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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 7

  1. Incredible Magnificent Operation

Tian Quan’s finger trembled as it rested on the trigger. The events unfolding before them caught everyone off guard. Even Yu Heng, experienced and composed as she was, had a moment of confusion in her eyes.

Jin Qing is dead?

Their mission target, dead just like that?

Yu Heng instinctively thought it was Tian Quan who fired the shot, but quickly realized it wasn’t. The K81 Annihilator in Tian Quan’s hand was just a medium sniper rifle with a suppressor, nowhere near powerful or impactful enough. The gunshot that reverberated through the night sky just now was at least a sniper rifle of anti-mecha level!

Jin Qing’s unexpected death caught everyone off guard. Before the people present could even react, violent explosions erupted from both sides of the buildings!


Fire soared into the sky, and the glass windows on the sides of the buildings shattered into scattered fragments, reflecting the colors of the fire like stars falling onto the road. The sudden hum of mecha activation and the beast-like growls shattered the silence of the night.


In the next moment, numerous dark figures burst out from the shattered windows of the buildings, resembling a pack of long-dormant wolves pouncing on their prey. Amidst the flames, Ji Mingzhu finally saw the appearance of these assailants.

Mechas of different models and painted in different colors streamed out of the buildings in an orderly manner. Compared to the standardized mechs of the Calamity Control Bureau, these mechas appeared somewhat chaotic, like an assortment of troops. However, their numbers were astonishingly large, at least twenty mechs!

Not only that, but among the attackers’ ranks, there were also many strange creatures that Ji Mingzhu had never seen before. Some were covered in spikes, some were entirely red and resembled mantises, while others had a soft-bodied appearance with fresh slime on their bodies…

The only commonality among these creatures was their enormous size, with the largest reaching almost twenty meters and the smallest still measuring around six or seven meters. Their intimidation was on par with the ten-meter mechas, if not greater.

What is this?!

Ji Mingzhu watched in disbelief as the mechs and creatures descended alongside the star-like glass shards. A single word quickly flashed through his mind.


“They’re Aberrations!”

Yu Heng’s voice sounded through gritted teeth, carrying an unmistakable anger. “They’re from Feibo!”


Another term Ji Mingzhu hadn’t heard before. This world was even more turbulent than he had imagined. Within such a short period of time, three different factions had gathered on this deserted street, far beyond Ji Mingzhu’s expectations.

The members of the Calamity Control Bureau responded quickly. After all, they were well-trained soldiers. The moment the unknown mechas and aberrations appeared, Calamity Control Bureau immediately assumed a defensive posture. The guards driving heavy motorcycles in the front swiftly circled around at high speed, and the heavy weapons mounted on the motorcycles were activated one after another. Countless missiles whistled through the air, bombarding the enemies in the sky like raindrops.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Explosions reverberated incessantly, flames swept through the air, and the temperature soared instantly. The unknown mechs and aberrations at the forefront were engulfed in flames, with blue blood splattering down. However, it was clear that these firepower attacks couldn’t stop the prepared enemies. Accompanied by the thud of heavy objects hitting the ground, the Striker mechs and aberrations landed and immediately rushed towards the troops of the Calamity Control Bureau!

A fierce battle erupted in a flash. Ji Mingzhu saw a colossal unicorn rhinoceros, nearly fifteen meters tall, charging like a tank. Its hooves shattered the solid ground it trod upon, flipping over the parked trucks on either side. The terrifying destructive power was undeniable. The front-line members of the Calamity Control Bureau’s Fire Division couldn’t evade in time. The unicorn rhinoceros aberration trampled over them, flattening two guards instantly, their flesh mingling with the shattered ground, blood and body parts flying!

Ji Mingzhu inwardly cursed. “Fourth Squad of the Thunder Division, face the enemy ahead! Fire Division members hold the formation and eliminate aberrations below C-Class. Inform the Jupiter Division and request reinforcements!”

Huo Zai took direct command. The twenty Aerial Raiders behind the team quickly dispersed. As the iron chains rattled, the Aeria’s sharp scythe-like horns were firmly grasped in their hands.

