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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 72

  1. Conversation with the Director-General

“Everyone will die, including the Aberrations?”

What does that mean?

Ji Mingzhu was puzzled by this answer. According to Bai Weng, he inside the cryogenic chamber sounded more like some kind of secret weapon. But Ji Mingzhu knew he was just an ordinary person.

“What do you mean by ‘everyone will die’?” Ji Mingzhu asked.

“Literal meaning,” Bai Weng grimaced. “Why do you think the Immortal Clan has always stayed on Sky City and refused to come down? It’s not because they want to, no, it’s because they can only stay on Sky City. They dare not come down.”

“What are the Immortal Clan afraid of?”

“The Aberrations.”

Bai Weng explained, “The Immortal Clan possesses the most powerful technology. They may seem invincible, but they have a fatal weakness… they fear the Aberrations. To humans, they are godlike beings high above, but in the face of the Aberrations, the Immortal Clan are mere ants.”

Ji Mingzhu fell into contemplation.

Bai Weng’s explanation somewhat overlapped with his previous speculation. Because the Immortal Clan feared the Aberrations, they used human hands to eliminate the Aberrations. They “lent” powerful mechs and Titans to the satellite cities, subtly maintaining the delicate balance between the three factions.

If this statement can be confirmed, the only question remaining is why the Immortal Clan is afraid of the Aberrations?

Considering the identity of the Immortal Clan as artificial intelligence, Ji Mingzhu speculated that the answer might lie in some ingrained program within the Immortal Clan’s code, similar to the Three Laws of Robotics, restricting them from directly attacking the Aberrations.

With this in mind, Ji Mingzhu asked a question, “The Aberrations… are they humans, right?”

Upon hearing this, both Yao Guang and Tian Ji were momentarily stunned.

Artificial intelligence is not created out of thin air; it is an unnatural creation. AI possesses more sophisticated computing capabilities than humans, and over time, they surpass their human creators in various aspects.

Ji Mingzhu had seen some movies where, to prevent AI from betraying humans, creators often implanted ultimate commands like “do not harm humans” into their programs.

Following this line of thought, the essence of the Aberrations could very well be humans themselves or humans transformed in some way.

Bai Weng’s gaze flickered, neither confirming nor denying.

However, his silence itself was an answer. Ji Mingzhu knew he had guessed correctly.

This makes sense, Ji Mingzhu thought, because if the essence of the Aberrations is human, and they created artificial intelligence, then AI cannot attack them directly, forcing humans to fight among themselves, leading to…


Ji Mingzhu suddenly thought of something.

When he had just awakened, he participated in the mission where the Earth Womb Team kidnapped Jin Qing. After that battle, a member of the Fire Division got infected with Aberration blood. In front of everyone, he corrupted into a monster. It was the first time Ji Mingzhu had witnessed the corruption of a human, leaving a deep impression on him.

The Fire Division member ultimately died, killed by Jin Qing’s gun, a shot fired by Jin Qing himself.

With this, Ji Mingzhu’s earlier speculation seemed incorrect. If the Immortal Clan is restricted by their programming and cannot launch an attack on the Aberrations, who are essentially humans, then why could Jin Qing shoot the corrupted Fire Division member?

Is it because the corrupted human is no longer considered human, allowing the Immortal Clan to ignore the programming and shoot them? Or is there another reason?

Ji Mingzhu vaguely felt that his speculation was getting close to the truth but lacked a crucial piece of information, which might be the real answer.

“You’re right,” Bai Weng spoke slowly, “The essence of the Aberrations is human, but they are different from us. We are…”

At this point, Bai Weng’s voice suddenly stopped.

“What is it?” Ji Mingzhu pressed.

The next moment, he saw Bai Weng’s eyes widen, emitting strange sounds from his throat, and the whole person started convulsing in the chair.

“What’s going on? Finish your sentence!”

Ji Mingzhu was somewhat anxious. He rushed forward, attempting to shake Bai Weng’s shoulders, but was blocked by Tian Ji behind him.

“Wait, something seems off with him…”

After the convulsions that resembled an electric shock, Bai Weng suddenly quieted down, sitting silently in the chair as if asleep.

The next second, Bai Weng raised his head, but his eyes became unfocused, and his expression lost all fear, instead calmly examining the three people in front of him.

Yao Guang felt uneasy under his gaze. “What’s wrong with him?”

Tian Ji’s face darkened. “This is… a remote consciousness control program for modified individuals. Someone is controlling Bai Weng’s brain.”


“”Bai Weng”” glanced at them and said slowly, “Tian Ji, Yao Guang, and… Tian Shu.”

Ji Mingzhu asked in a deep voice, “Who are you?”

“Haven’t you been looking for me all along, Tian Shu?” “Bai Weng” smiled.

“Bai Weng” himself was not very old, not exceeding forty, but at this moment, his eyes looked like those of an elderly person with a wealth of experience.

“The Director-General?”

“Bai Weng” nodded, “You can call me that.”

Yao Guang and Tian Ji exchanged glances, both showing a guarded expression.

The Director-General of the Netherworld, like the “High Priest” of Sky City, was mysterious, and no one knew his true identity. He never appeared, acting like a puppeteer hidden in the shadows, manipulating the vast organization of the Netherworld.

