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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 1

1: Rebirth

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

Amidst a lively and noisy atmosphere, a youth dressed in combat gear stood on a spacious award podium, raising a trophy high amid a shower of colorful confetti. The resounding cheers filled the entire mecha platform.

“Congratulations to KID for winning the championship in the First Star Domain’s Mecha League!”

KID had experienced a decline for many years, but after a decade, they had finally returned to their current position, stirring up excitement among the countless spectators.

The virtual channel’s broadcast carried excited commentary, the screen displayed a blue mecha firing an Energy Cannon to secure victory. Especially eye-catching was the Energy Cannon’s unique style, its charging and firing synchronized perfectly, capturing the attention of many.

Inside KID’s temporary maintenance room, two young apprentice mechanics stood together, their faces beaming with shared glory.

“We finally won! We can go to the Star League next!”

“Ying Ge, look at the mecha we assembled! That shot was so powerful!”

“Tang jie is being interviewed, and many people are asking about our weapons!”

The apprentices glanced behind them at a cluttered corner of the maintenance room, where a wheelchair had been parked for a long time.

A thin man sat in the wheelchair, a mechanical arm stained with reflective black oil resting on the armrest. His work clothes were marked with significant black stains, and his complexion appeared unusually pale. He couldn’t walk, and his right arm was also a mechanical prosthesis, relying on intelligent robots for movement.

This was Ying Chenlin, one of their team’s mechanics and the primary designer of the weapons used in the First Star Domain’s tournament. However, due to his physical disability, he had not participated in battles with the team for many years and had never appeared in public.

On the virtual screen, live footage of the Mecha League continued, and Ying Chenlin’s gaze was fixed on the large virtual screen in the maintenance room, focused on the shimmering trophy displayed on it.

After a long while, he swiped to another page and watched the virtual screen replay the mecha’s combat operations. He paid attention to the details of the battle and also memorized which parts of the mecha still needed repair.

He said, “The mecha is heavily damaged. It’s going to be a major project when they come back.”

“Once they return, we should celebrate their victory first, right? Ying Ge, you shouldn’t always be thinking about work. Tang jie said you need to rest.”

The apprentice shifted his gaze away from the virtual screen and enthusiastically spoke to the man, “By the way, Ying Ge, Tang jie said that when we go to the Star League, she’ll have to drag you out of this maintenance room. Everyone outside keeps discussing who designed our team’s weapons…”

Suddenly, the apprentice caught sight of something oozing out, and his pupils contracted.

“Ying Ge! Your hand is bleeding!”

“Quick, get the medical robot—where’s the doctor?”

The sleeve of his work outfit, tainted with metallic oil, now had dark brown stains slowly spread out. Ying Chenlin snapped back to reality and rolled up his sleeve, revealing the junction of the mechanical arm, which was rapidly staining with blood, particularly noticeable against his pale skin.

A doctor from the base rushed in and hurriedly attended to his wound with medical gauze, but the bleeding couldn’t be fully controlled, and soon the alarm sounded. The pain engulfed his body, stabbing sensations coursing through every part, veins bulging, skin cracking, causing his entire body to tremble.

As the excruciating pain surged, Ying Chenlin’s mind became muddled, and the piercing white light transformed into the dazzling colors of a distant memory, with a gigantic mecha silhouette appearing before him.

“The patient has a history of genetic illness, and it has severely worsened. Directly transfer him to the medical center.”

“That’s strange, his condition had been stable for several years!”

The virtual screen continued playing the live scene of the mecha battle. The voice of KID’s boss, Shen Xingtang, seemed to come from a distant place. “Yes! The modified Energy Cannon was made by our mechanic. He specially designed a set of mecha weapons for this competition. His name is Ying Chenlin, an outstanding mechanic, and he was also a highly skilled individual soldier mecha pilot—”

Upon hearing someone call his name and the nearby cheers, it felt as if Ying Chenlin had returned to the days when he was still a mecha pilot, carefree and longing for vast and boundless battlefields.

Out of habit, he reached for the necklace around his neck, a dull and lifeless necklace tainted with his blood, which was now faintly glowing.

The voice gradually faded away, and just before losing consciousness, Ying Chenlin caught a glimpse of the partially assembled mecha in the maintenance room. The black and red mecha was halfway assembled, and a certain energy core seemed to emit a faint glow. It hadn’t embarked on its intended journey, just like how he hadn’t had the chance to touch the possibilities of the future.

