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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 98

98. Zhu Rong’s Resuscitation

“Tian Shu!”

Ji Mingzhu’s communicator buzzed, and on the other end, the urgent voice of Yao Guang came through.

“How’s it going over there? Did you get Yao Xiangrong’s fingerprint data?” Yao Guang asked. “I couldn’t reach you just now, and I thought something had happened to you.”

Ji Mingzhu glanced in the direction where the Netherworld Organization was retreating. “Got it.”

“That’s good.”

Yao Guang breathed a sigh of relief. “As long as it’s successful. Just now, I was worried that…”

At that moment, a piercing alarm sounded throughout the entire city.

From the streets to the massive holographic screens in the commercial district, the shrill alarm sounded simultaneously. All neon lights turned bright red. From afar, the entire city of Yangyuan seemed to be engulfed in flames.

“A city-wide alarm?” Yao Guang’s tone was incredulous. “And it’s the highest level of alert… What’s happening? Is it an Aberration tide?”

“It might be worse than an invasion of the Others.”

Ji Mingzhu sighed. “The Netherworld Organization kidnapped all the tycoons at the party and forced them to sign the Titan’s Restraint Device Removal Agreement. Lady He is also dead, just now. The agreement has already taken effect, and the Titan, Zhu Rong, in Yangyuan… has gone out of control.”

The news hit Yao Guang like a bolt from the blue, leaving him speechless.

After a while, Yao Guang tentatively suggested, “So, should we… run away quickly?”



On the other side, Li Li had already arrived on Yao Mingkai’s mech. “What about the Netherworld Organization?”

“They’ve fled.”

Ji Mingzhu shook his head. “Lady He is dead too.”

Li Li remained silent for a moment before saying, “I heard the alarm… The agreement has taken effect?”

Ji Mingzhu nodded, asking, “What will happen after the Titan’s Restraint Device goes out of control? Did the Titan Zhu Rong in Yangyuan go out of control before?”

Li Li uttered a sound of agreement. “A few years ago, Zhu Rong’s cockpit was damaged in battle, and it was only with the technology provided by the Commercial Alliance chaired by Lady He that the Titan was barely controlled. That was the closest Zhu Rong came to losing control. It was also from that time onwards that I realized the so-called Titans were not weapons born to protect anything, nor were they the last guardians of the Satellite Cities.”

Li Li paused, looking despairingly towards the direction of the Calamity Control Bureau headquarters. “It’s something even more terrifying than a Catastrophe-level Other.”

“Let us out!!”

“We demand to leave!”

“I’m from the Olivie Consortium! What right do you have to restrict us from leaving the Satellite City?”

“Open the city gates! Open the gates!!”

Inside the walls of Yangyuan City, tens of thousands of people had gathered, a vast and dark mass, facing the guards at the city gates who were unwilling to let them pass.

“Everyone, please calm down a bit, calm down!!”

The gate guards were sweating profusely, but since they hadn’t received any orders from the Calamity Control Bureau, they didn’t dare to let them pass. “Please everyone, stay calm. We will ensure the safety of the people. Please do not gather here, to avoid stampedes…”

“The Titans are out of control, how can you protect us with anything!”

“We want to leave Yangyuan City!”

“Let’s all charge out together!!”

Countless voices rose in unison, igniting what should have been a peaceful night.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The ground began to shake, as if it were a prelude to a massive earthquake. In everyone’s ears, they seemed to hear the roaring and howling of a wild beast about to break free from its shackles and charge out of its cage. The air was filled with a damp, bloody scent.

As if realizing something, the protests grew quieter and quieter, and everyone’s gaze turned involuntarily towards the direction of the Calamity Control Bureau headquarters.

The vibrations grew more intense, and then, in full view of everyone, the symbol of the will of the Sky City and the guardians of the Satellite Cities, the Calamity Control Bureau headquarters building… collapsed.

A mountain-like giant made of steel and iron emerged from the ruins of the building.

With a towering height of a hundred meters, it stood as tall as the continuous city walls. Just standing there was enough to give people a god-like sense of oppression, casting a shadow that covered the sky under the night.

Then, fiery patterns lit up on Zhu Rong’s body, outlining its slender figure. With its appearance, everyone could feel the air filled with scorching heat, and the sudden rise in temperature seemed to evaporate the moisture from the human body.

“That’s a Titan… It’s a Titan out of control!”

“The Titan’s gone berserk!!”

Amid countless horrified gazes, Zhu Rong stood in the center of the Satellite City, motionless like a statue.

“Why isn’t it moving?”

Ji Mingzhu looked at Zhu Rong from afar, puzzled. “Has it crashed?”

“It’s resuscitating.”

Li Li’s face was grave. “Didn’t you feel it? The aura from Zhu Rong has completely changed…”

The next moment, the Titans in the city underwent a new transformation.


The position where the cockpit was located suddenly burst open, and countless densely packed flesh and blood burst out from it, like vines covering the sky, wildly dancing and swaying in the air.

The vine-like flesh and blood kept pouring out, almost grinding down Zhu Rong’s huge body entirely. Then, these flesh and blood, emitting a muddy scent, drilled into the crevices of the mech’s armor and entered the body of the Titan, like a layer of flesh armor gradually covering Zhu Rong’s body…

Several seconds later, a giant composed of wriggling flesh and blood, similar in shape to the Titan, reappeared!

If the previous Titan had a power core, a reactor, giant components, and armor shells, giving it a technological appearance, then the Titan at this moment had nothing to do with science.

