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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 58

  1. Transaction

Guided by a respectful attendant, Ji Mingzhu, accompanied by Tian Quan and several plainclothes guards from the Fire Division, entered the elevator.

This was a dedicated elevator exclusive to the shareholders of the Gemini Capital View Towers. Although Ji Mingzhu wore a hat and a mask, his back seemed unfamiliar to the numerous privileged sons and daughters who frequently visited the towers. This attracted the attention of many people in the lobby.

“What are you looking at?”

A colleague’s call came from behind. Kai Yang withdrew his gaze, “…Nothing.”

That figure just now, why did it feel a bit like Tian Shu? And the young man beside him, who looked like a bodyguard, if not mistaken, should be Tian Quan…

“Don’t look over there. They’re using the exclusive elevator. Clearly from a conglomerate family. Oh well, different fates for different people.”

A colleague next to him loosened his tie, wrapping his arm around Kai Yang’s shoulder with a boozy breath, “Gemini Capital View Towers isn’t a place just anyone can come to. Our leaders waited for three months to get a reservation for a private room. Today, we’re hosting major clients from the company. Be smart, straighten up your attitude, got it?”

Kai Yang, appearing like an ordinary office worker, smiled with a slightly ingratiating expression, “Got it, Brother Chao.”

Lu Yan Tower Group was one of the top conglomerates in Shangjing City, with countless industries under its name and multiple top-notch laboratories. In the field of scientific research and development, it was undoubtedly a leader. Even the Calamity Control Bureau had to place orders with Lu Yan Tower Group. In terms of asset size, Lu Yan Tower Group exceeded Harold Group, owned by Bai Weng, by quite a margin.

The current head of Lu Yan Tower Group, Lady Rong Ci, was considered quite mysterious in the eyes of many. This woman in her early forties possessed extraordinary methods and a sharp business mind. After the previous head of Lu Yan Tower Group, You Yuming—also known as You Jia’s father—passed away, he handed over his shares to his wife, Lady Rong Ci.

This decision caused a huge sensation in the business world at that time. Many believed that Yu Yuming had made an unwise move, handing over the family business to a woman. The outcome would either be a hostile takeover by competitors or pressure from the Yu family members forcing her to relinquish the shares.

However, the development of events shocked everyone. The seemingly underestimated Lady Rong Ci took over the position of the head the next day. At that time, she was still wearing black funeral attire. In just half a month, she swiftly reorganized Lu Yan Tower Group, piloting out several Yu family members who had infiltrated the high ranks. She declared Lu Yan Tower Group’s transition from industrial to technological domains. Her bold reforms offended numerous people, and the business world was eagerly waiting to see her failure.

The final result naturally unfolded as it was today. Under the leadership of Lady Rong Ci, Lu Yan Tower Group not only reached a cooperation agreement with the Calamity Control Bureau but also, in the following years, witnessed its assets skyrocketing like a rocket. It grew to a scale several times larger than the peak period under the reign of You Yuming. Even the You family could only act according to Lady Rong Ci’s wishes.

It was truly a legendary story.

Ji Mingzhu also saw Lady Rong Ci, the legendary figure, for the first time.

Slightly different from the rumors, Lady Rong Ci wore a tasteful black evening gown with no elaborate decorations. She exuded a calm and elegant temperament, resembling a classical beauty. She had maintained herself well, and a light touch of makeup concealed a few wrinkles, making her not look like the mother of an eighteen-year-old.


You Jia, sitting next to Lady Rong Ci, waved to Ji Mingzhu as he entered.

Lady Rong Ci also stood up, showing a gentle smile to Ji Mingzhu.

Setting aside Ji Mingzhu’s identity as a friend of You Jia, as a Titan pilot, he was enough to garner great respect from Lady Rong Ci.

“I’ve wanted to meet you for a long time.”

Lady Rong Ci gracefully smiled at Ji Mingzhu, “It’s just that the security around the Calamity Control Bureau is tight, and I haven’t found an opportunity. Anyway, thank you for saving You Jia.”

“You Jia, you’re too kind.”