In the year 1257 of the Star Calendar, Ying Chenlin, the first winner of the Mecha Alliance’s Single Mecha Grand Slam and a mechanic for the KID team, passed away due to illness at the age of 30.

The pain deep in his bone marrow gradually numbed. The mingled scent of metallic oil and blood gradually faded, and the dazzling light, like flowing water, receded. After everything appeared surreal and cracked layer by layer, it reassembled as a white room.

“Submit the medical records.”

“Chenlin? Are you daydreaming?”

‘Who’s calling me…?’

The sound of KID’s victory seemed to still echo in his ears. It felt as if he heard someone in the maintenance room calling for the doctor, and someone else calling him from nearby. When Ying Chenlin opened his eyes, everything around him appeared somewhat blurry, with white light and shadows overlapping, and his thoughts were muddled.

A tingling sensation filled his brain, and a massive influx of information poured in bit by bit. Enduring the headache, he surveyed and assessed everything around him. This wasn’t the KID base’s maintenance room; there were no colleagues here, nor any mechas awaiting repairs…

It seemed he had been taken to the medical center by the base’s doctor.

But where was this? The mecha pilot examination room?

In a spacious, pristine white examination room, two intelligent robots stood nearby, and not far away, the words ‘Mecha Pilot Examination Room’ were displayed. Ying Chenlin’s gaze focused in the distance, and gradually, he saw someone standing there. On the other side of the table, there appeared to be a person wearing a white coat, facing away from him.

Not long after, the slightly chubby man standing beside him suddenly turned around, revealing a familiar yet unfamiliar face.

Ying Chenlin couldn’t speak.

Since becoming disabled and retiring, he hadn’t visited the mecha pilot examination room.

Two people were sitting in the examination room, and the slightly chubby man called out to Ying Chenlin several times without receiving a response. Noticing his pale complexion and the fine beads of sweat on his forehead, the man became concerned.

“You’ve been sweating a lot. Are you okay?”

“Chenlin?! Can you hear me?”

Ying Chenlin’s head throbbed, and he instinctively tried to adjust his wheelchair but caught sight of something else. His previous balance was shattered at that moment, and he fell backward with a loud crash.

A wave of pain spread through his waist and legs. As he gazed at his legs, the pain from the fall cleared his mind, and the chaotic memories gradually became clearer.


His legs…? Ying Chenlin tilted his head and saw a tense chubby face.

The slightly chubby man looked at him nervously. “Are you alright!? Why are you acting strange during a simple examination?”

Ying Chenlin glanced at the man beside him, recognizing the person’s youthful appearance in his memories from a distant past. “…Xun Bao?”

The last time he saw Xun Bao was five years ago. It was impossible for someone to cross galaxies and appear in front of him, and certainly not… looking so young.

Xun Bao let out a sigh of relief. “Finally, you responded. I was talking to you just now and you ignored me.”

He tried to help Ying Chenlin up but found him unresponsive. “Chenlin?”

Ying Chenlin looked at his legs. “…I can’t walk.”

Xun Bao turned his head and yelled, “Doctor!”

Ying Chenlin lowered his head and examined his hands. His gaze settled on his intact right hand, the veins faintly visible on the back of his hand, the distinct joints… and a pair of healthy legs.

Under his pants was a soft touch, not the stiffness of machinery.

Sounds of footsteps overlapped, and Ying Chenlin felt somewhat dazed as Xun Bao pulled him up. AI robots and doctors rushed over, and the surrounding sounds suddenly became more intense.

“Chenlin?” Xun Bao looked at him anxiously, “Are you okay? Can you hear me?”

Ying Chenlin’s voice was hoarse, “I’m fine.”

The doctor swiped on the virtual screen, repeatedly confirming the medical examination records. Ying Chenlin observed everything around him and saw his medical history on the public relations panel.

[Ying Chenlin, male, 18 years old.]

18 years old, the year 1245 in the Star Calendar… 12 years ago.

Xun Bao looked at Ying Chenlin, and then at the doctor beside him. Both he and Ying Chenlin had come for the routine adult mecha pilot examination. The examinations were all done, and they were waiting for the doctor to sign and confirm the medical records. But who would have expected Ying Chenlin to suddenly act strangely, sweating and not responding when called… and now, he couldn’t even walk.

After a while, the doctor finally shifted his attention away from the medical records, his brows tightly furrowed. “This situation is a bit unusual. We need to re-screen several of the examinations.”

