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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 91

91. Slip Away

In the following days, Ji Mingzhu, in the name of guidance, played dozens of coaching matches with Yao Mingkai and others.

Yao Mingkai kept his word, and the coaching fees he offered Ji Mingzhu were indeed much higher than the market price.

Taking money to do things, although Ji Mingzhu approached Yao Mingkai with another purpose, since he accepted the coaching fee, he didn’t just go through the motions during the guidance sessions. His guidance greatly benefited Yao Mingkai, An Man, and others.

Originally, Ji Mingzhu held the position of captain in his own team. Besides his personal strength, he was also adept at tactical layout and command. Therefore, he could easily identify some flaws in Yao Mingkai’s team in terms of lineup and tactics.

His imaginative tactical ideas, incisive comments, and highly targeted guidance enabled Yao Mingkai and others to quickly overcome their shortcomings in a short period of time. Even though Yao Mingkai had a rather proud personality, he had to admit that Ji Mingzhu’s guidance had indeed brought them tremendous help, at least allowing them to advance several places in the intercollegiate league compared to the previous season.

This coaching was indeed the right choice…

After tasting the sweetness, Yao Mingkai harbored the idea of having Ji Mingzhu become their team’s permanent coach.

So, in addition to coaching, An Man and others also began to get closer to Ji Mingzhu. Their relationship gradually became more familiar, starting from just a simple teaching and coaching relationship to chatting about some life matters.

Learning that Ji Mingzhu was also in Yangyuan City, An Man was surprised. “Is it true? Are you also in Yangyuan City?”

Ji Mingzhu pretended to be surprised. “Really? You guys too?”

“Isn’t that a coincidence?”

An Man said, “We are studying in the Mecha Department of a college in Yangyuan City.”

Ji Mingzhu smiled meaningfully. “That’s really a coincidence.”

“This year is the captain’s last year participating in the intercollegiate league.” An Man said, “In the previous leagues, our school has never achieved good results. If we don’t have a chance to win the championship this year, the captain will probably be very regretful.”

“I think your strength is still good. As long as you make up for some shortcomings, the hope of winning the championship is high.”

“I didn’t have much hope before, but after Brother Tian Nan came, I feel very hopeful now.” An Man smiled. “These two days, I’ve been training with others in simulation, and they all say my playing style is like a different person, much trickier than before.”

“Is that so.”


Suddenly, An Man said, “Since Brother Tian Nan, you’re also in Yangyuan City, why don’t we meet up together?”

“Well… That’s not quite appropriate, is it?”

“What’s the problem?” An Man said, “We’ve been getting along for so many days, don’t be so distant. Are you worried we’ll sell you or something?”

Ji Mingzhu replied with a concerned tone, “It’s not that, mainly because you’re about to compete, and I’m afraid it’ll disrupt your training.”

“No worries.” An Man waved her hand, “Although the competition is important, you can’t be tense all the time. We also need to relax. We’re planning to attend a party hosted by Lady He in a couple of days, just to relax before the competition.”

“Lady He’s party?” Ji Mingzhu raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, you know about Bachem Technology in Yangyuan City, right? That’s Lady He. She’s hosting a party in a few days and has invited many people,” An Man said.

Ji Mingzhu intentionally directed the conversation towards the party, “I know about Lady He, but her parties should have a high threshold.”

“That’s true, it’s attended by some of Yangyuan City’s wealthy elites and senior mecha pilots,” An Man said, “But our family has cooperation with Lady He, so we’re also on the invitation list. As for the captain, his family background is comparable to Bachem Technology.”

“In that case, a school-level league shouldn’t be so important to you?”

“You can’t say that.” An Man said, “Although others see us as second-generation wealthy, we also have our own dreams. Like the captain, if we set aside his identity, he actually dreams of becoming a professional player in Battlefall… We’ve participated in the school league several times, but we haven’t achieved good results. If we fail again this time, it’ll be a huge blow.”

Ji Mingzhu nodded casually, “Alright, then I wish you good results this time. It’s good to relax before the league. Have fun at the party.”

“Brother Tian Nan, do you want to join us?” An Man’s eyes lit up. “It’s a good opportunity to meet, otherwise we’ll have to wait until after the league. Since we’re all in Yangyuan City, it’s convenient to come together.”


Ji Mingzhu sounded surprised, “That’s not appropriate, it’s a gathering in your circle…”

“Although we’re all in the same circle, most people don’t have much interaction.”

Yao Mingkai, who had been silent on the side, said, “It’s basically a place for others to discuss business and cooperation. We younger generation just find our own place to hang out.”

Although he wasn’t as direct as An Man, the expectation in his tone was evident.

An Man continued, “Yeah, come on, Brother Tian Nan.”

Unexpectedly straightforward…

Ji Mingzhu thought he would need to spend more time and effort. He had even thought of several guiding phrases in advance to obtain the so-called invitation to the party without revealing his intentions.

Never did he expect it to be this easy…

Perhaps it was his habitual way of thinking. Since awakening, most of the people and things he encountered were full of intrigue, whether it was the multiple spies in Calamity Control Bureau or the suspenseful dealings with Netherworld. He subconsciously thought people were more complex than they seemed.

