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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 56

  1. Why should I help you?

Every movement seemed to be measured with a ruler, and Ji Mingzhu, whose body was taken over by Axiu, underwent a sudden transformation in demeanor. His cold gaze swept over the three shocked faces in front of him, as if evaluating lines of code.


Faced with such a gaze, the three Netherworld Organization members instantly became tense. Although they didn’t know why Ji Mingzhu had undergone such a drastic change in an instant, the person lying on the ground with a shattered skull served as a reminder. The current Ji Mingzhu was extremely dangerous.

The three cautiously took a step back. One of them drew a knife, focusing their gaze on “Ji Mingzhu.” However, the other party remained motionless, showing no defensive posture whatsoever. From a martial arts perspective, there were vulnerabilities everywhere.


After a two-second standoff, the person holding the knife finally couldn’t restrain themselves. They stepped forward abruptly, and the blade slashed toward Ji Mingzhu’s neck!

At the same moment, Axiu also controlled Ji Mingzhu to act. His right hand reached forward, bending his arm for defense, blocking the oncoming blade. Simultaneously, his other hand grabbed the opponent’s shoulder, a knee rising to strike the assailant’s stomach. A muffled “thud” echoed in the control room. The Netherworld Organization member who took a solid knee to the abdomen widened their eyes, nearly having their eyeballs pop out of their sockets.

It was textbook-perfect martial arts, so adept that the three individuals suspected that Ji Mingzhu, who had seemed completely defenseless just moments ago, had been acting all along. In the face of advanced artificial intelligence’s terrifying scanning and data integration capabilities, they realized that every time they made a move, the attacking routes, trajectories, and angles were all laid bare.

No frills or muddy tactics—every attack and defense was optimal.


As Axiu engaged in combat, the other two Netherworld Organization members decisively drew their guns, loaded the bullets, and aimed both barrels at Ji Mingzhu’s head.

Is the gun faster, or is the person faster?

Undoubtedly, the gun was faster. However, just as the opponent drew their gun, Axiu had already moved ahead. He executed a swift horizontal kick, striking accurately at the wrist of the person attempting to draw their weapon. The individual, in the act of raising their hand, felt a sudden pain in their wrist, and the gun slipped from their grasp, falling to the ground.


Simultaneously, the other person had completed drawing their gun, aiming at the back of Ji Mingzhu’s head and pulling the trigger!

Without turning his head, Axiu, as if having eyes on the back of his head, slightly tilted to the left. The bullet grazed past his cheek.

“Bang! Bang!”

The person behind fired two more shots, and Axiu swiftly grabbed the hand of the individual whose gun had been kicked away earlier. With a forceful pull, he dragged the person in front of him. With two muffled sounds, the Netherworld Organization member, used as a human shield, had their chest burst open in a spray of blood, instantly meeting their demise.

“How is this possible?!”

The shooter widened their eyes, almost unable to believe everything they were witnessing.

Beyond human limits reaction speed, with no unnecessary movements. Moreover, Ji Mingzhu had suffered severe injuries, and even combat armor would have caused blurred vision and distorted movements due to pain and excessive blood loss at this point. However, he seemed to show no reaction, letting blood flow from half of his body. With simple and ruthless methods, he efficiently harvested three lives!

Is this still Tian Shu?

In the moment of distraction, Axiu had already controlled Ji Mingzhu’s body to approach again. The remaining Netherworld Organization member instinctively tried to shoot, but in the next second, “Ji Mingzhu” blinked his eyes without a trace of hesitation. Stepping forward, he extended his hand, hung an arm over the opponent’s shoulder, using a textbook-standard grappling technique. The opponent felt a momentary blur, and then they found themselves pressed down by Axiu. The gun in their hand was taken away, and the barrel was pointed at the back of their head.

“Wait… wait!”


The gunshot rang out, and everything returned to calm.

Blood splattered on Ji Mingzhu’s face, crimson dots between his brows. However, his facial expression remained unchanged. Before he could stand up, urgent footsteps echoed behind him.


Tian Quan, who heard the gunshot and followed the sound, had just entered the control room. At his side, there was a swift sound of breaking the air!


Instinctively, he raised his hand to block, but the opponent seemed to have fully understood his intention. Swiftly changing their action, they turned a frontal punch into a leg sweep. The lower body exerted force suddenly, kicking towards Tian Quan’s knee. If this hit, his knee would undoubtedly be incapacitated on the spot.

Tian Quan’s heart skipped a beat, quickly swayed, and retreated. However, the opponent showed no intention of letting him go, pressing forward again like a festering sore. Left hand crossed in a horizontal embrace, aiming for Tian Quan’s neck, the movement was extremely sharp!

