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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 89

89. How naive…Ji Mingzhu

In the instant the screen dimmed, there was a burst of exclamation from the Warfall training room of a prestigious noble school in the Upper City District of Yangyuan City.

The settlement interface popped up, but Ji Mingzhu didn’t immediately quit the match. Instead, they waited for a while.

Sure enough, the opponent soon sent a message.

[Just made a mistake. Can we have another match?] 

Ji Mingzhu smirked and replied.


Then swiftly exited the match.


In the Warfall training room, a guy with a crew cut couldn’t help but curse, “What’s with the act? How can you just quit like that? Can’t handle it?”


Two people beside the crew-cut guy, who had been watching him getting instantly killed in the match, burst into laughter uncontrollably.

“Seriously, An Man, how could you be such a wimp? You got your winning streak record broken by him without even pulling out your sword? Hahaha.”

“You’ve messed up the captain’s record. Let’s see how you explain it to him later.”

“That match didn’t count! I underestimated him!”

An Man’s face turned red as he retorted, “That guy’s just despicable, pretending to be AFK on the spot. Damn it, give me another chance, and I’ll make sure to knock his teeth out!”

“Oh, come on, he’s just using his wits.”

“You better think about how to explain this to the captain later.”

An Man was so angry that he pounded his chest and stomped his feet. Faced with the merciless ridicule from his two teammates, he couldn’t come up with a retort for a moment.

“What’s so amusing?”

A voice came from behind them. The three of them stiffened, turned around, and saw a tall man in his twenties standing behind them.


The three of them startled and quickly stood up.

“An Man, didn’t I tell you to train properly this afternoon?” Yao Mingkai frowned. “The school-level tournament is about to start. What are you guys doing here?”

“I was training…” An Man muttered.

“Captain, I report!” The teammate beside him raised his hand hastily. “Anman used your account to play ranked matches and ended your 88-win streak!”

“Yeah, he didn’t even touch the opponent and got killed instantly!”

“You two *old six!” Anman glared at the two gleeful teammates, then nervously said, “It’s true that I was careless and made a mistake…”

*traitor/backstabber/useless teammate

“Got killed instantly?”

Yao Mingkai was stunned. “Is there a match record? Let me see.”

As the captain, he knew his team members’ abilities well. Although An Man’s skills weren’t top-notch, he was still a player with a rank as high as 4100 points. Unless there was a major mistake or he encountered a top-tier player, he wouldn’t be unable to fight back at all.


One teammate immediately turned back and pulled up the recording of the match. “Captain, take a look yourself!”

Yao Mingkai clicked the play button and watched the match recording.

An Man looked nervously at Yao Mingkai’s back and muttered, “It really was a mistake. Give me another chance, and I won’t make such a big mistake.”

“Can you say the same during the actual match?”

Yao Mingkai glanced at him. “Winning is winning, losing is losing. When the tournament comes, can you ask for a rematch because of your mistake?”

An Man was speechless.

As the match recording played, An Man also saw the entire process of his recent defeat.

During the full-on charge, it was obvious that he had taken the initiative and completely dominated the momentum, while the opponent just stood there without any reaction.

However, in the next moment, the situation suddenly changed. In just a blink of an eye, the mech An Man piloted lost its balance directly and then exploded on the spot.

Yao Mingkai’s expression became more serious as he replayed the recording. The recording was short, and it finished in a matter of seconds.

Seeing Yao Mingkai’s expression, Anman thought he was angry because of his low-level mistake and couldn’t help but explain again, “He was just standing there, and I thought he was AFK, so I wanted to finish it quickly…”

“An Man.”

“Huh?” An Man’s explanation was interrupted, and he looked puzzled.

“If you still have this mindset, even if you and the opponent play another hundred times, you’ll still end up with the same result.”

Yao Mingkai lifted his gaze and said calmly, “Do you know where you lost?”

“Is he still online?”

“Let me check… No, he’s offline now,” An Man searched the name and shook his head.

“Never mind… Keep an eye on him, and let me know when he logs in next time,” Yao Mingkai said. “Alright, you guys continue training. An Man, your training tasks for today are doubled.”

“Huh? Why?!” An Man wailed.

Yao Mingkai glanced at him coolly. “You ended my winning streak. Why do you think? Next time, play on your own account and don’t ruin mine.”

