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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 62

  1. I swear

In the world he currently found himself in, Ji Mingzhu had never felt a strong sense of belonging. Faced with disasters, he felt compassion; touched by Chang Bei’s determination, he was moved. In the face of the imminent crisis, he exerted all his effort to contemplate solutions. However, deep inside him, all of this seemed more like a highly realistic simulation game. Just as You Jia had mentioned, Ji Mingzhu felt a subtle sense of separation towards everything, which perhaps stemmed from his lack of recognition for this world.

Yet, at the moment of uncovering the truth, Ji Mingzhu finally realized that this wasn’t the transmigration he presumed, but rather the future, countless years later. He had awakened from the cryogenic chamber, facing a world ravaged by devastation.

After the initial shock, Ji Mingzhu fell into an indescribable panic.

Because this meant he would never have a chance to return to his original world.

His loved ones, his friends, everything he cherished had turned into dust with the passage of time.

He could never go back.

Even though Ji Mingzhu had mentally prepared himself for the possibility of not returning to his original world, these two feelings were entirely different.

Many times he longed for his original world, missed his brother, missed his teammates at the club, thinking they were living well in their original world. Occasionally, Ji Mingzhu couldn’t help but wonder if his brother Ji Qiming went crazy searching for him when he disappeared.

But now, reality blatantly told him that those people he cared about were long gone, and Ji Mingzhu, as a person not belonging to this era, had survived.

“Tian Shu…”

Yao Guang looked at him with concern, watching his expressions change. Just as the words left his mouth, he remembered that the Ji Mingzhu in front of him seemed not to be the same Tian Shu they had known before. So, he corrected himself, “Ji Mingzhu… Are you okay?”

Ji Mingzhu took a deep breath, trying hard to calm himself.

“So, I woke up just two months ago.”

Based on the existing information, Ji Mingzhu began to reason, attempting to reconstruct the sequence of events. “Originally, my body was preserved by the Immortal Clan of Sky City. Two months ago, one day, the Immortal Clan’s High Priest was planning to thaw and revive me. However, the Netherworld Organization and the members of the Feibo Organization intervened. In the end, the Netherworld Organization obtained my cryogenic chamber and successfully revived me. After waking up, I became the new parachuted member of the Core Council, ‘Qi Ming,’ in the Netherworld Organization. Is that right?”

The code name “Qiming” was self-assigned by Ji Mingzhu, derived from his brother Ji Qiming. In other words, Ji Mingzhu, who had just awakened from the cryogenic chamber, retained memories from his original world.


Tian Ji was surprised that Ji Mingzhu could piece together the entire sequence of events in such a short time and nodded. “In the time that followed, you operated within the Calamity Control Bureau under the identity of ‘Qiming.’ Simultaneously, you removed my control chip and formed a cooperative relationship with me. Although we were collaborators, in reality, I knew nothing about your objectives.”

Tian Ji paused, then continued, “You are a peculiar person. When you joined the Netherworld Organization under the identity of ‘Qiming,’ you piloted a mech in many destructive missions against the Calamity Control Bureau, causing the deaths of many members of the Calamity Control Bureau, even civilians in Shangjing City… Many lives were lost at your hands.”

Ji Mingzhu was momentarily stunned.

He had killed many members of the Calamity Control Bureau and civilians in Shangjing City?

Ji Mingzhu couldn’t believe he was a bloodthirsty person, and he couldn’t fathom why he would do such things without reason.

Unless, at that time, he was brainwashed by the Netherworld Organization? Maybe the Netherworld Organization wanted to exploit Ji Mingzhu’s ability in piloting mechs and make him serve them?

That seemed quite plausible. It could explain why Ji Mingzhu later chose to fake his death. Presumably, it was to break free from the control of the Netherworld Organization, assume the identity of “Tian Shu,” and seek an opportunity for revenge against the Netherworld Organization…

Of course, these were just Ji Mingzhu’s personal speculations.

After all, Ji Mingzhu before losing his memory was still Ji Mingzhu. He believed that, with his personality, if he had indeed been brainwashed by the Netherworld Organization and committed many wrongdoings, he wouldn’t simply let it go. He would certainly find an opportunity to retaliate.

“So, when you wanted to save You Jia before, I felt that you changed a lot. If it were the old you, you wouldn’t put yourself in danger just to save one person.”

Tian Ji continued, “Later, during a mission, ‘Tian Shu’ was injured and fell into a coma. It was at this moment that you found me and asked me to replace Tian Shu’s identity. So, we together fabricated a mission where the Feibo Organization attacked the Netherworld Organization’s base. We then informed the Core Council that you, along with the Phoenix Redeemer you piloted, were all turned to ashes in this battle.”

