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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 8

  1. Brutal and fanatical.

“Damn, that’s impressive!”

Kai Yang couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration over the communication channel, even forgetting to operate his own mecha.

He finally understood why Tian Shu became the ace of the Netherworld Organization. No wonder Yu Heng insisted on having Tian Shu participate in this mission. In just a few seconds, Ji Mingzhu’s actions were flawless, the movements of his mecha incredibly smooth, without the slightest hesitation. It was as if he had rehearsed them countless times. From the strike of the scythe to the agile leaps, precise landings, firepower suppression, and the final decisive blow—it was all executed seamlessly, a visual feast of magnificent carnage!

Although Kai Yang was confident in his own mecha piloting skills, he admitted that he couldn’t match what Ji Mingzhu had just demonstrated. Not only him, but there were few drivers in the entire Satellite City who could rival him.

If the timing had been right, Kai Yang would have wanted to applaud on the spot. “This must be at the Titan level!”

“Who is piloting that mecha?”

There was still a trace of astonishment on Huo Zai’s face as he looked at the designation on the outer coating of Ji Mingzhu’s mecha. “X-76… Which squad does it belong to?”

A quick response came through the communication channel: “The pilot of X-76 is Te Ruixi from the 5th Squad of the Thunder Division… Wait, X-76 wasn’t assigned a mission today!”

Upon hearing this, Huo Zai’s gaze sharpened. “He’s not one of our people.”

Each mecha in the Calamity Control Bureau had its own unique designation. Mechas were vital strategic weapons that were inaccessible to ordinary people. The Aerial Raider, which had just killed the rhinoceros-like Aberration , clearly did not belong to their group. Somehow, someone had obtained an identical-looking mecha and infiltrated their team.

Friend or foe?

Huo Zai’s mind raced as he contemplated the unknown intentions of the intruder. Whoever it was had a hidden agenda for infiltrating the Calamity Control Bureau. He surmised that the high probability was that they were targeting Jin Qing, the Immortal Clan member. But Jin Qing’s journey to Shangjing was a top-secret mission. How did the intruder find out?


A loud gunshot interrupted Huo Zai’s train of thought. The booming sound indicated its formidable power—it was the same sniper who had shot and killed Jin Qing earlier!

Ji Mingzhu reacted swiftly. The Aerial Raider swiftly raised its hand, and the power system on its shoulder spun rapidly. The chain connected to the sharp horn scythe was swiftly retracted and held in its hand, blocking the incoming shot.

With a dull roar, the incredibly sturdy Aerial Raider’s sharp horn scythe was partially shattered.

“The Aerial Raider’s sharp horn scythe is damaged by 27%, and the power system is affected. Estimated decrease in damage potential by 44%…”

Axiu’s voice echoed in Ji Mingzhu’s mind simultaneously.

Ji Mingzhu had no time to respond. He controlled the mecha, raising its hand to open the weapon system on its waist side. He unleashed a devastating shot from the anti-aircraft cannon towards the direction of the gunshot.


The building rumbled, and the explosion’s flames illuminated the night for an instant!

“Tian Quan, report the location.”

Yu Heng’s voice came through the communication channel. Tian Quan quickly aimed the scope at the location where Ji Mingzhu had just bombarded. “I found him…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Tian Quan saw the sniper, alertly looking in his direction for a moment, then swiftly taking cover and evading. His movement speed was incredibly fast, leaving Tian Quan no time to aim and shoot to stop him.

“He got away.”

Ji Mingzhu’s voice turned cold. “Keep an eye on him and don’t let him interfere with me.”

The mecha had overwhelming superiority in firepower, but it was not invincible. The anti-mecha sniper rifle of that sniper could still inflict significant damage on the Aerial Raider, a assault-type mecha. Dealing with so many aberrations and mechas was troublesome enough, and being hit a few times by him would give even Ji Mingzhu a headache.

Ji Mingzhu was the team captain and also assumed the role of commander in matches. In the heat of battle, he instinctively issued commands to those around him until he realized what he had done. Fortunately, Tian Quan didn’t find anything amiss and responded through the communication channel before focusing on guarding Ji Mingzhu from the rooftop.

The sudden sound of the sniper rifle startled Huo Zai, pulling him out of his thoughts. He realized it wasn’t the time to contemplate the origins of these two mechas. Regardless of which faction they belonged to, at least for now, they were on the side of the Calamity Control Bureau, assisting them against the members of the Feibo Organization.

“Forget about them for now. B07, there’s a gap in the right-wing defense line. Go and cover it to prevent the aberrations from breaking through.”

The enemy of his enemy was his friend. Huo Zai no longer paid attention to Kai Yang and Ji Mingzhu’s mechas. He shifted his gaze away and focused on commanding the formation of the Calamity Control Bureau.


