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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 71

  1. Interrogation

Ji Mingzhu walked straight ahead, leaving behind the screams and noisy crowd. He pressed down on the brim of his hat, reached the corner of the street, and patted the bewildered Yao Guang.

Yao Guang swallowed hard, “Is he dead?”

“Dead,” Ji Mingzhu said.

There was no doubt about this. Axiu’s Asura mode understood every structure on the human body better than the world’s top assassins. Not to mention a sharp ballpoint pen, even a piece of paper could become a lethal weapon in Axiu’s hands.

The last time Axiu activated the Asura mode, Ji Mingzhu had lost consciousness. Although the four assassins had died in the end, Ji Mingzhu hadn’t seen the entire process, only knowing the outcome.

However, this time, Ji Mingzhu was very clear-headed. He could feel his body losing control, guided by an invisible force to perform actions. Swift, clean, without any hesitation, in an instant, a life disappeared in his hands.

It was the first time Ji Mingzhu had such a direct and vivid experience of the fragility of life. He thought he might have an adverse reaction, but in reality, he didn’t. He looked coldly at Kai Yang’s death, feeling no emotional fluctuations, even finding it somewhat unbelievable.

Did Kai Yang have even a shred of sympathy when shooting Tian Quan?


For the Netherworld, everyone, including themselves, was just a tool. The records in the files of the Calamity Control Bureau clearly documented the crimes of the Netherworld. They proclaimed themselves as the army of justice, fighting against the rule of the Sky City. However, everything they did was much more brutal than the Sky City.

“Let’s go.”

Ji Mingzhu spoke and then walked in another direction, leading the way.

Having just emerged from the Asura mode, his tone seemed somewhat stern, carrying a chilling indifference that sent shivers down the spine.

However, Yao Guang showed no sign of fear. He knew that the chilling tone in Ji Mingzhu’s voice was directed at someone else.

Yao Guang finally glanced back at Kai Yang lying at the intersection. A trace of resentment flickered in his eyes before he turned his head and followed Ji Mingzhu without looking back.

Ji Mingzhu walked a bit fast, and Yao Guang, following behind, gradually distanced himself. Sensing this, Ji Mingzhu turned around and extended his hand toward Yao Guang.

Yao Guang hesitated for a moment.

The bright streetlight illuminated Ji Mingzhu’s hat, casting a shadow, and Ji Mingzhu’s appearance was not clear. Unexplainably, in Yao Guang’s eyes, Ji Mingzhu’s image merged with the memory of Tian Quan.

A long time ago, on that chaotic and contentious street in the slums, Tian Quan had reached out to him in the same way, with a visible disdain on his face, but his voice was gentle. He said to the young Yao Guang, “Hold on, don’t walk so slowly.”

Yao Guang’s eyes felt a bit sore. He quickly wiped away a tear from the corner of his eye, briskly approached, and held Ji Mingzhu’s hand.

People were bustling on the streets of Shangjing City, with monorails, shuttles, and cars intertwining. Surrounding them were towering buildings combining ancient and futuristic styles, adorned with colorful laser lights and advertisement signs. In such a lively and vibrant night, the two figures, one large and one small, holding hands, disappeared at the end of the street.

“Kai Yang is dead?!”

Bai Weng asked incredulously.

Tian Ji nodded.

Bai Weng’s expression fluctuated between darkness and brightness.

A ballpoint pen, a single lethal strike—this skillful and precise technique sounded like the work of a top-notch assassin. Logically, it seemed like the style of a dark web killer, but for some reason, Bai Weng had an unexplainable premonition that this must be the handiwork of Ji Mingzhu.

Thinking of what Ji Mingzhu had said last night, Bai Weng couldn’t help but feel a chill creeping over him.

“Has Tian Shu gone mad?”

Bai Weng couldn’t understand one question.

Tian Shu is the confidant of the Netherworld. Since the moment he was cloned, Bai Weng has almost watched him grow up. Although silent, he faithfully executed every order from the Netherworld. Even in tasks with life-threatening risks, Tian Shu never hesitated.

His loyalty was beyond doubt, so Bai Weng never thought about the possibility of betrayal. Otherwise, tasks like infiltrating the Calamity Control Bureau and seizing the Titan wouldn’t be assigned to someone with unstable loyalty. Bai Weng even had the idea of having Tian Shu join the Core Council, showing how much he trusted Tian Shu.

Yet, Tian Shu still betrayed them, without any warning or signs before. It was as if… he was a different person.

“Who knows.” Tian Ji replied calmly.

Bai Weng was currently in an office building. After the Harold Group was sealed by the Calamity Control Bureau, Bai Weng transferred some funds and, with his previous connections, planned to make a comeback. With the support of the Netherworld in the shadows and Bai Weng’s own business acumen, creating another Harold Group was not a difficult task.

“I will report to the Core Council.” Bai Weng couldn’t figure out the reason behind Tian Shu’s betrayal after thinking for a long time. He then said, “Tian Ji, you should leave first. Notify the Earth Womb Team to guard the surroundings. If Tian Shu is found, take action immediately.”

Kaiyang was dead, and Bai Weng wasn’t a fool. He knew that if Ji Mingzhu were to act again, the next target would be him.


Tian Ji nodded respectfully, then left the office.

After closing the door, Tian Ji turned around and said, “I’ve sent the Earth Womb Team away. Move quickly.”

