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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 53

  1. Chang Haoyang’s Provocation

Meng Hui explained, “*Shun Sheng also comes from Zong Bingyi Academy. I heard that he has a good relationship with you, so I brought him over. The Red Guard Commander said that if you have familiar friends around, it would be good for companionship.”

*this is Tian Quan’s fake name

To say or not to say, the Red Guard Commander is quite considerate.

… Nonsense ah!

“Why are you wading into this mess?”

Ji Mingzhu felt a bit of a headache. Sneaking up to Tian Quan on the way to the gathering point, he whispered, “Didn’t I ask you and Yao Guang to find a place to hide and wait for my message?”

Ji Mingzhu was tightly protected within the Calamity Control Bureau, courtesy of Zuo Quanzong. He couldn’t find an opportunity to slip out. Originally, he wanted Tian Quan to collect some information outside, but unexpectedly, Tian Quan also came in.

“I didn’t want to come either.”

Tian Quan shrugged. “But the Netherworld Organization gave me an order.”

“What order?”

“To capture you.”

This answer was within Ji Mingzhu’s expectations. Bai Weng is, after all, a businessman. He spent so much effort to forge a perfect fake identity and insert Ji Mingzhu into Zong Bingyi Academy. Moreover, he smoothly became a Titan pilot. If they could handle Ji Mingzhu, the cost would be much lower than finding and inserting another suitable spy.

“You can refuse, you know,” Ji Mingzhu frowned. “Come up with a reason to decline.”

“I did refuse… but I can refuse from the Netherworld Bureau’s side. I can’t refuse from the Calamity Control Bureau’s side.”

Tian Quan explained, “My current identity is a student of Zong Bingyi Academy. The Calamity Control Bureau is short-handed at the moment, so they selected a batch of people from Zong Bingyi Academy and I’m on the list.”

Tian Quan belonged to the top batch of Zongbingyi Academy’s Tactical Execution Class. Being chosen by the Calamity Control Bureau was only natural. His combat skills and tactical assessments were both ranked first. He had just entered the Calamity Control Bureau and was directly promoted to the elite squad of the Fourth Regiment of the Fire Division. If it were someone less outstanding, even if they were as familiar as Ji Mingzhu, Zuo Quanzong would not have let them undertake the important task of protecting the Titan pilot.

“Who did the Netherworld Organization send?”

“The Earth Womb Squad and the Reincarnation Squad.”

Tian Quan quietly uttered the names of the two squads, expecting Ji Mingzhu to show a difficult expression. However, when he saw no reaction from the other party for a while, he suddenly realized, “Oh… I forgot you lost your memory. In simple terms, these two squads, unlike the Beidou Seven Stars Squad, specialize in executing special assassination missions. They are adept at infiltration, ambush, disguise, poison… in short, they are teams dedicated to dirty work.”

“Do you know their identities?”

“I don’t know.” Tian Quan shook his head. “The Netherworld Organization has a very strict security structure. Different squads do not know each other’s identities, only their codenames. Bai Weng manages the Big Dipper Squad as a core council member, while the Earth Womb and Reincarnation squads are managed by another core council member. As for the identity of that council member, no one knows.”

Ji Mingzhu thought that after handing over his list, the Netherworld Organization should take a big hit. However, hearing Tian Quan’s explanation made him somewhat uncertain.

The influence of the Netherworld Organization is vast, even Tian Quan has only partial knowledge. They are like venomous snakes that can penetrate every corner in the dark. The guards and staff constantly moving in and out of the Calamity Control Bureau, the civilians on the streets, and even within major conglomerates… how many people from the Netherworld Organization are lurking is unclear.

“To be honest, I think you were a bit impulsive this time.”

Tian Quan sighed. “Even if you want to confront the Netherworld Organization, now is not a good time. You are in the light, they are in the dark, and the Calamity Control Bureau may not be able to protect you.”

Ji Mingzhu raised an eyebrow. “Are you afraid now?”

“No, I quite like this exciting feeling.” Tian Quan smiled. “Entering the Netherworld Organization, part of the reason was also because I dislike the dull and repetitive.”

On this point, Ji Mingzhu and Tian Quan are completely opposite. He is not interested in the thrilling ups and downs; reaching this point was not his intention but a choice he had to make.

Mo Hongyu watched the two young men converse quietly behind her and couldn’t help but smile helplessly.

Indeed, young people always have more topics to talk about when gathered together.

As the external combat Divisions, the Fire Division and the Thunder Division suffered the most casualties in this recent Aberration tide. Therefore, these two Divisions expanded their recruitment after the war, focusing mainly on Zongbingyi Academy.

When Ji Mingzhu appeared in front of the training hall wearing the Titan pilot’s mecha suit, many students who stood straight, accepting inspection in the training hall, showed rather complicated expressions on their faces.

