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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 97

97. Out of Control

“Any updates?!”

Inside the Calamity Control Bureau, the Thunder Division Minister from Yangyuan City was growing increasingly impatient.

Soon, a report came in from the Fire Division.

The intersection near the target location has been blocked by members of the Netherworld Organization. The Fire Division has engaged in a firefight with the Netherworld Organization, resulting in casualties on both sides.

“How’s the repair of the launch pad going?”

“It’s still under repair. It’s expected to be operational within ten minutes.”


Inside the command room, a commander suddenly exclaimed, “We’ve received a signal from Li Li, the Titan pilot!”

The Thunder Division Minister was surprised. Since the hotel was hijacked by the Netherworld Organization, all signals had been cut off. He knew that Li Li was also attending the event today, but he hadn’t received any messages from her. Unable to make a judgment, now that the signal was finally connected, the minister immediately decided, “Patch it through immediately!”

The next moment, the signal was connected, and the device carried by Li Li transmitted the footage to the holographic screen in the command room.

Everyone saw the collapsing building and countless people screaming as they fell from the sky, among them many influential tycoons of Yangyuan City, flapping in mid-air, with the abyss-like darkness beneath them.

The Thunder Division Minister couldn’t help but exclaim, “WTF.”

“Help… Help us!!”

“Save me!!”


Desperate cries echoed from all directions. The wind howled as people plummeted from dozens of floors, blown about in disarray. Some struggled with outstretched limbs in mid-air, while others had already fainted from fear.


A blaze of crimson descended from the sky, leaping from the tall building!

“Axiu, calculate the rescue route.”

Ji Mingzhu didn’t waste any words and decisively gave the order.


Axiu’s calm voice echoed in the cockpit, and the holographic screen instantly displayed numerous red dots, marking the positions of people currently falling. Then, the optimal path connecting all the red dots was calculated in an instant.

“At six o’clock direction, two individuals; four individuals on the east side, at ten o’clock direction…”

With a push of the control lever to the limit, the power core of the Phoenix Redeemer spun rapidly, and the Phoenix Instantaneous System also maximized its power at the same time.

A violent sonic boom rang out as the Phoenix Redeemer in mid-air turned into a red lightning bolt. Wherever it passed, the explosion-proof glass of the building shattered, countless glass shards raining down like a transparent rain.

The fiery lightning shuttle back and forth in the night sky. As people were still struggling in the air, the next moment they found themselves on the mech.

The scene of the collapsing building also caught the attention of residents in the nearby Upper City District. When they saw the building collapse, exclamations echoed from all corners of the Upper City District. Then, they saw a red mech swiftly shuttling in the night, and wherever it went, all the falling people were caught steadily and landed safely.

Those who didn’t understand what was happening thought it was just an accident, but it didn’t diminish their enthusiastic applause for the mech that saved people in the midst of danger.


The Phoenix Redeemer landed steadily, and the people on it climbed down one after another, their faces filled with the joy of surviving a disaster, tears streaming down as they thanked Ji Mingzhu in the cockpit.

Ji Mingzhu didn’t respond, controlling the mech to leap into the air once again, continuing to catch those who hadn’t been saved in time.

Li Li was also successfully rescued by Ji Mingzhu.

“Li Li, are you okay?”

Yao Mingkai hurried forward, asking with concern.

Li Li ignored him, quickly getting up as soon as she landed, scanning the surroundings. “Where is Madam He?”

Everyone was stunned, looking at each other. Among the rescued people, there was no sign of Madam He.

“Oh no.”

Li Li’s heart sank, looking up at the broken building. “Madam He is still up there!”

The Titan Restraint Agreement had already been passed by these tycoons under the threat of the Netherworld Organization. Only Madam He, the principal, was left. If Madam He also passed the agreement, what awaited them would be an immeasurable disaster.

The tycoons also realized this. Their faces turned panicked. After briefly thanking Li Li, they quickly started communicating or directly drove shuttles towards their own directions.

