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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 60

  1. A Glimpse of Truth

After several days, Ji Mingzhu finally saw Tian Ji again.

Tian Ji found a place to sit down and casually lit a cigarette.

“Put it out.”

Ji Mingzhu frowned and gestured that Yao Guang was still nearby.

Tian Ji shrugged, extinguished the just-lit cigarette with his foot, and then said, “I thought you would take some time before looking for me again… The assassination attempts by the Reincarnation and Dizang teams failed. Bai Weng is furious, worthy of you.”

Ji Mingzhu had no intention of chatting with him. “I don’t have much time; let’s get straight to the point.”

“Okay,” Tian Ji nodded. “What do you want to ask?”

“The first thing,” Ji Mingzhu said, “What is the relationship between you and me?”

Yao Guang looked at Ji Mingzhu in surprise, feeling that something was off in this conversation. However, he wisely remained silent, sitting on the side like an obedient fluffy mascot.

“As I said, I’m risking my life for you.”

After Tian Ji finished speaking, he paused and said, “Forgot that you have lost your memory… Let me put it this way.”

In the astonished gazes of Ji Mingzhu and Yao Guang, fine cracks suddenly appeared in the vine tattoos on Tian Ji’s body.

With a “crack” sound, his neck’s skin opened up, revealing intricate internal components. These mechanical components intertwined with the flesh and blood of the human body, and a pulsating heart was wrapped in cables. The position of the lungs had been replaced by machinery, revealing a semi-human, semi-mechanical body in front of the two.

Yao Guang widened his eyes, as if meeting Tian Ji for the first time.

“I am a modified human.”

Tian Ji reached out to close the seams in his skin. Those hidden gaps were difficult to perceive with the naked eye under the cover of tattoos. Ji Mingzhu had always thought that these tattoos were meant to conceal scars.

Ji Mingzhu was also surprised by Tian Ji’s true identity, but he quickly calmed down. “Is it done by the Netherworld Organization?”

“Yes, the Netherworld Organization has been researching the technology of modifying humans for a long time. They gather orphans from around the world and use modification techniques to erase their memories, turning them into half-human, half-mechanical monsters. After modification, the physical qualities of these individuals are significantly improved, making them one of the Netherworld Organization’s secret weapons.”

Tian Ji said, “Both I and Tian Xuan are modified humans. Since we have memories, we have been instilled with the idea of loyalty to the Netherworld Organization. Each modified person is implanted with a control chip, ensuring absolute loyalty to the Netherworld Organization. So Bai Weng trusts us completely and has never worried about us betraying him.”

Ji Mingzhu quickly made a guess, “But you are not under the control of the Netherworld Organization… is it my doing?”

Tian Ji nodded, “A month and a half ago, I was severely injured during a mission, and the chip was damaged. The Netherworld Organization intended to recover me and reimplant the control chip. However, you invaded the chip’s device and invalidated the program controlling me. Since then, I have had my own… free soul.”

Ji Mingzhu understood in his heart.

He didn’t have the technology to invade the Netherworld Organization’s devices. It was obvious that this was the work of Axiu—meaning that at least a month and a half ago, Axiu had already been inside his body.

Finally regaining freedom right under the nose of the Netherworld Organization, Tian Ji naturally harbored deep hatred for them. Before losing his memory, Ji Mingzhu had logically made Tian Ji his pawn, a figure to manipulate within the Netherworld Organization.

Tian Ji continued, “Within the core council of the Netherworld Organization, there is a mysterious member with the codename ‘【Qi Ming】.'”
*Classic Chinese name for Venus

Ji Mingzhu was puzzled, not understanding why Tian Ji suddenly changed the topic.

“I know!” Yao Guang interjected, “【Qi Ming】 is a member who suddenly joined the core council. I have seen him once. Each member of the core council is the backbone of the Netherworld Organization and has been loyal to it since its founding. The core council members have rarely changed for a long time. But this ‘【Qi Ming】’ seems to have come out of nowhere, as if he suddenly parachuted in…”

“That’s right.” Tian Ji nodded, “This core council member with the codename ‘【Qi Ming】’ rarely shows up. Even when he does, he wears a bronze mask, and no one knows what he looks like.”

Ji Mingzhu knew that Tian Ji wouldn’t bring up an unrelated person without reason. He asked with speculation, “What does this person have to do with me?”

Tian Ji looked at Ji Mingzhu and smiled, “【Qi Ming】… is you.”

Ji Mingzhu was stunned.

Tian Quan wore an opaque mask, guided by an escort, twisting and turning until he completely lost his sense of direction. A faint smell of chemical solution reached his nose. His mask was finally pulled off, revealing the scene in front of him.

The soft lighting was not glaring, and he quickly adapted to the light. Looking around, he found himself in a vast laboratory, resembling a square. Numerous unfamiliar instruments were slowly operating, and several doors led to other laboratories. The complex scent of chemicals mixed in, causing a slight headache.

Was this the headquarters of the Netherworld Organization?

