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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 63

  1. Please Come With Us.


The shuttle flew through the night and returned to the Gemini Capital View Towers.

Fortunately, the shuttle from Lu Yan Tower Group had autonomous piloting capabilities; otherwise, without Tian Quan, Ji Mingzhu couldn’t have managed alone.

Lady Rong Ci was still in the collection room. When she saw Ji Mingzhu return on the shuttle, she immediately stood up, relieved.

Fortunately, Ji Mingzhu returned within the agreed time. Otherwise, if the time dragged on too long, she wouldn’t be able to explain to the Calamity Control Bureau. Losing the precious Titan pilot would be a charge that even Lu Yan Tower Group couldn’t afford.

“You’re back… Where’s the young man who came with you?”

When they left, Ji Mingzhu and Tian Quan left together. However, when they returned, Ji Mingzhu was alone. Lady Rong Ci couldn’t help but ask.

“He didn’t come back with me.”

Ji Mingzhu’s neck was still slightly sore, but thanks to the superb medical skills of the doctor in the black market, there were no scars or wounds after removing Axiu’s chip: “Don’t forget our deal.”

“I know. Tomorrow, I will send someone to deliver the S-level power core.”

Lady Rong Ci nodded.

She keenly sensed that Ji Mingzhu’s mood was not good, but tactfully didn’t ask further. Whether it was Ji Mingzhu himself or some of his plans, they were extremely dangerous for Lady Rong Ci. She didn’t want to get involved too deeply, to avoid affecting Lu Yan Tower Group or even You Jia.

Lady Rong Ci led Ji Mingzhu out of the collection room, and the Calamity Control Bureau guards waiting at the door all breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Ji Mingzhu.

Regarding Tian Quan’s absence, Ji Mingzhu explained that he had purchased some items from Lady Rong Ci and asked Tian Quan to assist. Therefore, there was no need for him to return to the Calamity Control Bureau immediately. The guards from the Calamity Control Bureau didn’t think much about this explanation. Their task was to protect Ji Mingzhu, and as long as he was safe, Tian Quan’s activities were unrelated to them.

Under the reluctant gaze of You Jia and the meaningful look from Lady Rong Ci, Ji Mingzhu followed the guards from the Calamity Control Bureau back to their headquarters.

When they returned to the Thunder Division building, it was already late at night.

Ji Mingzhu, who had promised to return early, was a few hours late. Zuo Quanzong quickly called him on the phone, intending to scold him, but facing Ji Mingzhu, Zuo Quanzong couldn’t bring himself to say anything harsh. After a long silence, Zuo Quanzong just said, “Ah… Rest early.”

Ji Mingzhu nodded, showing an unusually obedient expression. “Okay, Red Guard Commander.”

After hanging up the call, Ji Mingzhu let out a sigh. Everything that happened tonight had a tremendous impact on him, and he needed some time to digest it.

The research institute, known as Facility No. 5 in Yangyuan City, was undoubtedly the beginning of everything. To understand the whole truth of the matter, he needed to find time to visit that institute and see if he could discover any clues. At the same time, Ji Mingzhu also needed to figure out the true history that had been concealed by Sky City and understand how the world had turned into its current state.

Just as he was contemplating this, two people approached—Li Li and Wen Kang.

“You just got back?”

Li Li scrutinized Ji Mingzhu up and down. “Took quite a while to have a meal…”

“It’s good that you’re back. Go rest early.” Wen Kang smiled at Ji Mingzhu. “The award ceremony is coming soon, and you’ll probably be busy then.”

“Thanks, Brother Wen.”

Ji Mingzhu politely nodded at Wen Kang and thought for a moment before asking, “During the award ceremony, won’t Lord Jin Qing also attend? Has he already arrived at the headquarters?”

Wen Kang nodded, “Yes, he’s here. Over at the Jupiter Division. During the ceremony, Lord Jin Qing will also appear as a representative of Sky City. With all the recent events in Shangjing City, it’s time for Sky City to come forward and appease the public…”

Knowing that Jin Qing had arrived at the Calamity Control Bureau, Ji Mingzhu’s heart sank for a moment.

Watching Wen Kang and Li Li leave, Ji Mingzhu subconsciously called out to Axiu in his mind, wanting to check Jin Qing’s current whereabouts. However, he received no response.

Ji Mingzhu touched his already healed neck and sighed.

