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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 59

  1. Goodbye Tian Ji

“You want an S-class power core?”

Lady Rong Ci’s expression froze for a moment. After some contemplation, she said, “Each S-class core has a unique serial number, and Lu Yan Tower Group is only responsible for trial installation and docking. There is no way to bypass the Calamity Control Bureau.”

Ji Mingzhu smiled, “There’s certainly room for maneuvering. If I remember correctly, the success rate for the S-class cores sent from Sky City in previous years was around 88%, that’s the official figure. As for the actual success rate…”

The implication was clear: Lu Yan Tower Group had engaged in such covert activities before; there was no need for pretense.

Listening to Ji Mingzhu’s tone, he seemed quite knowledgeable about Lu Yan Tower Group.

Well, a person who could quietly obtain the secrets of the Melmara family naturally had insights into the subtle maneuvers of Lu Yan Tower Group.

Not embarrassed by being exposed, Lady Rong Ci thought for a moment and said, “Do you know who ordered to capture You Jia?”

“I do.” Ji Mingzhu nodded. “It was Bai Weng.”

Lady Rong Ci was well aware of Bai Weng’s name. The incident of Harold Group being sealed by the Calamity Control Bureau had caused quite a stir. Lady Rong Ci had even interacted with Bai Weng at a banquet before.

Upon hearing Ji Mingzhu’s words, Lady Rong Ci fell into silence for a moment. Then she slowly said, “I can find a way to get you the S-class power core, but I have a condition.”

Ji Mingzhu nodded, “Go ahead.”

Lady Rong Ci’s eyes grew slightly cold, “I want Bai Weng’s life.”

Ji Mingzhu chuckled.

He said, “Deal.”

After a while, Ji Mingzhu and Lady Rong Ci came out together.

Seeing Ji Mingzhu coming out, several guards from the Calamity Control Bureau thought he was about to leave. They stepped forward to escort him, but Ji Mingzhu shook his head, saying to them, “I’ll talk to Lady Rong Ci for a while.”

Lady Rong Ci said, “This kid is quite good. You Jia, if you have the chance, learn more from Mingzhu.”

You Jia, “…”

They just met, and now it feels like they’re already close friends. It’s making him, her own son, feel like an outsider.

Suddenly, Lady Rong Ci said, “By the way, I have a collection room upstairs, where many obsolete components of old models are stored. Would you be interested in taking a look?”

Ji Mingzhu’s eyes lit up, followed by a somewhat embarrassed expression, “But I promised Red Guard Commander to return as soon as possible.”

Lady Rong Ci said, “Opportunities like this are rare. Taking a look won’t hurt. Delaying for a few hours should be fine. I believe the Red Guard Commander is broad-minded enough not to blame you.”

Ji Mingzhu said, “I think so too.”

Several guards from the Fire Division, “…”

You two are quite coordinated with your singing and harmony, huh?

Before the guards could react, Ji Mingzhu and Lady Rong Ci took the elevator upstairs.

Upstairs, just as Lady Rong Ci had described, was an extremely luxurious collection room. However, Ji Mingzhu’s gaze did not linger on the numerous precious items for even a second. He turned to Lady Rong Ci and said, “Thank you.”

Lady Rong Ci put away her smile, and with a slight press in a certain place, a hidden passage appeared, revealing a small shuttle inside.

She said, “Go and come back quickly. I can give you at most two to three hours.”


Ji Mingzhu nodded, didn’t say much, beckoned for Tian Quan to follow, and jumped into the back seat of the shuttle. “Can you fly this?”

Tian Quan took the pilot’s seat, glanced at the dashboard in front, didn’t respond to Ji Mingzhu’s words but said, “Hold on tight.”


A tremendous thrust hit them, and Ji Mingzhu almost couldn’t sit still.

The shuttle, configured by the wealthy Lu Yan Tower Group, was naturally extraordinary. The laser lights from the passage pushed forward, and the ejected shuttle, like a bullet, shot out of the tunnel, swiftly heading in another direction of Shangjing City under the cover of the night.

Black Market.

The shuttle stopped on the ground at the outskirts of the Black Market. Its silver-white high-tech appearance, obviously not an ordinary vehicle, attracted the attention of passersby. After stopping, two figures jumped out, both wearing masks, hastily rushing toward the entrance of the Black Market.

Onlookers averted their eyes, no longer paying much attention.

People who frequented the Black Market were observant, each one more shrewd than the other. This shuttle clearly originated from a major Group. Whether the person coming down was a thief who had stolen the Group’s shuttle or a child from the Group itself, it wasn’t someone ordinary people could mess with.

The impact of the Aberration tide naturally affected the Black Market. The once colorful neon lights and towering billboards were now mostly dimmed. Many of the originally orderly square buildings were now undergoing reconstruction, with steel skeletons just erected, giving the Black Market a silent and fragmented feeling at night. However, there were still many people coming and going, and a significant portion of them, like Ji Mingzhu and Tian Quan, wore masks, making them inconspicuous in the crowd.