What a terrifying opponent!

Tian Quan gritted his teeth, determined to fight back with his life on the line. Just as the two of them had barely exited the control room, two youthful faces were exposed under the lights.

“…Tian Shu?!”

Tian Quan could hardly believe his eyes. The young man before him, almost turning into a half-blood person with specks of blood on his face, wasn’t he Ji Mingzhu?

Axiu also halted his actions simultaneously.

“What’s going on…”

Tian Quan was filled with disbelief. Peering into the control room, a strong smell of blood hit his nose, and four bodies lay on the ground neatly, devoid of any vitality. “Did you… kill them all?”

Tian Quan hadn’t met the people on the ground, but they should be the members of the Jizo and Samsara squads. These two teams, specialized in stealth and assassination, were not unfamiliar to Tian Quan. Countless high-ranking officials had fallen victim to them, yet Ji Mingzhu alone managed to handle all of them?

Is this some kind of illusion?

Axiu glanced at him.

For some reason, under the gaze of those cold, emotionless eyes, Tian Quan inexplicably shivered. He felt that the “Ji Mingzhu” in front of him seemed significantly different from before, almost like an entirely different person.

Before Tian Quan could ask anything, a chaotic sound of footsteps came from behind, the guards from the Fire Division rushing over.

Axiu tossed the gun, which had run out of bullets, into Tian Quan’s hands. “It’s up to you now.”

Tian Quan, puzzled, asked, “What do you mean, up to me… Hey, hey?!”

The Ji Mingzhu in front of him closed his eyes and fainted cleanly.

The pain and excessive blood loss had caused Ji Mingzhu to faint when Axiu activated the “Asura Mode.” Axiu had taken control of Ji Mingzhu’s body for combat. Now that the crisis was averted, and rescue had arrived, to avoid being detected as abnormal, Axiu decisively deactivated the “Asura Mode” and left the mess for Tian Quan to deal with.

“Over here!”

“Hurry, hurry!”

A large number of guards from the Fire Division quickly arrived. Originally, they wouldn’t have found this place so quickly, but Axiu’s use of the computing power in the control room to upgrade alarmed the Operations Command, allowing them to lock onto the target in a short amount of time.

Fully armed guards from the Fire Division rushed into the corridor. At a glance, they saw Tian Quan holding Ji Mingzhu, who was covered in blood.

Guard Captain: “!!!”

The Guard Captain was terrified, quickly approaching. He found Ji Mingzhu’s face pale, but still breathing. He breathed a sigh of relief, stood up, and shouted, “Medical! Medic!”

Medical personnel quickly took action, hastily lifting Ji Mingzhu onto a stretcher. They also equipped him with life support devices and hurriedly headed for the medical room.

The Guard Captain pressed the gun at his waist, peering into the control room. He saw the four bodies lying on the ground.

He was stunned for a moment, then noticed the gun in Tian Quan’s hand. Taking a step forward, he patted Tian Quan on the shoulder. “Well done, kid!”

If something happened to Ji Mingzhu, if he lost his life in this assassination, the Fire Division would undoubtedly face the wrath of the Red Guard Commander, and this Guard Captain would be sent to the trial stand for dereliction of duty.

Tian Quan: “…”

What’s going on? I have no idea!

However, Tian Quan didn’t explain anything. The gun was thrown to him by Ji Mingzhu, indicating that Ji Mingzhu wanted to shift the blame for these deaths onto him. After all, a Titan pilot with no combat experience single-handedly dealing with four experienced assassins seemed too fantastical, making it easy to arouse suspicion.

Although Tian Quan was also full of doubts, he knew the ropes. He took the opportunity to shift the blame, accepting the responsibility for this mess.

When Ji Mingzhu opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the pure white ceiling. Beneath him was a soft white hospital bed, and a faint smell of disinfectant lingered in the air.

The medical instruments monitoring his vital signs emitted a steady dripping sound. Ji Mingzhu lowered his head to look at himself. The gunshot and knife wounds, once deep and visible to the bone, had already been treated. In the best medical conditions of the Red Guard, as long as Ji Mingzhu didn’t die on the spot, rescuing him wasn’t difficult.

The bullets were removed from the wounds, and even the injuries were starting to heal. A tingling sensation came from the wounds.


Axiu immediately responded, “I’m here.”


Hearing Axiu’s voice, Ji Mingzhu was momentarily stunned.

Axiu’s voice seemed to have matured a bit compared to before. If the previous voice sounded like that of a seven or eight-year-old child, now Axiu’s voice resembled that of a twelve-year-old boy. Though it was a subtle difference, Ji Mingzhu could still discern it.

