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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 94

94. Restraint Release Agreement

Fortunately, Li Li spoke quickly. If she had been any slower, Axiu’s Shura mode would have snapped her neck directly.

Artificial intelligence doesn’t have any tender feelings. Anyone posing a threat to Ji Mingzhu is considered an enemy by Axiu, with no room for negotiation.

Ji Mingzhu deactivated the Asura mode and hid with Li Li in a corner of the corridor, frowning. “What’s happening?”

Li Li’s expression was serious. “An armed group has stormed the party and taken everyone present hostage.”

Ji Mingzhu was taken aback. “Here?”

The location of this party was in the center of the Upper City District, bustling and vibrant. It was also very close to the headquarters of the Calamity Control Bureau. Who in their right mind would dare to kidnap so many scions of wealthy families in such a place?

“Did you see who they were?” Ji Mingzhu asked.

Li Li frowned, pondering. “It might be the Netherworld Organization… No, it must be them. Besides them, no one else would be so bold.”

After speaking, Li Li glanced at Ji Mingzhu with significant meaning.

Not only in Shangjing, but the Netherworld Organization was notorious in all twelve satellite cities. They were the only organization daring to openly confront the Calamity Control Bureau. A kidnapping of a large number of tycoons in the bustling area of the Upper City District, right under the nose of the Calamity Control Bureau, could only be orchestrated by the Netherworld Organization.

Ji Mingzhu raised his hand in a gesture. “Don’t look at me; I have nothing to do with the Netherworld Organization anymore.”

He had appeared here under a false identity, and the next moment, the Netherworld Organization had kidnapped the venue. No matter how you looked at it, it couldn’t be separated from Ji Mingzhu. If Xie Cang were here, he would definitely put the blame on Ji Mingzhu without a second thought. But Li Li didn’t think so. She nodded. “I know.”

Compared to Xie Cang, Li Li trusted her own judgment more. She didn’t believe that someone like Ji Mingzhu would willingly become a lackey of the Netherworld Organization. Moreover, if Ji Mingzhu was really affiliated with the Netherworld Organization, Xie Cang wouldn’t have been able to catch him in the first place in Shangjing. He wouldn’t be hiding and dodging like he was now.

Just as Li Li was about to speak, footsteps suddenly came from the entrance.

The two of them hid by the door and saw a person wearing tactical gear and holding a gun pushing the door open.

Li Li’s heart tightened slightly.

She was attending Madame He’s party as a private guest, so naturally, she couldn’t carry any weapons. As a Titan pilot, Li Li herself wasn’t adept at hand-to-hand combat either.

As for Ji Mingzhu? Li Li was well aware that Ji Mingzhu’s physical fitness was even inferior to hers, a typical weak chicken.

“Wait, I’ll attract their attention, and you seize the opportunity to grab his weapon from the left…” Li Li whispered to Ji Mingzhu.

Before she could finish, she saw Ji Mingzhu had already quietly approached the door.


Li Li anxiously interrupted.

“Who’s there?!”

The commotion caused by Li Li’s voice instantly put the person pushing the door on guard. The gun in his hand raised, and the next moment, a rush of wind came from his ear!


Ji Mingzhu acted swiftly. Before the person could utter a sound, he reached out and grabbed the gun, pulled it forward, leaned his body forward, and with a *bang*, his shoulder rammed straight into the person’s chest! Then, he bent his elbow, delivering a powerful elbow strike to the chin, his other hand grabbed the person’s jaw, silencing him. Following was a crisp sound.

A much taller adult man than Ji Mingzhu had his neck twisted, instantly collapsing to the ground, not even able to let out a scream.

The entire action flowed smoothly, as if rehearsed countless times in advance, from Li Li making a sound, to Ji Mingzhu’s action, to the big man falling to the ground, the whole process didn’t even exceed three seconds.

Ji Mingzhu took his gun and turned around, only to see Li Li’s expression as if she had seen a ghost.

Li Li: “…Who the hell are you?”

She couldn’t remember Ji Mingzhu having such skills. This guy hadn’t undergone any combat training apart from simulating training as a Titan pilot, right?

Ji Mingzhu threw the gun to Li Li. “You’re too young to ask about *Daren’s matters.”

