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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 67




67. Neon Night Sky…Mecha Battle Among SkyScrapers.
“The Phoenix Redeemer?!”
Standing at the gap on the side of the building, Zuo Quanzong and numerous guards couldn’t conceal their expressions of shock.
As far as they knew, the S-class mech, the Phoenix Redeemer, had been missing for a long time, to the point where even the Calamity Control Bureau had almost forgotten about this unique and outstanding assault-type mech among the S-class. They never expected to see this stunning mech, the Phoenix Redeemer, again in such a way.
“Red Guard Commander, should we pursue?” A guard, watching Ji Mingzhu enter the cockpit of the Phoenix Redeemer, couldn’t help but stutter as he inquired.
Zuo Quanzong hesitated, but before he could speak, a furious voice erupted from the communication, Fire Division Minister Xie Cang’s voice: “Pursue! Mobilize Titan pilots, activate the S-class mechas, we can’t let him escape!”
Xie Cang was furious at this moment. Ji Mingzhu was the one he ordered to be arrested, and the guards responsible for watching Ji Mingzhu were also from the Fire Division. If Ji Mingzhu was allowed to escape just like this, it would be like slapping him in the face in public. Matters of face aside, if the blame came down from Sky City, he, as the Fire Division Minister, would bear the brunt.
Regardless, they had to capture him back!!
Once Ji Mingzhu escaped, Axiu no longer interfered with Calamity Control Bureau communications. With Xie Cang’s command, the entire Calamity Control Bureau began to operate. In the mech hangar, the fully repaired S-class mech completed power preheating in the shortest time, moved to the catapult, and all Thunder Division senior pilots and Titan pilots quickly mobilized…
The citywide alarm sounded again, and all entrances and exits of Shangjing City were closed at the same moment.
Ji Mingzhu precisely leaped into the cockpit, the hatch closed, and the internal lights lit up.
“Welcome back.”
The familiar voice of Axiu echoed in the cockpit. Hearing this familiar tone, Ji Mingzhu’s face revealed a faint smile, “Long time no see, Axiu.”
“More precisely, sixty-two hours, forty-five minutes, and thirty-two seconds.”
“There’s a saying, ‘Time feels like an eternity.'” Ji Mingzhu skillfully manipulated the densely packed buttons and knobs, “Although it’s only been a few days, for me, it feels like several years. I strangely miss you.”
The phrase “strangely miss you” silenced Axiu for a moment, creating a somewhat shy emotion in the artificial intelligence. Before it could fully analyze how this inexplicable emotion arose, Ji Mingzhu asked, “Where are you guys?”
“I am with Yao Guang on the rooftop 1.5 kilometers southeast of the Calamity Control Bureau headquarters.”
“With Yao Guang?” Ji Mingzhu questioned, “Where is Tian Quan? Hasn’t he returned yet?”
Considering Tian Quan’s personality, he should have been the first to make some teasing remarks at this moment. However, there was no sign of him, which was quite strange.
After a moment of silence in the communication, Yao Guang’s heavy voice resounded, “Tian Quan… he’s dead.”
Yao Guang’s voice carried an indistinct tremor and a hint of sobbing, causing Ji Mingzhu’s heart to sink.
“…Who killed him?” Ji Mingzhu’s tone carried a chilling coldness.
“Tian Ji said, ‘Kai Yang noticed that you both appeared at Wangjing Tower, so Bai Weng suspected Tian Quan of betrayal…'”
Kai Yang, Bai Weng.
And the Netherworld Organization.
Ji Mingzhu took a deep breath, and the warmth in his gaze gradually diminished.
In his memory, he had asked Tian Quan about engaging in such dangerous activities together. What if, one day, they died?
Tian Quan replied, “For someone like me, isn’t it normal to die? You don’t think I can live a hundred years, do you? If that day really comes… take care of Yao Guang for me.”
In the distance, the simultaneous hum of power cores sounded, and a squad of Thunder Division mechs rushed out along the path of the Phoenix Redeemer. They raised their barrels in the direction of Ji Mingzhu.
At the same time, the launch platform of the Calamity Control Bureau’s mech bay activated. Three S-class mechs ascended into the night sky, falling like meteors before landing steadily on the ground, blocking the path of the Phoenix Redeemer.
