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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 54

  1. Assassination


A massive explosion echoed with the blaze as a wandering Aberration had just surfaced, only to be struck head-on by a laser cannon. Its body instantly burst into fragments.


“Well done!!”

“Cleanse these monsters!”

Countless screens within Shangjing City accurately broadcasted the scenes outside. The spectacle of Aberrations being slaughtered by mechas was somewhat gruesome, but in the eyes of the citizens, the blood-soaked scenes only brought satisfaction.

“Pilot Mo Hongyu, please be aware of your rear.”

In the command center, the commander opened communications and addressed Mo Hongyu, the pilot inside the mech.

Most of the Aberrations within Shangjing City had already been cleared. However, after the Aberration tide receded, instead of disappearing from the world, they took refuge in the lands outside the city.

With the city walls damaged, it would take some time to rebuild them. To prevent Aberrations from taking advantage of the breach and launching a counterattack, not only were there numerous guards and mechas stationed at the breach, but the Thunder Division’s mechas were also dispatched by the Calamity Control Bureau to clear the remaining Aberrations outside the city.


Mo Hongyu responded, his hand gliding over a myriad of buttons in front of him, deftly and smoothly activating several controls. His mecha turned around, the blade gate opened, and the alloy blade ejected, slashing towards another terrifying-class Aberration not far away.

As a Titan pilot, his piloting skills were undoubtedly top-notch. The mech’s movements were smooth and fierce, attacking, retreating, coordinating encirclements, providing long-range fire support — the textbook-like operations dazzled onlookers.

Surrounding Thunder Division members also piloted mechas, joining Mo Hongyu in launching an assault.


With a flash of the blade, a terrifying-class Aberration was instantly cleaved in half. Mo Hongyu sighed lightly. Before he could even move his joints within the cockpit, a thunderous roar suddenly echoed in her ears.


A nearly twenty-meter-high scorpion-shaped Aberration suddenly rushed out from underground. Its black-brown exoskeleton shimmered in the sunlight. Swift as lightning, it bit down on the arm of Mo Hongyu’s mech!

This was a calamity-class Aberration!

Second only to the disaster-class, the calamity-class Aberration possessed astonishing destructive power. Mo Hongyu piloted an A-class mech, and before he could react, the force field deployed by the mecha was instantly torn apart by the biological force field of the calamity-class Aberration. With a teeth-grinding, bone-crushing sound, the entire mech’s arm detached from its body, and the red warning lights began to flicker inside the cockpit!

“How is there a calamity-class Aberration here!”

“Oh no, hurry for support!”

“Boom, boom—”

The nearby members of the Thunder Division quickly responded, piloting mechas to come to the rescue. However, mechas below A-class had limited destructive power against calamity-class Aberrations. A large amount of gunfire was neutralized by the biological force field, causing no fatal damage.

“Damn it.”

Mo Hongyu fiercely pulled the control lever, and the intact arm of the mecha pounded heavily on the Aberration. Two massive creatures began a close-quarters brawl, the dull thuds of their blows reverberating and sending shivers down people’s spines.

Armor fragments and internal components flew, and the sound of the Aberration’s biting transmitted clearly into the cockpit. Mo Hongyu gritted her teeth, controlling the mecha to deliver a powerful punch to the Aberration’s head. Before she could catch her breath, two more roars echoed from behind!

Two more Aberrations emerged from the ground!


Just as Mo Hongyu and the surrounding pilots fell into despair, the humming of two power cores resounded. Dozens of meters away, a robust laser beam streaked through the air, pushing back the two Aberrations that were attacking from behind.

Two mechas, one blue and one silver, rushed in with sonic booms!

“One each.”

Li Li said, “I’ll take the left, you take the right, a *blitzkrieg strategy.”
*swift and decisive

Ji Mingzhu replied, “Okay.”

As the words fell, Ji Mingzhu proficiently manipulated the control lever. The blue A-class mech, the Shadow Plunderer, arrived with a trailing afterimage. The blade gate produced a crisp sound as a large sword ejected into its hand.

Second-level overclocking, forward momentum, and a dazzling blade slash!


Like a free-spirited swordsman of heaven and earth, amidst flying soil and debris, the blade light pierced the sky, leaving a deep, bone-visible scar on one of the calamity-class Aberrations!