Xun Bao suddenly felt nervous, “What’s going on?”

“Mecha pilots often undergo neural connections with mechas, and it’s possible that something went wrong during this process.” The doctor observed Ying Chenlin’s condition, called for an assisting robot, and then contacted other examination rooms. “As a precaution, let’s also conduct a genetic screening.”

Ying Chenlin sat in the wheelchair, following the robot to undergo a full examination. He looked at the unfamiliar yet familiar surroundings, and as he passed by a certain medical room, he saw his current self in the mirror—young, unblemished, and with all limbs intact… just like when he was 18 years old.

In the year 1245 of the Star Calendar, he had just won the Singles Mecha Star League tournament. He was healthy, without any disabilities, and was a bright and vibrant 18-year-old.

Everything felt like a dream, unreal and illusory.

The examination didn’t take long, and Xun Bao thought they could leave after it was done. However, the doctor called them over and said they had to wait for the results.

Leaving the examination room, as Xun Bao entered the temporary ward, he saw Ying Chenlin using the light brain to search for something, while a robot diligently scanned the condition of his legs.

Seeing Ying Chenlin’s pale complexion, Xun Bao thought he was nervous because of the sudden situation. “Don’t worry. Let’s wait for the doctor to check the results. It might be a problem with the neural connections in the mecha cabin. Some other mecha pilots have had similar issues before.”

Ying Chenlin looked at Xun Bao and hoarsely asked, “Aren’t you going back to your store today?”

Xun Bao was the owner of a mecha retail store, where he sold various mecha parts, running a small business.

He and Ying Chenlin were neighbors and had a good relationship despite the four-year age gap.

“Forgot already? My store is undergoing renovations recently,” Xun Bao looked at him with puzzlement. “Why don’t you let the doctor do another examination? Your memory seems a bit off. You can’t stay in this state. Your popularity is soaring, and several teams are approaching you to discuss contracts. Don’t let your condition be exploited.”

Contracts… Ying Chenlin caught a glimpse of the red dot flashing in the information panel of the light brain, recalling bits and pieces of what happened at the age of 18. In that year, he won the Singles Mecha Star League Championship and received invitations from various prominent mecha teams. According to his future development trajectory, he signed with a team and continued to excel in the Singles Mecha competition, winning multiple trophies…

Until he turned 20.

Ying Chenlin’s gaze scanned everything around him, finally resting on the light brain. On it were the StarNet search results, and the current year was 1245. The 7th season of the Singles Mecha Championships had just ended a few days ago. At the end of each season, he always came to the medical center for regular mecha pilot check-ups.

Xun Bao looked at Ying Chenlin with bewilderment; he felt that his friend’s emotions were quite strange today.

Ying Chenlin checked the time and asked, “Are the genetic results out?”

In response, Xun Bao said, “They should be ready soon. There aren’t many people at the medical center today.”

Before he could finish speaking, the door to the ward was knocked on and opened. The doctor’s expression was solemn as they swiftly approached, holding a medical tablet. The doctor spoke seriously, “The genetic results are out, and there seems to be an issue with your right hand.”

Xun Bao was taken aback, “Isn’t it about his legs? How did it become a problem with his hand?”

“His legs showed no issues during the examination,” the doctor paused and continued earnestly, “Through repeated checks and verification, we discovered a genetic mutation in the patient’s right arm.”

Xun Bao struggled to comprehend the situation, “Doctor, please be clear. Don’t scare us. My friend is a mecha pilot, and you can’t casually mention genetic mutations.”

“I’m not mistaken,” the doctor handed the medical tablet to Ying Chenlin, “We suspect that you might have a genetic illness.”

Xun Bao’s face stiffened, “Are you joking?”

Genetic illness was a type of disease that the current Star Alliance couldn’t completely cure.

In the current development of the Star Alliance, a person’s physique and mental power determined their physical condition, and genetic illness was a disease that could disrupt both of these aspects.

Once a genetic mutation was detected, its location would be entirely uncontrollable. In severe cases, it could affect the entire body, leading to progressive and irreversible deterioration.

This type of genetic illness was not a common genetic problem that could be solved through research. The optimization of the human physique and mental power in the Star Alliance made it impossible to predict the severity of this disease. Even if they thoroughly researched human genes, they could not cure this fundamental genetic problem, leaving only extreme measures for control.