In the shadows outside the door, Ji Mingzhu and Yao Guang approached. Ji Mingzhu patted Tian Ji on the shoulder and said, “Thank you for your hard work.”

“It’s not too difficult.” Tian Ji shrugged. “Born under an ill star.”

“After all these actions, the Netherworld should quickly suspect you.”

Ji Mingzhu thought for a moment and said, “After it’s over, come with us.”

“It’s the same to me.” Tian Ji smiled, “You helped me break free from control, gave me freedom, so I’ll help you do what you want to do. If you need me to stay in the Netherworld to continue gathering information for you, I’ll stay. If you need me to leave with you, I’ll leave.”

As a modified human, he lacked some of the emotions that humans should have, such as ideals and goals, which were very unfamiliar to Tian Ji. The Netherworld created modified humans to make them obedient. All modified humans never thought about their own destinies. As long as the Netherworld gave orders, they would faithfully execute them—simple as that.

However, after breaking free from the control program, Tian Ji had his own thoughts and considerations. Although he still didn’t know what ideals and goals were, he enjoyed the freedom and the feeling of being uncontrolled. Compared to the Netherworld’s orders, he preferred Ji Mingzhu’s tone of consulting him. It made Tian Ji feel like a genuine person, not just a tool.

Ji Mingzhu nodded, then opened the door.

“What’s the matter?”

Bai Weng thought it was Tian Ji coming back and casually asked. When he looked up, he saw Ji Mingzhu’s face.

Bai Weng’s expression changed instantly.

“Axiu, activate the Asura Mode.”

Ji Mingzhu whispered, and as the words fell, his expression suddenly changed. With a flick of his wrist, a street-distributed business card shot out like an arrow!


Bai Weng’s hand had just touched the gun in the drawer when his wrist was cut open, forming a bloody wound!

The gun fell to the ground, blood flowing freely, and Bai Weng’s face instantly turned pale.


Bai Weng couldn’t help but burst out a curse, gripping his wrist and glaring fiercely at Ji Mingzhu.

“No need to bother.”

Yao Guang shook a small device in his hand. “Communication has been cut off. You can’t contact anyone else.”


Bai Weng stared at Ji Mingzhu, catching a glimpse of Tian Ji at the door.

Tian Ji stood at the door with his arms crossed, quietly watching everything, showing no intention of intervening.

“Tian Ji?!” Bai Weng was stunned. “You…”

How could Tian Ji betray them?

He was clearly a modified person who had been controlled. The impact of Tian Ji’s betrayal was more unbelievable to Bai Weng than Tian Shu’s betrayal.

“When Tian Quan died, it was the same, right?”

Ji Mingzhu said indifferently, “Communication is cut off. Clearly seeing everything, but unable to transmit any messages, just watching your own life slip away. Isn’t it ironic, Bai Weng? When you killed Tian Quan, did you ever think that you would also encounter the same predicament now?”

“Very clever, Tian Shu…”

Bai Weng said coldly, “I underestimated you.”

“You underestimated too many things.” Ji Mingzhu approached, picked up the fallen gun, and aimed it at Bai Weng. “I have a few questions for you.”

“If I tell you, will you spare my life?” Bai Weng sneered.

“Whether you talk or not, you’re going to die.”

Ji Mingzhu aimed the gun at Bai Weng. “The difference is, if you talk, you’ll die a little more comfortably.”

Bai Weng’s eyes flickered. “What do you want to ask?”

“Two months ago, Research Facility No. 5 in Yangyuan City.”

Ji Mingzhu looked into Bai Weng’s eyes. “What did you steal from the research facility?”

Bai Weng said, “It’s a new type of weapon researched by Sky City, and we—”


Ji Mingzhu shot directly.

The gunshot echoed in the office, and Bai Weng’s screams were drowned in the sound of gunfire. His knee was pierced by a bullet, and intense pain distorted Bai Weng’s face, making him look extremely horrifying.

Ji Mingzhu tilted his head, his face still expressionless. “Did you think I knew nothing?”

Nerves twitched on Bai Weng’s face, and he looked at Ji Mingzhu holding the gun, finally revealing a look of horror in his eyes.

Did Tian Shu know? What exactly did he know?

“Your chances are running out.” Ji Mingzhu’s tone became colder. “You better think carefully before answering.”

Bai Weng took a deep breath. “…It’s a cryogenic chamber.”

“Who’s inside?”

“The original.”

Bai Weng’s voice trembled due to pain. “Your original.”

He thought Ji Mingzhu would show a surprised expression, but unexpectedly, whether it was Ji Mingzhu or Yao Guang, there was no hint of surprise on their faces, as if they had known the answer for a long time.

“That’s being honest.”

Ji Mingzhu nodded. “Second question. Why does the Court of Impermanence want to obtain me… my original? What is your purpose?”

“…It’s the orders from the Core Council. Because Sky City wants to resurrect him, and we can’t let Sky City succeed.” Bai Weng said, “Once Sky City gets him, everyone, everyone will die, including the Aberrations.”

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2 months ago

Aww… Yao Guang gained another big brother.

On another note, Ji Mingzhu becoming more like a pandora box. Everyone wanted him and his return brought upon chaos lol. How tf does his resurrection will make everyone die, idk how they’ve come to that conclusion 💀

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