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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 86

86. Get Together.

When Ji Mingzhu arrived at Yangyuan City, it was already evening.

He was piloting a mech and didn’t want to attract too much attention by swaggering into the city. Yangyuan City rigorously inspected every foreign mech, and driving the Phoenix Redeemer straight in would be tantamount to provocation.

The towering walls of Yangyuan City surrounded the satellite city, serving as a clear boundary between humans and the alien world and providing a sense of security for the inhabitants of the satellite city.

Signals were already present around the satellite city. Ji Mingzhu sat in the cockpit, and with his maneuvers, the Phoenix Redeemer agilely leaped several times, climbing up along the side of a mountain outside the city and quickly reaching the mountainside.

Looking down from the mountain, he could see the situation inside Yangyuan City through the towering walls. Countless skyscrapers rose from the ground, and shuttles flew between the buildings like satellites. As the sun gradually set, the city lights came on, forming a beautiful curtain of light that adorned the city like a shimmering gem on the wilderness.


The voice of Yao Guang came through the communication, with a hint of uncertainty and a probing tone. “Tian Shu?”

“It’s me,” Ji Mingzhu replied.

Yao Guang breathed a sigh of relief on the other end. “You’ve reached Yangyuan City?”

Normally, Ji Mingzhu should have contacted them by noon today at the latest, but it was already evening, and Yao Guang thought something might have gone wrong. “Are you okay? Did you encounter any accidents on the way?”

“I was delayed for a bit,” Ji Mingzhu said. “But it’s nothing serious. Where are you guys?”

He didn’t tell Yao Guang about encountering Huo Zai on the way.

The truth spoken by Huo Zai undoubtedly had a huge impact on humans. In a sense, Huo Zai telling Ji Mingzhu this history also had his own selfish motives.

As Huo Zai said, he has high hopes for Ji Mingzhu. It’s not just Ji Mingzhu himself but also his exceptional driving skills that are valued. If such a person becomes a competitor of the Feibo Organization, it will be quite troublesome. Huo Zai told Ji Mingzhu these things simply to make him develop a grudge against the human race, making him more inclined to the Aberration group as “victims.”

In fact, Huo Zai has succeeded halfway. Since leaving the abandoned town and heading to Yangyuan City, Ji Mingzhu has encountered many Aberration attacks along the way. However, he no longer kills all the attacking Aberrations as before but instead avoids their positions. When unavoidable, he deploys the special force field of the S-level mech to scare off the Aberrations.

Unless they are calamity-level Aberrations like Black Scale and Li Swallow, ordinary Aberrations, upon sensing the force field of the S-level mech, instinctively give up their attack.

The time spent as old humans turning into Aberrations has been too long, even multiple times longer than their time as humans. Except for special beings like Huo Zai, most Aberrations have long forgotten their former identity and experiences, gradually degenerating into beast-like existences over the long years.

Although he sympathizes with Huo Zai and is saddened by all the experiences of the old humans, Ji Mingzhu will not join the Feibo Organization because of this. The ideology and ideas of the Feibo Organization are not in line with Ji Mingzhu’s. What Huo Zai wants is to achieve revenge against the new humans and the Sky City, but such actions would only lead to another cycle. Even if the Feibo Organization becomes the ultimate winner, the world won’t become any better.

On the other end of the communication, Yao Guang said, “Tian Ji and I have found a place to stay in the lower city of Yangyuan. Are you still outside the city?”

“Yes, I’m on the eastern mountain of Yangyuan. The Phoenix Redeemer is too conspicuous, so I can’t go in.”

“Send me your coordinates,” Yao Guang said. “I’ll come pick you up.”

Yao Guang arrived faster than Ji Mingzhu had imagined. In less than half an hour, the radar of the Phoenix Redeemer had already detected signals of several people coming up the mountain.

Upon seeing Yao Guang, Ji Mingzhu powered down the core and emerged from the cockpit.

“Damn, boss, is this your mech?”

Sun Yi saw the appearance of the Phoenix Redeemer from afar. “You have a girlish heart ah!”

Ji Mingzhu got angry upon hearing this and glared fiercely at Yao Guang.

Yao Guang shrank his neck and said awkwardly, “Isn’t the disguise quite successful?”

Ji Mingzhu’s mouth twitched. “I’ll settle the score with you later.”

Hearing their conversation, Sun Yi and the others exchanged glances.

Their previous leader of the transport team had died, and Yao Guang and Tian Ji had recruited them, becoming their new leaders. Now they were working for Yao Guang and the others.

People in the black market know the rules; they don’t pry into what they shouldn’t. However, this doesn’t stop them from speculating about Yao Guang and the others’ identities.

Yao Guang is a top-notch hacker, generous in his actions. Just his personal optical brain alone costs a price that ordinary people can’t afford. As for Tian Ji, he gives off a mysterious vibe, skilled in combat, and possesses an intimidating aura that ordinary people don’t have.

These two individuals don’t seem simple at all. Now, seeing Yao Guang’s demeanor, showing extreme intimacy with the young man in front of them, he should also be an extraordinary figure.