Ji Mingzhu’s gaze remained calm. His eyes quickly scanned the battlefield, and the awareness of a top professional player allowed him to find the best offensive route in an instant. The second overclocking was not turned off. The Shadow Plunderer, with undiminished momentum, rushed forward. Leveraging inertia, it took two steps, creating two mud pits on the ground. Then, seizing the Aberration’s torso, Ji Mingzhu made a casual kick right to its chest, sending it flying!

With a demeanor as graceful as flowing clouds and a combat style that combined elegance with violence, even without announcing their identity, anyone could recognize the pilot inside this mech!

“It’s Titan pilot Ji Mingzhu!”

A voice of excitement echoed through the communication channel, and the citizens watching the extermination battle through various means within the city cheered at the same moment.

Li Li wasn’t idle either. As soon as the words fell, her mech, “Ni Junyin,” soared into the air. Four “Floating Cannons Modules” carried on its back circled around, completing their combination in an instant. Like blooming flowers, the barrels aimed at the Aberrations below.


Laser beams gushed out, accompanied by the thunderous sound of the laser cannon. A tumultuous rock music started playing, with noisy instruments complementing the hoarse voice of the lead singer, creating a BGM that brought heat to the battlefield!

Ji Mingzhu: “…”

“It’s Titan pilot Li Li!”

No need to say much about her fighting style. No matter how intense the battle, the rock music BGM that started right on cue made her name stand out. It was said that this Titan pilot from Yangyuan City always carried a backpack of tapes before getting into the mech, playing various styles of rock symphonies.

Amidst the intense drum beats, Ji Mingzhu turned around, gripped the sword handle, and executed a fierce slash. The calamity-class Aberration’s seemingly invulnerable biological force field was torn apart from the middle, with precision in angle and strength. Mo Hongyu, watching from the side, gleamed with excitement.

As the blue blood of the Aberration splattered, Ji Mingzhu opened the communication: “Turn off the music.”

In the cockpit of “Ni Junyin,” Li Li’s head swayed up and down with the rhythm of the drums. With a casual movement, she fired another laser cannon, blasting away several Aberrations at her side. Her long red-tinted hair bounced as she heard Ji Mingzhu’s voice. Li Li whistled twice and casually increased the volume.

Ji Mingzhu: “?”

While battling Aberrations, he thought to himself: Someday, I’ll replace this rock girl’s tapes with classical piano compositions.

In the previous battle against the Aberration tide, most of the S-class mechas in the city suffered varying degrees of damage and were still in the process of repairs. Additionally, the power cores of S-class mechas were almost depleted, requiring Sky City to transport new cores down. Hence, when clearing the remaining Aberrations outside the city, Titan pilots could only use A-class mechas for the time being.

However, despite that, with the deployment of three Titan pilots working together, they successfully cleared an area outside the city walls.

Through satellite images, the citizens inside Shangjing City could witness the battle process and splendid achievements of numerous Thunder Division mechas. This was done not only to boost the confidence of the public but also to build momentum for Ji Mingzhu.

After all, Ji Mingzhu was still young and had been relatively unknown before. Although his recent battle using the “Zhu Jiuyin” had made him a hero in the eyes of many, it wasn’t enough. Through the recent activities of the Thunder Division, Ji Mingzhu had gained the approval of most people through his performance.

Young, vibrant, endowed with extraordinary talent, possessing a highly entertaining and destructive operational capability, coupled with a face that could debut in the idol industry, these factors quickly elevated Ji Mingzhu’s reputation. He not only received countless praises within Shangjing City but also his name echoed in other satellite cities.

“Titan pilot Ji Mingzhu is back!”

“Welcome back, Titan pilot Ji Mingzhu!”

“Oh my God, he’s so handsome!”

“He really looks like the Red Guard Commander from back then. If the Calamity Control Bureau had discovered him earlier, maybe things wouldn’t have…”

“Ahh, Titan pilot Ji Mingzhu is looking over here!”

When Ji Mingzhu returned with the “Shadow Plunderer” alongside other members of the Thunder Division from outside the city walls, he received a warm welcome. The crowd spontaneously parted on both sides of the main road, as if respectfully welcoming a returning general. People stopped what they were doing and eagerly waved in Ji Mingzhu’s direction.

After the disaster, people urgently needed a spiritual pillar to support their shattered souls, and Ji Mingzhu played this role exceptionally well. The intense gazes of the entire city, coupled with the cheers from the people, resembled the welcoming of a returning hero. The scene was grand, comparable to the time when Ji Mingzhu went to war for the country and participated in the world championship.

