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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 75

  1. “Guarantee you’ll be satisfied.”

“The Netherworld has many industries; just the ones I know of number in the dozens,” Tian Ji said. “Apart from the industries and companies developed by the Netherworld itself, many conglomerates have covert collaborations with the Netherworld. Trying to find the server room where they house their light brain within these industries is like searching for a needle in a haystack.”

“Are these conglomerates crazy to do business with the Netherworld?” Yao Guang asked curiously.

“Capital seeks profit; it’s not surprising. For these conglomerates, their stance doesn’t affect their choice of partners. As long as working with the Netherworld or the Calamity Control Bureau brings them enough profit, they’ll cooperate with anyone,” Tian Ji explained. “Moreover, some conglomerates, despite considering the risks of cooperating with the Netherworld, have no choice but to compromise because their secrets are in the Netherworld’s hands.”

The Netherworld’s influence permeates various industries. They even have access to some of the Calamity Control Bureau and Sky City’s secrets, let alone the secrets of major conglomerates. The forces and family businesses that become major conglomerates almost never have clean hands.

“Let’s exclude companies that collaborate with financial groups first,” Ji Mingzhu thought for a moment and said. “A light brain is such an important asset; it not only provides computational support for the Netherworld but also stores important lists and documents. The Netherworld wouldn’t risk placing the light brain in someone else’s industry unnecessarily.”

Tian Ji nodded, agreeing with Ji Mingzhu’s reasoning. “That narrows down the scope significantly.”

The three gathered together to discuss. They first ruled out industries that weren’t entirely under the Netherworld’s control and then eliminated companies that didn’t seem to consume much energy and power. After all, maintaining the operation of a light brain requires a huge amount of energy. Without a plausible reason, they would attract attention immediately.

Finally, through a process of elimination, they identified several industries that were the most likely candidates.

[Ruiko Titanium Steel Smelting Plant], [Tarsis Regenerated Textile Limited Company], [Deler New Materials], [Aiksen New Material Technology Group]…

Yao Guang looked at the names of these industrial groups on the list and sighed, “Still so many left…”

These groups and factory branches were spread across various satellite cities, with vast distances between them. It would probably take three to five years to investigate each one.

They needed to further narrow down the scope.

Ji Mingzhu thought for a moment and said, “If we were standing in the Netherworld’s shoes, where would be the most suitable place to place the light brain?”

“If it were me…”

Tian Ji pondered, “First, we can eliminate the Ruiko Titanium Steel Smelting Plant. Areas with high-temperature operations are not suitable for storing a light brain as it hampers the heat dissipation in the server room.”

“Aiksen New Material Technology Group.”

Just as the three were deep in thought, Axiu’s voice suddenly emerged from Yao Guang’s light brain.

Yao Guang: “…”

Wait, why are you invading my light brain? This is the personal light brain of a top hacker. It’s really embarrassing to be invaded so casually.

“Why are you sure it’s that one?” Ji Mingzhu asked curiously.

Axiu directly pulled up several reports from Yao Guang’s light brain, displaying densely packed numerical tables.

“These are the financial reports of the aforementioned industrial groups in previous years, as well as business collaboration reports,” Axiu said. “As companies, they need to be profitable. Even shell companies need to show some output for the energy they consume; otherwise, it’s abnormal.”

Ji Mingzhu’s eyes lit up. “So you mean…”

All the factories and companies on this list are energy-intensive users, but they cannot simply consume energy without producing any results, or it would blatantly signal to the world that something is amiss. By comparing their energy consumption data with their commercial orders, the target can be quickly narrowed down.

And on this list, the only one that can consume energy without producing results is…

Axiu continued, “The Aiksen New Material Technology Group is a chemical reaction testing company, primarily focused on experimental and theoretical research in chemical reactions. The nature of theoretical research itself is uncertain, so even if there are no results, simply submitting an experiment report won’t arouse suspicion.”

“Where is this chemical formula?” Ji Mingzhu asked.

“In Yangyuan City, Aurora District, Fourth Street.”

What a coincidence, isn’t it?

The three exchanged glances, then simultaneously stood up.

Ji Mingzhu said, “Pack up, we leave tomorrow.”

In Shangjing City, at the Luyan Tower Group.

“Knock, knock.”

There was a knock on the door, and Lady Rong Ci gently said, “Come in.”

The door to the office opened, and the assistant walked in holding a package. “Ms. Rong, there’s a private package for you received at the front desk…”

Lady Rong Ci paused, “Who sent it?”

“I’m not sure. It’s an anonymous package,” the assistant shook their head. “The security department has scanned it, and there are no hazardous materials inside, but…”

Lady Rong Ci’s heart skipped a beat, then she said, “Just put it aside for now.”


The assistant nodded, placed the package to the side, and then exited the office.

After the door closed, Lady Rong Ci quickly got up and opened the package.

Inside the package was a transparent containment bag, and inside it was… a head.

It was Bai Weng’s head.

As the package was opened, a strong smell of blood quickly filled the air, and there was also a note placed next to it.

Lady Rong Ci let out a sigh. She knew who had sent this.

