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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 76

  1. Unknown mecha signal.

The nerves that had been tense for several days finally relaxed, and Ji Mingzhu was finally able to get a good night’s sleep.

When Ji Mingzhu opened his eyes the next day, it was already past noon.

Yao Guang and Tian Ji had already left earlier, secretly leaving the city with the black market team. Before leaving Shangjing City, Yao Guang left a communication for Ji Mingzhu.

They had successfully obtained and taken away the black market’s power core, which surprised Ji Mingzhu a bit. To be honest, he wasn’t sure if Lady Rong Ci would help him, as they didn’t have a particularly close relationship.

But Lady Rong Ci chose to help him after the transaction was completed. Whether it was due to the so-called “investment vision” of a businessperson or simply out of kindness, Ji Mingzhu appreciated Lady Rong Ci’s gesture.

Glancing at the current time, Ji Mingzhu planned to wait until it got a bit darker before riding the Phoenix Redeemer to attempt leaving the city.

In the communication, Yao Guang also mentioned that he had already changed the paint job of the Phoenix Redeemer for him, stating, “I guarantee that at first glance, you absolutely won’t recognize its original model.”

Quite efficient…

Ji Mingzhu walked to the entrance of the mech warehouse, entered the password, and pressed the button. The warehouse door slowly opened.

Sunlight streamed down, falling on the armor of the Phoenix Redeemer, reflecting a soft glow.

…Yes, a soft glow.

The originally fiery red armor of the Phoenix Redeemer had been coated with a new layer of mech paint. They opted for a girlish pink, so pink that it seemed like it could drip water, resembling a shimmering transparent jelly. At the same time, two bunny ears were added to the head armor of the Phoenix Redeemer, and when a gentle breeze blew, the long bunny ears fluttered in the wind.


Ji Mingzhu’s expression was as if he had been struck by lightning.

What on earth is this?

“Is Yao Guang getting back at me?” Ji Mingzhu said in a daze.

“It suits you very well.”

As Axiu’s voice echoed in his mind, Ji Mingzhu couldn’t help but feel a sense of schadenfreude in Axiu’s calm tone.

On the other side, Tian Ji and Yao Guang had already blended into the black market’s outbound team. They had changed their attire and hidden themselves in the crowd, appearing like a pair of brothers.

Due to the occupation of the wilderness by the Aberrations, there wasn’t much communication between the human’s Twelve Satellite Cities. However, some necessary trade exchanges were indispensable. Besides the mech army organized by the Satellite City government for trading, some private organizations also found business opportunities.

Trade in the Satellite Cities was a highly profitable industry. For example, some unique spices and industrial instruments from Jiusheng City could easily double or even triple in price if successfully transported to Shangjing City, and there would be no problem selling them.

Although the profits were substantial, the risks were equally daunting. Even the specialized mech transport teams jointly established by the Satellite City government and the Calamity Control Bureau often fell victim to attacks from the wilderness’s Aberrations. If unlucky, encountering high-level Aberrations could lead to irreversible consequences, let alone the private organizations.

It was challenging for these private trade organizations to acquire strictly controlled mechs. If they encountered Aberrations in the wilderness, even low-level ones would be unstoppable. So those engaged in this trade needed not only courage but also keen perception and deep understanding of the wilderness. Some even had connections within the Satellite City government, allowing them to learn about the routes of mech transport teams, among other things.

The trade team where Tian Ji and Yao Guang were located was currently the largest private trade team in Shangjing City’s black market. They had abundant experience surviving in the wilderness and, through connections with the Satellite City government, had obtained information about the previous mech transport team’s route.

During the transport process, the mech transport team would clear most of the dangerous Aberrations along the way. Following this route within a week significantly increased safety, and it was referred to by private trade teams as the “Effective Security Period.”

Furthermore, their trade team was quite formidable. They had even rented two C-class mechs and one B-class mech from some consortiums, ensuring their safety.

“It seems like the consortiums still make money,” Yao Guang remarked as he looked at the three somewhat outdated mechs in the team.

Some consortiums allowed private ownership of mechs, but the maintenance costs were high. In most cases, private armed mechs were of little use in Shangjing City unless there was a major event, such as the rare Aberration tide that occurred decades ago. They mainly served as “mascots” to show off the consortiums’ status.

Therefore, some consortiums came up with the idea of mech leasing, renting out some mechs to private trade organizations for a hefty fee to offset the high maintenance costs. Alternatively, they provided free rentals to trade teams in exchange for a share of the goods, and the profits were considerable.

In any era, upper-class capitalists with sufficient resources could always find ways to make money effortlessly.

“You’ve transformed Mingzhu’s mech like that; he must be furious by now…” Tian Ji said, looking worried.

Yao Guang smirked. “Like what? I think it’s quite cute, and ordinary people can’t even recognize it as the Phoenix Redeemer. The camouflage is simply perfect.”

Tian Ji paused, considering the logic. The image of Ji Mingzhu riding that pink bunny mech and wreaking havoc flashed in Tian Ji’s mind, and he couldn’t help but burst into laughter.


Calamity Control Bureau.

Zuo Quanzong sat in the office of the Red Guard Commander, focused on writing his report. Suddenly, the office door was pushed open, and Xie Cang walked in directly without knocking.

Without any courtesy, he sat opposite Zuo Quanzong.

Zuo Quanzong’s expression remained unchanged, showing no signs of annoyance, as he calmly asked, “How did it go?”

“No luck,” Xie Cang said, then glanced at Zuo Quanzong’s calm expression and couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t you worried at all?”

“Hunting down fugitives is the responsibility of the Fire Division. Why should I be in a hurry?” Zuo Quanzong replied.

