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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 61

  1. Limitless

The scene begins with noisy sounds and shaky camera footage, apparently recorded from Tian Ji’s first-person perspective.



Gunshots and flames mingled, making this dim night exceptionally bright. Tian Ji seized the opportunity, fired a shot, hitting a person in front wearing the uniform of the Calamity Control Bureau’s Fire Division. He quickly retracted, bullets rattling against cover, creating several sparks.

“Tian Shu! Tian Quan!”

Tian Ji pressed his earpiece and shouted loudly, “Haven’t they arrived yet? We can’t hold the front any longer!”

“Here we come!”

Tian Quan’s voice echoed in the earpiece, and then, a violent explosion erupted on the battlefield’s flank. A Gauss explosive bomb was thrown into the ranks of the Calamity Control Bureau through an opening. Members of the Fire Division quickly dispersed around the impact area.


Blinding flames swept over everything. Several Calamity Control Bureau members nearest to the explosion were instantly melted. Simultaneously, the Calamity Control Bureau’s mechs rushed to the scene, aiming their cannons at the position of the Netherworld Organization.

“Tian Shu!”


Another clear and calm voice sounded in the earpiece. In the next moment, a mech descended from the sky. With a quick release of the blade gate, two light swords were firmly gripped in the mech’s hands.


Tian Shu controlled the mech to land, and time seemed to stand still for an instant. Then, two mechs from the Thunder Division exploded simultaneously, their power cores extinguished.

The addition of Tian Quan and Tian Shu instantly gave the Netherworld Organization the upper hand. The defensive line formed by the Calamity Control Bureau was breached, and from Tian Ji’s perspective, he could see several figures revealed through the gap.

These figures had extremely proportionate and slender body shapes, standing upright like sculptures. Even though only their backs were visible, there was an overwhelming sense of dominance emanating from them.

The Immortal Clan.

Seeing this, Ji Mingzhu’s gaze slightly darkened as he recognized the identities of the figures.

One of them, however, was not unfamiliar to Ji Mingzhu.

It was Jin Qing.

In the video footage, Jin Qing, unlike the usual air of superiority, looked like a faithful servant trailing behind the group. He lowered his head slightly and followed the team respectfully.

The battle behind them was intense, with flames and gunfire roaring into the sky. Yet, the members of the Immortal Clan seemed completely indifferent to the chaos on the battlefield. Under the desperate protection of the Calamity Control Bureau, they advanced towards the research institute.

They seemed to be escorting someone.

“Pause for a moment.”

Ji Mingzhu suddenly spoke up.

Following his cue, Yao Guang paused the video. Ji Mingzhu pointed to the person in the middle of the Immortal Clan group and asked, “Who is this?”

The figure was surrounded by members of the Immortal Clan, including Jin Qing, making it hard to see the person clearly. However, the others all bowed slightly, while this individual stood straight, like a king in the mortal realm, surveying the territory with attendants surrounding.

The pride of the Immortal Clan was known to all. Anyone who could make them bow must be extraordinary.

“The High Priest.”

Tian Ji’s answer confirmed Ji Mingzhu’s speculation. “This is the true leader of Sky City and the head of the Immortal Clan, revered by them as the High Priest.”

The Immortal Clan rarely descended to the mortal realm, and their appearances on the surface could be counted on one hand. If so many Immortal Clan members, including their leader, the High Priest, were here, it indicated that there must be something special and crucial for the Immortal Clan inside this research institute.

What exactly is it?

The battle footage continued playing, and after the Immortal Clan entered the research institute, the external battle continued.

Ji Mingzhu was experiencing the strength of the Netherworld Organization so vividly for the first time. Even in the face of the continuous reinforcements from the Calamity Control Bureau, the Netherworld Organization showed no signs of backing down. Their conventional forces, daring and unafraid of death, moved like ghostly assassins on the battlefield, harvesting lives. Various advanced weapons, unfamiliar to Ji Mingzhu, were deployed one after another, and various models of mechs appeared on the battlefield.

Later, accompanied by several roars, some Aberrations appeared on the battlefield, madly charging and biting. Regardless of whether they were from the Calamity Control Bureau or the Netherworld Organization, these Aberrations treated everyone equally. Like beasts smelling blood, they began to kill without hesitation.

Members of the Feibo Organization also joined the battle!

With the appearance of Feibo, the scene became chaotic. Buildings around the research institute began to collapse, and a large amount of blood mixed with pieces, whether from Aberrations or humans, created a gruesome scene. Occasionally, individuals contaminated with Aberration blood began attacking their own teammates. The situation was extremely brutal.

