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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 68

  1. I always keep my word.

Ji Mingzhu’s words sounded arrogant.

Surrounded on all sides by personnel from the Division, Thunder Division deployed a large number of mech units to intercept Ji Mingzhu’s mech. In addition to the three Titan pilots, numerous Thunder Division pilots sat atop mechs guarding various key routes. The laser cannon muzzles were constantly aimed at the Phoenix Redeemer’s position. Regardless of whether it was a mech with a size of several meters or just a fly, there was no chance of flying out today.


Mo Hongyu opened his mouth, intending to persuade Ji Mingzhu not to resist, to obediently go back with them. However, the words were hard to utter.

As fellow Titan pilots, he certainly knew what awaited Ji Mingzhu if he chose to give up resistance. If it were him, rather than accepting Sky City’s brainwashing and becoming a puppet, it would be better to try to break through, even if the ultimate cost was his own life— at least he would die on his own terms.

Mo Hongyu sighed, suppressing the words of persuasion: “Bring it on, then.”


The power cores of the three S-class mechs simultaneously revved up. In the heavy hum, Wen Kang, Wei Lan, and Mo Hongyu simultaneously activated their mechs, charging toward Ji Mingzhu from three different directions!

Facing the simultaneous siege of three Titan pilots, this was an extraordinarily challenging situation, even beyond what had been experienced in world-class competitions. Sitting in the cockpit, Ji Mingzhu couldn’t help but feel excited. His blood surged through his veins as he pushed the control lever to the limit—

Level 2 overclocking!

The crimson Phoenix Redeemer stepped forward in large strides to meet the challenge. The power core’s output instantly reached its maximum, and the Undying Slash clashed with Wei Lan’s mech’s twin swords!


The collision of the two iron giants generated an impact of such high intensity that it could rupture eardrums. Seeing this, many Thunder Division mechs refrained from opening fire. On one hand, with four Titan pilots engaging in combat, intervening recklessly might result in friendly fire. On the other hand, the force field of the S-class mechs was so powerful that ordinary mechs would find it challenging to inflict real damage.

Ji Mingzhu’s mech swordsmanship was both sharp and splendid. Whether in terms of pressure or precise control of the combat aircraft, it made Wei Lan secretly astonished. After a few clashes between the Phoenix Redeemer and Wei Lan’s mech, Ji Mingzhu suddenly retreated, activating the instantaneous acceleration system, and in an almost teleportation-like flicker, appeared behind Mo Hongyu!

Mo Hongyu was surprised, and before he could react, the alloy-titanium blade of the Phoenix Redeemer flashed, fiercely chopping down towards his power core!

In the nick of time, Wen Kang arrived piloting his mech, opened the shield sword, and blocked this strike for Mo Hongyu.

Ji Mingzhu was not surprised. The Undying Slash bounced off the shield sword upon slight contact. He hadn’t utilized overclocking power for this strike. In the moment of contact, he elegantly withdrew like a feather, turned around, lifted his knee, activated overclocking, and kicked the mech approaching from behind, driven by Wei Lan.

Bang, bang, bang—

Wei Lan’s mech was somewhat dazed by this sudden kick. Ji Mingzhu’s effortlessly executed high-difficulty overclocking was a formidable presence in mech combat, even making Wei Lan, also a Titan pilot, couldn’t help but admire. She raised her twin swords to block the kick, and at the same time, her entire mech also retreated a few steps, leaving deep craters in the street under the impact.

The combat destructive power of S-class mechs in urban warfare was enormous. Even though Wen Kang and the others had tried their best to restrain their movements, it was inevitable that they would smash through several buildings during the fight. Under the impact of the alloy steel body, the cement structures were as fragile as paper. The flickering neon lights intermittently illuminated the Phoenix Redeemer, giving it a somewhat ominous atmosphere.

Ji Mingzhu successfully landed the unexpected kick. Without hesitation, he flicked the Undying Slash again and launched a fierce attack on Wen Kang’s shield sword!

Clang, clang, clang, clang—

Sparks flew fiercely, and Wen Kang, piloting the heavy mech known for its defense, operated without any issues. Facing Ji Mingzhu’s intense attacks from all directions, Wen Kang was not afraid and responded with calmness.

Offense and defense, fast and slow, the two of them did not give in to each other. The impact sounds were earth-shattering, showcasing a textbook-worthy Raymond Mech Blade offensive and defensive technique in front of everyone’s eyes!

Fluent, splendid, like a dangerous performance on the edge of a blade!


A resounding cheer erupted from the onlooking Thunder Division pilots as the two mechs clashed in an unparalleled rhythm. The opposing force fields tore at each other, resembling a fierce battle in an arena, dazzling the spectators. Even for those not directly involved, the overwhelming rhythm could be felt.

The duel between Ji Mingzhu and Wen Kang lasted only three seconds. With an inexplicable crouch from Wen Kang, Ji Mingzhu’s heart skipped a beat, prompting him to instinctively activate the Phoenix Instant Acceleration. His figure flickered and disappeared in an instant.