Watching Yao Mingkai walk away, An Man muttered to himself, “He really cares about his record, huh…”

“This Tian Nan guy… seems to have some skills.”

A teammate searched Tian Nan’s record online. “A lot of people were following him before. Wow, he’s been on a winning streak and made it to the top 500? No wonder the captain is interested in him…”

“Probably just itching for a challenge,” another person said. “Cptain always has that expression whenever he encounters a skilled opponent.”

In the lobby, Ji Mingzhu waited for a while, but he didn’t receive a friend request from the other party.

Did he hit too hard and make the guy shut down?

According to the information, Yao Mingkai didn’t seem like someone who would give up so easily…

Ji Mingzhu waited for a bit longer, but still no response. He sighed and decided to log out.

Oh well, no big deal. He could always snipe a few more times tomorrow.

Ji Mingzhu closed the cockpit and stepped out.

As soon as he emerged, he noticed crowds of people gathered around his cockpit, staring at him with eager eyes, as if they had spotted a rare animal.

“…What’s going on, Axiu?” Ji Mingzhu asked.

“This arcade has a rank broadcasting feature. When you logged into the game, everyone in the lobby found out about your highest rank in history.”


“Great god! Do you accept disciples?!”

“Look, it’s one of the top 500 players! Are you a professional player?”

“Make way, make way! Let me take a picture with the top player!”

“So young? Could it be someone else playing on his account to show off…”

“Maybe he hired someone to play for him.”

The noisy voices gave Ji Mingzhu a headache. Seizing the opportunity, he pushed down his cap and slipped away from the scene in the chaos.

Looks like he’ll need to find a new place tomorrow…

Ji Mingzhu logged in with his own account. And the ID “Tian Nan,” many people in the Calamity Control Bureau in Shangjing City knew who the owner of the account was.

Ji Mingzhu wasn’t foolish enough to reveal his location to the Calamity Control Bureau. His main goal at the moment was to obtain the Light Brain stored by the Netherworld Organization in Yangyuan City. He didn’t have time to deal with the Calamity Control Bureau, so this login, aside from contacting Yao Mingkai, was also a smoke screen for the Calamity Control Bureau.

“Minister Xie!”

In Shangjing City, in the office of the Fire Department Minister of the Calamity Control Bureau, a staff member hurriedly knocked on Xie Cang’s door.

“What’s the matter? Why the rush?” Xie Cang frowned, looking somewhat displeased.

“There’s… there’s news about Ji Mingzhu.”

Xie Cang’s expression changed. “What news?”

“According to the information from the Thunder Department, there are signs of Ji Mingzhu’s former gaming account, Warfall, being logged in.”


“In Woyun City!”

“So, he’s hiding out in Woyun City.”

Xie Cang sneered. “I thought he died in the wilderness.”

“Could he be deliberately luring us?” The staff member thought for a moment and said, “Considering Ji Mingzhu’s caution, he shouldn’t make such a rookie mistake…”

Xie Cang thought what he said made sense but wasn’t willing to give up the chance to track Ji Mingzhu’s location. “It’s possible; he’s provoking us. This seems like something he would do… Contact the Calamity Control Bureau in Woyun City and ask for their help in capturing him.”


“Also,” Xie Cang paused. “This matter isn’t just the responsibility of our Fire Department. Ask the Red Guard Commander to send someone over, even if it’s at my suggestion.”


“Woyun City?”

Chang Haoyang pointed to himself in surprise. “Me? Going there?”

“Yes, that’s what the Red Guard Commander wants.” The person who came to inform Chang Haoyang said, “They say signs of Ji Mingzhu’s presence were found in Woyun City. You’re appointed as the captain of the pursuit team because you’ve spent a lot of time with Ji Mingzhu and understand his ways, so…”

“Why isn’t You Jia going?”

“We’ve approached him, but You Jia refused…” The person showed a troubled expression. “After all, You Jia is from the Lu Yan Tower Group, and we can’t force him to undertake the mission. What’s your decision?”

“Fine, I’ll take it.”

Chang Haoyang sneered. “The mouse has shown its tail. How can I ignore it? Woyun City, right? Tell the Red Guard Commander I’ll leave tonight.”

Does Ji Mingzhu think that by leaving Shangjing City, they won’t be able to touch him?

Heh, how naive, Ji Mingzhu.

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2 months ago

Yo, this canon fodder still have a role? Three Titan pilot fight him and he got away, you think you can handle him? Smh

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