Without Axiu by his side, he truly felt uncomfortable.

Jin Qing sat expressionlessly in the Jupiter Division’s office, listening to the reports from his subordinates.

“The new Titan pilot…”

Jin Qing’s gaze shifted slightly. “That Ji Mingzhu, encountered an assassination attempt by the Netherworld Organization yesterday?”

“Yes, but the Titan pilot Ji Mingzhu is relatively unharmed. However, the four assassins from the Netherworld Organization and the infiltrator from the Netherworld Organization in the Jupiter Division have all died. We couldn’t extract any information from them.”

“Ji Mingzhu…”

Jin Qing repeated the name, wearing a pensive expression.

For some reason, when he saw Ji Mingzhu in the Zongbingyi Institute, he faintly felt that this young man was somewhat unusual. At that time, during the simulated combat between Ji Mingzhu and Chang Haoyang, the fleeting image had caught his attention. Even after searching the database countless times, he still found no relevant records. As an artificial intelligence, he believed that he was unlikely to experience what humans call “hallucinations.”

He must have encountered Ji Mingzhu somewhere or had some form of contact with him.

“You may leave for now.”

Waving to dismiss the people from the Taosui Division, Jin Qing pondered for a moment before closing his eyes.

When he opened them again, his gaze lacked focus, and his pupils seemed to turn like gears. A beam of light shot from his eyes, creating a virtual screen in the air.

“Jin Qing?”

A woman’s voice echoed in the air, with a tone similar to Jin Qing’s—both had an even and unemotional quality.

“Chun Bai.”

Jin Qing spoke, “How is the High Priest?”

“Still in a deep sleep.” Chun Bai replied, “However, the viral program within the High Priest has been eliminated. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, in a little over a month, he should awaken… The virus program from Cang Lan was of a high level, and it took us over two months to find a clear solution.”

When “Cang Lan” was mentioned, Chun Bai’s tone fluctuated with intense hatred, as if she wished to dismember him into pieces: “That traitor…”

“What about your end?” After expressing her sentiments, Chun Bai quickly regained composure and asked, “Did you find anything?”

“Not for now. I had the Jupiter Division search the Fifth Research Institute again, but no new discoveries. Cang Lan’s whereabouts are unknown, but his body is still in Sky City. Currently, he doesn’t pose a threat to us. We’ll let the High Priest decide how to handle it once he awakens.”

“If there’s any information about Cang Lan, report it promptly.” Chun Bai said, “What he holds in his hands… is too dangerous.”

“I understand.” Jin Qing nodded, paused for a moment, and then asked, “On that day at the No.5 Research Institute, who is the person the High Priest is reviving?”

“That’s not something you and I can inquire about.”

Chun Bai stated, “Focus on your responsibilities. As for the rest, we don’t need to know. The High Priest will make his own judgment. Also, if the Jupiter Division cannot find the whereabouts of ‘that person,’ we will personally investigate after the High Priest wakes up.”

“Are you planning to go to the mortal realm?”

Jin Qing was startled, “No, that’s too dangerous, those creatures…”

“It’s the High Priest’s decision.”

Chun Bai interrupted him, “If the Jupiter Division still can’t find ‘that person,’ you know what awaits us without their location. We don’t have much time to wait for the Jupiter Division. Cang Lan… and ‘that person.’ If we don’t find their whereabouts, what awaits us?”

“Knock, knock.”

The office door was suddenly knocked.

“It seems you’re quite busy as well…”

Chun Bai spoke softly, “Let’s not talk about it for now. Anyway, before the High Priest awakens, I’ll leave the matters in the mortal realm to you.”

“…I understand.”

As the projection gradually faded, Jin Qing’s eyes returned to their original state.

“Come in.”

The door was pushed open, and a member of the Jupiter Division walked in, respectfully saying, “Lord Jin Qing, Deputy Minister Huo Zai from the Thunder Division wishes to see you.”

“Huo Zai?”

Jin Qing frowned. His interactions with Huo Zai were not frequent. Although he held the position of the Thunder Division Minister, he had never dealt with Thunder Division affairs since arriving at the Plague Division; all matters were handled by Huo Zai. Why would Huo Zai come to him now?

“Let him in.”

Without Axiu, Ji Mingzhu had limited access to information within the Jupiter Division. These days, besides routine simulated piloting training, he spent the rest of his time cooperating with personnel from other divisions, preparing for the commendation ceremony.