“Bang! Bang! Bang…”

The simultaneous actions of the twenty Aerial Raiders created a tremendous momentum. Under Huo Zai’s command, they swiftly charged forward, preparing to intercept a large number of mechs and aberrations head-on.

However, Ji Mingzhu and Kai Yang, who hadn’t received internal communication from the Calamity Control Bureau, did not move together with the other mechas. They stood still, appearing out of place.

“Yu Heng, what do we do now?” Kai Yang’s voice rang out through the communication channel, filled with urgency. “Jin Qing is dead. Should we retreat immediately?”

“You guys…”

Yu Heng was about to give the order to retreat, but in the next moment, she paused. She quickly glanced down and pursed her lips. “Hold off on retreating for now. Let’s try to buy some time and wait for reinforcements from the Calamity Control Bureau. Yao Guang!”

Yao Guang operated the controls on the computer. “The Calamity Control Bureau’s distress signal was just intercepted by me. Wait a moment, I’ll deactivate the blocking system.”

“Yu Heng, are you out of your mind?”

Kai Yang’s tone was shocked. “There are over twenty mechas from Striker, and so many Aberrations! Plus, Jin Qing is already dead! Our mission has failed!!”

The situation here is extremely unfavorable for the Calamity Control Bureau. Feibo clearly came prepared, and the power gap between the two sides is too great. Ji Mingzhu and Tian Shu staying here to buy time for the Calamity Control Bureau is nothing but suicide! Besides, even if they manage to hold on, it would be difficult for them to escape unscathed when surrounded by Striker after the Calamity Control Bureau’s reinforcements arrive.

“I know.”

Yu Heng’s voice had calmed down. “But Director Gao must not die. You need to protect him. If the situation becomes uncontrollable, take Director Gao and leave.”

Ji Mingzhu’s expression froze upon hearing this. His gaze fell near Director Jin Qing’s vehicle, where two people stood surrounded by members of the Fire Division guards, clearly high-ranking individuals.

Director Gao?

It seemed that this Director Gao was the undercover agent planted by the Netherworld within the Calamity Control Bureau.

While Ji Mingzhu was still pondering, his face darkened the next second, and his hands swiftly grasped the two main control levers.

The Aerial Raider’s sharp horned scythe shot out like lightning, completing an incredibly swift turn in place!

The V-shaped scythe sliced through the air, emitting a sharp whistle. It seemed to come into contact with a highly adhesive substance, but the tremendous resistance did not hinder its forward momentum. The moment the two objects made contact, a faint buzzing hum resonated from the joints of the Aerial Raider as its power core spun rapidly, and the intricate internal components meshed and moved.


The titanium alloy gleamed like a smooth mirror, cleaving the oncoming soft-bodied aberration into two. The scythe blade split the creature’s body, reflecting the slender figure of the Aerial Raider and the myriad of flames, as if a glorious dawn was rising. Dark blue blood splattered upwards, and the divided aberration’s body fell to the ground with a squishy thud, resembling sticky rice cakes.

Ji Mingzhu furrowed his brow. For some reason, an inexplicable sense of unease surged within him.

“Your adrenaline is rapidly increasing, and your heart rate is showing slight abnormalities.”

Axu detected Ji Mingzhu’s body data and asked, “What happened?”

Ji Mingzhu shook his head. “Nothing, it’s just that the situation is a bit…”

After all, gaming and reality were different. The feeling of killing enemies in a game and witnessing a scene with blood flying in reality was completely different.

But there was no time for Ji Mingzhu to adjust his mindset now. The manpower and number of mechas on the Calamity Control Bureau’s side were at a disadvantage. The defensive line formed by the twenty Aerial Raiders was already precarious. The Aberrations seemed fearless of death as they continuously launched attacks towards the direction where Jin Qing was, their target not necessarily being the already deceased Jin Qing, but possibly Director Gao.


“Boom! Boom!”