“You don’t seem too excited,” observed by Ji Mingzhu’s body data, Axiu noticed that Ji Mingzhu didn’t show much excitement. “Normally, in such an adored environment, people would secrete a lot of adrenaline, making them mentally excited…”


Ji Mingzhu looked around, passing over faces filled with enthusiasm, even borderline worship: “Maybe. But I’m well aware that they don’t want to admire me; it’s the ‘Ji Mingzhu’ brand they’re after. If it were someone else, it would be the same. This is not truly my honor.”

“Your occasional calmness and maturity don’t quite match your age.”

Axiu said, “Can we have another combat game tonight?”

Ji Mingzhu shrugged, “Give it up. You can’t beat me.”

In the gaming world, there was no one he feared.

“I have reorganized the database of some professional fighters and simulated 36,045 battles. The estimated winning rate has reached 33%. If we play a few more times, my operational simulations for you will be more accurate, and the winning rate will increase accordingly.”

Ji Mingzhu: “…”

The AI does have a strong desire for victory…

Can artificial intelligence also be addicted to the internet?

Tian Quan stood at the entrance of the Calamity Control Bureau building, watching as Ji Mingzhu piloted the mecha back from a distance. It stopped on the nearby mecha pad, and Ji Mingzhu descended to the ground via a cable from the cockpit. Subsequently, the platform on which the mecha stood opened on both sides, and the Shadow Prowler descended into the ground, heading for a dedicated maintenance location.

He wanted to approach Ji Mingzhu and talk, but suddenly a Calamity Control Bureau staff member in uniform came from behind, telling him that he needed to help inspect the safety parameters of the awarding platform.


The staff nodded, and Tian Quan said, “Oh,” looking at Ji Mingzhu entering the Calamity Control Bureau building from another direction. He shrugged, then walked towards the awarding platform.

In two days, the award ceremony organized by the Calamity Control Bureau would take place. At that time, apart from the high-level members of the Calamity Control Bureau and officials from the satellite city government, Jin Qing would also represent Sky City. The official award ceremony for Ji Mingzhu as a Titan pilot would also take place then. To prevent interference from forces like the Netherworld Bureau and Feibo, putting more effort into security was essential.

“I’ll go change first.”

Li Li said to Ji Mingzhu, “How about having a couple more simulated training rounds later? I felt a bit wronged about losing yesterday. My Floating Cannon hadn’t even deployed, and you charged in. That doesn’t count.”

“There’s no harm in a little deception. Assault mechas don’t wait for firepower mechas to set up a good posture before attacking. I’m not stupid.”

Ji Mingzhu mocked, “Playing dirty, huh? Fine, we’ll play a few more rounds later. But I suggest you prepare some excuses in advance. I’m afraid if you lose a few more times, your excuses won’t be enough.”

Mo Hongyu stepped forward, clapping her hands to draw their attention. “Stop messing around. Change your clothes in a bit. We need to report to the Red Guard Commander, and later you can take your time with your games. Also, Mingzhu, the award ceremony is in two days. You should prepare in advance and familiarize yourself with the procedures.”

Ji Mingzhu nodded, bid farewell to the two, and they went their separate ways. He followed a staff member to the rest area to change clothes.

As Ji Mingzhu walked, he asked Axiu in his mind, “How’s the progress with the information gathered by Yao Guang?”

“I’ve already established encrypted communication with Yao Guang. His progress is fast. With the key I transmitted, his intrusion is going smoothly and hasn’t been detected by the Lu Yan Tower Group. He’s expected to complete the data collection before tomorrow.”

Ji Mingzhu nodded. He was about to say something else when he keenly sensed that something was wrong.

The staff member in front of him seemed unusually silent.

Since they separated from Li Li and the others, this staff member had been leading Ji Mingzhu to the direction of the rest area without saying a word. There was no expression, and theoretically, once he got out of the mech, Tian Quan and the other three guards should have come over. However, he hadn’t seen Tian Quan until now.

Ji Mingzhu keenly detected a hint of danger.



A soft sound. The doors on both sides of the corridor they were in suddenly closed, blocking off the retreat. At the same time, the staff member in front of him turned around. The bright blade reflected a momentary gleam in Ji Mingzhu’s eyes!

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2 months ago

Bro, why the calamity bureu hasn’t assigned MC to a physical training class? His stamina anda close combat ability still suck ass, which really helps his to-be killers.

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