Especially Yao Mingkai. His father, Yao Xiangrong, was almost certainly a senior member of Netherworld, perhaps even a member of the core council. Otherwise, Netherworld wouldn’t store important data in a place they didn’t fully trust. Therefore, it was only natural for him to assume that Yao Mingkai, like Yao Xiangrong, was also related to Netherworld, the type with extremely deep thoughts.

The outcome was unexpected. Yao Mingkai and his teammates weren’t as complex or inscrutable as he thought. They weren’t very interested in their family business but were passionate about the game. It was clear that they had been well-protected and hadn’t experienced much danger or conflict.

Faced with An Man and Yao Mingkai’s invitation, Ji Mingzhu felt a bit guilty.

He felt like his conscience was inexplicably reproaching him…

Ji Mingzhu coughed lightly, pretended to decline a few times, and finally reluctantly nodded in agreement, “Alright.”

“Is it really that simple?”

After listening to Ji Mingzhu’s account of his interaction with Yao Mingkai these past few days, Yao Guang’s expression was surprised. “Isn’t this too naive…? What if Yao Mingkai and his people are deceiving you? Pretending not to be guarded against you, and then informing Netherworld to arrest you on the spot at the party?”

Ji Mingzhu: “…”

“Based on the data I have and the current intelligence, Yao Xiangrong indeed hasn’t involved Yao Mingkai too much in the family business. And Aixsen New Materials Technology Group is just one of Yao Xiangrong’s industries. Yao Mingkai may not even know about its existence.”

Tian Ji interjected, “It’s said that Yao Xiangrong does intend for Yao Mingkai to succeed him, but Yao Mingkai prefers gaming. He made a deal with Yao Xiangrong not to interfere with his personal dreams until he turns thirty… This was mentioned in some financial tabloid. I find it quite credible.”

“So, Yao Mingkai actually doesn’t know about his father’s involvement with Netherworld?” Yao Guang mused, “It seems the relationship between the father and son isn’t that close.”

“On the contrary,” Ji Mingzhu shook his head, “Collaborating with Netherworld isn’t something to be proud of. Even the major financial magnates in the capital wouldn’t openly admit to it. I believe Yao Xiangrong is doing this to protect Yao Mingkai. In case something unexpected happens in the future, if the Yao family is implicated by Netherworld, Yao Mingkai, who hasn’t been involved and isn’t aware, won’t be affected.”

“Anyway, our goal has been achieved.” Tian Ji nodded in agreement with Ji Mingzhu’s thoughts, then added, “Since we can openly enter the party and have this connection with Yao Mingkai, it won’t be difficult to get in touch with Yao Xiangrong. Let’s prepare, and when the time comes, we’ll seize the opportunity to obtain Yao Xiangrong’s fingerprint data and move on to the next step of the plan.”

“Beep, beep, beep—”

The communication device rang, and Chang Haoyang, with a grim expression, took it out of his pocket. He paused for half a minute before answering the call.

“Pilot Chang Haoyang, we’ve once again located Ji Mingzhu’s position. The coordinates indicate that he’s currently logged into a War Meteor account in Jiusheng City. Please proceed to investigate immediately and initiate the pursuit plan.”

The voice of the commander came from the other end of the line.

Chang Haoyang couldn’t bear it anymore, “Is this some kind of joke? Four days! I’ve traveled to two satellite cities in the past four days, and now you’re telling me to go to Jiusheng City? Can’t you see Ji Mingzhu is playing with us? Is he a fairy? Can he fly to three satellite cities in such a short time? Is there even a need to pursue him?”

“Please calm down, Pilot Chang Haoyang.”

The commander said calmly, “Ji Mingzhu is piloting the Phoenix Redeemer. According to the maximum speed of the Phoenix Redeemer, this change in coordinates is possible. And our technical department has conducted multiple checks and found no traces of spoofed IP addresses.”

The technology department of the Calamity Control Bureau’s Thunder Division was top-notch. To deceive them by forging a false IP address, Ji Mingzhu’s hacking skills would have to far surpass the tracking technology of the Calamity Control Bureau, but this was unlikely in the eyes of the personnel of the Thunder Division’s technology department—after all, Ji Mingzhu wasn’t an Immortal. No matter how strong his hacking skills were, he was still only human.

“Your mood, I can understand, Driver Chang Haoyang,” the commander said, “But this is a matter of great importance. Ji Mingzhu is currently the prime fugitive of the Calamity Control Bureau, and he possesses an S-class mech, which poses a significant threat to the satellite cities. We cannot afford to overlook any clues or opportunities to apprehend him. Since you have taken on this task, please see it through to the end.”

Chang Haoyang: “…”

If he could turn back time, he would definitely stop his past self from eagerly accepting the task of capturing Ji Mingzhu a few days ago.

For the past four days, he had done nothing but roam the wilderness, traveling from Shangjing City to Woyun City, then from Woyun City to Xujian City, and now he had to go to Jiusheng City…

What was this? A subsidized tour of the twelve satellite cities?

“…Captain, what do we do now?” one of the pursuit team members asked tentatively, seeing Chang Haoyang’s grim expression.

“What else can we do?” Chang Haoyang glared at him, “Get ready, we’re heading to Jiusheng City.”

His teammates immediately wailed in grief.

Ji Mingzhu, you better pray I don’t catch you…

Chang Haoyang thought through gritted teeth.

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