“Then I became ‘Tian Shu,’ taking over his tasks in the Big Dipper Squad. Did I infiltrate the Netherworld Organization under a different identity?”

Tian Ji nodded slowly, “That’s correct.”

This conversation with Tian Ji resolved some of Ji Mingzhu’s confusion, such as his origin and the events that occurred after the Feibo Organization took away his cryogenic chamber. However, it also brought forth more questions. In the information provided by Tian Ji, there were still some inexplicable points.

Firstly, why was he cryogenically frozen? Why was he preserved in the Sky City? He was just a professional gamer, and while he had some achievements and popularity in the esports field, he wasn’t someone crucial. Even in the face of the world’s destruction, it seemed unlikely that Ji Mingzhu would be chosen as the one to preserve.

At the same time, Ji Mingzhu urgently wanted to know whether he was the only one in the cryogenic chamber, or were there others in a state of suspended animation.

Secondly, why did the Netherworld Organization and Feibo go to great lengths to snatch his cryogenic chamber? This seemed related to the first question, perhaps because there was something special about Ji Mingzhu or for some other reason, but he didn’t know the answer yet.

Additionally, after the Immortal Clan members of the Sky City entered the research institute, why did they all fall into a state of unconsciousness? There was no answer to this in Tian Ji’s recordings, but Ji Mingzhu felt that there must have been other events occurring between the entry of the Immortal Clan into the institute and Tian Ji’s discovery of his cryogenic chamber.

Thirdly, according to Tian Ji’s account, if he had been with the Netherworld Organization since awakening from the cryogenic chamber, who implanted Axiu into his body? Was it done after arriving in this world, or was Axiu already in his body before entering the cryogenic sleep?

The last question, and the one Ji Mingzhu most wanted to know at the moment, was how long the extensive period of time he spent in slumber actually was. Was it decades, centuries, or even thousands of years? And during this time, what happened that transformed a peaceful and prosperous world into the battered state it was in now?

It felt like a tangled mess of threads. Just when he found one loose end, he discovered countless more knots waiting for him to untangle. The overlapping questions pressed on Ji Mingzhu, making it almost difficult for him to catch his breath.

Before, Ji Mingzhu had a detached attitude towards these questions, mysteries, and concealed history. He simply wanted a stable life free from threats. Now, however, his mindset had completely changed.

This world was no longer unfamiliar to him, no longer an illusion. It was real, the land he had once lived on. At this moment, he wanted to know the truth more than anyone else.

Ji Mingzhu took a deep breath, his gaze calming. He asked Yao Guang, “What time is it now?”

Yao Guang glanced at the time and replied, “Eight forty.”

There was still an hour left until the appointed time with Lady Rong Ci.

But Tian Quan hadn’t returned yet.

Ji Mingzhu checked his terminal communication records. After Tian Quan left, he didn’t receive any messages. However, for some reason, a subtle unease arose in Ji Mingzhu’s heart.

“No time to wait for Tian Quan to return.”

Ji Mingzhu said to Tian Ji, “Tian Ji, you go back first. Keep an eye on Tian Quan’s movements. Netherworld just sent him a message, saying that the Director General wants to see Tian Quan. There must be some task for him to complete… After you return to Netherworld, inquire with Bai Weng about it.”

“Got it.”

Tian Ji shrugged, “Then I’ll head back first.”

After Tian Ji left, Yao Guang, looking worried, asked Ji Mingzhu, “Hasn’t Tian Quan sent you any messages? Did something happen to him?”

Ji Mingzhu reassured him, “Impossible. Tian Quan is very smart and skilled. It’s not so easy for him to get into trouble. Don’t worry too much.”

Yao Guang nodded firmly, “Okay!”

“Is there a doctor on the black market who can perform surgery?”

Ji Mingzhu asked Yao Guang, “Do you have a doctor here?”

“Yes, why do you need one?”

“Help me find one, and it needs to be quick.”

In the black market, many doctors operated without licenses. Some did it to evade enemies, while others sought refuge after escaping from corporations or underground organizations. Although they lacked official medical certifications, their skills were exceptionally advanced. Aside from their high prices, there were no other downsides.

Ten minutes later, a black-market doctor knocked on the door. Upon entering, they saw two masked individuals who appeared quite young.

“Hello, Dr. Fei.”

Yao Guang nodded, “I called you here. Thank you for coming.”

Dr. Fei was one of the best doctors in the black market. He maintained strict confidentiality and only asked about money. Seeing the two masked individuals surrounded by equipment and numerous screens, he knew they were dealing with something significant. However, Dr. Fei remained composed and calmly asked, “Who needs the surgery?”

“I do.”

Ji Mingzhu stepped forward, “Thank you, Dr. Fei. I have a terminal chip in the back of my neck. Could you remove it for me? How long will it take?”