They had a clear goal. Navigating through the crowd and complex streets and alleys, they quickly arrived at a building deep in the Black Market.

From the outside, it looked like an ordinary residential building. At the entrance, a few middle-aged people were sitting on chairs playing mahjong. When Ji Mingzhu and Tian Quan passed by, these people didn’t give them a second glance. It seemed like encountering mysterious people wearing masks like them was commonplace.

Entering the building, they found a room on the first floor. Ji Mingzhu pushed open the door, and the sight before him was dazzling.

Rather than a living space, it looked more like an engine room. It seemed like a room converted from a large warehouse. The dome was high, the space extremely spacious, but it was filled with a large number of mainframes, instruments, and screens. The room didn’t need lights; the fluorescence from the lit screens was enough to brighten it up. Dense data and code flashed on the screens, and a slender figure was sitting in a chair surrounded by numerous mainframes, tapping away on a keyboard.

When Ji Mingzhu entered, he almost tripped over the messy cables on the floor.

“Hmm? You’re here.”

Yao Guang heard the noise, poked his head out, and his fluffy hair jumped a bit. “Wait a moment; I’ll finish up soon.”

“We can’t wait.”

Tian Quan took a step forward, lifted Yao Guang from the chair, and said, “Time is limited. Let’s focus on the task at hand.”


Since being rescued from the Calamity Control Bureau, Yao Guang’s attitude toward Tian Quan had improved quite a bit. It was no longer as hostile as before and could even be considered somewhat dependent.

Watching Yao Guang’s obedient appearance, Ji Mingzhu somehow thought of the “abandoned cat effect.”

Yao Guang obediently vacated his seat, saying to Tian Quan, “I hacked into the firewall of the Melmara Family, stole some data. Later, I can use it to ask the Melmara Family for some living expenses… no, research funds.”

Ji Mingzhu: “Isn’t that extortion?”

Yao Guang shook his head, “No, I helped them find weaknesses in their firewall. I just took some confidential information while at it. Then they pay to fix those vulnerabilities, improving the security of their firewall.”

After a moment’s thought, Yao Guang added, “This is a fair trade.”

Ji Mingzhu was speechless. “This is clearly extortion.”

Yao Guang, feeling guilty, didn’t respond and secretly looked toward Tian Quan, his eyes carrying a hint of seeking praise.

Tian Quan, engrossed in manipulating the mainframe, didn’t notice Yao Guang’s expression.

Yao Guang visibly wilted.


Tian Quan pressed a button on a device, and suddenly, a black canvas at the end of the room was pulled away, revealing a fiery-red mecha.

It was the Phoenix Redeemer.

Ji Mingzhu exclaimed, “Did you bring it out of the warehouse?”

Yao Guang nodded, “Yes, I paid someone in the Black Market to move it. Don’t worry, they don’t know what they moved.”

The most crucial rule for survival in the Black Market: pay money to get things done, ask fewer questions.

“I guessed that you might need this mecha during this time, so I had Yao Guang arrange for it to be moved out in advance to save time.”

Tian Quan said. Catching sight of Yao Guang’s expression, he paused for a moment, thought about it, and added, “Thanks to Yao Guang, he has been a great help during this time.”

Yao Guang finally felt satisfied and grinned.

Approaching, Ji Mingzhu took out a chip from his pocket and handed it to Yao Guang.

“What’s this?”

“The KSC system from the Lu Yan Tower Group.” Ji Mingzhu said, “Install it on the Phoenix Redeemer, and you should find it useful later.”

Yao Guang’s eyes lit up. “How did you get this?”

Finishing his words without waiting for Ji Mingzhu’s response, he quickly took the chip and plugged it into the mainframe. A complex stream of code quickly popped up on the screen.

Yao Guang quickly scanned through the code, rubbing his chin, “Indeed, it’s a new type of technology module. It seems to be an upgrade based on the UI43 module from the Netherworld Organization. Lu Yan Tower Group does have some advanced stuff. The combination of remote connection and intelligent cruising is quite innovative…”

“Help me check if there’s any tracking system inside that might expose our location.” Ji Mingzhu cautiously said, “If it’s okay, install it… How long will it take?”

“Very soon. If the debugging goes smoothly, it’ll be done in a day.” Yao Guang rattled the keyboard while speaking.

“Are you planning to run away in the mech?”

Tian Quan seemed to sense something and asked, “What about the S-Class core? Without it, Phoenix Redeemer won’t be able to start.”

“I’ve already made a deal with Lady Cai. The S-Class core will be delivered tomorrow. Just let Yao Guang arrange someone to pick it up.”

Ji Mingzhu said, “It’s not really running away… I have to leave myself some options. In case we can’t stay in the Netherworld Organization any longer, at least there’s a mech by my side.”

“You’re always so cautious.”

Tian Quan said, and suddenly his communication terminal at his waist lit up. He picked it up, glanced at it, and his expression changed slightly.

“What’s wrong?” Ji Mingzhu noticed his change in expression and asked.

“It’s a message from Director General Bai.”