She had given Ji Mingzhu an S-Class power core, with the condition that she wanted Bai Weng’s life. When she made this condition, Lady Rong Ci didn’t have much hope. After all, Bai Weng was one of the core members of the Netherworld’s council. Even after the Calamity Control Bureau had been pursuing him for so long, they hadn’t caught him. She was just expressing her attitude through this.

Unexpectedly, Ji Mingzhu actually did it…

Looking at Bai Weng’s head in front of her, Lady Rong Ci couldn’t help but think back to the scene of her face-to-face conversation with Ji Mingzhu that day.

A young boy, who looked even younger than You Jia.

However, it was this seemingly harmless child who made an astonishing move that left everyone stunned. The day the battle between three Titan pilots and Ji Mingzhu occurred in the city, many people recorded videos of it, and Lady Rong Ci naturally saw them.

She admired Ji Mingzhu’s magnificent operation of the mech and his courage to confront the Calamity Control Bureau and the Netherworld head-on.

Lady Rong Ci glanced at the note beside Bai Weng’s head and, after pondering for a moment, called her assistant over.

“An S-class power core?” The assistant was somewhat surprised to hear Lady Rong Ci’s request. “Didn’t we already give one away a few days ago… We have limited stock left, and the shareholders of the group may have objections…”

“If they have any questions, let them come to me,” Lady Rong Ci sighed and said, “Go ahead.”


With the target confirmed, Ji Mingzhu and the others were about to set off for Yangyuan City.

Ji Mingzhu still carried the Calamity Control Bureau’s pursuit order on his back, so it was impossible for him to leave the city directly. Although Yao Guang could contact people from the black market to secretly send them out of the city, it was impossible to transport the Phoenix Redeemer, a towering S-class mech, to Yangyuan City along with them.

Ji Mingzhu didn’t want to give up the Phoenix Redeemer. It was an invaluable S-class mech and his current reliance.

“Should you leave the city first?”

Hearing Ji Mingzhu’s suggestion, Yao Guang was surprised. “How can we do that? What if you’re in danger?”

“The Phoenix Redeemer is fast enough. It’s not so easy to catch me,” Ji Mingzhu shook his head and said, “If you go with me, it’s more dangerous. There’s only one mech, and if something unexpected happens, I won’t be able to take care of you.”

“Mingzhu is right.”

Tian Ji pondered for a moment and expressed his agreement with Ji Mingzhu’s suggestion, “His piloting skills are strong enough. As long as there aren’t as many Titan pilots deployed as last time, ordinary city defense mechs won’t be able to stop him. If we go with him, we’ll only be a burden.”

Now the entire city of Shangjing is under martial law searching for Ji Mingzhu’s whereabouts. If Ji Mingzhu chooses to follow the black market team, not only is the risk too great, but he also won’t be able to take the mech with him. If the Calamity Control Bureau discovers him without the mech, Ji Mingzhu will have no choice but to be arrested.

Therefore, splitting up is the best solution. Tian Ji and Yao Guang will leave with the black market team, while Ji Mingzhu will ride the Phoenix Redeemer alone to find an opportunity to leave the city and shake off the pursuit of the Calamity Control Bureau.


Yao Guang pursed his lips and didn’t insist further, “So where do we meet?”

“Find a place near Yangyuan City to gather. You go first, and I’ll contact you once there’s a signal,” Ji Mingzhu said.

Outside the satellite city is the paradise of the Others, very dangerous, and with no signal, which means Ji Mingzhu needs to traverse the wilderness alone from Shangjing City to Yangyuan City.

But with the Phoenix Redeemer, there shouldn’t be any major obstacles. An S-class mech is practically invincible in the wilderness.

“Then it’s settled.”

Tian Ji said, “Yao Guang, you go contact the black market team. We’ll depart first.”

“Before you leave, go to the black market,” Ji Mingzhu said, “Someone will deliver a new S-class power core, so take it with you.”

“A new power core?!” Yao Guang looked surprised, “Where did you get it?”

The S-class power core is strictly controlled, and obtaining one is already a great feat. Ji Mingzhu managed to get another core?

“From the Lu Yan Tower Group,” Ji Mingzhu smiled, “I asked Lady Rong Ci… borrowed it.”

Yao Guang looked at him suspiciously, “You’re not Lady Rong Ci’s illegitimate child, are you? Why would he help you like this?”

“It’s just my charming personality. You wouldn’t understand.” Ji Mingzhu maliciously reached out and tousled Yao Guang’s messy white hair, looking at his indignant expression, feeling inexplicably pleased.

“Oh, right.”

Ji Mingzhu suddenly remembered something and looked at the Phoenix Redeemer not far away, “Before we leave, we need to modify the external armor paint of the Phoenix Redeemer. It’s too conspicuous to drive out like this.”

Yao Guang smoothed out his messy hair and glared at Ji Mingzhu, his eyes suddenly brightening upon hearing this.

“Leave it to me.”

Yao Guang grinned wickedly, “I guarantee you’ll be satisfied.”

Ji Mingzhu: “…”

Your expression makes it hard for me to trust you.

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