Ji Mingzhu replied politely, “You Jia is my friend, so saving him was the least I could do. I’ve heard about your achievements before, and I’ve been looking forward to meeting the legendary figure of Shangjing City.”

Lady Rong Ci looked at Ji Mingzhu, a hint of surprise flashing in her eyes.

She thought Ji Mingzhu, as someone of the same age as You Jia, should have a similar personality. However, upon meeting him today, Ji Mingzhu’s demeanor, neither humble nor arrogant, didn’t seem like that of a typical teenager.

Observing Ji Mingzhu’s somewhat pale complexion, Lady Rong Ci expressed concern, “You don’t seem to be in good condition… Are you injured?”

“It’s nothing. Injuries during training are unavoidable.”

Ji Mingzhu didn’t mention the assassination incident, smoothly diverting the topic.

The three of them sat down for dinner. Both Lady Rong Ci and Ji Mingzhu were not particularly talkative, and it was You Jia who played the role of enlivening the atmosphere. Nevertheless, the atmosphere didn’t feel awkward. Lady Rong Ci naturally had a favorable impression of Ji Mingzhu, who had saved You Jia. Ji Mingzhu, on the other hand, approached with the intention of building rapport. After the meal, their amicable relationship became visibly harmonious.

Ji Mingzhu’s humble background as a commoner was no secret, and it had even been a key point in the Calamity Control Bureau’s propaganda. However, in Lady Rong Ci’s eyes, whether in manners or etiquette, Ji Mingzhu appeared more like an heir from an affluent family than You Jia standing beside him, earning him admiration.

After the meal, Ji Mingzhu put down his utensils and said, “Lady Rong Ci, may we have a private conversation?”

You Jia mumbled while eating, “Is there something I can’t hear?”

Lady Rong Ci looked somewhat surprised but didn’t refuse, “Of course, you can… You Jia, go play outside for a while.”

You Jia nodded reluctantly, “Okay. Mom, don’t make things difficult for Mingzhu.”

Lady Rong Ci helplessly smiled, “What are you saying… I don’t eat people.”

Afterwards, the bodyguards from Yan Tower Group and You Jia left together, and the guards from the Calamity Control Bureau also went to the entrance. The vast hall was now left with only Ji Mingzhu and Lady Rong Ci.

This entire floor, including the upper and lower floors, was exclusively Lady Rong Ci’s. The side of the building featured a massive transparent floor-to-ceiling window that offered a panoramic view of half of Shangjing City. However, due to the current remnants of ruins within the city, the floor-to-ceiling window had been temporarily replaced with a holographic screen to accommodate the dining experience for esteemed guests.

Soft lighting illuminated their faces. Lady Rong Ci elegantly wiped the corners of her mouth with a napkin, waiting for Ji Mingzhu to speak.

“I heard that Lu Yan Tower Group recently had some conflicts in business with the Melmara family?”

Ji Mingzhu opened the conversation but brought up a topic unrelated to anything.

Lady Rong Ci looked puzzled. This was an internal matter for Lu Yan Tower Group, known by very few people. Nevertheless, she did not hide it from Ji Mingzhu and nodded gently, “There are indeed some business disputes.”

The main influence of the Melmara family was in Jiusheng City. Lu Yan Tower Group had originally signed an order with the Calamity Control Bureau for the development of the KSC system. This project had reached its final stages when the Melmara family intervened with a technology quite similar to the KSC system, pricing it significantly lower. This move led to the previously almost finalized order entering a tug-of-war.

Lu Yan Tower Group had invested significant costs in developing the KSC system. If they couldn’t secure the contract, it would undoubtedly put their current financial situation under considerable pressure.

However… Why was Ji Mingzhu asking about this? Even though he was a Titan pilot, as far as Lady Rong Ci knew, matters like this fell under the purview of the financial Division of the Calamity Control Bureau. It had nothing to do with the Thunder Division responsible for mechs.

Ji Mingzhu took out a stack of papers from his pocket and gently placed it on the table, then slid it in front of Lady Rong Ci.