Tian Quan showed the content to Ji Mingzhu, “He says the Director General wants to see me and asked me to go to the Netherworld Organization headquarters.”

“The Director General?” Ji Mingzhu was stunned, “What does he want to see you for at this time?”

“Don’t know.”

Tian Quan shook his head, “But I’ve never been to the headquarters before; I’ve always been at the branch. If I can find the Netherworld Organization headquarters’ location and even go further, directly expose the identity of that mysterious Director General…”

Considering the trouble they caused for the Netherworld Organization before, it was like a drop in the ocean for them. If they could use this opportunity to let Tian Quan find the Netherworld Organization headquarters’ location and, even more, directly expose the identity of that mysterious Director General…

After thinking for a while, Ji Mingzhu still said, “No, it’s too dangerous. If the Netherworld Organization found out about your current position, it’s like walking into a trap.”

“Opportunities like this are rare.”

Tian Quan persisted, “I’ve already found excuses to evade the two tasks given to me by the Netherworld Organization before. Third time’s the charm. If I refuse again this time, it might raise their suspicions.”

Unable to persuade Tian Quan, Ji Mingzhu sighed, “Well, be careful. If things go south, make sure to send me a message.”

“You think you can charge into the Netherworld Organization headquarters?”

Tian Quan chuckled. Facing Ji Mingzhu’s concerned tone, he felt moved. Although the two were merely collaborators, ever since Ji Mingzhu rescued Yao Guang from the Calamity Control Bureau, Tian Quan had acknowledged Ji Mingzhu. Their relationship, rather than being strictly business, was more akin to that of close friends.

Tian Quan waved his hand, “Don’t worry, I know my limits. After all, we’ve been through a lot together. I can’t let you take all the credit.”

After speaking, Tian Quan was about to leave, but a pair of hands held onto the hem of his clothes.

Yao Guang said, “Don’t go…”

Tian Quan’s heart softened. After some thought, he reached out and touched Yao Guang’s white hair, “It’s okay. I’ll be back. Be good.”

After entering the Netherworld Organization, the relationship between Tian Quan and Yao Guang gradually became distant. However, at this moment, it seemed like they had returned to the difficult times when they struggled to survive in the district. Even though an uncertain future awaited them, as long as they were together, they had emotional support.

Yao Guang hesitated before letting go.

After Tian Quan left, Yao Guang fell into silence. He tapped on the keyboard, decrypting the KSC system’s chip, appearing somewhat absent-minded.

“The Netherworld Organization is too vast.”

Yao Guang suddenly said, “With just a few of us, we can’t overthrow them.”

Ji Mingzhu looked at Yao Guang’s back without responding.

“I can help you make a lot of money,” Yao Guang turned around, “Let Tian Quan quit. What do you think?”

“I didn’t force him into anything,” Ji Mingzhu shook his head. “Moreover, even if we withdraw now, the Netherworld Organization won’t let us go.”

Yao Guang fell silent.

He wasn’t naive and knew that Ji Mingzhu was telling the truth. The moment Tian Quan decided to rescue Yao Guang, they had already severed ties with the Netherworld Organization.

“After joining the Netherworld Organization, Tian Quan has done many bad things.”

Yao Guang spoke softly, “I feel like he’s different now, and I hate the way he kills.”

“But, in the prison of the Calamity Control Bureau, when I heard his voice, I felt… what does it matter? Anyway, I’ve done a lot of bad things. Invaded so many firewalls, stole so many secrets. If we were caught at the same time, maybe my crimes would be even worse than his. My previous thoughts were so ridiculous, like a child. But I’ve grown up now. Whether he’s good or bad, what does it matter? Even if he becomes worse, he is still my only family.”

Yao Guang’s words were somewhat incoherent. Ji Mingzhu listened quietly until he finished and said, “If you tell Tian Quan these words, he will be very happy.”

Yao Guang was taken aback.

“Tian Quan still thinks you dislike him.”

Ji Mingzhu said, “Don’t be so awkward. Just say what you want to say to him directly. At least, you can know that neither of you is alone.”

The thoughts of rebellious teenagers are always awkward.

After a while, Yao Guang nodded slightly, “Um… I understand.”


The door was pushed open again.

Yao Guang thought Tian Quan had changed his mind and looked up with surprise.

However, the person entering was someone else.

“Yao Guang is here too?”

The newcomer, with a conspicuous vine-patterned tattoo, entered while holding a cigarette. Seeing Yao Guang, he was not surprised, extending his hand in greeting.

Yao Guang opened his mouth wide, “Tian… Tian Ji? Why are you here?!”

As a former member of the Big Dipper Squad, Yao Guang naturally knew how ruthless Tian Ji was. He resembled a startled hedgehog, and the spikes on his body stood up, assuming a defensive posture.

However, Ji Mingzhu beside him remained calm, reaching out to pat Yao Guang’s shoulder, “I invited him.”

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So this implies Bai Weng is also his real name/the name he used as a surface identity… kinda stupid if it’s true.

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