The mechas from Striker and the Calamity Control Bureau had begun their frontal clash. A heavy mecha raised an energy shield and pushed forward like a bulldozer, attempting to break through the defense of the Calamity Control Bureau. The performance of the Calamity Control Bureau’s mechas was significantly stronger than Feibo’s. Several Aerial Raiders leaped high into the air, and a large number of missiles rained down, creating a magnificent baptism of firepower!

Explosions echoed non-stop, and armor fragments scattered in all directions under the impact. The Aberrations, whose size was comparable to the mechas, resembled hungry beasts as they pounced and tore at the joints of another Aerial Raider. Their sharp teeth quickly bit through the sturdy exterior armor, and a several-meter-long steel arm was torn off and thrown aside, emitting a heavy roar and raising clouds of dust.

The Heavy Motorcycles of the Fire Division took advantage of their agility and constantly maneuvered on the battlefield. They aimed at the smaller-sized Aberrations and fired a series of bullets, leaving a trail of bullet holes on the bodies of the small Aberrations. With the cover of the Fire Division, the mechas of the Thunder Division managed to avoid being completely scattered and maintained a relatively stable formation.

The surrounding buildings began to collapse under the cover of intense firepower, with cement blocks and steel falling down one after another. The mechas from the Calamity Control Bureau and Striker swiftly evaded the debris due to their agility. However, the bulky Aberrations were not as fortunate. The red mantis-like Aberration was directly pierced through its body by falling steel, splitting it in half at the waist!

“Thud! Thud! Thud!”

Amidst the horrified gazes of the Calamity Control Bureau’s personnel, the nearly twenty-meter-tall Rhino-like Aberration charged once again. The ground trembled under the tremendous impact, resembling a small-scale earthquake. The massive cement blocks that hit its body seemed insignificant, as if it was an unstoppable bulldozer!

“Fall back!”

Huo Zai’s voice resounded through the communication system of the Calamity Control Bureau. However, in the midst of intense combat, it was difficult to quickly respond to commands. The two mechas closest to the Aberration, one belonging to the Calamity Control Bureau and the other to the Striker organization, were launched high into the air by the impact of the charging Rhino-like Aberration. The terrifying force caused them to disintegrate in mid-air, and the scattered parts flattened flower beds on the road!

The suicidal attacks disregarded the distinction between friend and foe. Feibo’s objective couldn’t be clearer. They were like a group of brainwashed fanatics, fighting towards the direction of Director Gao, even if it meant sacrificing their own lives.

“Tian Shu!”

Kai Yang faced the charging Rhino-like Aberration, his voice filled with terror.

It was an unstoppable charge! Not to mention the cement debris and vehicles blocking its path, at this rate, they, along with Director Gao, would be trampled into a pile of mud!

“Shut up.”

Ji Mingzhu said coldly.

The Netherworld, Feibo, Director Gao—none of them mattered to him.

He only wanted to stay alive.

“That pair of mechas…”

In the intense battlefield, Ji Mingzhu and Kai Yang’s mechas seemed out of place. While the other mechas from the Calamity Control Bureau were desperately trying to halt the advance of the Feibo organization, the two of them stood abruptly still. This scene quickly caught Huo Zai’s attention.

“Those two mechas, immediately report your team numbers!” Huo Zai narrowed his eyes and promptly commanded through the communication.

Silence filled the communication channel, and no one responded to him.

Director Gao stood tremblingly beside Huo Zai. He was just an ordinary official. When had he ever witnessed such a situation? The forceful gusts generated by explosions brought glass and cement fragments flying, stinging their faces. If it weren’t for Huo Zai being there, Director Gao would have collapsed to the ground.

“Attention, all squads of the Thunder Division…”

Huo Zai realized that something was amiss with those two mechas. Just as he was about to alert the other squads to be on guard, one of the mechas had already sprung into action!


The shoulder-mounted propulsion system spun rapidly, and the Aeria’s sharp horn scythe, with its attached chains, soared through the air, resembling extended tentacles that firmly hooked onto the broken edges of the nearby buildings!

