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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 64

  1. I’m reporting Huo Zai

The commendation ceremony continued in an orderly fashion according to the protocol, but observant individuals noticed that there seemed to be a missing young face among the many members of the Calamity Control Bureau on the stage.

Initially, people thought Ji Mingzhu would appear last since he was the protagonist of the commendation ceremony. It was understandable that he might need more preparation time and could come on stage a bit later.

However, as time passed and Ji Mingzhu’s figure didn’t appear even when Jin Qing, representing Sky City, took the stage to deliver a speech, both the audience in attendance and those watching the live broadcast sensed that something was amiss.

“Where is Titan pilot Ji Mingzhu?”

“Where is Titan pilot Ji Mingzhu!!”

“We want to see Titan pilot Ji Mingzhu! We want to see our hero!!”

A deafening chorus of voices echoed through the streets, with people loudly inquiring. However, the immense clamor had no impact on the stage, as everyone systematically fulfilled their duties, paying no attention to the calls from the public.

Thus, this ostensibly “commendation ceremony,” which should have featured the Titan pilot receiving commendation as the main character, concluded dramatically without his appearance. People were filled with confusion, seeking an explanation from the Calamity Control Bureau, and some even wanted to rush onto the stage to question, but they were stopped by the bureau’s guards.

Jin Qing glanced indifferently at the sea of people below, gently tossed the script onto the stage, then turned and left.

The rare sunlight in the city scattered through the gaps in the clouds, casting its brilliance on the words “Sky City is the guardian, observer, and leader of humanity” written on the script.

“This is impossible!”

Zuo Quanzong slammed the table and stood up, glaring angrily, “There must be some mistake. How could Ji Mingzhu be related to the Netherworld Organization?”

“Please calm down, Your Excellency Red Guard Commander.”

The speaker was Dong Cha, the minister of the Jupiter Division, a 72-year-old veteran of the Calamity Control Bureau. His figure was hunched, hands leaning on a cane, and his voice was calm and unrushed, “We are reluctant to believe this news, just like you. After all, Ji Mingzhu, the Titan pilot, is crucial to the Calamity Control Bureau. However, I believe Lord Jin Qing would not issue an arrest order without reason.”

“Ji Mingzhu just experienced an assassination attempt by the Netherworld Organization. If he is associated with them, why would the Netherworld Organization’s people go crazy and try to kill him? Moreover, he piloted a Titan and saved the entire Shangjing City. Would the Netherworld Organization want that? They would rather see Shangjing City destroyed!”

Zuo Quanzong’s chest heaved up and down. He was the first one not to believe that Ji Mingzhu was an undercover agent for the Netherworld Organization. It wasn’t just because of the reasons he stated, but more importantly, Ji Mingzhu’s gaze was fundamentally different from those of the Netherworld Organization.

“How do you know that the assassination attempt wasn’t orchestrated by the Netherworld Organization, intending to make us believe that Ji Mingzhu is in opposition to them, thereby relaxing our vigilance?”

The one speaking was Wen Wanying, the minister of the Water Division. She pushed her rimless glasses up her nose and said in a soft voice, “And, didn’t Pilot Ji Mingzhu survive in the end? As a Titan pilot not proficient in combat, facing four well-trained assassins and still surviving is suspicious in itself, isn’t it?”

“As for saving Shangjing City…”

Wen Wanying paused and continued, “Wasn’t it because of this incident that Pilot Ji Mingzhu became the Titan pilot for Zhu Jiuyin? Perhaps the Netherworld Organization itself harbors such intentions. They orchestrated a play, making Ji Mingzhu a hero in everyone’s eyes, so that he could logically become the Titan pilot and ultimately seize control of Zhu Jiuyin.”

When it came to seizing control of Zhu Jiuyin, the entire conference room fell silent for a moment. Everyone felt that if it were really a conspiracy, as Wen Wanying suggested, the potential consequences would send shivers down everyone’s spine.

Each Titan not only served as humanity’s guardian but also represented a certain belief and hope. Once a Titan was lost or its control seized by another force, the consequences would undoubtedly be catastrophic.