Especially Chang Haoyang, his expression was noticeably unpleasant.

The tides of fortune change, and the world evolves too fast. Just a week ago, in his eyes, Ji Mingzhu was a poor boy with no background, no strong support, and a timid and green newcomer to the class. In the blink of an eye, he reappeared with a sharp presence, becoming everyone’s superior.

“Titan pilot Mo Hongyu, greetings!”

“Titan pilot Ji Mingzhu, greetings!”

Even though their hearts might be complicated, when Ji Mingzhu appeared, everyone stood straight, without diverting their gaze, and greeted the two Titan pilots in unison.

Some classmates who were once in the same class as Ji Mingzhu felt uneasy, not daring to look in his direction, afraid of being recognized for any past exclusionary behaviors. Only You Jia sneaked a glance towards Ji Mingzhu, waving slightly in his direction with a small, envious smile upon seeing the Titan mecha suit on him.

Ji Mingzhu smiled back at You Jia, feeling that the scene before him was somewhat dramatic. According to the normal course of events, he should be standing here like the other students, but now they were all in the same room, and yet their statuses had undergone a completely different transformation.

Ji Mingzhu didn’t feel any triumphant sense. His thoughts were not focused on these classmates in front of him; this inspection was merely a matter of showing his face.

Mo Hongyu, with a gentle smile, talked to the new members. Ji Mingzhu casually found a place to sit, like a little rebel slacking off during military training, his gaze wandering, thinking about things in his mind.

While it seems comfortable now, it’s just a facade. Ji Mingzhu has a lot to do.

Firstly, he needs to find an opportunity to meet with Tian Ji, asking about things related to his lost memories. This is crucial.

Secondly, though he appears to be at ease and protected within the Calamity Control Bureau, the Netherworld Organization might strike at him at any time. Ji Mingzhu needs to be prepared for the worst. If the Netherworld Organization is really determined to eliminate him as a “traitor” or if Huo Zai wants to deal with this uncertain factor who knows about his identity, how should he respond?

He doesn’t have many cards in his hand right now, and every move must be extremely cautious. Otherwise, a little negligence could lead to irreparable consequences. Tian Quan, who could help him, was brought into the Calamity Control Bureau, and now, only Yao Guang and the unreachable Tian Ji are left. Yao Guang is a pure technical personnel, with limited capabilities. Who else can help him?


Suddenly, Chang Haoyang in the crowd shouted loudly, causing a momentary pause in the atmosphere of the training hall. All eyes turned to him.

The instructor was introducing the resumes of these new members to Mo Hongyu. When he heard Chang Haoyang call his name, he paused, “What’s the matter?”

“We want to see the skills of the newly promoted Titan pilots.”

Chang Haoyang’s gaze turned towards Ji Mingzhu sitting in the corner, “Is it okay? Ji Mingzhu, the newly appointed Titan pilot, must be very excited. After all, although he comes from a civilian background, he has gained recognition from Zuo Quanzong, the Red Guard Commander. In a very short time, he soared to new heights, like a phoenix on a branch. There must be something outstanding about him. This should be eye-opening for us, right?”

The tone carried no respect, but rather a condescending attitude, as if they wanted Ji Mingzhu to perform in front of them.

After he finished speaking, some scions of wealthy families in the crowd chuckled.

What Chang Haoyang said echoed the sentiments of many. The initially established rule was to select Titan pilots from this batch of mecha combat class students. However, Ji Mingzhu unexpectedly jumped the queue. In their minds, this was no different from cheating. There was a bit of discontent, feeling that the other party just got lucky. If it were them who sat in the Titan, they could do the same, or even better.

Ji Mingzhu, upon hearing his name, had his train of thought interrupted. He raised his head, meeting Chang Haoyang’s provocative gaze.

Ji Mingzhu sighed, stood up leisurely, walked to Chang Haoyang, looked at him for a moment, and then said, “If you weren’t Chang Bei’s brother, I wouldn’t bother with you.”

Chang Haoyang’s face changed.

“I originally thought that you and Chang Bei, as brothers, would at least have some similarities. As a result, you two don’t share any resemblance at all,” Ji Mingzhu said. “Indeed, a bad plant cannot produce good shoots. The fact that someone like Chang Bei could come out of the Chang family is truly a miracle.”

Chang Haoyang couldn’t stand these words, and his gaze suddenly became fierce and resentful. “What do you mean?”

“Do you think, as the heir of the Chang family, with status and position, and as the brother of a deceased Titan pilot, that the position of this Titan pilot should rightfully be yours? But I intervened, snatching away something that should have belonged to you?” Ji Mingzhu spoke bluntly. Chang Haoyang, touched in his sensitive spot, suddenly looked embarrassed in the crowd.