“A terminal removal surgery, right? It’s quick, a minor procedure.”

Dr. Fei waved his hand, “I can finish it in ten minutes.”

After a moment of silence, Axiu’s voice echoed in Ji Mingzhu’s mind, “Do you not need me anymore?”

Its voice was calm, but a subtle, hard-to-detect cautiousness lingered, resembling a puppy about to be abandoned.

Ji Mingzhu softened and spoke gently in his mind to Axiu, “No, Axiu, I still need you… but I currently don’t have the ability to protect you.”

“I can protect you,” Axiu said.

Ji Mingzhu didn’t want to remove Axiu. For him, Axiu wasn’t just an artificial intelligence but also a friend with whom he could share anything. However, in two days, during the award ceremony, Jin Qing would be present. Even though Ji Mingzhu had modified the anomaly data through Huo Zai’s permissions, he couldn’t be a hundred percent certain that Jin Qing wouldn’t notice Axiu.

He needed to be prepared for the worst, and the potential discovery of Axiu by Sky City, leading to the loss of Axiu, was the most unacceptable scenario for him. Therefore, Ji Mingzhu decided to leave Axiu temporarily with Yao Guang. Once safety was confirmed, he would reintegrate Axiu.


Ji Mingzhu said earnestly, “I will come to pick you up. I swear.”

Ji Mingzhu rarely made such solemn promises to others.

After saying this, he paused for a moment. Vaguely, he felt that this scene was familiar, as if it had occurred in some moment of the past.

“No! I don’t want to go to school!”

In his memories, he seemed to be wearing the uniform of an elementary school, clinging to the pillar in front of his home and unwilling to let go, crying breathlessly.

His older brother, Ji Qiming, helplessly rubbed his forehead and said to the young Ji Mingzhu, “You’ll be back in the afternoon. It’s not like it’s a farewell. Get on the car quickly. The teacher has been waiting at the gate for half an hour. Do you believe I’ll spank you?”

“Cang Lan! Cang Lan!”

Young Ji Mingzhu wiped his runny nose on Ji Qiming’s white lab coat, then turned and hugged the round robot in front of him. “I don’t want to go to school! Wuwuwu…”

“It’s useless to complain to Cang Lan.”

Ji Qiming reached out and pulled Cang Lan back, holding a round and chubby robot with each hand. “Cang Lan and Shen Hong will be waiting for you at home. Go quickly, and after class, you can continue playing with them.”

Amidst the sobbing of young Ji Mingzhu, Cang Lan took heavy steps forward, opened its mechanical arms, and made a hugging gesture, embracing the young Ji Mingzhu who was crying breathlessly. “After school, I will come to pick you up.”


The eyes of young Ji Mingzhu lit up. “At the school gate?”


“Then, do you swear?”

The mechanical voice of Cang Lan echoed steadily, with an undeniably flat and unvaried tone that somehow conveyed a sense of gentleness: “I swear.”

Axiu remained silent for a moment and then said, “Okay, I believe you.”


So Netherworld thinks Ji Mingzhu is Tian Shu and that “Qi Ming” is dead. That old pervert(who the fuck is he) in Ji Mingzhu’s skin may have started using his appearance after “Qi Ming” died. Is Axiu Can Lang. Are they(Can Lang, Shen Hong), the ones who preserved Mingzhu?!

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2 months ago

Past Ji Mingzhu AKA ‘Qiming’ seems like a controlled-by-Axiu Ji Mingzhu would do. I’m also betting my ass that Axiu, or either one of JM’s childhood AI(which most likely had turned into Axiu now) is the high priest.

Because Axiu, although very sweet, doesn’t seem to care about any other human than Ji Mingzhu (his action was purely based on JM’s command only.) He definitely goes crazy too, the same as JM’s brother, if Ji Mingzhu was gone.

As for why JM allowed him to do that… maybe he was not very conscious/weak at that time, or, yknow, brainwashed.
Alright so let’s get this straight:1. There exists an actual person named Tian Shu, who was also a clone of Ji Mingzhu and served as a team member in the Big Dipper. Apparently, he was now in a coma, but where did they (JM and co) hide him?2. So the Ji Mingzhu now is the actual Ji Mingzhu in his real body. Yet I remembered how JM commented that his appearance now was slightly different (younger and whatnot.) So is that REALLY his real body, or was there some modification going on?3. How could the AI/Immortal (which was most likely pioneered by Axiu/JM’s childhood AI) turn into what they are now? What drives them to master the humanity and other actions they do?4. IF Axiu being JM’s childhood AI was right, and Netherworld’s director was really JM’s brother. What could’ve made the creation and its creator part way and be each other enemies like it is now?Any answer appreciated including spoilers ^-^ (just a confirmation or hints perhaps~)

Last edited 2 months ago by Morianse
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