In the dim light, Sun Yi approached a little closer and scrutinized Ji Mingzhu.

He’s a very young boy, probably no more than twenty years old, with handsome features. But this face always feels familiar… 

“Sun Ge, Sun Ge…”

A little brother on the side secretly approached him. “This is that person… that person.”

“…Who?” Sun Yi didn’t react at first, but then suddenly, a lightning bolt flashed through his mind, matching the appearance of the young man in front of him with someone.


Ji Mingzhu?!

Thanks to the vigorous propaganda of the Calamity Control Bureau before, as well as Ji Mingzhu’s glorious deeds of saving Shangjing City, Sun Yi and the others, who had come from the black market of Shangjing City, were well-informed. It was impossible for them not to know.

However, for a moment, Sun Yi didn’t connect Ji Mingzhu with the former Titan pilot of the Calamity Control Bureau. After all, individuals at the level of Titan pilots were too distant from them, the low-level people of the black market.

Sun Yi never expected that the person they were about to pick up was actually Ji Mingzhu!

“You… uh, not… you… are…”

Sun Yi stammered as he looked at Ji Mingzhu, finding it hard to speak.

This was the legendary Titan pilot!

Even for them, who were just low-level people in the black market, the ordinary second-class pilots registered with the Calamity Control Bureau were unattainable figures. Although they had several pilots in their team, they were all self-taught, with piloting skills barely reaching the second-class level. Now, faced with a Titan pilot who had only appeared in the news and propaganda, they felt at a loss.


Yao Guang glanced at Sun Yi and said, “Do your job properly and don’t ask unnecessary questions. Go hide the mechs.”

“Oh… okay.” Sun Yi could hardly contain his excitement, nodding repeatedly.

Ji Mingzhu asked, “Who are they?”

Yao Guang replied, “Those people from the black market transport team. They’re under me now.”

Sun Yi and the others also heard Yao Guang’s words, instantly feeling a sense of pride.

If they had agreed to work for Yao Guang only out of respect for his and Tian Ji’s strength and the price offered, now it was entirely different.

They were Yao Guang’s subordinates, and Yao Guang had a close relationship with Ji Mingzhu. From a certain perspective, weren’t they now Ji Mingzhu’s subordinates as well?

What an honor!

At this moment, Sun Yi and the others didn’t feel coerced at all. Their attitudes became extremely diligent, each eager to work, afraid of missing the chance to perform.

When Shangjing City was attacked by the Aberration tide, they, as people from the black market, naturally didn’t have the qualifications to take shelter. During the rampage of the Aberrations in the city, they hid in the basement of the black market, despairing as they awaited death.

Later, Ji Mingzhu emerged, driving General Tang Fried from afar, then riding Jiuyin of the Candle, saving the city and saving all of them.

In a sense, Ji Mingzhu had saved their lives.

If they had known earlier that Yao Guang and the others were Ji Mingzhu’s people, even if they were given a hundred times more courage, they wouldn’t dare to have any ideas about Yao Guang’s power core.

A warm breeze blew in from outside the city. Ji Mingzhu loosened his collar and asked Yao Guang, “Where’s Tian Ji?”

“He’s still in the city,” Yao Guang said. “Our target is not simple. Before the plan begins, we need to gather some information and find a base. Tian Ji is already working on it.”

If the Aiksen New Materials Technology Group was indeed the place where the Netherworld Organization released the light brain, then it wouldn’t be as simple as it appeared on the surface. Acting rashly would only alert the Netherworld Organization. If they became vigilant ahead of time, it would be troublesome.

If possible, Ji Mingzhu also wanted to develop some of his own power in Yangyuan City. After all, the opponents they were facing, whether the Calamity Control Bureau or the Netherworld Organization, were formidable. With just the three of them, they were inevitably inadequate.

Thinking like this, Ji Mingzhu cast his gaze toward Sun Yi and the others standing aside.

Sun Yi and the others walked to the side of the mechs, preparing to hide them. There were no other people on this mountain outside the city, just needing some camouflage to cover them and a bit of odor repellent spray to conceal any low-level Aberration scents. It wouldn’t be a problem to hide them for ten days or half a month. Later, they could find an opportunity to secretly transport them into the city.

However, the boss’s mech has a different taste…

Sun Yi looked at the pink hue before him, his expression complicated.

Eh… wait a minute.

At first glance at this mech, Sun Yi thought Ji Mingzhu was driving a C-grade mech. After all, the mech before him wasn’t large, it was a slender assault-type mech. But Sun Yi, being someone who had worked as a mechanic before, had a keen eye.

As he touched the armor of the mech, the cold sensation told him that this mech was definitely not as simple as it appeared on the surface.

He examined it carefully, and finally found a clue on the leg armor.

After walking in the wilderness for a long time, some of the paint on the leg armor had worn off, revealing a bright crimson color underneath the pink paint.

Combining this with the size of the mech, the dagger, and the sharp armor design, a name that had disappeared from the public eye for a long time was on the tip of his tongue.

Sun Yi’s mouth widened, “Ph… Phoenix Redeemer?”

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