The current Zhu Rong looked more like a huge “creature”, somewhat similar to Disaster-level Aberrations, but closer to humanoid form. Its slender waist, long limbs, seemed like an ancient giant stepping out of a prehistoric mural.

Hum, hum, hum…

At the same time, the humming of power cores echoed in every corner of Yangyuan City.

Countless Calamity Control Bureau mechs swarmed out, the rumble of their power cores intermingling and creating a ground-shaking uproar, akin to the roaring of thunder on a clear day.

“All combat personnel, attention! Fire Division, evacuate civilians, pilots prepare for combat! Combat aircraft and laser bombers, get ready!”

The voice of the Thunder Division Minister reverberated through every cockpit via the public channel: “Full attack on Zhu Rong!!”

At his command, all mechs simultaneously opened fire on Zhu Rong, unleashing a torrent of laser meteor showers that rained down upon it, painting the sky with streaks of light.

A multitude of fighter jets roared in, casting down flames that instantly illuminated the night sky.


“Boom, boom!”

The thunderous roar of the pouring artillery shook the earth and sky. Zhu Rong, once standing tall, was now engulfed in explosions from head to toe, every corner bathed in laser fire. The flames took on the colorful hues of the city’s neon lights, creating a scene of indescribable splendor.

As dust and smoke billowed, the Calamity Control Bureau headquarters, not yet completely collapsed, was finally reduced to rubble under this barrage. However, no one paid any attention to the Bureau’s destruction; they all nervously watched the position of the Titan, unable to suppress their anxiety.

When the smoke cleared, Zhu Rong reappeared in everyone’s sight.

Its flesh remained unscathed, its eyes slowly glowing red. It scanned the surroundings, sensing the vast number of mechs and fighter jets.

To ordinary people, a regular mech measuring a dozen meters in size was already terrifying, but before a Titan, it was nothing more than a toy. And to the Titan, the fighter jets circling above were no different from birds and beasts.

Zhu Rong seemed to sense that it was under attack and emitted a low, rumbling roar, resembling the warning growl of a wild beast.


The Minister of the Thunder Division saw Zhu Rong, still intact, and felt a chill run down his spine.

When Titans served as guardians of the Satellite City, they instilled endless security in people’s hearts. Everyone believed that as long as the Titans existed, Aberrations and dangerous disasters would stay far away from them.

But when Titans became enemies, faced with colossal giants like mountains, only despair awaited them.

“Continue the attack, don’t stop!!”

The ministers of each division of the Calamity Control Bureau dared not slack off and once again issued attack orders.

Even though their hearts were filled with fear, the members of the Calamity Control Bureau restrained their urge to turn and run. Countless mechs charged forward like moths to a flame, while fighter jets roared in the sky, unleashing another ear-piercing assault of lasers!


Amidst the barrage of artillery fire, Zhu Rong became enraged!!

Just like its namesake, it appeared like the mythical God of Fire had descended. Zhu Rong opened its mouth and emitted a deep roar. Ji Mingzhu, for the first time, noticed that Titans had mouths. Covered in flesh and blood, Zhu Rong appeared magnified countless times compared to humans, no longer stiff like before. One could even sense its emotions from its glowing red eyes.

Amidst the countless explosions, Zhu Rong raised its arm and stood in the center of the city. With a gentle swing towards the sky, countless fighter jets were easily swept away by Zhu Rong, trailing fire as they fell and crashed into skyscrapers, setting off explosions.

Zhu Rong seemed to find something interesting as it looked around, its eyes filled with curiosity. The Satellite City, constructed with countless manpower and effort, appeared incredibly fragile before it. With ease, Zhu Rong could topple the skyscrapers built of steel and concrete.


As Zhu Rong took a step forward, it created seismic-like tremors. The nearest skyscraper collapsed directly, and the mech troops attacking at its feet couldn’t evade in time, getting flattened under Zhu Rong’s massive body, turning into a heap of scrap metal.

Like a mischievous child wreaking havoc in a playground made of building blocks, every simple action could unleash a colossal disaster.

Countless screams echoed in every corner of Yangyuan City!

“I need to go back.”

Li Li looked at Zhu Rong, the Titan destroying the city in the distance, with a pained expression.

Everyone was in battle, and as a Titan pilot of the Calamity Control Bureau, Li Li also had to join in defending the Satellite City.

She was the pilot of Zhu Rong, the Titan, and also the human with the deepest connection to it. Seeing the former guardian deity of the Satellite City, with whom she had fought side by side, become what it was now, Li Li couldn’t calm her heart. She felt both anger and sadness.

Turning to Ji Mingzhu, Li Li said, “I know I don’t have the right to say this, but if you’re willing, please help us…”

Ji Mingzhu remained silent for a moment before replying, “I will consider it.”

Li Li wasn’t surprised by this answer. She nodded and said no more, then activated her mech and sped off towards Zhu Rong’s direction.

At this moment, Ji Mingzhu’s communication device rang with an unfamiliar number.

After a moment of thought, he answered the call.

Huo Zai’s voice came from the other end.

“Would you like to enjoy the fireworks show together?”

Huo Zai’s tone carried a hint of amusement as he invited, “I’ve prepared an excellent viewing spot for you.”


Flashbacks to Attack on Titan. Why is it just hitting me that the concept of this novel is similar to Shingeki no Kyojin???!!! The walled cities, Aberration which are basically mutated humans, giant intelligent beings( Titans) secret organizations and the young protagonist with hidden power/identity who becomes the savior of humanity! The only difference is the mecha and AI and the objectives/motivations of the characters. Or am I reaching?

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