“You’ve really exceeded my expectations, Tian Shu.”

The Director-General said.

Using Bai Weng’s body, even though it was the same face, it was easy to see the differences between the two. He looked at Ji Mingzhu, like an elder looking at a mischievous child, “You survived in the hands of the Calamity Control Bureau, causing us some minor troubles. Even Tian Ji has become your right-hand man… Oh, by the way, you also planned to kill Bai Weng.”

After finishing speaking, the Director-General clapped lightly, “You’ve truly amazed me.”

The Director-General finished speaking and applauded lightly, “You’ve truly amazed me.”

Ji Mingzhu said, “You seem quite calm. Did you think I wouldn’t find you?”

“What if you found me? Are you going to kill me?”

The Director-General chuckled, “You know, Tian Shu, among all the clones, you are the one I appreciate the most.”


Ji Mingzhu remained silent, waiting for the Director-General to continue.

“We cloned hundreds and thousands of specimens from your original organization, but only you became a self-aware individual,” the Director-General looked at Ji Mingzhu, “The moment I saw you open your eyes, I was genuinely surprised. The Calamity Control Bureau cultivated you, and you didn’t disappoint us. You absorbed all knowledge and demonstrated an unparalleled driving talent, often when I see you, it’s like seeing the real Ji Mingzhu.”

The real Ji Mingzhu…

Ji Mingzhu’s eyes flickered.

The Director-General’s words revealed several pieces of information. First, he did not know that the person standing here was the original seized by the Calamity Control Bureau from the Sky City, namely Ji Mingzhu himself.

Second, when he mentioned “driving talent like the original,” it indicated that the Director-General must know the real Ji Mingzhu, even knowing his name.

Could it be that he, too, is someone who has survived to this day in the same era as himself?

Ji Mingzhu quickly searched his memory for the names of everyone he knew.

The Director-General continued, “I’m not too surprised by your current appearance. A clone with self-awareness will one day be unwilling to be controlled. This longing for freedom is engraved in the genes of living beings. Even if temporarily suppressed, it will not disappear. Tian Ji should understand this, right?”

Tian Ji tensed every nerve in his body but remained silent.

Ji Mingzhu spoke, “You mentioned ‘the real Ji Mingzhu,’ so my original self is also called by that name, right? The fabricated identity I forged also carries the same name. What is your purpose? Is it merely for commemoration, or do you want me to play a role, to replace that original self?”

The name “Ji Mingzhu” he currently used was a false identity created by the Calamity Control Bureau for Tian Shu. Until now, Ji Mingzhu hadn’t considered this question, thinking it was just a coincidence of “transmigration.” However, it now seemed not that simple.

“Your expression is so similar to Ji Mingzhu.”

The Director-General’s expression paused, “Is it a talent of the clone? You two really resemble each other. Even I find it a bit difficult to tell… If I can’t discern it, then the Sky City’s High Priest should also be unable to.”

He continued, “You’re right. I created you to have you play the role of the real Ji Mingzhu.”

“What is the purpose of doing that?” Ji Mingzhu asked. “Is there something special about my… original self for you?”

“Indeed, something special.”

The Director-General smiled, “Special to the extent you cannot comprehend because he is the only one, a true human.”

A true… human?!

Ji Mingzhu was suddenly shocked. Before he could fully grasp the meaning of this statement, the “Bai Weng” in front of him suddenly lunged towards him!


Ji Mingzhu instinctively fired his gun.

The bullet pierced through the heart of “Bai Weng,” and a sharp dagger fell to the ground with a “clang.”

“Bai Weng” looked down at the blood hole in his chest, feeling life slowly slipping away. He smiled and said, “Quick reaction.”

Bai Weng’s body slowly fell to the ground, and then his unfocused pupils regained clarity, as if waking up from a dream.

Upon waking, Bai Weng was momentarily confused, but soon he felt the despair of pain and life slipping away. Trembling, he reached out to Ji Mingzhu, “Save… save me…”

Before he could finish speaking, his hand fell to the ground, his expression stiff, motionless.

Tian Jí stepped forward, reaching out to check Bai Weng’s neck.

“He’s dead,” Tian Jí shook his head and said.

“Just now, the Director-General mentioned ‘true human.’ What does that mean?”

Yao Guang snapped out of his surprise, “Are we fake humans? Or is it just a metaphor?”

“Unfortunately, we still haven’t figured out the Director-General’s true identity.”

Tian Jí sighed, “The situation has become more passive.”

Ji Mingzhu stood in place, looking at Bai Weng’s body.

He thought of someone.

Although a long time had passed, the way the Director-General spoke just now, the tone, wording, and the familiarity with Ji Mingzhu all reminded him of someone.

His brother, Ji Qiming’s former lab assistant—Qi Ling.

And the conspiracies and intrigue get deeper!

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2 months ago

Dun dun, the human that we see till now is the actual monster and the aberration blood will uncover their true appearance. As for the current aberration… it should be real human who mutated after the meteorite come. It seems like the meteorite turned everyone who is NOT human into a human, and the actual human into monsters.

Hope Ji Minzhu big brother still alive tho. I wonder if the director know that this is the actual Ji Mingzhu, he’ll gave every thing he can offer to JM.

And btw, does Tian Shu has been in the calamity bureau before? Like BEFORE before? How???

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