batch of members.”

Ji Mingzhu nodded and followed Mo Hongyu out of the rest area. Right in front, he saw four individuals in Fire Division uniforms.

“These are guards transferred from the Fire Division by the Red Guard Commander, specifically assigned to protect us,” Mo Hongyu explained. “Of course, their main purpose is to protect you.”

“Hello, Ji Mingzhu, Titan pilot.”

A Fire Division guard nodded at Ji Mingzhu, “I am Meng Hui, the captain of the Fire Division’s Fourth Regiment’s Second Squad .”


Ji Mingzhu’s gaze swept over the faces of the four guards in front of him. They were fully armed, wearing tactical masks that revealed only their eyes.

Although Ji Mingzhu knew that Red Guard Commander had good intentions, it felt inconvenient to do anything with these four guards watching him closely.

As Ji Mingzhu pondered, suddenly, his eyes paused on one of the guards, and there was a momentary hesitation.

Very familiar.

Before Ji Mingzhu could recall whose eyes these were, the guard had already reached up and pulled down his tactical mask.

Tian Quan waved at Ji Mingzhu, greeting him familiarly, “Hi.”

Ji Mingzhu: “…”

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Inner Child
7 months ago

So is Tian Quan your bid for ML?

7 months ago

Haaa. i really ship this two

2 months ago

Nah, ML is def Axiu. Tian Quan seems like he’ll make a side cp with Yao Guang (tho I don’t hope so cuz I don’t really like side cps.)

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