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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 10

Banute Contaminated Zone

10. Chaos

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

In the First Star Domain, the Banute Management Bureau’s request for help from the teams also appeared on the virtual forum.

[Banute? Has a mutant appeared over there?] [Seems like it’s not a simple mutation. I heard it might range from an A+ to S level variant?] [I heard many teams are messaging the Banute Management Bureau, wanting to enter the Contaminated Zone.] [Of course, if there’s an S-level pollutant, everyone will go crazy trying to grab S-Grade rare anomalous crystals. How many Competition-level mechas in the Alliance just need one S-Grade anomalous crystal to upgrade to S?] [I remember the closest teams to Banute are KID and DE, right? According to the unwritten rules, nearby teams will get priority?]

Upon seeing this, netizens found it interesting.

In the First Star Domain Alliance, there were many team battles, but most of the teams with a reputation were the top 32 teams. KID used to be an old top 8 team but had now fallen to the top 16. On the other hand, DE was an up-and-coming team with wealthy backers, recruiting excellent mecha pilots from all over. In just one year, they advanced from the previous top 64 to the top 16. These two teams were situated near each other, and resource allocation had always been a point of contention.

As long as KID’s league ranking was higher than DE’s, the DE would always have a lower priority for resources than KID. Therefore, the two teams appeared to be amicable on the surface, but in reality, they had accumulated deep-seated conflicts and grievances over time.

Now that KID has declined, other mecha teams need to apply to enter the Contaminated Zone. But for DE, before other teams could get in, this was a golden opportunity to step up by surpassing KID.

[It seems DE has sent in 12 mechas.] [So strong? What about KID?] […Reliable information says it’s only two.] [Am I crazy, or is Shen Xingtang crazy?]

Deep within the Contaminated Zone, five teams had come to deal with the pollutant. Leading the pack were the KID and DE teams, and currently, the DE mechas had surrounded the Nine-Dragon Rattan, leaving the other mechas stranded outside.

[JD1456M refused to establish communication and left a message: Not interested.]



Shen Xingtang’s voice became increasingly distorted in the communication channel, seemingly disrupted by pollution’s interference.

The necklace inside his collar seemed very excited as if wanting to pop out to see the situation.

You Su simply closed the communication with Shen Xingtang and sent another communication request to JD1456.

Ying Chenlin parked the mecha at a high spot outside the battle zone, not rushing into the chaotic scene, taking the opportunity to relax his tired right arm.

When the fifth communication request popped up in his field of view, he frowned slightly and finally accepted it.

The channel was quiet, with only him and KF2456G present.

“I won’t cooperate, not interested,” said Ying Chenlin.

KF2456G: “Refusing so quickly, won’t you listen to what I have to say?”

Ying Chenlin remained silent.

You Su didn’t think this person followed them to this place with no interest in the Nine-Dragon Rattan. He stated frankly, “Let’s cooperate to break through DE’s encirclement.”

“The two of us?” Ying Chenlin asked.

You Su didn’t hide anything: “And KID.”

Ying Chenlin was about to exit the communication channel but stopped when he heard “KID.” “Are you with KID?”

“No,” said You Su. “KID and I each have our own goals.”

Ying Chenlin paused for a moment, thinking, and then said, “Okay.”

You Su noticed the brief pause on the other side and looked in the direction of the B-Class mecha.

After a short while, he quickly replied, “Then let’s cooperate happily.”

Inside DE’s internal communication, several mecha pilots were talking with a hint of disdain. They had already surrounded the Nine-Dragon Rattan with all 12 mechas, enough to completely lock down the pollutant’s movements. Now, all they had to do was kill this pollutant, and the anomalous crystal would be theirs.

“Are the two from KID like this? Are they really among the top 16?”

“Lin Yao and Ji Qingfeng? What kind of mechas are they driving? Do they think they can snatch the anomalous crystal from our hands? Don’t make me laugh.”

Xu Yaojun didn’t move; he had been observing everything around him.

“KID doesn’t have many skilled pilots. Ji Qingfeng is a coward, and Lin Yao charges ahead like an idiot,” Xu Yaojun, located at the rear of the mechas, was quite amused by KID’s pitiful appearance. “KID’s lineup is a mess. Their boss, Shen Xingtang, is a mechanic who retired from the battlefield. Do you really expect her to manage a team?”

“Oh right, Xu-ge used to be one of the main pilots for KID, right?”