The doctor said, “Before a complete diagnosis, we will conduct multiple screenings. Genetic illness is not a minor issue. The examination showed no problems with your legs, and the discovery of the right arm’s mutation was an unexpected result during a thorough screening.”

Ying Chenlin lowered his head, looking at his right arm, realizing that the issue had already surfaced when he was 18 years old.

In his previous life, the genetic backlash occurred two years later, resulting in a crucial defeat in an important competition. His mecha crashed, and it was only during the emergency treatment at the medical center that they discovered the mid-to-late stage symptoms of a genetic mutation in his body.

Back then, the mutation had affected not only his right hand but also his legs severely. The severity of the illness led to the disability of his legs and right hand. Even after removing the affected parts and fitting prosthetics, the nerve connections between his legs and the artificial limbs couldn’t be established. As a result, he spent a whole decade in a wheelchair.

He endured the physical pain, the massive breach of contract penalty, and his shattered dreams of pursuing his chosen career.

Listening to the discussions of the two men, Ying Chenlin examined his own arm. The flesh and blood were flawless, and the calluses on his fingers were evidence of the training he underwent as a mecha pilot. Glancing downward, he saw his legs still intact, yet to be amputated.

Closing his eyes, he felt the abundant and smooth flow of his mental power throughout his body, circulating through every limb and bone. It had been a long time since he felt such vigorous mental power ever since his disability.

This was the best he had ever felt.

Meanwhile, Xun Bao continued discussing with the doctor, expressing concern over the impact of genetic illness on a mecha pilot. Ying Chenlin, who had been silent for a while, suddenly spoke up, “If it is genetic illness, how can it be treated at this stage?”

The doctor turned to the young man on the hospital bed. He was dressed casually, and his exposed arm displayed well-defined muscles, emphasizing his exceptional physical condition.

Having performed numerous medical checks for mecha pilots, the doctor understood their concerns about their bodies, especially when it came to illnesses. Any slight mishap could end their careers.

“The simplest treatment method is to promptly remove the mutated genetic portion and combine it with medication for intervention and control.”

“We need to take a sample of your right arm tissue for further examination, and the results will be available in no later than three hours.” The doctor hesitated, speaking the next sentence in the heavy atmosphere of the hospital room, “If it is confirmed as a genetic mutation in your right arm, given the current situation, we will have only one treatment option.”

“We will recommend you undergo a genetic repair surgery, amputate your right arm, and replace it with a mechanical prosthesis.”


Y’all I think I have a problem. I keep picking up these stories like Pokémon but I just can’t help. It’s mecha and boys falling in love while being badass. How am I supposed to resist that?! ~I’m only human, after all. I’m only human after all, don’t put the blame on me, don’t put the blame on me~ This story is so good I just had to bring it to light. It’s a side project coz…I have 2 other projects on hand. My therapist(Google) was right, I have chronic over-commitment ಥ_ಥ. B..But I waited so long for this to be completed and I can’t just read and not share this masterpiece. So…yeah let’s get right into it.

Disclaimer 1: I’m an MTLER! As such, I do not promise accurate output from this site. There might be awkward-sounding texts that might bring about confusion. Be warned. The most I can promise is to edit enough to make it readable. If you spot any discrepancies in the sentence structure or flow e.g. random name changes, wrong pronouns etc., kindly inform me. HELP ME HELP YOU! I’ve already said it so if it ends up being a bit too much to handle all the errors and mistakes, it’s okay to stop reading until hopefully a human translator picks up the story in future. I accept productive criticism just don’t be harsh and make me feel like sh*t about it. I’m doing this for fun and it’s not fun being dissed.

Disclaimer 2: This story is listed under Danmei. For the pure ones out there, this refers to BL(Boys’ Love). TWO MEN WILL FALL IN LOVE! Kindly heed this before getting into the story if that is not something you’re comfortable with.

Disclaimer 3: I don’t have a schedule so updates may be sporadic but I’m aiming for 1/2 chaps a week. I work full-time while also studying so even if I’m just editing MTLs, I can’t be as fast as I want. I might go MIA once in a while due to school and work stuff, but I’ll make sure to inform you in advance, on discord, if I need to take a break.


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Glad to have something new to read. I'm hoping that, though updates may be sporadic, you'll be able to complete the translation or project until the end. ♥️♥️♥️

Inner Child
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I'm happy to see my taste in Boys Love and Violence is appreciated haha. You're welcome.

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I just love mechas in BL! Looking forward to this!

P.S. your other projects are also awesome 🤩 thanks for the translations!

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