Ji Mingzhu faintly felt that whether it was the Immortal Clan, the Netherworld Organization, or the later-arriving Feibo, their targets should be the same.

Since the video was recorded from Tian Ji’s perspective, Ji Mingzhu couldn’t see what happened after the Immortal Clan entered the research institute.

The battle continued. The [Tian Shu] controlling the mech in the video, looked and sounded exactly like Ji Mingzhu, but seemed even more indifferent. Throughout the entire battle, apart from the necessary commands and responses, he didn’t utter a single unnecessary word.

No wonder when Ji Mingzhu first arrived in this world, even though he rarely spoke, he didn’t arouse suspicion from others…

Finally, after several minutes of battle, the Netherworld Organization found an opportunity on the battlefield and tore through the Calamity Control Bureau’s defenses.

“Tian Quan, Tian Shu, Kai Yang.”

Tian Ji scanned the battlefield. “Follow me into the institute, and Yu Heng, take command.”


The voices of Tian Quan and Tian Shu sounded simultaneously, but Kai Yang’s voice did not appear.

“Kai Yang is dead,” Yu Heng reported through the communication. “He was bitten to death by Aberrations.”

Tian Ji was momentarily stunned, then said, “I understand. Tian Quan, Tian Shu, follow me.”

There was no time for sentimentality. Tian Shu piloted the mech to provide cover, Tian Quan fired several shots, killing several exposed members of the Fire Division, clearing a path for Tian Ji. Subsequently, the three of them seized the opportunity, rushing into the research institute amidst the chaos on the battlefield.

Inside the research institute, it was pitch black. All power had been cut off during the battle. There were two passages in front of them. Tian Ji glanced around and said, “Tian Shu, Tian Quan, you go left, I’ll go right.”


The three of them moved in separate directions.

Tian Ji took a gun from his side and cautiously proceeded toward the right passage. The dark corridor was silent, with only Tian Ji’s shallow breaths audible.

Soon, a slightly ajar door appeared ahead.

Tian Ji seemed to sense something. He holstered his gun, reduced his breathing to barely audible levels, and then carefully stepped forward, gently pushing open the door.

Inside the room, seven figures lay quietly on the ground.

It was that group of Immortal Clan members.

Not far from the Immortal Clan, a silver-gray device lay silently. Inside it seemed to be a naked figure, immersed and floating in green fluid.

Ji Mingzhu asked, “What happened?”

“I don’t know,” Tian Ji shook his head. “As you can see, when I entered, it was already like this. They all seem to be unconscious, maybe attacked by someone else?”

Tian Ji approached, his gaze falling on the face of the “High Priest” lying on the ground.

It was only now that Ji Mingzhu got a clear look at the appearance of the “High Priest.”

This is a face of exquisite beauty, one that even the world’s finest sculptors would find challenging to replicate. It’s like the embodiment of a mythical sun god in the mortal realm, and any adjective describing beauty pales in comparison when applied to this face. Even with his eyes closed, as if in a deep sleep, the divinity emanating from him is undeniable.

However, Tian Ji, being a modified individual, seemed to have no appreciation for it, as his mind was clearly filled with tasks assigned by the Netherworld Organization, leaving no room for idle admiration. He drew his gun and, facing the Immortal Clan members on the ground, fired a shot at each person, including the “High Priest.”

Ji Mingzhu, “…”

He inquired, “Do you think this can kill them?”

“I don’t hold much hope,” Tian Ji shrugged. “But opportunities are rare, and it won’t hurt to try.”

In the footage, after Tian Ji finished firing, he took out his communicator and said, “I’ve located the mission target.”

“Well done,” came Bai Weng’s voice over the communication. “What about the Immortal Clan?”

“Unconscious, reasons unknown.”


Bai Weng’s voice hesitated for a moment, then said, “Don’t worry about that for now. Immediately report your location, and I’ll send someone to assist you!”


Tian Ji responded, then opened communication with Tian Shu and Tian Quan, “Mission target found. Come to my location for assembly.”

Afterward, Tian Ji paid no attention to the unconscious Immortal Clan members on the ground and lifted the high-tech device containing unknown individuals with his bare hands. The device looked heavy, weighing at least half a ton, but Tian Ji, as a modified person, effortlessly moved it. He took out a small black button-sized object from his pocket, pressed it, and it quickly expanded into a black, high-fiber fabric. Tian Ji planned to wrap the device in this compressed high-fiber fabric to resist impact forces and protect the device from damage during transportation.

“What is this?” Ji Mingzhu asked, “Who is inside?”