If Madam He really fell into the hands of the Netherworld Organization, then what they should do now is to evacuate from Yangyuan City as quickly as possible.

Under the collapsing nest, how could there be intact eggs?


Li Li looked urgently towards the direction of Ji Mingzhu’s cockpit. “Please, I beg you!”

She had no available mechs around her now. All their hopes could only be pinned on Ji Mingzhu.

For Li Li, Yangyuan City not only meant her home but also the homeland on which countless people depended for survival.

Ji Mingzhu always disliked trouble, but he also knew what consequences would be if the Titans went out of control. Without hesitation, he said, “I’ll do my best.”

In the next instant, the Phoenix Redeemer restarted. The huge air wave generated by the power core pushed people several meters away.


The figure of the Phoenix Redeemer disappeared from the spot, leaving behind a huge crater on the ground.

“Mingkai, are there any mechs nearby?” Li Li didn’t just stand around waiting; instead, she asked Yao Mingkai.

Yao Mingkai hesitated for a moment. He still couldn’t accept the fact that Yao Xiangrong was a member of the Netherworld Organization, but facing Li Li’s gaze, he said, “…About a kilometer away from here, there’s a private mech warehouse. The Yao family has stored two private armored mechs there.”

“Take me there!”


The Phoenix Redeemer powered up to its full capacity. Although it didn’t possess the ability to fly, as one of the most agile S-class mechs, the Phoenix Redeemer could still move effortlessly along the edges of towering skyscrapers.

With most of its pink coating worn off, the red armor slashed through the night sky, resembling an agile rock climber as it ascended rapidly up the side of the building.


Suddenly, the middle floors of the building exploded, and several mechs belonging to the Netherworld Organization burst out from within. The laser cannon barrels all aimed at the airborne Phoenix Redeemer.

Seven mechs formed a encircling formation, attempting to intercept the Phoenix Redeemer’s advance.

The laser cannon barrels shimmered with dazzling light. In the next moment, several beams of laser energy surged towards the position of the Phoenix Redeemer from different directions!

Phoenix Swift!

Ji Mingzhu’s eyes gleamed as he instantly activated the Phoenix Redeemer’s swift system. The massive mech’s figure flickered in the air, seeming to teleport, and disappeared from the sight of the Netherworld Organization’s mechs in an instant.

In the next moment, the Phoenix Redeemer appeared behind one of the mechs, overclocking its systems, and the Undying Slash was unsheathed!


The Netherworld Organization’s pilot reacted quickly, immediately deploying the knight’s lance, colliding with the Undying Slash. The Netherworld Organization’s mechs were all modified, with enhanced hardness in their mech weapons. Although the specific materials were unknown, they were clearly not ordinary alloys.

The collision of the two mech weapons did not result in the Undying Slash cutting through as Ji Mingzhu had imagined. The two mechs staggered, and the tremendous impact caused the building to sway once again.

Ji Mingzhu’s gaze narrowed slightly.

This is getting annoying.

He didn’t want to engage too much with these mechs. With a swift flick in the air, the Undying Slash tore through the air like a dazzling thunderbolt, leaving no breathing room for the opponents. With relentless attacks, the ferocious and swift Undying Slash charged straight towards the enemy!

Clang clang clang clang—

In terms of close-quarters mech combat, Ji Mingzhu was unrivaled in the field of piloting operations. The opposing side hadn’t anticipated the sheer expertise of the Phoenix Redeemer’s pilot in wielding its blade, immediately finding themselves forced into a retreat.

The fiery-red blade was relentless, and two more mechs joined the fray from both sides, launching a siege on the Phoenix Redeemer from two other directions. Their aim was to delay the Phoenix Redeemer’s angle, focusing their assault on defense. The impenetrable defense, akin to an iron bucket, left Ji Mingzhu momentarily at a loss.

The intense mech blade battle in the night sky resembled a dazzling movie, leaving spectators dazzled. Several mechs maintained their descent posture, clashing in mid-air. Debris flew and glass shards rained down wherever they went.


