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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 87

87. Formulate Plan

Sun Yi trembled as he reached out his hand, cautiously touching the armor of the Phoenix Redeemer.

Ah, he touched it…

The cold sensation overwhelmed Sun Yi with a sense of happiness.

This was an S-class mech that ordinary people rarely even got to see. Now it was right in front of him, every contour and armor piece emanating an indescribable charm. Having touched an S-class mech with his own hands, Sun Yi felt like he could brag about it for ten years.

“Sun Ge, let me touch it too.”

“Is this the legendary S-class mech? Oh god, am I dreaming?”

“It seems like Ji Mingzhu was sitting in this mech when he fought against three Titan pilots in Shangjing City.”

A group of people eagerly wanted to touch the Phoenix Redeemer. Sun Yi widened his eyes, “Go away, what if you damage it while touching? Get to work quickly, Ji Lao Da is waiting for us!”

The others: “…”

Weren’t you just happy about not touching it yourself? Besides, can a weapon like an S-class mech, which can stand up to disaster-level aberrations, be easily damaged by touching? Also, when did it become Ji Lao Da? Did Ji Mingzhu agree to that…

After a simple burial, the Phoenix Redeemer was hidden in a pile of debris and fallen leaves, making it impossible to detect a mech was buried there from the outside. Sun Yi and the others were professionals, so besides deploying odorants to repel low-level aberrations, they also installed a counter-detection device nearby, which could shield radar scanning signals.

After completing these tasks, they returned to Yangyuan City. When the city was not on high alert, the perimeter check outside the satellite city was relaxed. With Sun Yi and the others providing cover, Ji Mingzhu easily passed through the perimeter check outside the city and smoothly entered the city.

Yangyuan City was divided into the Upper and Lower City Districts, with a clear boundary between them. The Upper district was filled with luxurious and magnificent buildings, with shuttles coming and going, indicating their high price. The elites in the Upper district wore exquisite clothes, shuttling amidst the colorful laser neon lights.

The Lower district, on the other hand, was much simpler, accommodating nearly 75% of Yangyuan City’s population. The main theme of the Lower district was the dense rows of apartment buildings and streets, forming a sharp contrast with the bustling scenery of the Upper district.

Following Yao Guang into the Lower district, Ji Mingzhu found himself in the evening. However, the Lower district was brightly lit, bustling with people, and various food stalls lined the streets, filling the air with the aroma of various spices.

“This is the place we rented in the Lower City District yesterday.”

Yao Guang brought Ji Mingzhu to a tenement building and said, “The rent in Yangyuan City is much cheaper than in Shangjing City. The location here has complex transportation around, so in case of any situation, unless the Calamity Control Bureau can block all the streets, we can easily evacuate.”

Sun Yi listened and secretly admired their professionalism.

He didn’t know the background of Yao Guang and Tian Ji, but judging from their cautious behavior, they must have a significant background. Ordinary people renting a place in the satellite city would not consider how to avoid the Calamity Control Bureau’s issues…

Pushing open the door, Ji Mingzhu saw Tian Ji sitting in front of a light brain in the room, contemplating something.

“Back?” Tian Ji saw Ji Mingzhu come in and smiled at him. “Good to see you back.”

He didn’t ask Ji Mingzhu why he was later than expected.

“Yeah.” Ji Mingzhu nodded and asked him, “How did the investigation go?”

“We’ve got some clues,” Tian Ji said.

After Tian Ji finished speaking, he paused and looked at Sun Yi behind them.

“You two talk first.” Sun Yi said politely, “I’ll go outside to buy some food. You probably haven’t eaten yet, right? I’ve been to Yangyuan City a few times, and there are many delicious places nearby. I’ll bring some for you.”

After Sun Yi left, Ji Mingzhu asked, “Can we trust them?”

“I don’t know about other things, but they seem observant,” Yao Guang shrugged. “But as for whether we can trust them specifically, we’ll have to observe for a few more days.”

Yao Guang bringing Sun Yi and the others to pick up Ji Mingzhu also had this consideration. Besides the three of them, only Sun Yi and the others knew the location of the Phoenix Redeemer. If they had other intentions, they would certainly have designs on the S-class mech.

If Sun Yi and his team are indeed scheming, then unfortunately, the KSC system loaded on the Phoenix Redeemer allows Axiu to remotely control the mech’s actions, so they are destined to be unsuccessful. If they pass this “test,” then Sun Yi can participate in the subsequent actions.

“Based on the information we’ve gathered now,” Tian Ji said, “the current head of Aiksen New Materials Technology Group is named Yao Xiangrong.”

He tapped on the light brain, and a man’s photo appeared on the screen, accompanied by a brief summary of his career.

“At first glance, Yao Xiangrong doesn’t seem to have much connection with the Netherworld Organization. His Aiksen New Materials Technology Group is mainly responsible for the research and theoretical work on new materials.”

