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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 77

77. “Bunny can fly?” 

It has to be said that Yao Guang’s new paint job had some effect. At least, at the first sight of this pink mecha, no one immediately associated it with the Phoenix Redeemer.


The pilot who arrived first hesitated for a moment, then turned around after a while, saying, “Immediately shut down the power core and leave the mecha, otherwise, we will take forceful measures!”

Ji Mingzhu opened the mecha radar, and numerous red dots appeared on the radar, surrounding them from different directions.

“The northwest defense is weak; we can try a breakout route,” Axiu quickly calculated the optimal route and thoughtfully marked it on the radar.


Without wasting words, Ji Mingzhu activated the Phoenix Redeemer’s power core. The massive kinetic energy was instantly transferred to the mecha. The next second, the mecha’s figure disappeared on the spot, turning into a laser streak, rushing towards the northwest wall!

Most flying mechas are firepower types, and as an assault model, the Phoenix Redeemer couldn’t leave directly from the sky and had to break out from the ground. His movements were decisive and agile. Before the mecha units surrounding him could react, he had swiftly passed through the defense line, leaving only a dazzling trail for others.

“Minister Xie!”

A panicked commander said, “The pink… pink bunny mecha has already passed the first encirclement and is breaking out…”

“F*cking pink!” Xie Cang looked at the satellite images and couldn’t help but curse, “This is Ji Mingzhu’s motherf*cking Phoenix Redeemer. Stop him!”

Others might make a mistake, but not Xie Cang. He could recognize Ji Mingzhu’s domineering piloting style even if he turned into ashes!

But he was still a step too late. The highly deceptive new paint job initially caught the mecha units off guard. By the time Xie Cang’s command came through the communication, Ji Mingzhu’s mecha had quickly escaped the first encirclement, heading towards the city wall with a sharp sonic boom.


“Boom Boom!”

A continuous and deafening barrage of laser cannons erupted behind. The path traversed by the Phoenix Redeemer was instantly turned into ruins. However, its speed was simply too fast. Pilots of A-level or lower mechas found it challenging to track its trajectory. Occasionally, clever pilots tried to intercept manually by deactivating the targeting system, but the laser cannon, upon contacting the Phoenix Redeemer’s mecha force field, was quickly blocked and caused no harm.

S-level mechas took time to mobilize. In the absence of S-level mechas intercepting, the Phoenix Redeemer remained invincible. With its superior model and exceptional piloting skills, it effortlessly overwhelmed B-level and even C-level mechas on the scene.

In the end, not even Xie Cang expected Ji Mingzhu to pull off such a move. In his view, Ji Mingzhu, who was already pursued by the entire Calamity Control Bureau, should have hidden somewhere, waiting for the storm to pass before taking the next action. However, Ji Mingzhu completely disregarded any restraint, boldly appearing in front of everyone.

“He’s coming to my location!”

A pilot, rushing towards Ji Mingzhu’s direction, spotted the Phoenix Redeemer heading rapidly towards him. “I’ll intercept him!”

Driving an A-level mecha, this pilot was also a level-five pilot in the Calamity Control Bureau. Confident in his mecha handling skills, even if he couldn’t defeat Ji Mingzhu, he believed that blocking him for a short while shouldn’t be a problem.

Although Ji Mingzhu was a Titan pilot, he was still young. As a level-five pilot, even if he wasn’t Ji Mingzhu’s match, he could still hold his own in a few rounds of combat.

With these thoughts, the level-five pilot held his breath, keeping his eyes fixed on the approaching pink Phoenix Redeemer. His palms began to sweat nervously.

A Titan pilot – a title representing the pinnacle of human piloting hierarchy. The thought of engaging in a skirmish with the legendary Titan pilot excited him, and if he could win a move or two, his future promotion would be secured!

The next instant, Ji Mingzhu, piloting the Phoenix Redeemer, had already arrived!

Here it comes!

The pilot’s gaze sharpened. Without any hesitation and not daring to be complacent, he immediately activated overclocking!

A blue light spurted from the A-level mecha, the force field instantly expanding to its limit, adopting a flawless defensive posture at the same moment. The surrounding mecha units nodded approvingly at the standard and precise movements. Truly worthy of a level-five pilot, his basic skills were solid.

Ji Mingzhu’s expression remained unchanged. Maintaining his forward momentum, without any intention of slowing down, he charged directly at the A-level mecha in front of him. In a face-to-face confrontation, he didn’t alter his course. The moment he reached the A-level mecha, the Not-Dead Slashing Blade was ejected in an instant, tearing through the air with a hurricane-like sound!


This fiercely imposing slash made the level-five pilot’s heart skip a beat. Prepared to counter in a defensive posture, the two titanium weapons collided, producing a crisp and loud sound. Even the cockpit began to shake under the tremendous impact. Gritting his teeth, he immediately initiated a rapid spin in place, attempting to counterattack—

Ji Mingzhu paid no attention to whoever stood in front of him. Undying Slash reversed in his hand, executing a micro-level high-speed rotation to avoid the blade edge. Continuing his stride forward, the Phoenix Redeemer followed his movement, sidestepped, shoulder-bumped, and followed with a sweeping slash!

—Swift Shadow Caesar Side-Kill Technique!


In the next moment, the level-five pilot felt a sudden blur before him. Then, his cockpit flickered with red light, and the mecha damage level skyrocketed to 87%. The power core was destroyed on the spot!

With a deafening blast, the mecha exploded instantly!

The entire clash appeared complex, but to everyone’s eyes, it was just a momentary occurrence. The Phoenix Redeemer’s relentless charge continued, leaving the A-level mecha standing in place. Moments later, its power core exploded under the tremendous impact!


Pilots witnessing this scene were left dumbfounded, finding it hard to believe their eyes.