Lady Rong Ci’s gaze fell on those sheets of paper.

“What is this…”

Her expression couldn’t hide her surprise. The list was an investigation report about the Melmara family. It was incredibly detailed, covering not only some of the family’s private dealings but also a report on the similarities between the Melmara family’s developed system and the KSC system.

Lu Yan Tower Group is actually conducting a similar investigation, but the data collected is quite limited, far from being as detailed as the one Ji Mingzhu provided. If this list is genuine, then according to the corresponding laws, the Melmara family’s technology cannot sign a contract with the Calamity Control Bureau during the dispute stage, naturally losing its competitiveness.

The question is, how could Ji Mingzhu have the ability to obtain such a detailed list? This isn’t something a Titan pilot can achieve.

Ji Mingzhu appeared indifferent, “A small gift for our meeting.”

This list was compiled by Axiu and organized with the assistance of Yao Guang. With a top-tier hacker cooperating with artificial intelligence, virtually nothing is insurmountable in the field of data. With Axiu’s information integration, data intrusion abilities, and Yao Guang’s hacking skills, obtaining this information wasn’t a difficult task.

Lady Rong Ci shifted her focus from casual conversation to a more serious evaluation of Ji Mingzhu, and her expression gradually became more solemn.

“Who exactly are you?”

“Don’t be nervous, Lady Rong Ci.”

Ji Mingzhu pushed the list towards Lady Rong Ci and withdrew his hand, saying, “I just want to make a deal.”

“As Titan pilot Ji Mingzhu?”


Ji Mingzhu shook his head, “With another identity… I used to be affiliated with the Netherworld Organization.”

Lady Rong Ci was startled.

Since You Jia was kidnapped, Lu Yan Tower Group had been collecting information on the Netherworld Organization, but this organization was vast and mysterious. She could only access limited information, yet even with this partial insight, she understood the terrifying nature of the Netherworld Organization.

“Target heart rate increased, pupils contracted for a moment, arm muscles tense, gaze lingered 0.33 seconds below the right hand, there should be a weapon there…”

Axiu’s voice sounded, reporting a series of body data. Based on the data, it was evident that the woman in front of them was in an extremely vigilant state.

“No need to be nervous.”

Ji Mingzhu slowed his tone and said, “I am not currently affiliated with the Netherworld Organization. More precisely, I am in a hostile relationship with them—because I saved You Jia.”

Lady Rong Ci paused for a moment before relaxing her body.

Yes, he had rescued You Jia from the hands of the Netherworld Organization.

Ji Mingzhu didn’t need to stage such a show for her; even if he didn’t say it, Lady Rong Ci couldn’t have possibly guessed that the youth before her was a member of the Netherworld Organization. At least, judging by his previous actions, Ji Mingzhu showed no malicious intent towards You Jia or herself.

If Ji Mingzhu were truly naive and revealed his identity without any backup plan, that would be the most foolish behavior, not worthy of Lu Yan Tower Group making a deal with him.

“I understand.”

Lady Rong Ci nodded, avoiding further discussion on this topic. Instead, she asked, “Since you say this is a trade, what do I need to offer in return?”

Without explicitly stating whether she would betray Ji Mingzhu or not, as a businesswoman, she needed to assess whether the “trade” mentioned by Ji Mingzhu was worth the risk for Lu Yan Tower Group.

“I need a technical backup of the KSC system.”

Ji Mingzhu stated straightforwardly, “Of course, it’s for my personal use only, and there won’t be any commercial transactions.”

Lady Rong Ci nodded, “That request is reasonable; we can agree to it.”

This was equivalent to bypassing the Calamity Control Bureau and gifting Ji Mingzhu a copy of the KSC system for free. Since the KSC system had already been developed, selling additional copies would be almost pure profit. It was merely a technical backup, and Lu Yan Tower Group wouldn’t have to incur any costs. Compared to the “gift” Ji Mingzhu presented to them, this deal was quite favorable.


Ji Mingzhu made a second request, “I need an S-class power core sent by the Calamity Control Bureau for the trial installation and docking with Lu Yan Tower Group.”

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