The next moment, several dazzling laser beams came from behind Wen Kang, blasting a deep pit where Ji Mingzhu had just stood. Cement debris scattered, and the high temperature instantly melted the greenery on both sides of the street into ashes!

Mo Hongyu was astonished as he retracted the laser cannon, wondering how he managed to react so quickly?!

Ji Mingzhu, with rich experience in team battles, had been targeted numerous times as the core player on the professional stage. Therefore, he understood the crucial importance of maintaining a global perspective while facing multiple opponents.

Leveraging the high maneuverability of the Phoenix Redeemer, Ji Mingzhu didn’t linger in the fight. He attempted to break through when an opportunity arose, and if unsuccessful, he immediately withdrew. He exploited the advantages of the Phoenix Redeemer to the fullest!

Under the gaze of countless eyes, Ji Mingzhu unexpectedly withstood the pressure from three Titan pilots. The red lightning in the night sky became the most dazzling color in Shangjing City tonight!

Compared to the Battle of Zhu Jiuyin against the aberration tide, Ji Mingzhu, without the imposing aura of piloting a Titan, utilized the Phoenix Redeemer, similar to the others. All were S-level mechs, lacking any model advantage. Every slash, every movement, every acceleration, and overclocking came from his own piloting skills and techniques!

Watching the satellite-transmitted footage, the ministers in the command room also stood up one after another.

What a terrifying driving technique… even more dazzling than the Red Guard Commander back in the day!

If Ji Mingzhu wasn’t affiliated with the Netherworld Organization but instead a loyal Titan pilot of the Calamity Control Bureau… what a wonderful thing it would be, making the Calamity Control Bureau wake up with a smile even in their dreams.

Unfortunately, such a pilot, once their loyalty can’t be guaranteed, would become a significant threat to the Calamity Control Bureau and even to Sky City. Moreover, Ji Mingzhu now possessed an S-level mech not registered with the Calamity Control Bureau. If he were allowed to escape, it would indeed lead to endless trouble.

On the battlefield, Ji Mingzhu continued to battle three S-level mechs. Relying on the speed advantage of the Phoenix Redeemer, he swiftly maneuvered through the battlefield, ensuring that all three opponents remained within his field of view, preventing any surprise attacks from behind. This demanded precise piloting skills and a comprehensive situational awareness. Facing Titan pilots, he couldn’t afford a single mistake, as any slip-up would lead to a complete defeat!


Mo Hongyu’s laser cannon once again targeted Ji Mingzhu’s landing spot. Seeing that the Phoenix Redeemer was about to be hit by the laser, Ji Mingzhu suddenly reached out in mid-air. A thin barrel popped out from the arm frame, firing a beam toward the ground!

The Light Sword-Piercing Beam!

This was the Phoenix Redeemer’s unique three-shot energy beam, serving as its only long-range heavy firepower. At this moment, it became Ji Mingzhu’s lifeline!

The Light Sword-Piercing Beam, carrying a dazzling white light, hit the ground, generating a massive recoil force. The Phoenix Redeemer’s position in the air shifted, and Mo Hongyu accurately predicted that the laser cannon did not hit directly but grazed Ji Mingzhu’s leg armor.

Nevertheless, it still knocked off a portion of the Phoenix Redeemer’s leg armor. For optimal maneuverability, the Phoenix Redeemer’s armor was a lightweight carbon-titanium alloy. Although it could withstand the high temperatures generated by the friction during the Phoenix Instant Acceleration, reducing shock to the cockpit, it lagged in defensive capabilities. When facing ordinary mechs, it could rely on the force field of an S-level mech to withstand attacks. Still, now Ji Mingzhu faced another S-class mech, and even a grazing laser cannon was enough to pose a serious threat.

However, Ji Mingzhu was, after all, Ji Mingzhu. He paid no attention to the armor fragments flying out. As soon as they landed, he leaped again, narrowly evading Wei Lan’s Light Sword attack. At the same time, the other two Light Sword-Piercing Beams were also launched.

Variable Frequency Shooting?

Wei Lan was surprised, pulling back the control stick just in time to maneuver her mech narrowly. However, Ji Mingzhu had severed one of her arms with the Undying Slash earlier, slightly affecting her balance. This evasive action caused a slight deformation in the mech.

Though it was an extremely subtle flaw in operation, even slow-motion replay might not reveal it. But what level of professional player was Ji Mingzhu? He seized this fleeting opportunity with incredible precision!


The Phoenix Instant Acceleration activated in an instant. Ji Mingzhu’s movements were incredibly fast. Even Wen Kang, who had a premonition, couldn’t react in time to provide support. In the next second, Ji Mingzhu’s Phoenix Redeemer appeared above Wei Lan’s mech.

The Undying Slash descended like the scythe of the Grim Reaper, cutting through the air with a thunderous roar, severing her power core!