“But Ji Mingzhu is a Titan pilot from your Thunder Division. If we can’t catch him, won’t your division be implicated too?” Xie Cang argued, “I just can’t understand why you’re so calm. Logically, with Ji Mingzhu’s strong piloting skills, if he becomes an enemy of the Calamity Control Bureau, you should be the one most concerned. But…”

He didn’t finish his sentence, as Xie Cang wasn’t foolish. Li Li’s appearance among the Titan pilots who intercepted Ji Mingzhu was clearly inappropriate, and there must have been Zuo Quanzong’s tacit approval behind it.

Having worked with Zuo Quanzong for many years, Xie Cang still knew him quite well. But precisely because of this, he couldn’t understand what Zuo Quanzong was really up to.

Suddenly, Zuo Quanzong spoke, “What kind of person do you think Ji Mingzhu is?”

Xie Cang was taken aback, carefully considering for a moment before saying, “Although he appears harmless on the surface, the fact that no one has discovered his true nature for so long indicates that he’s very cunning and ambitious…”

“On the contrary,” Zuo Quanzong calmly interrupted, “I think he’s quite a simple person. If the Sky City hadn’t intervened in this matter, he might have become the greatest Titan pilot in the Shangjing, surpassing even me.”

Zuo Quanzong’s high praise made Xie Cang somewhat incredulous.

After a moment of thought, he said, “Perhaps what you said makes sense, and you have your own judgment. But… Ji Mingzhu is still a dangerous person. Haven’t you read the file on ‘Tian Shu’ from the Netherworld? He’s simply a stooge of the Netherworld, with countless lives on his hands. Can someone like him willingly fight for humanity?”

Pausing for a moment, he sneered, “I don’t believe it.”

Zuo Quanzong shook his head and sighed, “Different perspectives lead to different views.”

“Then you continue to be stubborn,” Xie Cang stood up, “Now, it’s not me who needs to catch him, it’s an order from Jin Qing. Even if I believe in your judgment, I can’t afford to be as lenient as you. Quanzong, no matter what you’re up to, don’t forget that the Calamity Control Bureau ultimately depends on Sky City. Even if we’re dissatisfied with Sky City’s orders, we don’t have the right to refuse them.”

Ding ding ding.

Xie Cang’s communicator rang, he picked it up and glanced at it, his expression suddenly changed.

“It seems your pilot can’t stay put,” Xie Cang smirked coldly and then left the office promptly.

He swiftly headed to the command room, “Have Ji Mingzhu’s whereabouts been discovered?”

“Reporting Minister Xie, power core fluctuations have been detected in the southern outskirts of the capital city. The specific model of the unknown mecha is still unclear,” a commander quickly reported, “But this unidentified mecha has not been registered, and it’s likely the Phoenix Redeemer.”

“What about the power core level?”

“The fluctuation coefficient exceeds 3.4, indicating it’s at least an A-level or above mecha.”

Xie Cang’s gaze sharpened, “Send someone immediately, block all the major roads, and contact Wei Lan, Wen Kang, and Mo Hongyu.”

“…” Several commanders looked at each other, realizing that Titan pilots were under the jurisdiction of the Red Guard Commander, so Xie Cang’s command was undoubtedly overstepping.

“If it’s really Ji Mingzhu, by the time we finish the procedures, the Phoenix Redeemer would have long gone.”

Xie Cang said coldly, “Move faster, don’t make me repeat myself.”


The mecha troops of the Calamity Control Bureau quickly mobilized and headed towards the outskirts of the city.


Ji Mingzhu activated the power core, sitting in the pilot seat and loosening his gloves. “Axiu, check the situation of the Calamity Control Bureau.”

“Received,” Axiu said. “The main roads nearby have been blocked, and the mecha depot 5 kilometers away has been activated. Three B-class mechas are rushing here and are expected to arrive within a minute.”

Ji Mingzhu narrowed his eyes. “They’re moving really fast.”

“Warning! Warning!”

In the distance, the hum of mecha power cores could be heard, followed by a warning broadcast nearby: “Unknown mecha ahead, please immediately shut down the power core and leave the mecha for investigation. You have violated Article 41 of the Calamity Control Bureau’s Mecha Management Agreement. If you do not shut down the power within ten seconds, we will proceed with forced action!”

The warning repeated three times.


In response, the Phoenix Redeemer emitted an even more arrogant hum. Ji Mingzhu pushed the control lever forward, and a large amount of white vapor sprayed from the gaps in the Phoenix Redeemer’s armor, causing the two rabbit ears on the head armor to dance wildly in the air.

The next moment, the pink-painted Phoenix Redeemer soared into the sky!!

“Minister Xie, the unknown mecha is moving!”

A commander immediately reported, “It seems like they’re trying to break through!”

Disregarding the warnings of the Calamity Control Bureau, displaying blatant arrogance despite knowing there would be opposition, who else but Ji Mingzhu could it be?

Xie Cang’s gaze turned cold. “Fourth Squad of the Sixth Division, report the model of the enemy mecha.”

The driver closest to Ji Mingzhu’s direction raised his head and glanced, but what he saw wasn’t the fiery red figure of the Phoenix Redeemer.

Looking at the pink figure in the darkness, the driver’s gaze gradually became stunned.

“Why aren’t you speaking?” Xie Cang waited for two seconds but didn’t receive a report, immediately asking, “What type of mecha is the enemy piloting? Is it the Phoenix Redeemer?”

“It, it seems not…”

The driver widened his eyes, dazedly saying, “It, it looks like… a pink bunny mecha…”

Xie Cang: “?”


I want the visual representation of Mingzhu’s bunny mecha haha.

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2 months ago

It’ll be funny if, in the other city, Ji Mingzhu becomes a Titan pilot (again) and the calamity bureau in the capital got the wind of it XD

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