“Your identity is certainly useful,” Ji Mingzhu continued. “Otherwise, how could you enter the Calamity Control Bureau? If it weren’t for Chang Bei’s face, you wouldn’t even step through the door here. Honestly, you should thank Chang Bei. Instead, you’re here saying these sarcastic things. I might have held you in higher regard if you hadn’t.”

In the eyes of others, he had always been an unaggressive figure. Now, he suddenly became so sharp, deprecating Chang Haoyang as worthless. He exuded a piercing sense of oppression, surprising everyone present.

Ji Mingzhu was indeed a bit angry and also felt it was unfair to Chang Bei. Clearly, Chang Haoyang’s group was the part of the population hiding in shelters, enjoying the tranquility brought by others’ sacrifices. How could he be so self-righteous? It was fortunate that Chang Bei stood up for them. Otherwise, these words wouldn’t even be said here. In the eyes of many, the disparity between people was truly eye-opening.

“Do you want me to broaden your horizons…” Ji Mingzhu sneered, “Do you even deserve it?”


Chang Haoyang was left stunned in place by Ji Mingzhu’s words. Moreover, he was a Titan pilot, and in terms of rank, he was much higher than this newcomer who had just entered the Calamity Control Bureau. He thought Ji Mingzhu would still be the timid person he used to be, but now, the other person seemed like a different individual, thoroughly humiliating him from head to toe.

After Ji Mingzhu finished speaking, he didn’t bother saying anything more. He glanced at Chang Haoyang’s disgruntled face, sneered, and then turned and left the training hall.

People who advanced based on their family background instead of their own abilities always had a kind of blind self-confidence, thinking the whole world should revolve around them. Even among the numerous wealthy families, Chang Haoyang was considered a rare specimen. Ji Mingzhu felt he had a pretty good temper, but Chang Haoyang’s exasperating attitude managed to get on his nerves.

Wait a minute, family background?

Just as Ji Mingzhu left the training hall, he suddenly thought of something, his expression turning contemplative.

Tian Quan caught up from behind, wearing a teasing smile on his face. “I can tell you’re a bit irritable.”

That guy in the training hall was really unlucky to run into Ji Mingzhu when he was in a bad mood.

Ji Mingzhu turned around, asking, “Where’s Yao Guang now?”

Tian Quan hesitated for a moment, then replied, “He’s at the black market. What’s up?”

Ji Mingzhu rubbed his chin. “Got something for him to do.”

Bai Weng entered this dimly lit room, and even he, usually composed, showed signs of nervousness. The air carried the complex and pungent smell of chemical reagents. Dim laboratory lights illuminated rows of vessels. Sixty meters below the surface, even the sound of breathing was distinct.

In this room, a figure appeared before Bai Weng.

Immersed in a glass container, the body soaked in green chemical liquid, only a head was visible. In the shadows, the features were unclear, and the scent of decay and aging permeated every inch of the air.

Bai Weng lowered his head. “Director General.”


The figure emitted a light sigh, then slowly climbed out of the vessel, completely nude. However, the voice sounded quite young.

Bai Weng dared not raise his head, maintaining a humble bowed posture as he reported recent intelligence to the figure.

The Director General of the Netherworld Organization dragged his damp body to a soft chair and lay down. He appeared extremely frail, his slender figure carrying an indescribable sense of morbidity in the shadows.

After listening to Bai Weng, he took a while before saying, “Tian Shu has betrayed us?”

“Yes, we’re not sure about the specific reasons, but he has indeed shown some disagreements with us.”

Bai Weng continued, “However, he has successfully entered the Calamity Control Bureau and taken control of a Titan, following the original plan. I’ve also dispatched two squads to bring him back…”

“No need.”

The Director General quietly interrupted him, “Kill him.”


Bai Weng hesitated for a moment, “But…”

As long as they brought back Tian Shu, whether through persuasion or brainwashing, as long as he could continue to be a pawn for the Netherworld Organization, Bai Weng felt there was still a chance to salvage the situation. After all, they had invested considerable resources for the Titan, and Tian Shu’s abilities were exactly what the Netherworld Organization needed. To just say ‘kill him’ seemed a bit too…

“Things that can’t be controlled, we don’t need.”

The Director General’s voice remained steady, like murmurs before falling asleep, “After all, he’s just a clone…”


UHM WTF?!!! He’s a clone?!

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2 months ago

My guess: Tian Shu is the clone of Ji Mingzhu :v

Btw, I thought out of the four aliens, one is catastrophe-level? Why has it become all disaster level now?

2 months ago

Oh yeah, and I don’t think Mo Honyu is supposed to be a titan pilot…?

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