Ji Mingzhu maneuvered his mecha, executing a graceful mid-air turn to evade a surprise attack from a Striker mecha. He even had time to fire the anti-aircraft cannon, shooting down an aberration that was about to pounce from the side of a building. Then, he landed, retracted the scythe, and swiftly pulled back the chain, accurately entwining it around the enemy mecha’s head. The Aerial Raider clenched the end of the chain tightly and viciously twisted, severing the enemy’s power core.

“Hahaha, satisfying!”

Kai Yang, likewise controlling his mecha, confronted the Feibo mechas and Aberrations on the battlefield. His actions were commendable, although not as smooth and magnificent as Ji Mingzhu’s. Nevertheless, he surpassed the average drivers of the Calamity Control Bureau in skill. The Aerial Sharp Angle Scythe was swung by him like a whip, inflicting considerable damage on the enemy mechas and aberrations with each strike and retraction.

Both the Calamity Control Bureau and the Netherworld Organization had their own hidden intentions. Although the Calamity Control Bureau had clearly noticed something amiss with the two of them, Ji Mingzhu’s side also knew that they had been exposed. However, both sides tacitly chose to ignore it, temporarily setting aside their differences and forming a temporary alliance to confront the Striker Organization.


“Boom! Boom!”

The splashing flames continued endlessly, and the intense explosions caused this block and the surrounding buildings to collapse one after another. Debris was scattered everywhere. Even in such a chaotic battlefield, Ji Mingzhu’s figure stood out like a bright moon in the night sky, capturing everyone’s attention.

The fragmented Aerial’s sharp horn scythe cut through the air, slashing through the vulnerable joints of the mech, cleaving the Feibo mecha into two. Then, Ji Mingzhu controlled the mech to turn around and deliver a fierce kick, instantly sending the ambush creature flying!


The massive body of the creature crashed into a nearby shop on the street. It seemed to be a sound system store, and amidst the splattering flesh and blood, the equipment inside the shop started shaking violently, blasting deafening heavy metal rock music that instantly resonated through the entire street!

Harder and more raucous than ordinary rock, the hoarse voice carried a sense of tearing and blended perfectly with the backdrop of the battle and the flying sounds of artillery fire.

Amidst the fast and heavy drumbeats, Ji Mingzhu swiftly pulled back the Aerial sharp horn scythe r, and the sleek and massive mecha body dashed forward at high speed. Utilizing the Multi-Mover Inversion Assault Footwork, it swiftly evaded a large amount of firepower, leaving the Feibo pilot in shock. Then, it turned, gripped the reaper, and delivered a devastating strike that pierced through!

Power overclocking, the Barente Blade!

Even Tian Quan, who was on the rooftop with his finger on the sniper trigger, was momentarily stunned. “Damn!”

If there were “Warfall” players here, they would surely be amazed by Ji Mingzhu’s skill. This was a technique familiar to players—a close-range attack with the shortest distance and the most advantageous force delivery. By utilizing instantaneous power overclocking and rotational momentum, it provided melee weapons with extraordinary killing power beyond conventional methods. It was a technique that high-ranking players and even professional gamers must master. However, Ji Mingzhu executed it effortlessly and smoothly, as if this highly difficult maneuver had already become part of their nature!


The explosion of the mech in reality was far more magnificent than in the game. This perfectly executed overclocked Barente Blade directly severed the enemy’s power core. Amidst the clamor of heavy metal rock music, Ji Mingzhu’s Aerial Raider toppled the enemy with a tyrannical and decisive posture, resembling a brutal stage performance that surpassed the destructive power and devastation of heavy metal itself!

Flesh and blood of the creature splattered, mecha parts scattered, and debris and rubble flew in the air like raindrops. Ji Mingzhu’s gaze remained calm, constantly reminding themselves in their heart: this is just a game, this is just a game…

He controlled the Aerial Raider, which was like the grim reaper on the battlefield, with a stunning yet intimidating presence. Wherever he went, there were almost no opponents. Although the mecha he controlled was of the same model as the other members of the Feibo Organization, he displayed a terrifying dominance that overwhelmed its model. Even in the intense battle, members of the Feibo Organization kept looking in his direction, their eyes filled with shock.

“Damn, who is this?”

Amidst the intense drum beats and raucous vocals of heavy metal rock, everything seemed insane. The heavy and noisy music felt like the end of the world in a fantasy, full of harmful, vulgar, evil, and supernatural allure. In such a background soundtrack, Ji Mingzhu’s godlike mecha was like a brand, deeply imprinted in the hearts of all who witnessed it!


The sharp horn scythe shot out, shattering the gigantic speakers of the music store on the side of the street, abruptly silencing the fanatical tune.

“So noisy.”

Ji Mingzhu muttered softly, retracting the sharp horn scythe. He glanced briefly at the position of Director Gao, the top officer of the Calamity Control Bureau. The member of the Calamity Control Bureau was currently cowering beside Deputy Minister Huo, his face pale and lips trembling, clearly terrified.