*adult/title of respect towards a superior

Li Li: “…”

Ji Mingzhu didn’t have time to explain to her, nor did he want to. He changed the subject. “The venue is probably under control. We need to leave quickly, or the Netherworld Organization will soon realize someone’s missing.”

After saying that, he had Axiu scan the surroundings, and once it was determined safe outside, he pushed the door open and walked out.

After some thought, Li Li followed Ji Mingzhu.

Inside the venue, the romantic classical tunes that once filled the party had already stopped. The venue fell silent as everyone looked in fear at the fully armed group before them, the cold barrels of guns sweeping across, silencing everyone.

“Who… who are you people?”

A man dressed in exquisite formal attire stood up, mustering the courage to ask.

The private party of the top-tier tycoons in Yangyuan City naturally had strong security measures in place. However, this group of people somehow managed to enter undetected. Security personnel, both inside and outside the venue, were swiftly and silently neutralized. These fully armed mercenaries stormed in, seizing control of the entire venue within minutes. It was evident they came prepared, and their swift actions alerted everyone present that something was amiss.

“Do you want money?” A man took a deep breath and said, “We can offer any amount, but you have to guarantee not to harm us. Everything else can be negotiated.”


In response to the man, the sound of guns being cocked filled the air.

The leader of the group, wearing a mask that revealed half his face, looked at the man who had spoken with a smirk in his eyes. The barrel of the gun was aimed at him as he softly said, “Did I ask you to speak?”

Faced with the barrel of the gun, the man hesitated for a moment but still said, “The hotel is close to the Calamity Control Bureau. If you take over the venue, they will receive the message immediately. You won’t be able to get away. If you just want money, we can…”


Before he could finish his sentence, a gunshot rang out, and a bloody hole appeared in the man’s forehead.

Screams erupted, and fear was evident on everyone’s faces.

They actually dared to shoot?!

“Shut up.”

The leader holstered his gun, casting a disdainful glance at the man’s corpse.

“Cap… Captain…”

In the corner, Anman nervously asked Yao Mingkai, “What should we do?”


Yao Mingkai gestured for silence and glanced towards the entrance.

The main venue had been taken over by this group of people, and armed members continued to bring in guests who had left the venue midway from outside. He had been keeping an eye on the faces of these guests and hadn’t seen Li Li and Ji Mingzhu among them.

This slightly relieved him.

Li Li was a Titan pilot, with more combat experience than everyone present. As long as she wasn’t captured, they still had a good chance of being rescued.

Yao Mingkai didn’t know what the group’s intentions were, but judging from their confident expressions, they clearly weren’t afraid of the Calamity Control Bureau.

A sense of foreboding rose in Yao Mingkai’s heart.

The ice-cold barrel of the gun emitted a deathly threat, and Lady He couldn’t bear to look at the man’s body lying on the ground, closing her eyes in anguish.

“Lady He, let me go up to provide cover, and you find a chance to escape first,” a young man by Lady He’s side stepped forward and whispered to her.

“No, it’s too dangerous,” Lady He whispered back, “This is my party. How can I let you take risks? You’re still young. If anyone should stand up to face this, it should be me, an old bone.”

After Lady He finished speaking, she took a trembling step forward.

The leader noticed her and raised an eyebrow, “What about you? Do you also want to go down and accompany him?”

“I’m the host of this party.”

Lady He’s lips moved slightly as she spoke, “I’m also the principal of the Yangyuan City Economic Cooperation Union.”

The leader recognized her and smirked, “So you’re the famous Lady He. It’s an honor.”

“I think you don’t have much time to waste with us here,” Lady He said, “You must have a purpose for coming this time. What are your demands? We will cooperate as much as we can, as long as you stop killing innocent people. Everything is negotiable.”

“Lady He is still reasonable,” the leader chuckled, “Let’s talk then.”

Inside the ventilation ducts of the party, Ji Mingzhu and Li Li crawled laboriously.

The ducts were very narrow, but luckily Ji Mingzhu and Li Li were both slender, barely able to move inside.

“Why would the Netherworld Organization make a move today?” Li Li asked puzzled, “With so many guards, not a single one gave an early warning. It’s like they were intentionally luring these tycoons here… What could their purpose be?”