Tian Quan instinctively tensed his nerves, scanning the surroundings.

Not a single figure was present, the entire laboratory square was eerily quiet, so quiet that Tian Quan could even hear his own heartbeat.


A sound of water came from one side, and a thin figure emerged from a chemical pool full of solutions. Tian Quan had glanced at that area earlier, thinking it was an experiment, but to his surprise, it turned out to be a living person.

The person had nothing on, with a not-so-tall stature and slender limbs, yet their back carried an indescribable sense of illness. Tian Quan felt the figure’s body shape was somewhat familiar, but the distance was too far to see their face clearly.

Intuition told him that this might be the mysterious “Supreme Commander” in the Netherworld Organization, the real leader of the Netherworld Organization.

The figure had their back to Tian Quan, slowly wiping off the solution on their body. A hoarse voice sounded, “Are you Tian Quan?”

Tian Quan nodded, “Yes, that’s me.”

With that, Tian Quan slowly approached, wanting to get a closer look and see the other person’s face.

The figure still faced away from Tian Quan, “Born as Zhang Shunsheng, a little ruffian from the poor neighborhoods of the capital. After joining the Netherworld Organization, due to outstanding talent in martial arts, you were promoted to a member of the Big Dipper Squad. You’ve accomplished many tasks for the Netherworld Organization, and your future is limitless.”

Tian Quan nodded slightly, “You’re flattering me.”


The sound of a bullet being loaded echoed, and Bai Weng stepped out from the shadows, a sinister smile on his face.

“Flatter? No, no, no, our Tian Quan is quite capable and bold. He has even learned the art of betrayal.”

The gun aimed at Tian Quan’s head, and Tian Quan’s steps came to a halt.

“Speak.” Bai Weng’s voice became solemn, “Where is Tian Shu now?”

The room fell into a prolonged silence.

“【Qi Ming】… is me?”

After a moment, Ji Mingzhu finally found his voice, “What do you mean?”

His identity was undoubtedly a member of the Big Dipper Squad, codenamed Tian Shu. There was no doubt about this.

“Yeah…” Yao Guang also snapped out of it, “How could Tian Shu be the same person as that 【Qi Ming】 in the Core Council? 【Qi Ming】 only parachuted into the Core Council two months ago, but Tian Shu has been with us for a long time, executing missions together. This is something everyone knows…”

“Yes, Tian Shu is a member of the Big Dipper Squad.”

Tian Ji nodded, “But the problem is… Is he really Tian Shu?”

“He certainly is…”

Yao Guang continued, but halfway through, he suddenly stopped. He turned to look at Ji Mingzhu, and his eyes also showed a puzzled expression.

Is he really Tian Shu?

Regardless of stature, appearance, or voice, everything was exactly the same as Tian Shu. Could there really be two people in the world who look so alike?

Ji Mingzhu said in a deep voice, “What do you mean?”

“I’ll just say it straight.”

Tian Ji didn’t beat around the bush and said directly, “Tian Shu is a clone, and you are not Tian Shu. The real Tian Shu died a long time ago. Your true identity is the mysterious person with the codename 【Qi Ming】 in the Core Council.”

“So, you mean I somehow took over Tian Shu’s identity?”


“What does ‘clone’ mean?”

Ji Mingzhu still looked puzzled, “Tian Shu is a clone… whose clone? Mine? So, he looks like me?”

Tian Ji nodded slowly.

Ji Mingzhu’s mind was in turmoil.

Why does he have a clone? He clearly transmigrated to this world… None of this makes sense.

There is indeed a person named “Tian Shu” in the world. If Tian Shu is his clone, it means that Tian Shu has been living in this world for at least eighteen years.

But according to the existing clues and the information revealed by Tian Ji, it seems that Ji Mingzhu truly woke up only about two months ago.

What on earth is going on…

Tian Ji continued, “You must have many questions. In fact, I also have doubts about your origin. Although we are collaborators, I don’t understand your background and everything before.”

Then, he reached out and twisted his left hand at the joint.


A crisp sound echoed, and Tian Ji’s left index finger was directly twisted off, revealing a data interface at the joint.

“Let’s start from two months ago. Two months ago, during the operation against the laboratory in Yangyuan City, I saw you for the first time. I participated in that operation. Although after the operation, the Netherworld Organization destroyed all the recordings related to that battle, I secretly backed it up.”

As he spoke, Tian Ji took a step forward, and Yao Guang subconsciously moved aside.

Tian Ji plugged the interface at the joint into the mainframe, and soon, an encrypted video file popped up on the mainframe.

Ji Mingzhu’s heart started to pound.

He had a premonition that he might finally uncover a corner of the truth.


It’s just one mystery after another! Do y’all remember Mingzhu’s brother’s name? It was JI QIMING! Is there a relation between the two?!

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2 months ago

Yep, the sickly guy was most likely his brother, keeping himself alive to try to bring his little brother back (which most likely has something to do with Sky City). Remember when I said the netherworld seems like it’s (implicitly) tailor-made for Ji Mingzhu?

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