Tian Ji remained silent.

Because soon, Ji Mingzhu got the answer.

At this moment, Tian Ji was still in a state controlled by the Netherworld Organization. He only needed to complete the mission, and everything else was irrelevant. However, by some twist of fate, before wrapping the device in front of him, he took a glance inside.

During the transportation of the device, the green solution began to surge with gravity, pushing the figure inside like waves.

The figure turned around, and Tian Ji saw his face.

Ji Mingzhu and Yao Guang, who were in front of the screen, also saw his face.


Tian Quan held his shoulder, blood oozing through his fingers, his face frighteningly pale.

He had seen a dreadful secret. He wanted to call Ji Mingzhu to tell him about this secret, but there were communication-blocking devices throughout the headquarters. No matter how hard he tried, the signal could not get through.

In the moment Bai Weng fired a shot, Tian Quan dodged the bullet aimed at his heart, ran to the other side of the experimental square, and then there were two more gunshots. He felt a fiery pain in his back; Tian Quan knew the bullets had hit him.

Losing a significant amount of blood made his head spin. He used his last strength to push open a door, stumbling inside and closing the door. He collapsed on the ground.

The room emitted a strong green light. After gasping for a moment, Tian Quan, with great difficulty, opened his eyes.

He saw… numerous Ji Mingzhus.

Rows of containers were neatly arranged throughout the room, each container filled with green solution and featuring the same face.

It was Ji Mingzhu’s face.

Some “Ji Mingzhus” had only half of their bodies, some had limbs twisted into bizarre postures, and some “Ji Mingzhus” even had bodies that resembled monsters…

Countless grotesque “Ji Mingzhus” with closed eyes floated up and down in the containers.


Gunshots rang out from behind.

“Goodbye, Tian Quan.”

It was Kai Yang’s voice.

Tian Quan’s body fell. In the last moment of his dwindling life, he saw three blurry figures slowly approaching him.

Kai Yang, Bai Weng, and… the Director General.

The naked “Ji Mingzhu,” no, it should be the Director General of the Netherworld Organization, walked in front of Tian Quan. He looked down at Tian Quan with a condescending gaze as the dying Tian Quan’s pupils gradually dilated.

His eyes were calm. Even with the same face, one could easily distinguish the difference between him and Ji Mingzhu.

Ji Mingzhu’s eyes were clear and bright, while the Director General’s gaze was heavy with an air of twilight, like an elderly person nearing the end, calm but carrying a sense of death.

He opened his lips and emotionlessly said, “Bury him.”

Ji Mingzhu stared at the screen displaying his own face for a long time, unable to utter a word.

In the device filled with green solution, the one it contained was none other than himself.

“Who is he?” Ji Mingzhu asked.

“He is you,” Tian Ji replied, looking at Ji Mingzhu. “With meticulous efforts, the Netherworld Organization stole you from the laboratory, taken from the hands of the Immortal Clan.”

Ji Mingzhu inquired, “What is this device…? What is it for?”

“The No. 5 Biological Research Institute in Yangyuan City, ostensibly dedicated to biomedical and anti-aging research, is, in fact, funded and controlled directly by the Sky City, providing technical support. Even the Calamity Control Bureau doesn’t have the authority to intervene.”

Tian Ji continued, “The true focus of the No. 5 Biological Research Institute is the technology of human cryopreservation and thawing.”

Ji Mingzhu suddenly fell into immense panic.

Shattered pieces of information formed a vast web, enveloping him from all directions. It was as if he stood at the edge of an abyss with boundless darkness revealing pairs of eyes, glaring at him menacingly.

Ji Mingzhu realized where he had gone wrong.

The answers he sought had truly unveiled only a small part of the iceberg.

This was not a mere transmigration.

This monstrous and multicolored, Aberration-filled, AI-dominated world…

It was the future ah.



My brain is not brainning right now! So who’s that Director General and why is he using Ji Mingzhu’s appearance and body as a vessel? Why was Mingzhu cryopreserved and who did it!(this could be his older brother’s doing…maybe?) Ah my mind is all over the place right now!

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5 months ago

Nooo! Tian Quan!!!

2 months ago

Yoo, I thought Kai Yang first joined in the operation at the beginning? Why did he also in the past and no one in the team question it?

2 months ago

I’m also questioning wtf past Ji Mingzhu tried to do. He is apparently ‘just’ a clone yet his secret might be even more severe than the director of Netherworld himself? Excluding the mysterious S-class mecha he has, there’s also the bloodbath he does every now and then in his mecha, like what is he resentful for?

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