Zuo Quanzong spat out these words through his gritted teeth. “You open your mouth, and whatever you say becomes the truth? I could say that you, Wen Wanying, are a spy for the Feibo Organization. Are you so eager to convict the precious Titan pilot? What’s the matter, revealing your true colors?”

Wen Wanying’s face showed displeasure, she hadn’t expected Zuo Quanzong to be so shameless, embarrassing her in front of all the ministers. “You…”

Everyone present held ministerial positions, and while Zuo Quanzong, as the Red Guard Commander, had authority comparable to a minister, he was still one level lower in terms of rank. However, Zuo Quanzong didn’t care about that at the moment. As a Titan pilot himself, he knew how rare it was to have a pilot with the talent of Ji Mingzhu. Right now, he was like a lion protecting his cub, issuing a deterrent roar to the surrounding jackals.

“Enough arguing.”

The elderly voice of Dong Cha, the minister of the Jupiter Division, spoke up, “Lord Jin Qing hasn’t spoken yet, and you’re already bickering. What kind of appearance is this?”

The crowd quieted down, and all eyes turned to the man sitting at the head of the conference table who had been silent all along.

Jin Qing raised his eyes and looked towards the Fire Division Minister Xie Cang on the other side.

Xie Cang understood.

Since ancient times, the Thunder and Fire Divisions had close coordination, with most tasks being jointly completed by both Divisions. Minister Xie Cang of the Fire Division and Zuo Quanzong had a good relationship; they were former comrades. However, considering the significance of Ji Mingzhu’s matter and with Jin Qing presiding, Xie Cang couldn’t afford to show favoritism.

He took out a stack of documents and placed them on the table.

“We received a report, suspecting that Titan pilot Ji Mingzhu is associated with the Netherworld Organization. Although we initially didn’t believe this news, out of caution, we re-investigated.”

Xie Cang said, “These are all the records of Titan pilot Ji Mingzhu from birth to the present. When Ji Mingzhu just entered the Zong Bingyi Academy, we investigated once, but at that time, all records showed no issues. However, in this recent investigation, we discovered some clues…”

Ji Mingzhu’s identity when entering the Calamity Control Bureau was forged by the Netherworld Organization. Later, to fit his own “persona,” Ji Mingzhu made some changes to this part of the records, making his extraordinary piloting skills appear more reasonable.

However, after the fallout with the Netherworld Organization, Bai Weng, naturally, wouldn’t cover up for Ji Mingzhu. The records, which should have been updated in real-time, were neglected by the Netherworld Organization. Witnesses, including neighbors, who were prepared earlier, all disappeared. Upon thorough inspection by the Calamity Control Bureau, various issues were exposed.

“At the same time, we found that there is a top-tier pilot within the Netherworld Organization, codenamed ‘Tian Shu,’ who has appeared in multiple sabotage incidents. In the previous attack on Lord Jin Qing, the pilot of the Aeria Raider is highly likely to be the person behind ‘Tian Shu.'”

After presenting a pile of investigative materials, Xie Cang concluded, “Therefore, we reasonably suspect that Ji Mingzhu is the person behind ‘Tian Shu’ in the Netherworld Organization. Even if he is not, he has intricate connections with the Netherworld Organization. Consequently, Lord Jin Qing has issued an arrest order. Specific details and charges require further investigation.”

Looking at the evidence before him, Zuo Quanzong’s expression changed, and the entire conference room fell into a hushed silence. Everyone awaited Jin Qing’s next instructions.

Jin Qing, in his current capacity as the envoy of the Sky City and not just the Thunder Division Minister of the Calamity Control Bureau, held the authority to decide on such a significant internal matter within the Sky City.

“The Netherworld Organization has always been our primary adversary. Now, they have even set their sights on the Titan Zhu Jiuyin… If it is confirmed that Ji Mingzhu is associated with the Netherworld Organization, he cannot be allowed to remain alive,” Wen Wanying spoke up.


Zuo Quanzong immediately retorted, “Regardless of whether he is with the Netherworld Organization or not, we cannot kill him.”