“Now that Xu-ge has left KID, the transfer period has passed, and I haven’t seen KID looking for new mecha pilots. Are they not even able to gather five players for the next season?”

Indeed, they might not be able to gather enough people.

KID might not even have the money to hire new mecha pilots. No mecha pilots, no mechanics – how could such a team come to the Contaminated Zone to snatch up resources?

“Let’s deal with this Nine-Dragon Rattan first. Aim for its root, that’s how you handle plant-type pollutants, by cutting off the root first,” Xu Yaojun continued, “When KID’s people arrive, we don’t need to be polite with them. If it’s time to act, then we act. In this place, it’s every man for himself.”

Hah, KID wanted to steal from him…

They were just an old team on the verge of collapse. Xu Yaojun had already shown mercy by not wiping out Ji Qingfeng completely.

Outside the attack range of the Nine-Dragon Rattan, two mechas stood together, their counter-reconnaissance systems activated as they observed the situation not far away.

KID’s two members didn’t “flee in panic”; they were here to observe.

Ji Qingfeng looked at the arrogant group of DE mechas in the distance, “If I had known Xu Yaojun was here, even if I were crippled, I would’ve piloted my own mecha here.”

Lin Yao sighed, “Shouldn’t we go up there now?”

Ji Qingfeng quickly retracted his bold words and said, “Did we brothers come here to become cannon fodder for the other 12 mechas over there?”

The two of them received a mission to come to the Banute Contaminated Zone, and as soon as they entered the Abyss Zone, they saw the dense contamination level exceeding the limit around them.

The Contaminated Zone requested the assistance of the teams with the default rule that all benefits from eradicating pollutants belonged to the teams. However, as soon as they started taking action against the Nine-Dragon Rattan, DE’s team came right after them, disregarding the order of arrival, and forcing them out.

DE made it clear that they intended to snatch the benefits.

Ji Qingfeng observed the situation of the Nine-Dragon Rattan, and his eyebrows slightly furrowed. He couldn’t help but feel that something was strange. This Nine-Dragon Rattan’s attacks were indeed fierce, but he sensed an odd atmosphere around them as if something else had not been discovered yet.

Could a Nine-Dragon Rattan with such a high contamination value be easily subdued, allowing DE’s people to suppress it effortlessly?

Lin Yao looked at the DE team entangled with the Nine-Dragon Rattan and said, “Are we just going to watch them take away the treasure like this?”

“Don’t worry, why haven’t they responded yet?” Ji Qingfeng sent a communication request to mecha KF2456G for the seventh time. “Tang Jie said she found us a helper, but we haven’t seen anyone show up for half a day… Hiss, I didn’t get the code wrong, why can’t I get through? How can this person be busy in a Contaminated Zone?”

Lin Yao and the others were getting restless. “Why don’t we just go up and beat up Xu Yaojun?”

Ji Qingfeng glanced at the nearby DE mechas, “Then I thank you, but I don’t want to carry you back.”

“What’s up with KF2456G? Is he really the reinforcement called in by the boss?”

Ji Qingfeng tried to send a communication request but got a busy signal on the other end, so he had to request to join again.

This time the request was successful, and Ji Qingfeng exclaimed, “It worked!”

“Quick, add me!” Lin Yao urged.

The mecha information within the team channel appeared, and he first saw the ordinary A-Class mecha that Shen Xingtang mentioned, followed by a B-Class mecha with its identification code.

Before Ji Qingfeng could ask any questions, a stranger’s masculine voice came through the team channel.

—KF2456G: “Everyone’s here.”

Lin Yao, who was invited by Ji Qingfeng, asked, “Hey, wasn’t it supposed to be just one person?”

“What do you mean everyone’s here??” Ji Qingfeng was puzzled. “Where’s the Control mecha and the Artillery? Aren’t they supposed to be here?”

High above, Ying Chenlin disconnected his right hand’s mental connection and relaxed his sore right arm. He heard the voices and couldn’t help glancing at the unfamiliar mecha codes on the communication list.

Why did the voices of these two KID members sound somewhat familiar?

In the team communication channel, four people were present, with their mechas scattered around the Nine-Dragon Rattan.

Ji Qingfeng glanced around and noticed that the two new mecha brothers were not in the same location. Could they have some pre-battle strategy? He was about to ask about the situation when suddenly, the pollutant Nine-Dragon Rattan went berserk.

Ji Qingfeng quickly retreated, “I shared the intel in our team!”