“…Pilot Ji Mingzhu.”
In the public communication, Wen Kang’s voice sounded, “Please immediately shut down the power core, exit the mech, and do not resist unnecessarily.”
The neon-lit city dazzled under the night sky, reflecting dazzling radiance on the cold armor of dozens of mechs. The bustling streets were filled with countless people looking up at these steel giants, their eyes filled with fear.
“What… what’s happening?”
“Why are there so many mechs… Could it be another wave of aberrations?”
“That voice must be Pilot Wen Kang. It seems like they are trying to arrest someone? Who is this red mech?”
The S-class mechs stood tens of meters tall, and compared to them, the Phoenix Redeemer, also an S-class, seemed somewhat slender. However, all the experienced pilots present knew well the terror of the Phoenix Redeemer.
Amidst the towering skyscrapers, amid the dazzling neon colors, giant steel behemoths stood in the center of the city, brewing a dangerous storm in the air, ready to unleash at any moment.
“Enough with the pleasantries, Brother Wen.”
Ji Mingzhu smiled and opened the public communication channel, “After so many simulated battles, let’s have a real one today.”
Wen Kang listened to Ji Mingzhu’s youthful and clear voice, his expression becoming solemn. After a while, he sighed, “Thunder Division’s Third and Seventh Squads, get ready to open fire.”
“Click, clack—”
The sound of shells being loaded echoed simultaneously, with each dark barrel aimed at the nearby red mech.
In the distance, within office buildings, numerous well-dressed white-collar elites leaned against transparent floor-to-ceiling windows, looking outside and emitting bursts of exclamations. In the past month, whether it was the aberration attacks or the battles within the city, the frequency of large-scale urban battles was simply unprecedented.
Inside an office building, Kai Yang looked at Ji Mingzhu’s Phoenix Redeemer, revealing a hint of surprise.
Phoenix Redeemer… How could it be in the hands of Tian Shu?
Under the night sky in the city of Shangjing, Wen Kang, Mo Hongyu, and Wei Lan, the three Titan pilots, controlled three S-class mechs, surrounding Ji Mingzhu from three different directions.
They also knew that talking too much was futile. Ji Mingzhu would never surrender easily in such a situation. They had worked with Ji Mingzhu for some time and engaged in numerous simulated battles. In a 1v1 scenario, they might not be a match for Ji Mingzhu, an exceptionally talented young pilot. However, in a situation where many fought against few, they didn’t believe their side would lose.
With Wen Kang’s command, a rain of fire instantly dyed the night sky crimson, countless laser cannons heading towards the Phoenix Redeemer. From another perspective, the surrounded Phoenix Redeemer looked like a celestial warrior facing a calamity from mythology. The entire scene was as epic as it was awe-inspiring.
The power core spun, emitting a blue light spray. With Ji Mingzhu’s maneuvers, the Phoenix Redeemer’s figure disappeared in an instant from its original position.
A red lightning tore through the night sky!
“So fast!”
The three Titan pilots felt a chill in their hearts, astonished by the speed of the Phoenix Redeemer. This S-class mech truly lived up to its reputation as the “Red Hunt Lightning,” displaying terrifying maneuverability!
Stillness and then, a sudden thunderous burst!
The red lightning crossed the air at an imperceptible speed, followed by a continuous bombardment of laser cannons. With the targeting systems of most mechs, it was impossible to aim at the moving Phoenix Redeemer!
A crisp sound of a blade gate opening echoed. Wen Kang felt a chill in his heart and, at the same time, opened his blade gate. A gigantic alloy shield-sword appeared in his hand, unfolding in an instant!
As the shield-sword unfolded, the red lightning had already appeared in front of Wen Kang’s mech. The blade “Undying Slash” of the Phoenix Redeemer clashed with the shield-sword, producing a terrifying commotion. Shockwaves spread wildly from the point of impact, shattering bulletproof glass on nearby skyscrapers into powder!
Ji Mingzhu’s eyes squinted slightly as the hand controlling the joystick remained steady and skilled. Several buttons were instantly pressed, and powerful energy surged through every joint and component of the mech. The Phoenix Redeemer launched another assault!
Level 2 Sword Strike!