Ji Mingzhu had no desire to linger in battle. He directly activated the overclock, and under the crushing force of the S-class mech’s overclock, the mechs before him were thrown into chaos. Aerial blade combat demanded precise maneuvering and balance from the pilot. A slight misstep could easily lead to losing balance. While facing multiple mechs, Ji Mingzhu managed to maintain his descent posture through meticulous adjustments, a feat far beyond the capability of ordinary pilots.

Soon, Ji Mingzhu seized an opportunity. He delivered four consecutive heavy blows, knocking down the surrounding mechs. At the same time, with a backward sweep of the Undying Slash, it smoothly embedded into the wall, securely hanging on the side of the building.

The surrounding mechs couldn’t keep up with his pace, unable to halt the downward momentum. In an instant, the two sides created distance between them.

Ji Mingzhu controlled the Phoenix Redeemer’s figure to spring up with a difficult maneuver, instantly leaving the Netherworld Organization’s mechs far behind. Meanwhile, the mech’s arm exerted force, propelling the entire mech upwards!


Several laser beams erupted from below, hitting the Phoenix Redeemer’s original position. However, the Phoenix Redeemer’s speed far surpassed the targeting capabilities of ordinary mechs. In just a brief moment, the Phoenix Redeemer broke free from the laser lock, charging towards the top of the building!

Just as Ji Mingzhu ascended, a figure descended from above in free fall, brushing past the Phoenix Redeemer!

Ji Mingzhu was startled, quickly glancing at the falling figure.

The descending silhouette was none other than the body of Lady He.

Lady He’s eyes were wide open, her meticulously applied makeup now smeared, her elegant dress in disarray, the hem waving like a broken kite in the night sky as it plummeted straight to the ground, followed by a loud thud. From hundreds of meters in the air, blood splattered.

Ji Mingzhu couldn’t save her in time, and even if he did, it would have been futile. Lady He had lost all signs of life as she fell.

He looked up.

Yao Xiangrong stood at the edge of the broken building, looking down.

He saw the Phoenix Redeemer maintaining its upward momentum, the sleek figure of the fiery-red mech soaring upwards, emitting a daunting killing aura in the night.

Yao Xiangrong smiled at Ji Mingzhu and shook the holopad in his hand.

【Verification successful, restraint release protocol approved】

A bright prompt flashed on the holopad’s screen, almost blindingly so.


Ji Mingzhu cursed angrily. The Undying Slash sprung out again from its scabbard, aiming to cleave Yao Xiangrong in half, but his advance was halted by the Netherworld Organization mechs chasing up from behind once again.

Yao Xiangrong quietly watched as the Phoenix Redeemer descended once more. Then, he turned around and disappeared from Ji Mingzhu’s view.

Meanwhile, in the Pestilence Division of Yangyuan City,

The catapult platform was finally repaired. Mech after mech from the Pestilence Division shot out like rockets from the mech hangar, streaking across the night sky like dazzling meteors, heading towards the direction of the banquet.

Suddenly, the entire Pestilence Division headquarters building began to shake. Everyone was caught off guard, their steps faltering, nearly stumbling to the ground.

“What’s going on?”

The Thunder Division Minister furrowed his brow. “Has the Netherworld Organization reached us?”

“Min… Minister!!”

A commander stared at the red prompt that appeared on the screen, a line of simple code glaring like blood.

【Zhu Rong】…

He stammered, trembling as he opened his mouth. “Zhu Rong… is out of control!!”

The Thunder Division Minister could hardly believe his ears. “What?!”

A sense of danger swept through the entire command center. Everyone could feel the trembling beneath their feet, as if an ancient behemoth was about to awaken, each breath bringing forth calamity and catastrophe.

“Quick, quick…”

The Thunder Division Minister tremblingly activated the broadcast. “Attention all personnel in the headquarters building, evacuate immediately. I repeat, evacuate immediately!! The entire city is now on highest alert!”

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