After the disaster in Shangjing City, the damaged city was gradually undergoing reconstruction, and everything seemed to be returning to normal. The commendation ceremony held significant meaning for everyone in Shangjing City.

The location of the ceremony was the central square of Shangjing City. In the days leading up to the event, massive publicity had already begun, and relevant advertisements could be seen in every corner of the city. Ji Mingzhu and Zuo Quanzong, one a teenage hero who stepped up to save the city at a critical moment, the other a Titan pilot who valiantly sacrificed for the people, naturally became the focus of the publicity.

People were curious about Ji Mingzhu, and all information related to him circulated throughout Shangjing City. Simultaneously, he was regarded by many as the heir to Zuo Quanzong. No matter where his name was mentioned, people held it with respect and admiration, describing his magnificent feat of single-handedly battling three Catastrophe-level aberrations that day.

Finally, amid the anticipation of countless people, the commendation ceremony unfolded as scheduled.

It was a rare good weather day in Shangjing City, with a clear sky and the clean scent of post-rain lingering in the air. The rebuilt Shangjing City had started to take shape. People flooded the streets, celebrating as if it were a grand festival. Large screens on various streets broadcasted the entire commendation ceremony.

The Jupiter Division’s security department had made security arrangements in advance. Guards were stationed on every street to prevent any malicious organizations from causing trouble.

“To all the residents of Shangjing City, not long ago, we experienced a terrible disaster. Countless people were displaced, and precious lives were lost under the attacks of aberrations. But hope always stands on the side of humanity. Under the leadership of Sky City, we have finally emerged from the shadows of the disaster…”

Government officials of Shangjing City stood on the platform, facing countless cameras, delivering a strong and resonant speech.

In the rest area, Ji Mingzhu changed into his Thunder Division uniform, watching the faces passing by on the screen.

“Mingzhu, are you okay?”

Wen Kang walked in, “It’s almost your turn. Are you ready? Don’t be nervous. Just follow the procedure, and everything else has been arranged by the Red Guard Commander…”

“I’m fine, not nervous.”

Ji Mingzhu stood up and adjusted his collar, saying, “Let’s go, Brother Wen.”

Wen Kang looked at the young man in front of him and couldn’t help but give him a thumbs up. “This outfit looks great. From now on, you’ll be the face of the Calamity Control Bureau.”

He genuinely admired Ji Mingzhu. Although the other party was young, there was no doubt about his strength in mecha piloting. Even Wen Kang, an experienced Titan pilot, had a pitifully low win rate when facing Ji Mingzhu in simulated piloting. Comparing this with the excessively young age of the opponent, who wouldn’t say that people are outshone by others?

Moreover, Ji Mingzhu was a hero with many halos around him, a spiritual symbol in the hearts of countless Shangjing City residents. After today, when Ji Mingzhu officially became a decorated Titan pilot, who could imagine the bright path he would have in the future? Perhaps he would become a legend even more dazzling than Zuo Quanzong.

Ji Mingzhu politely smiled at him and responded with a few courteous words.

The two walked side by side towards the square where the commendation ceremony was held.

However, shortly after they started walking, several guards suddenly appeared and surrounded them.

“What are you doing?”

Wen Kang took a step forward, frowning.

These guards were fully armed, their expressions serious. They wore the emblem of the Jupiter Division and were directly affiliated with the Jupiter Division, a level higher than ordinary division guards.

Ji Mingzhu suddenly had a bad premonition.

“Titan pilot Ji Mingzhu.”

The guards stepped forward and said to Ji Mingzhu, “Please come with us.”

“What does this mean?” Wen Kang shouted, “The commendation ceremony is about to begin. What are you doing? Can you afford the responsibility if you delay the ceremony? If there’s something, can’t it wait until after the ceremony?”

“This is an order from Sky City, and we are just following orders.”

Seeing Ji Mingzhu remain silent, the guard’s tone became more forceful, “We suspect that Titan pilot Ji Mingzhu is related to the Netherworld Organization, involving multiple charges such as identity forgery, intelligence leakage, espionage, and theft of classified information. Please step aside, Pilot Wen Kang. Otherwise, we will also take compulsory measures against you for obstructing Sky City’s orders.”

Wen Kang took a step back.

He looked at Ji Mingzhu, who lowered his head, opened his mouth wide, and his expression was filled with shock and disbelief.

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