Ji Mingzhu’s face remained calm, an unprecedented calmness. He coldly stared at the charging Rhino-like Aberration through the screen of the cockpit. His hands tightly gripped the controls while simultaneously pressing several buttons at lightning speed.

If it were his teammates from the familiar squad here, they wouldn’t even dare to breathe heavily at this moment.

It was evident that Ji Mingzhu, the renowned world champion in the esports community, the legendary player known as the god-tier warrior in the game “Warfall,” was currently in a very bad mood.

Ji Mingzhu was truly furious. Ever since he arrived in this world, he had been forced into various inexplicable situations, like a small boat drifting amidst a tsunami. His fate was not in his control, and even life and death were not subject to his command. Ji Mingzhu considered himself a person with a good temperament, and in the esports circle, he could even be described as extremely Zen. But even clay figurines had a limit to their temper, let alone him?

This oblivious and grotesque rhino-like monster before his eyes was now his best outlet for venting.

“Hummm… Tss!”

The power system spun at high load, and the intense blue light from the head and chest dazzled, while large amounts of vapor spewed out from the joints and crevices of the mecha. Kai Yang looked at Ji Mingzhu’s mecha in shock.

Damn, it’s the Botler Type-0 Power Overclock?!

In the next instant, the chains of the Aerial sharp horn scythe contracted like lightning, as if a bowstring had been pulled to its limit before releasing. It lifted the body of the Aerial Raider high into the air, and its massive and slender shadow almost merged with the moon!

The sharp horn scythe retracted, gliding through the air with an extremely smooth arc. In the blink of an eye, it was firmly grasped in the hand. The Aerial Raider, suspended in mid-air, resembled a seasoned gymnast. Combining a one and a half rotation with a military-style reverse grip, the sharp horn scythe carried tremendous force due to its immense inertia and came crashing down with a screech that tore through the air!


The Rhino-like Aberration was struck with a terrifying wound as Ji Mingzhu cleaved it straight down from the top of its head. Dark blue blood gushed out continuously from the exposed wound!

However, it wasn’t over yet. The Aerial Raider swiftly landed, assuming a half-kneeling posture and stopping steadily. Its colossal twelve-meter frame made the already shattered ground tremble slightly.

The Rhino-like Aberration let out a furious roar and swung its head violently toward Ji Mingzhu. But as an agile assault-type mecha, the Aerial Raider moved swiftly, retracting two steps to create distance. At the same time, its shoulder clicked open, and the G7 Laser Shoulder Cannon fired several rockets at close range. Accompanied by a continuous series of deafening explosions, the rockets landed solidly on the head of the Aberration!

The explosion generated a shockwave that came head-on, making it difficult for even the towering mecha to maintain stability. Seizing the opportunity, the Aerial Raider swiftly leaped, executing an incredibly skillful maneuver in front of everyone’s eyes. It landed, swiftly turned around, smoothly absorbing the impact of the landing, and then spun around, seamlessly retracting the iron chain of the Sharp Horn Scythe.

Slicing sounds filled the air as the massive hooves of the Aberration suffered a deep, bone-revealing wound from the cutting force of the chain. This was the fatal blow. Overwhelmed by intense pain and losing balance, it stumbled forward, almost crashing into a nearby building. It then collapsed with a thunderous crash, its enormous horn shattering, and deep blue blood gushing out. In an instant, the blood threatened to flood the street, as its internal organs had ruptured under its weight and the impact.

Desperately trying to rise again, the Aberration almost kicked apart two nearby mechas in its struggles. However, all its efforts were in vain. After a few seconds, it ceased moving.

“This…” Deputy Director Huo Zai widened his eyes, looking at the scene before him in disbelief.

The thunderous collapse of the fallen Aberration’s body momentarily overshadowed the other sounds of the battlefield. The fierce combat seemed to quiet down for an instant at that very moment.


Striker will be changed to Feibo. I’ll work on the edits but I might miss some but kindly inform me if you come across “Striker”.

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