The blue light emitted from the power core extinguished in an instant!

…God ah!

Everyone who witnessed this scene widened their eyes. Facing three opponents and still not falling behind, the mech that counter-killed Wei Lan—what kind of immortal being was this?

In the intense battle, opportunities always existed; it depended on whether you could seize them. In this regard, Ji Mingzhu, as a world champion, had never been surpassed by anyone.

The movement and clashes of the four S-class mechs were earth-shattering. People from all corners of the city watched this scene, unaware of the specifics, but judging from the operation of the red mech and its unique, dazzling, and smooth style, it was undoubtedly Ji Mingzhu at the controls.

Witnessing the Phoenix Redeemer decisively cut down Wei Lan’s mech, many people in the city couldn’t help but cheer.

Indeed, it was Ji Mingzhu. He must be Ji Mingzhu!

Pilot Ji Mingzhu was an invincible existence!

Amidst the cheers and optimism of others, Yao Guang on the celestial platform felt a bit uneasy. Watching the display of the Phoenix Redeemer’s power core energy, he couldn’t help but remind, “Tian Shu, your energy is running low. Don’t linger in the battle; make a quick breakout!”

There is an old saying: “When overclocking is activated, pork becomes unaffordable.” This exaggeration is apt to describe the incredible energy consumption of overclocking. If used frequently, even the wealthiest conglomerates wouldn’t be able to afford pork the next day. Although this saying might be hyperbolic, Ji Mingzhu, an enthusiast of overclocking, had nearly depleted the energy of the Phoenix Redeemer’s power core after this battle!


Ji Mingzhu responded without paying any more attention to Wei Lan’s mech, heading once again towards Mo Hongyu’s position!

The Undying Slash left deep gouges on the ground, and neon lights flickered unpredictably on the red armor. His momentum was unstoppable, like a hungry eagle disregarding everything. Anyone witnessing this would think he wanted to cut Mo Hongyu down without a care!

Facing the fiercely approaching Phoenix Redeemer, Mo Hongyu’s heart skipped a beat, feeling suddenly underestimated.

Allowing Ji Mingzhu to seize the opportunity to destroy Wei Lan’s mech was one thing, but did he think she was an easy target too?!

Just as she was preparing to confront him, a large number of laser beams suddenly rained down from the sky, creating thunderous explosions on the ground, blocking Ji Mingzhu’s path.

The Phoenix Redeemer came to a sudden halt. Everyone on the battlefield looked up, and a navy-blue mech stood prominently in the night sky, with numerous barrels pointed in Ji Mingzhu’s direction.

“Ji Mingzhu!” A familiar voice echoed on the public channel. “Come and have a fight with me!”

Ji Mingzhu: “…”

“Li Li?!” Wen Kang exclaimed, “What are you doing here?!”

“For such an exciting event of capturing Ji Mingzhu, how could I miss out?” Li Li laughed arrogantly. “Even if you don’t invite me, can’t I come on my own?”

In the command room, all the ministers’ eyes turned to Zuo Quanzong, with the same question in their eyes: What’s going on?!

Zuo Quanzong shrugged, “Don’t look at me; she is a Titan pilot from Yangyuan City, not under my jurisdiction.”

Though he said that, how could Li Li possibly get an S-class mech without your authorization? It couldn’t be that she stole it, right?

With the appearance of Li Li, the situation turned desperate for Yao Guang.

“Boom! Boom!”

Accompanied by Li Li’s loud laughter, a large number of laser beams headed towards Ji Mingzhu. It formed a massive coverage of firepower.

Ji Mingzhu started evading the attacks, but soon he sensed that something was off.

Li Li’s assault seemed like an attempt to block his route, but oddly enough, her shooting trajectory wasn’t that precise. Ji Mingzhu had sparred with Li Li a few times in simulation battles, and he naturally knew her skill. Honestly, without getting in close with a mech blade, given Li Li’s firepower suppression capability, defeating her was not an easy task.

However, Li Li’s current performance didn’t match her usual standard. Not only were there loopholes in her firepower web, but she also seemed to obstruct the attack routes of Wen Kang and Mo Hongyu, nearly causing Wen Kang’s mech to be hit several times.

“Don’t mess around, Li Li!”

Wen Kang said sternly, “We don’t need your help; we can handle it ourselves.”

Are you here to make trouble?

Li Li hummed a song, automatically filtering out Wen Kang’s voice. She reached to turn on the music, ready to enter the familiar rhythm of rock.

The beautiful music echoed on the battlefield, but what played wasn’t Li Li’s usual explosive rock; instead, it was a melodious and elegant classical piece.

In the graceful melody of the intertwining flute and cello, Li Li’s expression turned as if she had tasted something disgusting, instantly fuming with anger. “Ji Mingzhu! I’ll kill you!”

The firepower web instantly intensified by threefold.

Ji Mingzhu smirked, “You’re welcome; I always keep my word.”

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