In the next second, Ji Mingzhu seemed to sense something. His gaze chilled slightly, and with the rattling sound of chains, the sharp horn scythe flew out of his hand like a shooting star, entangling a nearby creature.

This creature broke out from the Feibo Organization’s firepower zone and appeared to be extremely vigorous, despite its terrifying wounds. Dark blue blood gushed out from its body, but the wounds were visibly healing at an alarming speed. After breaking through the firepower network, it pounced toward one of the Calamity Control Bureau’s mechas, its foul-smelling fangs ready to bite down. However, in the next moment, the damaged sharp horn scythe flew like lightning, entangling its neck. The immense pulling force caused it to halt momentarily, and the next second, Ji Mingzhu pulled it back!


The massive creature, as formidable as a mecha, was forcefully dragged on the ground, its rough skin rubbing against the ground with a grating sound. Controlled by Ji Mingzhu, the Aerial Raider lifted its foot and stepped on the creature’s head from above, silently delivering a shot from the annihilator cannon. With a deafening blast, the creature’s head was blown open, and the air filled with a burnt smell.

This time, its wounds could no longer heal.

The Calamity Control Bureau’s mecha, which had been ambushed, heard the reminder from Huo Zai. As he turned his head, he was faced with the creature’s gaping mouth. At such a close distance, there was no time to react. He believed that his cockpit would be crushed in the next moment. However, the creature suddenly halted, being dragged to the side. The pilot looked on in terror and witnessed the scene of Ji Mingzhu smashing the creature’s head.

“Thank you…”

The pilot instinctively uttered a word of thanks but realized that the other person was not their teammate but one of those problematic mechas. “…Thank you?”


Kai Yang happened to witness this scene and couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise, “Who would’ve thought, Tian Shu can be so kind?”

Ji Mingzhu was suddenly taken aback. He wasn’t sure if the previous owner of his body would have done such a thing, or if his recent actions would arouse suspicion from the Netherworld Organization. He suppressed his unease and spoke with a cold tone, “Feel free to say another word.”

Saving people was not his intention. It was just a habit he had developed over time in competitive matches to always pay attention to the situation of his teammates during team fights. Helping teammates dismantle enemy fire in intense team battles was a basic quality of a professional player. In that situation, Ji Mingzhu didn’t even think, he instinctively saved a member of the Calamity Control Bureau’s life.

Ji Mingzhu was not a saint. It was best to save people in a battle, but if it led to suspicion from the Netherworld Organization and put himself in danger, it would not be worth it.

Ji Mingzhu’s tone was cold, showing his displeasure at Kai Yang’s meddling. It emitted a dangerous signal, as if one more word from Kai Yang would result in a direct attack on his mecha.

Obviously, Ji Mingzhu held a higher position in the Netherland than Kai Yang, a newly joined member. In this situation, showing fear would raise suspicions, so it was better to take the initiative.

As expected, after hearing Ji Mingzhu’s words, Kai Yang shrank back and said awkwardly, “Haha… understood, I’ll keep quiet.”

He couldn’t afford to provoke this ace of the Netherland. When it was time to back down, he should back down.

“Tian Shu.”

Yu Heng’s voice resounded once again, “Support from the Calamity Control Bureau will arrive in five minutes. Just disperse the formation of the Strikers a bit, and you can retreat.”

This is a battle with a significant disparity in strength. On paper, facing the prepared ambush by Feibo, the Calamity Control Bureau wouldn’t last long. However, the arrival of Ji Mingzhu and Kai Yang undoubtedly became the biggest variable in this battle, especially Ji Mingzhu. Although his mecha model was the same as the conventional models of the Calamity Control Bureau, his proficiency was far superior. In just two minutes, the enemies defeated by his mecha accounted for almost one-third of the casualties in this battle.


Ji Mingzhu replied, sensing that Yuheng’s tone had not changed, and felt relieved.

The so-called Feibo organization clearly came prepared. Without his appearance, it was highly likely that the members of the Calamity Control Bureau, including Director Gao, would die here. Although the actions taken by Ji Mingzhu might raise suspicion from the Netherworld Organization, Yu Heng believed it was still better than losing an important undercover agent from the Netherland.

The support from the Calamity Control Bureau was about to arrive, and Ji Mingzhu didn’t want to throw himself into the lion’s den. At least in the Netherland, he still had the identity of the original owner to maneuver. If he was caught by the Calamity Control Bureau, he wouldn’t have the final say.

Ji Mingzhu’s gaze swept over Director Gao, preparing to leave. But in the next moment, his gaze suddenly froze.

“How is this possible?”

“What’s wrong… Tian Shu? What happened?” Yu Heng was puzzled.

“Jin Qing…”

Ji Mingzhu’s tone couldn’t conceal his astonishment.

In the car next to Director Gao, Jin Qing, the envoy from Sky City, who had been shot through the head, was sitting intact in the co-pilot seat, propping up his chin and watching him with great interest!

“Jin Qing… isn’t dead.”

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