The slender Phoenix Redeemer moved like a master swordsman at the peak of his skills. After unsheathing the Undying Slash, it turned and struck again, slashing onto the shield-sword. Dazzling sparks, magnified like a hundredfold iron forge, emitted continuous clashes. The rapid movements and accumulated force momentarily made it difficult for Wen Kang to parry. The entire cockpit shook incessantly under the Phoenix Redeemer’s relentless onslaught!
Fast, at an extreme speed!
The Phoenix Redeemer, an S-class mech known for its speed, had sacrificed most heavy firepower systems to achieve this speed. Its attacks relied solely on the Undying Slash. When the speed reached its peak, the terrifying acceleration endowed each of Phoenix Redeemer’s strikes with earth-shattering power.
“I’m coming!”
Wei Lan shouted, seeing Wen Kang in a disadvantageous position. She swiftly activated her mech, joining the battlefield. Wen Kang piloted an S-class heavy-type mech with strong defense, but it was disadvantaged against the Phoenix Redeemer’s swift assault mech. Her Quantum Spark was also an assault-type mech, making her a perfect opponent for Ji Mingzhu.
Wei Lan’s arrival significantly reduced the pressure on Wen Kang. With two sharp whistles, the Quantum Spark’s two arms ejected two slender swords. Engaging in close-quarters combat, Wei Lan’s Quantum Spark joined the intense melee against Ji Mingzhu’s Phoenix Redeemer!
Like two ferocious beasts in direct confrontation, neither side gave in. The Undying Slash and the Twin Light Swords clashed incessantly without a moment’s pause. The buzzing and humming of blades echoed thunderously, leaving both the citizens of Shangjing City and the vigilant Thunder Division mechs in the distance dumbfounded, unable to make a sound.
It was truly breathtaking!
Ji Mingzhu and Wei Lan were both experts in assault-type mechs and top-level mech blade combat. The battle unfolded in a dazzling and confusing manner. Blades and swords collided, slicing through armor and targeting mech joints. With increasing intensity and speed, the two mechs created a path of devastation, resembling a hurricane sweeping through. Cars on the streets were sent flying by the shockwaves and air currents generated in the combat!
Wei Lan became increasingly amazed as the fight progressed. Ji Mingzhu’s reactions were just too fast. Even though he was piloting the Phoenix Redeemer, there was no sense that his reflexes and maneuvers couldn’t keep up. If it were an ordinary Thunder Division pilot, they would have long lost control due to such rapid speed changes. Yet Ji Mingzhu handled the battle effortlessly, leaving Wei Lan uncertain of where his limits lay!
The two mechs collided again, neither willing to give in. Intense fireworks burst forth, and under the reaction force, the two massive mechs simultaneously bounced backward.
Ji Mingzhu’s Phoenix Redeemer landed lightly, stabilizing its posture, while Wei Lan’s Quantum Spark appeared slightly more disheveled, struggling to maintain the mech’s balance. In the intense clash of mech blades, both pilots were on edge, tightly stretched nerves pushing them to their limits. Neither dared to slow down or ease the pace, as doing so could result in the catastrophic outcome of their mechs exploding!
Before Wei Lan could fully stabilize, the Phoenix Redeemer suddenly vanished from its original position!
Wide-eyed, Wei Lan was caught off guard. In the moment the Phoenix Redeemer disappeared, warning lights in her cockpit instantly turned red!
A mech arm soared into the sky!
As if teleporting, Ji Mingzhu, who was in Wei Lan’s field of view just a second ago, appeared behind her in the next. The Undying Slash swung high, severing the arm of the Quantum Spark. Only when his Phoenix Redeemer reappeared did the severed mech arm fall to the ground, and a delayed sonic boom echoed in the air.
The Phoenix Instant Acceleration System, the ace up the Phoenix Redeemer’s sleeve, achieved an instantaneous speed of 16 Mach, surpassing the human reaction limit completely!
“Sorry, Sister Wei Lan.”
Ji Mingzhu’s voice echoed in Wei Lan’s cockpit. Wei Lan saw the Phoenix Redeemer standing up from a half-kneeling position in front of her. The bright red Undying Slash traced a sharp arc across the night sky.
“You can’t stop me.”

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Biting my nails, waiting for the next update…

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Very nerve wrecking, from the beginning MC had to walk in a tightrope with no chance of escaping because of the secret he hold 😓

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