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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 96

96. Rumbling Collapse

“Stop right there!”

“Who’s there?!”

“Don’t move!”

The sudden appearance of Li Li and Ji Mingzhu caused a commotion on the scene. All eyes turned to them, and the members of the Netherworld Organization immediately raised their guns and aimed at the two.

The leader squinted, recognizing Li Li’s identity, “So it’s you.”

As a Titan pilot of the Calamity Control Bureau, Li Li had quite a reputation in Yangyuan City, and the Netherworld Organization naturally had information about her. The long-standing conflict between the Calamity Control Bureau and the Netherworld Organization had led to quite a few members of the Netherworld Organization meeting their end at Li Li’s hands.

Li Li smiled at him, “Surprised?”

“Of course, surprised,” the leader sneered, “Not just surprised, but delighted.”

It was like a gift delivered to them.

Li Li’s appearance made the wealthy elites at the scene think that the reinforcements from the Calamity Control Bureau had arrived. They showed expressions of relief and joy. However, before long, their faces froze in horror.

Because there was no one else behind Li Li, and the expected scene of the Calamity Control Bureau breaking in did not occur. Instead, a group of Netherworld Organization members surrounded the two, creating a scene where the sheep had entered the tiger’s den.

“I thought it was someone else coming,” the leader smirked mockingly, “Just the two of you, and you think you can save everyone?”

He looked at Ji Mingzhu beside Li Li, paused for a moment, feeling that the other party seemed familiar, but upon closer inspection, he couldn’t recall where he had seen this face before. “Who are you?”

“Just someone temporarily drafted as a strong arm.” 

Ji Mingzhu raised his hand, smiling, “Don’t mind me.”

At this time, the group of threatened wealthy elites on the other side had gradually signed the agreement under the coercion of the guns, leaving only Lady He still hesitant.

As the organizer of the association and the first signatory of the Titan restraint agreement, as long as Lady He signed this agreement, the switch on the Titan’s restraint would also be unlocked.

Lady He looked in the direction of Ji Mingzhu, her face showing a hopeful expression.

“What are you waiting for?” The leader noticed Lady He’s hesitation, his expression instantly becoming fierce. “Trying to delay time?”


A gunshot rang out, the leader mercilessly pulled the trigger, and one of the wealthy elites who had already signed the agreement beside Lady He fell to the ground, blood spilling everywhere.

Screams erupted.

“Go ahead and delay, let’s see how long you can drag this out.” The leader sneered coldly. “For every second you delay, I’ll kill one person. Let’s see how long you can hold on.”

Wherever his gun swept, all the wealthy elites showed terrified expressions, quickly forgetting their stance. They dodged the gunshots while urging Lady He.

“Lady, please sign quickly…”

“Sign it, they really will kill people!!”

“I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die…”

Lady He’s expression was complex as she glanced at the wealthy elites around her. Almost everyone had the desire to survive written on their faces. Even though they knew what Yangyuan City would face after the Titan agreement was lifted, in the face of their own lives, they had already made their choice.

At this moment, Ji Mingzhu, who had been silent all along, suddenly took action!

He moved, and in an instant, he pounced towards Lady He’s direction!

The leader was surprised, without hesitation, he fired a shot towards Ji Mingzhu.

As the gunshot sounded, Ji Mingzhu’s back seemed to have eyes, and he moved aside at the moment the leader pulled the trigger, avoiding the bullet trajectory at a perfect angle.

The scene suddenly became chaotic. Ji Mingzhu reached out and pulled a surprised Yao Xiangrong in front of him, while pointing the gun at Yao Xiangrong’s head.

“What are you doing?!”

“Tian Nan!”

“President Yao!”

The sudden turn of events happened too quickly, and Ji Mingzhu’s actions were extremely agile. By the time everyone reacted, Ji Mingzhu had already kidnapped Yao Xiangrong.

Yao Mingkai, who was prepared to take advantage of the chaos, stood still, staring in disbelief at the scene before him.

Wait a minute, isn’t Ji Mingzhu here to rescue them?

Why did he kidnap Yao Xiangrong? Yao Xiangrong is clearly a hostage, isn’t he?!

Li Li stood still, her palms already sweaty.

The leader’s gaze slightly darkened. “What do you mean?”

“What do you think I mean?”

Ji Mingzhu smiled faintly, the sound of a bullet being loaded echoed, aimed at Yao Xiangrong’s temple. “Chairman Yao Xiangrong shouldn’t be an android made by the Ministry of Change, right? Guess what will happen if I pull the trigger?”

The leader’s face froze for a moment, and cold sweat instantly poured down.

Who is this person after all?

How could he know Yao Xiangrong’s identity?!

The atmosphere became tense for a moment.

The others present were all astute individuals who quickly sensed something unusual and turned their incredulous gazes toward Yao Xiangrong.

Could all of this have been orchestrated by Yao Xiangrong?

The leader’s hand holding the gun trembled, wanting to find the right angle to strike Ji Mingzhu, but Ji Mingzhu was quite clever, hiding his body behind Yao Xiangrong without revealing any flaws.

Yao Xiangrong’s expression calmed down. “Who the hell are you?”

“Before I answer your question, why don’t you answer one of mine first.”

Ji Mingzhu spoke lightly. “Why does the Netherworld Organization want to revoke the agreement on the restraints?”

