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After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha

Author: Lin Fengzao (林风早)

Raws: 拿下电竞冠军后我去开机甲了

Chapters: 164 Completed

The world champion of the holographic mecha battle game “Warfall” is announced, and Ji Mingzhu claims the throne with an overwhelming dominance, well-deservedly so.

However, before the trophy could even cool down in his hands, he opens his eyes and finds himself in another world.

Alien invasions, colossal monsters spreading throughout the world, humans forced to retreat to the Twelve Satellite Cities and establish fortified walls for survival.

Self-proclaimed immortal mysterious beings become the rulers, overlooking all beings from their sky cities.

Complex belief systems, hidden forces at work, intelligent AIs coexisting with humans, and people struggling to survive in a shattered prosperity…

And he, not only devoid of the memories of his original self, but upon opening his eyes, he is tasked with a dangerous mission of hostage rescue…

Ji Mingzhu: Well, it seems like I’m in for a rough ride.

When the battles approach, Ji Mingzhu sits inside the mecha and gazes at the cockpit filled with intricate circuits and control buttons.

Ji Mingzhu: It looks somewhat familiar.

Ji Mingzhu: …Isn’t this the interface from “Warfall”?

Question: When you suddenly find yourself in a world overrun by monsters after winning an esports championship, facing a deadly start with no knowledge other than gaming, how do you deal with the perilous situation of being surrounded by wolves?

The young man sits in the Titan mecha, known as the “God of Mortals,” and loosens his gloves, skillfully manipulating the complex buttons above.

Then, under his control, the hundred-meter-tall Titan rushes towards the alien creatures, with the power core emitting a deafening hum, alloy blades tearing through the clouds like lightning, firepower systems pushed to the limit, and explosions and flames engulfing the Titan, resembling an ancient deity, its immense power eclipsing the sky.

Ji Mingzhu: Thanks for the invitation, but I think we can crank up the intensity a bit more.


  1. This story leans towards the plot and has a minimal focus on romantic relationships. Please be aware if that’s not your preference.
  2. In the original world of “Warfall,” the cockpit design is semi-holographic, allowing the protagonist to quickly adapt to operating a real mecha. This will be explained in the story.
  3. No spoilers, enjoy the story peacefully.

Content tags: Mecha, Action-packed, Upgrade progression, Outlandish ideas

Protagonist: Ji Mingzhu

One-sentence summary: Esports and mecha, not quite the same thing.

Theme: Forge ahead with courage, fear nothing.

The holographic mecha battle game “Warfall” crowns its world champion, Ji Mingzhu, with a sweeping victory. However, before he can even warm the trophy in his hands, he opens his eyes and finds himself in another world. Dangerous creatures, intricate belief systems, hidden forces at play, intelligent AI coexisting with humans, and people struggling to survive in a shattered prosperity… The secrets of this world gradually unravel, with danger and the unknown awaiting him on the horizon.

The fusion of a profound mechanical aesthetic and a sense of the future, a magnificent and dazzling world setting, and a complex intertwining plot… This story is intricately crafted, unique in its approach, offering moments of both sorrow and joy. With twists and turns in the narrative, it captivates readers and is worth a read.

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