The chaotic situation on the scene didn’t give them a chance to continue their exchange. The Nine-Dragon Rattan, previously engaged in a fight with the DE team’s mechas, suddenly became much more aggressive. The whipping speed of its Rattans tripled, and everyone’s vision was flooded with intense contamination alerts.

The contamination level, previously fluctuating around 4300, soared to 4600, and it continued to climb: 4600, 5000, 5300…

The constantly rising contamination value brought immense pressure. The situation on the battlefield changed rapidly, and several mechas had to retreat. The DE team’s mecha closest to the Nine-Dragon Rattan was thrown out by its whip.

“Why is the Rattan going crazy all of a sudden?” Ji Qingfeng had just retreated to the back when he saw a mecha flying over his head and exclaimed, “Wow, it went really far!”

Lin Yao followed his line of sight, “Looks like it got cracked.”

Ji Qingfeng quickly looked over and saw a crack in the exterior armor of the A-rank mecha.

Before he could react further, the Nine-Dragon Rattan’s attacks expanded, affecting the previously peaceful outer perimeter, and everyone was forced into the fight.

Ji Qingfeng shouted, “I’m going, run!”

Ying Chenlin had to take a few steps back, using temporary one-handed control to change his observation point. Despite the discomfort in his right arm, he operated with his left hand and kept his eyes fixed on the increasingly ferocious Nine-Dragon Rattan.

It wasn’t his imagination; he noticed that the vines of the Nine-Dragon Rattan seemed to be approaching his direction, just like before when they were on the outskirts. These vines didn’t chase after the mechas that sought help but remained entangled with him, seemingly harboring deep hostility.

As if it was chasing something…?

The battlefield was not only occupied by pollutants but also by other teams’ mecha pilots.

It would be difficult for KID to seize anything in such a situation like this.

There were a total of four mechas in the communication channel, including himself and KF2456G, and two other mechas as well.

When establishing the team communication, the information on mechas from both sides was shared in the channel. Ying Chenlin could faintly recognize the voices of the two KID members he had encountered not long ago—Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao.

Currently, there are numerous mecha types, and based on their functionality and coordination, different mecha pilots would choose weapons suitable for their combat style. The Mecha Alliance distinguished mecha types based on their basic performance and weapons.

The main categories were: Tank, Guardian, Stealth, Artillery, and Control.

The mecha piloted by Ying Chenlin was a Guardian-type, leaning towards close combat versatility. Its defensive capabilities were above average, but its offensive and mobility capabilities were also commendable. On the other hand, the mecha KF2456G piloted by You Su was an Artillery-type, equipped with two long-ranged weapons. This type of mecha had the lowest defense but possessed extremely strong offensive power.

In the current communication channel, Ji Qingfeng was piloting a Stealth-type mecha, armed with a melee Light Blade and Binding Chains.

Lin Yao was piloting a Guardian-type mecha, wielding a Light Blade and a protective shield.

Their team consisted of four individuals: two Guardian, one Stealth, and one Artillery.

The situation was a bit dire. Regardless of their respective teams, there weren’t many mechas present, and among them, the only Competition-gade advanced-level mecha was the red mecha mixed in with the DE team, while the rest were all A-Class mecha.

The degree of mutation in the Nine-Dragon Rattan was still increasing. If it reached a new stage, it would no longer be easily dealt with by their group.

In the next second, the Rattan’s attack came fiercely towards Ying Chenlin.

This thing was really tenacious. Ying Chenlin decisively threw off the Rattan with a swing of his hand.

Chaos suddenly swept through the depths of Banute. With the Nine-Dragon Rattan’s movement, the entire area trembled. From a kilometer away, You Su observed through his scope that the two individuals from KID had already escaped the center of the Nine-Dragon Rattan. He glanced at the radar’s mecha positions and saw the B-Class mecha he had brought in.

The B-level mecha had not completely withdrawn from the center but was instead hovering in a position, taking advantage of the cover of Banute’s forests, concealing its prominent white-colored frame.

A smart hunter’s move. You Su’s gaze shifted to the opponent’s mecha. The sniper scope provided him with an excellent view, and he could clearly see the exterior of the B-Class mecha, without any apparent damage.

Obviously, during the previous attack by the swarm of Sharp-Toothed Rats, this mecha suffered no more than 10% damage.

Eliminating this factor, there was only one reason for the opponent’s leftward shift in operation.

You Su squinted.

Was he left-handed? No, that’s not right. He should be a mecha pilot accustomed to using both hands.

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