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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 95

  1. Raid

At the party, many tycoons looked at the termination agreement on the light brain, showing hesitant expressions and exchanging glances.

“What’s the matter?” The leader’s gun pointed, “Don’t want to sign?”

Lady He spoke slowly, “How did you get this termination agreement…?”

“That’s not something you need to worry about,” the leader smiled, issuing the final ultimatum to them, “Sign, and you live. Don’t sign, and you die.”

A blatant threat.

The Titan restraint device in Yangyuan City was quite special. Its control end was not in the hands of the Calamity Control Bureau but in the hands of this Economic Agreement Union formed by the tycoons.

In other words, when over eighty percent of the Economic Agreement Union members chose to sign the agreement displayed on the light brain, the Titan, located within the Calamity Control Bureau, would be freed from the restraint device.

The thought of the consequences this might bring made everyone shudder.

No one wanted to be the culprit. While the tycoons might not care much about the lives of the common people, Yangyuan City was the foundation of their existence. If the Titan went out of control and Yangyuan City suffered destruction, it would be a huge loss for them as well.

But now, the cold muzzle of the gun was pointing at them, forcing them to make a choice.

“What does the Netherworld Organization want to do…”

Seeing this scene, Li Li was extremely anxious, “Do they want to remove the Titan’s restraint device? What benefit does it bring to them?”

Ji Mingzhu couldn’t figure it out either.

He knew that the Netherworld Organization had always wanted to seize the Titans, but he thought they only wanted to obtain the power of the Titans to counteract the Sky City. What use would a rampaging Titan within the satellite cities be to the Netherworld Organization?

“No, we can’t let them succeed…”

Li Li wanted to go down and stop them, but Ji Mingzhu stopped her with a firm grip, “With so many people down there, aren’t you just seeking death?”


“Shouldn’t there be a response from the Calamity Control Bureau?” Ji Mingzhu pondered for a moment, then said, “How long will it take for them to support us?”

Li Li glanced at the communication device, “The signal has been cut off by the Netherworld Organization, so I can’t receive any messages from the Calamity Control Bureau… But with such a big incident, the Calamity Control Bureau must already be on their way to support us. If nothing unexpected happens, they should arrive in about five minutes.”

“What if something unexpected happens?” Ji Mingzhu frowned, “I don’t think the Netherworld Organization would be completely unprepared.”

“Then this time may be longer than expected…”

Li Li gritted her teeth, “But should we just wait for support and do nothing? What if they really succeed…”

Ji Mingzhu sighed, “I have a plan.”

Li Li’s eyes lit up.

“The Thunder Division Mech Second Team is in position!”

“The Fourth Team is in position!”

“The launch pad is undergoing repairs…”

“Repair failed!”

In the operational command room of the Calamity Control Bureau in Yangyuan City, the Minister of Thunder Division frowned as he looked at the densely packed error codes displayed on the light brain.

“How much longer?” he asked.

“Minister, our launch pad has a problem, and the repair team is working on it…” the commander hesitated, “It will probably take about another half an hour.”

“Half an hour?” The Minister of Thunder Division narrowed his eyes. “Are you kidding me? Isn’t the launch pad checked for maintenance every day? How come it decides to malfunction at such a critical moment?”

“We did check, and today’s inspection report showed no issues at all, all data were normal…” the commander said, “But there was damage to the hinge at a critical position. Although the repair department hasn’t pinpointed the exact cause of the damage yet, I suspect…”

The Minister of Thunder Division understood what the commander meant.

It was obvious: there was a mole in the Calamity Control Bureau.

The mechs of the Calamity Control Bureau were usually kept in the underground mech depot of the headquarters building. When mechs were needed, they would be deployed via the underground launch pad. But just at this moment, the launch pad had a problem. The whole situation seemed suspicious.

Unlike other satellite cities, the Calamity Control Bureau in Yangyuan City had many personnel embedded by various influential financiers. Even at the ministerial level, it was difficult to ensure everyone’s loyalty and integrity. The appearance of such a situation at this time was not surprising. Unfortunately, there was no time to conduct internal investigations now. With so many important financiers in Yangyuan City being held hostage, once something went wrong, the entire economy of Yangyuan City would suffer heavy losses. However, that wasn’t the most critical issue. The minister was concerned about the control of the Titan restraint device held by these financiers. Once the restraint device malfunctioned, it would be a truly catastrophic disaster.

“Has the Guard Battalion of the Fire Division set out?”

“They departed five minutes ago,” the commander immediately replied.

“Allow the Guard Battalion to attempt intervention and authorize the use of weapons,” the Minister of Thunder Division said coldly. “Once any signs of the restraint device being compromised are detected, launch the Pestilence Missiles.”

The commander was stunned.

The minister’s intention was clear: if they couldn’t prevent it, even if it meant using heavy firepower to turn the entire banquet building into ruins and burying all the financiers with it, causing the economy of Yangyuan City to collapse overnight, it was better than having the Titan facing problems.

“What are you standing around for?!” The Minister of Thunder Division’s voice was chilly. “Move faster, and if anything goes wrong, I’ll take full responsibility!”

“Yes, sir!”

In the neon-lit streets of Yangyuan City at night, rows of heavy motorcycles from the Fire Division of the Calamity Control Bureau roared down the streets, their heavy buzzing mingling and roaring in the night.

Curious residents of the Upper City poked their heads out of their buildings, watching as the Fire Division guards, clad in flying fish suits, raced toward the direction of the hotel.


The security team responsible for the security of the hotel intercepted the Fire Division’s heavy motorcycle team at the intersection: “This area ahead belongs to the plutocrats’ industry. Do you have a pass?”