Knowing that Ji Mingzhu was strong, but who could have imagined he was this strong?! His opponent was a level-five pilot, just below the Titan pilots in the piloting hierarchy, yet he exploded the mecha without even putting up a decent resistance? It was like slicing through vegetables!

In gaming terms, that would be getting one-shot by Ji Mingzhu in passing.

The speed of the Phoenix Redeemer remained unaffected. The towering steel giant cut through layers of encirclement, rumbling across the city’s concrete. The Undying Slash in its hand reflected a dangerous glint under the city lights, as if declaring a death sentence to anyone who dared to obstruct it.

Inside the cockpit, Ji Mingzhu had no other thoughts. He had no idea how extraordinary his recent actions were. His goal was crystal clear: to break through!


The Phoenix Redeemer accelerated once again, like a rampant beast tearing through the steel city. His speed was so fast that nearby mecha units hadn’t even formed an encirclement yet. Any mecha standing in his way, whether piloted by a level four or level five pilot, was no match for him.

Ji Mingzhu played with the time gap. Before the S-level mechas of the Calamity Control Bureau were mobilized, he utilized the Phoenix Redeemer’s advantage for a violent breakout. Although this approach was crude, it was highly effective.

“Boom! Boom!”

The pink afterimage swept past two mechas on the left and right, effortlessly tearing through the defense line like a knife through paper. The explosions of two mechas resonated behind him as they were blown apart. All laser cannons aimed at him were easily evaded.

“Stop him! Stop him!”

Seeing Ji Mingzhu’s arrogant demeanor, Xie Cang was about to explode with anger. The mecha units of the Calamity Control Bureau were undoubtedly the most elite force in the human world. Each pilot had undergone extensive training, and their execution and individual combat capabilities were beyond doubt. However, under Ji Mingzhu’s contrast, this proud force of the Calamity Control Bureau became paper tigers. It even made Xie Cang think, “How could they be so useless?”

He wished he could personally pilot a mecha and tear Ji Mingzhu’s Phoenix Redeemer to shreds!

“The third squadron has been breached!”

“The fifth defense line has been breached!”

“The UTD Dock Axis Firepower Network is malfunctioning and has been breached!”

One after another, reports of breached defense lines echoed incessantly in the operations command room. From the satellite imagery, Ji Mingzhu was tearing through one firepower network after another like a force of nature. Soon, the towering walls of Shangjing were within reach!

In the sky, sonic booms resounded as three meteorites of different colors streaked towards Ji Mingzhu’s direction from the Calamity Control Bureau’s direction. They were S-level mechas piloted by Titan pilots. The force fields of the S-level mechas shone brilliantly in the night sky, resembling stars as they descended towards Ji Mingzhu’s position from the launch platform!

Wei Lan, Wen Kang, and Mo Hongyu, these three Titan pilots, finally mobilized!

Ji Mingzhu also heard the commotion behind him, and at the same time, Axiu issued a reminder. He knew he didn’t have much time left. He had only one chance, and if he didn’t break through the city walls before Wen Kang and the others joined the battlefield, he would find it very difficult to escape.

Minister Huo Zai’s authority had long been revoked, and there wouldn’t be another stroke of luck with a Godel interference shell to help him break through.

Inside the cockpit, Ji Mingzhu took a deep breath, his gaze suddenly becoming calm.

The blue light of the power core erupted like a volcano, and the Botler Type-0 Power Overclocking was initiated!

Phoenix Instantaneous Speed System activated!!

A deafening roar filled the air as the powerful kinetic energy provided by the rotating power core was injected into every component of the Phoenix Redeemer under the drive of overclocking. The Phoenix Instantaneous Speed System generated a terrifying thrust in an instant.

2 Mach, 3.5 Mach, 7 Mach… 16 Mach!

The hypersonic speed of 16 Mach erupted in an instant, tearing the air apart and producing sonic booms louder than the surrounding laser cannons. If it weren’t for the robust armor and force field protection of S-level mechas, ordinary mechas accelerating to this extent would have melted on the spot from the high temperature caused by friction with the air.

As the most proficient assault mecha among S-level mechas, the Phoenix Redeemer rendered all anti-aircraft capabilities useless when the Phoenix Instantaneous Speed System was activated.

In an instant, everyone lost sight of the Phoenix Redeemer!

“Where… where is it?!”

People looked up, and the Phoenix Redeemer had already appeared halfway up the city wall. The city wall, hundreds of meters high, was an insurmountable barrier for all mechas without flight capabilities, but this law failed in front of Ji Mingzhu.

With a fierce thrust of the Undying Slash, the alloy city wall was pierced like tofu by the sharp blade. At the same time, the Phoenix Instantaneous Speed System was activated again. The downward momentum was halted, and Ji Mingzhu used the force to lift himself up again. In the eyes of everyone, Ji Mingzhu crossed the seemingly insurmountable distance, leaping over the barrier-like city wall and disappearing into the wilderness night.

In the poor neighborhood around the city wall, a mother was coaxing her child to sleep.

“Then, the little rabbit happily hopped back home, and the big forest returned to its usual calm…”

The mother closed the picture book, smiling gently. “That’s the end of the story. Now, go to sleep.”

The little girl’s gaze passed her mother’s shoulder and saw the scene of the Phoenix Redeemer leaping over the city wall through the window.

She asked timidly, “Mom… can rabbits fly?”

“Silly child, how could rabbits fly?” The mother said helplessly and tenderly, “They’re rabbits, not swallows.”

The little girl stared blankly out the window, then suddenly burst into tears: “You’re lying!! Rabbits can fly!! Wuwuwuwu…”

The mother exclaimed, “For heaven’s sake, go to sleep! I’ve been coaxing you for three hours, are you done yet?!”

“Wahhh… but they really can fly…”

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