“Is it possible that there are members of the Netherworld Organization within the party itself?” Ji Mingzhu hinted, “At least those with high authority, capable of evacuating the guards in advance. If that’s the case, it wouldn’t be surprising for them to accomplish this.”

Li Li caught the undertone in his words and frowned, “Do you know something?”

She paused for a moment, then continued, “Are you suggesting… Lady He is with the Netherworld Organization? But that doesn’t make sense. She has no reason to collaborate with them, and after such an incident at her party, how could she continue to thrive in Yangyuan City? It doesn’t benefit her at all.”

Ji Mingzhu sighed, “Why don’t you think about it some more?”

“What exactly do you know?” Li Li demanded impatiently, “Stop beating around the bush. At this point, why play guessing games?”

Ji Mingzhu sighed, “Even if I tell you, you might not believe me.”

“How can I know whether to believe you if you don’t tell me?” Li Li retorted. “You have your own reasons for coming to this party, right? … To be honest, I’m starting to suspect whether you really have connections with the Netherworld Organization. It’s all too coincidental.”

“I do have some connection with the Netherworld Organization coming here, but these people have nothing to do with me. Don’t throw dirt on me,” Ji Mingzhu shrugged, but due to the narrow ventilation duct, he couldn’t spread his shoulders, so he adjusted his posture. “I’m here to investigate Yao Xiangrong. According to the intelligence I have, Yao Xiangrong is one of the members of the Netherworld Organization, and he holds a high rank within the organization, possibly even a member of the core council.”

Li Li was shocked to hear this and instinctively said, “That’s impossible!”

“See?” Ji Mingzhu had the look of ‘I knew you wouldn’t believe me.’

Li Li calmed down. “What’s the source of this information?”

“I won’t tell you.”

The source of the information was Tianji, a trusted confidant of Baiweng, who had been working for the Netherworld Organization for more than twenty years. Ji Mingzhu naturally wouldn’t tell Li Li about this.

Li Li let out a sigh. “Although I find it hard to believe… I’ll seriously consider the possibility that Yao Xiangrong is a member of the Netherworld Organization.”

“Up to you.” Ji Mingzhu didn’t really trust the Calamity Control Bureau at the moment anyway, so he didn’t care much. “But why are you so sure that Yao Xiangrong couldn’t be a member of the Netherworld Organization?”

“The Yao family has been in Yangyuan City for over a hundred years. They have a deep cooperation with the Calamity Control Bureau. The Thunder Division and the Pestilence Division in Yangyuan City both have trusted agents from the Yao family. If there really is a problem with the Yao family as you say, it would mean that the Calamity Control Bureau… might have long been compromised.” Li Li couldn’t help but worry at the thought of this possibility. “And if it really is Yao Xiangrong, he has no reason to do this…”

“We’re here.”

The two crawled through the ventilation ducts and reached the area above the venue, where they could see part of the situation in the venue through the vent grille.

“That’s Lady Yao.” Li Li looked down and said, “Lady Yao has also been kidnapped. Beside her are Yao Xiangrong, Miao Boxue, and Zhan Xinyuan… They are all the top tycoons and power holders in Yangyuan City. The actions of the Netherworld Organization are really bold…”

Without mincing words, the power held by these people below was enough to determine the direction and lifeline of Yangyuan City’s development. If these people really died here, Yangyuan City would definitely undergo a major change.

“What are they doing?”

Ji Mingzhu noticed the leader-like man taking out a light brain and placing it in front of these plutocrats, smiling and gesturing.

The people looked at the contents displayed on the light brain, their faces showing concern.

“I’ll take a look.”

Li Li squeezed her body, pushing Ji Mingzhu aside, trying to see clearly what was on the light brain.

After seeing it clearly, Li Li widened her eyes, and her breath seemed to stop for a moment.

“What is it?” Ji Mingzhu asked.

Li Li didn’t speak, but trembled all over, and after a while, she said slowly.

“It’s… the release agreement for Zhurong’s restraint device.”

Li Li looked terrified. “The Netherworld Organization wants to lift the restraint device agreement for Zhurong. F*ck, are they insane?”

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