In order for the banquet to proceed smoothly, the plutocrats responsible for hosting the banquet had already cleared the intersections near the hotel in advance and blocked various routes.

The leader of the Fire Division member got off the motorcycle and showed his credentials: “I am the deputy captain of the Guard Battalion of the Calamity Control Bureau. Please let us through.”

“I know you’re from the Fire Division,” the security team member frowned. “We’ve already reported to the Calamity Control Bureau in advance. Security in this area is our responsibility. What is the Fire Division doing here?”

“The hotel has been hijacked by an unknown organization, and we are here to provide support.”

“Hijacked? Why haven’t we heard about it?”

“We have clearance from the Calamity Control Bureau.” The Fire Division member didn’t want to waste time with him and said loudly, “Please step aside and don’t obstruct us from carrying out our mission!”

“Just wait a moment, I’ll make a call for confirmation.”

Seeing the other side’s strong stance, the security team member thought for a moment, took out a communicator, and dialed a number.

However, there was no signal on the other end of the communication.

“The hotel has been hijacked, and all signals have been intercepted. You won’t be able to get through,” the Fire Division member frowned. “For such a big incident, how come you, as a security team, didn’t have any warning?”

“We’re just doing our job for money…”

The security member smiled awkwardly and then waved his hand, “Let them through!”

The Fire Division member breathed a sigh of relief and turned back to his motorcycle.

In the next moment, he keenly sensed something amiss and quickly turned his head.

The security members guarding the intersection turned their heads back, seemingly preparing to open the roadblock. However, when they turned around, they suddenly brandished shiny firearms, without any warning, and pulled the triggers towards the Fire Division team in front of them!


“Bang! Bang! Bang!!”

A large amount of firepower erupted simultaneously, weaving a dense net of flames, covering all the people in front!

“Let me remind you.”

Seeing that the plutocrats in front of him still hadn’t made a move, the leader became impatient: “I don’t have much time. You don’t have to sign this agreement if you don’t want to.”


As bullets were chambered, the muzzle aimed at one of the pale-faced women: “Let me think… why don’t we start with you first?”


Yao Xiangrong was the first to speak, drawing everyone’s attention to him.

“If we sign this agreement to lift the restrictions, can we leave safely?” Yao Xiangrong lowered his gaze, looking at the leader as if expecting a firm answer.

“Of course.”

“Good, I’ll sign.”

After saying this, Yao Xiangrong stepped forward, his finger pressing on the screen of the light brain, and then he signed his name.

[Verification passed.]

“Yao Xiangrong!”

Lady He looked at him, her eyes filled with disbelief. “Do you know what you’re doing?”

“Sorry, Lady He.”

Yao Xiangrong returned a helpless smile. “I have children to take care of.”

His words seemed to possess a magical power, as other plutocrats suddenly remembered their own lives— their industries, their children, and their futures… Each plutocrat was accustomed to ruling supreme in Yangyuan City, with a promising future ahead. How could they die here like this?

The desire to survive overwhelmed rationality. With Yao Xiangrong taking the lead, others seemed to be inspired as well, stepping forward one after another.

“I’ll sign.”

“I will too.”

Others at the party also witnessed this scene. Although they didn’t understand the significance of the agreement, they could sense the unusual atmosphere in the venue. Everyone watched nervously, praying for their safety.

“Captain… don’t act impulsively!”

An Man noticed that Yao Mingkai had unconsciously approached Lady He, unable to help but anxiously whisper.

Ignoring An Man, Yao Mingkai quietly moved closer to Lady He. His body tensed, pondering the possibility of controlling the leader with one strike.

“They’ve signed!”

At the same time, Li Li noticed the commotion and saw each plutocrat step forward, pressing their fingerprints on the light brain. She couldn’t help but feel anxious.

“Yao Xiangrong was the first to come forward.”

Without turning his head, Ji Mingzhu seemed to have anticipated this.

“How did you know?” Li Li asked in surprise.

“Didn’t I tell you? They are all in this together,” Ji Mingzhu smiled. “That’s just how people are. Without someone breaking the rules first, others are reluctant to step forward. But if someone takes the lead…”

At the same time, Ji Mingzhu silently called out in his mind, “Axiu, have you found the location of the signal blocker?”

“Found it,” Axiu responded. “Southeast, next to the man wearing a hat.”

Following Axiu’s hint, Ji Mingzhu looked in that direction and indeed saw a man wearing a hat, holding a gun and guarding the area. Beside him, a peculiar device emitted a faint green light.


The next moment, Ji Mingzhu kicked open the exit of the ventilation duct and leaped down from above!

“Who are you?!”

The members of the Netherworld Organization below were startled and instinctively looked up.


A slender shadow had silently landed, skillfully reaching out, and with a twist, the neck of the nearest person was snapped!

The Asura mode was activated, and Ji Mingzhu had relinquished control of his body to Axiu.

At the moment the person fell, Li Li also jumped down from another direction. With lightning speed, she executed a graceful roll upon landing, snatching away someone’s gun.


With a swift motion, Li Li used the butt of the gun to knock another person senseless. She then threw the gun to Ji Mingzhu. “Take it!!”

Without looking back, Ji Mingzhu swiftly caught the gun, simultaneously dodging a blade attack. With a sharp sidekick, he sent the assailant flying, then aimed the gun at the device emitting the green light and pulled the trigger!


The deafening gunshot instantly alerted everyone at the venue!

The plutocrats who were signing the agreement suddenly looked up, their leader’s gaze sharpened as he looked in the direction of the gunshot.

The signal blocker was destroyed, and at the same time, on a mountain outside Yangyuan City…


The power core of the Phoenix Redeemer lit up in an instant.

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