Can the voice of an artificial intelligence grow along with its functional modules?

Afterward, Axiu began recounting what happened after Ji Mingzhu fainted.

The four assassins had all died, and while no useful information could be obtained from their dead mouths, Calamity Control Bureau quickly found something through their disguised identities.

As Tian Quan had mentioned, there were indeed spies from the Netherworld Organization within the Jupiter Division, deeply embedded and of the same seniority as Zuo Quanzong. They had used the Division’s authority to forge several orders, relocating Tian Quan and others who protected Ji Mingzhu, while creating assassination opportunities for the four killers.

When the personnel from the Fire Division arrived at the Jupiter Division to prepare for the arrest, they found that this senior member of the Division had already committed suicide in his office, and all relevant data in the computer had been destroyed.

If this assassination hadn’t exposed the spy, it would have been highly probable that the Calamity Control Bureau wouldn’t have discovered his undercover identity. To eliminate Ji Mingzhu, the Netherworld Organization had mobilized a deeply hidden chess piece, even after a purge within their ranks.

Zuo Quanzong went directly to the Jupiter Division’s office and scolded the high-ranking officials. Even separated by several buildings, the fury of the Red Guard Commander could be felt. In terms of authority, the Jupiter Division directly connected to the Sky City and served as a commanding Division, one level higher than the Thunder Division. However, Zuo Quanzong wasn’t just the Red Guard Commander; he was also the former strongest pilot with numerous accolades. Under Zuo Quanzong’s strong demand, the Jupiter Division conducted a self-inspection.

In Zuo Quanzong’s mind, Ji Mingzhu’s importance far exceeded that of an ordinary Titan pilot. With a body so perfectly compatible with the Titan, after riding the Titan once, the level of contamination was so low that it was practically negligible. If Ji Mingzhu could grow, he represented an era of peace and could be considered a symbol of hope.

However, just now, this hope was almost strangled in its cradle by the Netherworld Organization. How could Zuo Quanzong remain calm?

On the other hand, the anomaly in the computing power of the backup database room was thoroughly investigated. Still, no suspicious devices were found on the four assassins. The corresponding abnormal data had been recorded by the Command Center and was ready to be handed over to Jin Qing when he returned for further processing.

Hearing this, Ji Mingzhu’s gaze darkened.

“Where is Jin Qing now?” he asked.

“I checked the recent entry and exit records of the Calamity Control Bureau and the advanced shuttle retrieval records. Jin Qing, the Minister of the Thunder Division, is currently not in the Calamity Control Bureau. He should be in Sky City.”

Indeed, Jin Qing had not appeared for a long time. This news made Ji Mingzhu breathe a slight sigh of relief.

However, the ceremony was in two days, and Jin Qing would represent Sky City according to the procedure. Before that, he would definitely return to the capital. This left Ji Mingzhu with limited time. If Jin Qing saw the abnormal data recorded by the Command Center, he would undoubtedly notice something was wrong and might suspect Ji Mingzhu. The personnel of the Calamity Control Bureau did not think in terms of artificial intelligence, which was normal. Still, it was evident that this couldn’t deceive Jin Qing, who was also an artificial intelligence.

What should be done?

If Ji Mingzhu doesn’t want Jin Qing to catch any clues, he needs Axiu to infiltrate the Command Center’s database before his arrival. Axiu should either modify the recorded abnormal data or manipulate it in a way that makes Jin Qing suspect the Netherworld Organization instead of Ji Mingzhu.

However, the problem lies in the fact that covertly infiltrating the core Division of the Thunder Division in the Command Center is impossible. Even if Axiu could use the key obtained earlier in the backup room to locate the Command Center’s database, it would only be possible through brute force cracking. This would inevitably alert others, making it impossible for Ji Mingzhu to cover his tracks.

Unless he could have the permissions to directly access the core database of the Command Center.


Suddenly, Ji Mingzhu thought of someone.

He stood up, removed the device from his body, and a faint trace of color returned to his pale face. Although he still felt a lingering pain, it didn’t significantly affect his movement.

“Ji Mingzhu, Titan pilot!”

“Ji Mingzhu, please return to the bed. Your body is still…”

As he made a move, medical staff quickly realized and rushed forward to stop him.

“I need to find Minister Huo.”

Ji Mingzhu told them. The medical staff exchanged glances and, in the end, reluctantly let him go. However, a fully armed escort of Fire Division guards closely followed Ji Mingzhu, escorting him to Huo Zai’s office.

“Are you kidding me?”

Huo Zai frowned slightly, looking at Ji Mingzhu, who was standing in front of him with a pale face and still wearing the white medical gown. He found it hard to believe his ears. “Why should I
help you?”

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