Yao Xiangrong whispered, “It seems you don’t understand the Netherworld as much as you think… Titans don’t belong to any human; we’re just letting the Titans return to their original state.”

Don’t belong to any human?

Ji Mingzhu furrowed his brow. “Then who do the Titans belong to?”

Yao Xiangrong smiled. “Of course, they belong to our gods.”


Just as Ji Mingzhu was stunned, the ceiling above the venue suddenly exploded, and a large amount of reinforced concrete poured down. In the billowing smoke, two mechs descended from above, their mechanical arms reaching towards Ji Mingzhu!

Ji Mingzhu was shocked. Without time to ponder what Yao Xiangrong’s words meant, he immediately rolled to evade the grabbing arms. Then, he propped himself up and fired two shots directly at Yao Xiangrong!


The mech above instantly positioned itself in front of Yao Xiangrong, and the bullets grazed two sparks on its armor, leaving no trace on the mech.

Yao Xiangrong was shielded by the two mechs in the center, looking at Ji Mingzhu with calm eyes. “Goodbye, kid.”

The barrel of the mech extended, aiming in Ji Mingzhu’s direction.

Human bodies were tiny ants in front of such terrestrial weapons, but Ji Mingzhu didn’t appear nervous.

He said, “Sorry, but it’s goodbye for you.”

His confident tone stunned everyone present, and the members of the Pestilence Division immediately became alert, nervously watching Ji Mingzhu.

One second, two seconds…

Three seconds passed, and nothing happened.

Maintaining a calm expression, Ji Mingzhu turned to Axiu. “Why haven’t they arrived yet? It’s getting awkward.”

Axiu: “…Coming soon.”

“What are you pretending for?!”

The leader felt he was being fooled. After a brief moment of confusion, he became furious and aimed his gun at Ji Mingzhu. “Die!!”


The moment the trigger was pulled, a huge force smashed through the outer wall of the hotel building, causing the entire building to shake. A dazzling color burst through the side of the building.

A mech rushed from the darkness, its pink paint worn off, revealing a vivid crimson color underneath. The mottled paint, a mixture of pink and red, resembled flames burning in the night, igniting everyone’s gaze.

The Phoenix Redeemer!

Under Axiu’s control, the Phoenix Redeemer finally arrived from outside Yangyuan City. Like breaking through tofu, it tore through the sturdy outer wall of the building, crashing into the venue. At the same time, the cockpit opened, and Ji Mingzhu jumped in, landing safely in the empty cockpit.

Li Li: “Amazing!!”

The situation instantly reversed!


Boom boom—

The sudden appearance of the Phoenix Redeemer left the members of the Netherworld Organization in shock. At the same time, the two mechs of the Netherworld Organization raised their barrels and poured laser fire toward the Phoenix Redeemer.

Inside the cockpit, Ji Mingzhu pulled the control lever—


The hum of the power core echoed as the Phoenix Redeemer’s stance unfolded, like an impenetrable fortress. The lasers exploded on the stance, emitting countless sparks outside the armor. Meanwhile, the entire building continued to shake violently in the intense explosions, like a precarious stack of blocks, causing everyone to stumble in the venue.

With a clang, the blade gate of the Phoenix Redeemer popped open, and the Undying Blade appeared in its hand.

A brilliant light flashed, and in an instant, one of the Netherworld Organization’s mechs was cleaved in half!

The cut was smooth and precise. Before anyone could react, one of the Netherworld Organization’s mechs was completely destroyed, with its power core shattered by the Undying Blade’s lightning-fast strike.

In front of an S-class mech, all armaments were meaningless.

Yao Xiangrong’s gaze turned icy. “It’s you…”

There was no need for Ji Mingzhu to speak; the sudden appearance of the Phoenix Redeemer had already revealed his identity.

A defector from the Netherworld Organization, former pilot of the Titan from the Ministry of Change, Ji Mingzhu!


At the same time, three more mechs appeared. With the intense fighting, the entire building had begun to collapse and fracture from the middle. Finally, with a groaning of overloaded concrete, the entire building collapsed!


“The building is collapsing!”

Guests screamed in terror as the ground of the entire floor cracked in the middle. All the hostage guests happened to be on the side about to fall. Amidst the chaos and panic, people desperately grabbed onto anything they could, but it was futile.

As the building leaned, countless people fell like raindrops from the high floors.


Li Li reacted the fastest. She grabbed a broken cable, stopping her plummeting body, and shouted towards Ji Mingzhu’s direction, “Save them!”

The building collapsed too quickly. Ji Mingzhu glanced backward; everyone had already fallen like raindrops. In this sixty-plus-story, hundreds-of-meters-high space, flesh and blood bodies would turn into pulp in an instant. Among those falling were not only the kidnapped guests and members of the Netherworld Organization but also Yao Mingkai and An Man.


Ji Mingzhu cursed inwardly and quickly reacted.

Ignoring the remaining mech and Yao Xiangrong in the mech’s hand, he pulled the control lever and jumped from the building!!

The Netherworld Organization’s mech raised its cannon, intending to attack Ji Mingzhu, but Yao Xiangrong stopped it.

Yao Xiangrong watched his son in mid-air, his eyes flickering. Then, he gritted his teeth and said, “Complete the mission first.”

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