“Your Excellency Red Guard Commander, please be mindful of your position,” Wen Wanying frowned, “Regardless of whether he is someone you value as a successor or not, in matters of such magnitude, emotions should not cloud our judgment. If Jin Qing had not noticed the clues, and if Ji Mingzhu had successfully taken control of Zhu Jiuyin, who would bear that responsibility?”

“It has nothing to do with emotions or the like,” Zuo Quanzong said, “Do you know what Ji Mingzhu represents? Riding Zhu Jiuyin without any protective measures, and the contamination level is not even 5%.”


“Not even 5%? How is that possible?”

“I remember, even Red Guard Commander, back in the day, didn’t have such a low contamination level, even with protective measures…”


After Zuo Quanzong finished speaking, the various ministers present showed signs of hesitation. If Ji Mingzhu was indeed as special as Zuo Quanzong claimed, then perhaps killing him might not be the right move.

Jin Qing’s eyes revealed a hint of curiosity. After contemplating for a moment, he said slowly, “Since that’s the case, I will report to Sky City. If he is indeed as unique as Red Guard Commander says, then sparing his life might be considered.”

The ministers understood Jin Qing’s implication.

Ji Mingzhu could be spared, but it had to be ensured that he would not betray the Calamity Control Bureau.

How to guarantee that? Brainwashing, of course. Only through this method could the safety of Ji Mingzhu be assured and prevent any threat he might pose to the Calamity Control Bureau or even humanity.

At this moment, Ji Mingzhu was in the Titan pilot’s lounge.

The reason he wasn’t in a prison cell was that he had not been conclusively convicted, and his status as a Titan pilot had not been revoked yet. However, the entrance to the lounge was heavily guarded, and all his devices, including the terminal, had been confiscated. It was almost like being confined to a prison.

Ji Mingzhu rubbed his chin, pondering the current situation.

Why was he suddenly arrested? There are two possibilities. One is that Jin Qing discovered traces of Axiu manipulating data, sensing that Ji Mingzhu’s identity was amiss. The other is… Huo Zai betrayed and reported him.

The first possibility is less likely because if Jin Qing discovered Axiu’s presence, what awaits Ji Mingzhu should not be confinement. It must be that Huo Zai interfered.

Ji Mingzhu sighed. Indeed, negotiating with the Feibo Organization was unreliable.

As the door lightly clicked open, several medical personnel in white coats walked in from outside the lounge.

“Titan pilot Ji Mingzhu,” the leading medical personnel said, “we need to conduct a comprehensive examination on you.”

Ji Mingzhu did not refuse, and in fact, he had no capital to refuse now.

Considered an undercover agent for the Netherworld Organization, the abnormal data flow that occurred in the backup room during the last attack by the four assassins from the Netherworld Organization would naturally be suspected of being related to him. It was probably due to the fear that Ji Mingzhu carried some advanced high-tech device from the Netherworld Organization, so they needed to conduct a more detailed examination.

Ji Mingzhu obediently lay on a scanning device, allowing the equipment to scan him thoroughly. This examination was different from the one during the visit to the Titan. The equipment was more sophisticated, and the scanning precision was higher. If Ji Mingzhu still had Axiu’s chip at the back of his neck, he probably wouldn’t escape the scrutiny of this instrument.

Fortunately, Ji Mingzhu had removed Axiu in advance.

As the indicator lights on the device turned green, the medical personnel recorded the data and said to Ji Mingzhu, “Okay, no special implant devices were found.”

Ji Mingzhu asked, “Can I see Red Guard Commander?”

The medical staff looked at each other, and one of them said, “Sorry, Red Guard Commander is currently in a meeting in the conference room. If you have any concerns, I can convey them to him for you.”

Ji Mingzhu said, “Oh,” and then added, “I report against Huo Zai, the Deputy Minister of the Thunder Division. He is an undercover agent for the Feibo Organization. He masterminded the last attack by the aberrations on the city, during which I came to the surface.”


Like a thunderclap out of nowhere, the medical personnel were stunned by this news, standing dumbfounded for a while.

“Move faster.” Seeing this group of medical personnel stupefied for half the time, Ji Mingzhu urged, “If we don’t hurry, Huo Zai might escape.”

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