Tian Ji continued, “Aiksen New Materials Technology Group’s main source of funding is the patent fees it holds, as well as some other investment channels. Besides this company, Yao Xiangrong also has several other industries and is a well-known entrepreneur in Yangyuan City. He lives in a mansion in the upper city area and rarely appears in public.”

Ji Mingzhu rubbed his chin. “Have you tried directly infiltrating their network?”

“We’ve tried,” Yao Guang interrupted. “Aiksen New Materials Technology Group’s firewall isn’t very tight. I easily accessed their database yesterday, but I didn’t find anything valuable. If it were Axiu, perhaps there would be some discoveries.”

Axiu’s voice then sounded in front of Tian Ji’s light brain. “Let me try.”

Yao Guang’s hacking skills were top-notch, but compared to Axiu, a top-tier artificial intelligence, they fell short.

Soon, Axiu took over the light brain in front of Tian Ji, and streams of data flashed rapidly across the screen, dazzling to behold.

Five minutes later, Axiu’s voice rang out again.

“I’ve hacked into Aiksen New Materials Technology Group’s database, and there isn’t anything valuable there. However, there’s a deeply hidden confidential network in the database’s deep layers.”

“Huh?” Yao Guang sat up. “Where is it? I didn’t see it before.”

“This confidential network has twenty-two layers of data camouflage. It’s normal not to notice it,” Axiu said.

Ji Mingzhu and Yao Guang exchanged a glance.

Indeed, it’s Axiu… Twenty-two layers of disguised data. If Yao Guang were to solve it on his own, it would take at least three or four days, considering the computing power of the human brain versus artificial intelligence.

Yao Guang: “Well, this complicates things…”

Ji Mingzhu nodded. “Indeed. If Aiksen New Materials Technology Group is just a company researching new materials, they shouldn’t need this level of encryption.”

From this perspective, it’s highly probable that the Netherworld Organization’s light brain is hidden in Aiksen New Materials Technology Group, just as Axiu had previously judged.

“Once the target is confirmed, the rest becomes easier,” Ji Mingzhu said. “Axiu, can you attempt to crack their confidential network?”

“I would need a specific key and Yao Xiangrong’s fingerprint data,” Axiu said. “Brute force cracking is also an option, but it would alert the Netherworld Organization. With my current capabilities, I can’t infiltrate without triggering an alarm. I can only do so after completing a self-upgrade.”

So, this approach won’t work.

“Then we’ll have to seize the opportunity to visit Aiksen New Materials Technology Group,” Tian Ji said. “If we can obtain Yao Xiangrong’s fingerprint data, we can pinpoint the exact location of the Netherworld Organization’s light brain.”

“But Yao Xiangrong rarely appears in public, so it won’t be easy to find him through conventional channels.”

“However, there is one method, a chance to get in touch with him,” Tian Ji said.

“What method?”

“In three days, there’s a private gathering in the affluent circle of the Upper City District,” Tian Ji said. “It’s a birthday party for the wife of a tycoon. Yao Xiangrong has a lot of business dealings with them and has received an invitation to the party. He should be there.”

Yao Guang raised an eyebrow. “Are we planning to crash the party and kidnap Yao Xiangrong directly? It might be easier to let Axiu brute force crack it.”

“Unused brains can be donated,” Tian Ji retorted. “We’ll infiltrate the gathering and seize the opportunity to obtain Yao Xiangrong’s fingerprint data. Once we locate the Netherworld Organization’s light brain, we can proceed with the next step of the plan.”

“But private gatherings of tycoons aren’t accessible to ordinary people,” Yao Guang argued. “We’ve just arrived in Yangyuan City and lack identification. Who would let us in?”

“As far as I know, Yao Xiangrong has a son named Yao Mingkai,” Tian Ji said, opening the light brain. “He can be our entry point. He appears in public much more often than Yao Xiangrong and is a fervent fan of ‘Warfall.'”


“If we can contact Yao Mingkai, we can leverage his relationships to gain entry to the gathering.”

After Tian Ji finished, he looked at Ji Mingzhu.

Ji Mingzhu pondered for a moment. “But I still have a wanted warrant from the Calamity Control Bureau. Is it wise for me to show up?”

“That’s easily solved,” Yao Guang said. “The black market in Yangyuan City has plenty of resources. Getting a fake identity won’t be a problem, and we can easily find a way to obtain a bio-synthetic holographic mask.”


Quite a cunning plan.

Though a bit troublesome, it’s still a good approach.

Obtaining the Netherworld Organization’s light brain not only inflicts significant damage on them but also completes Axiu’s upgrade. With Axiu’s enhanced capabilities, even the database of the Calamity Control Bureau can be easily infiltrated and modified at will.

Besides the upgrade of functional modules, once Axiu restores his own database, Ji Mingzhu will finally know what happened during the time he lost his memory.

With that in mind, Ji Mingzhu nodded.

“Alright, leave it to me.”

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