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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 114

Coria Contaminated Zone (Restricted Zone)

114. Plan

    Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake

    What does it mean to have enough confidence to empty half of Tianyu Star’s energy repository?

    When Shen Xingtang earnestly uttered these words, Zhang Ge tightly covered his face. The past wasn’t good to bring up, but everyone benefited from that incident on Tianyu Star.

    Shen Xingtang continued, “Lieutenant General, he is a mecha mechanic, and the tools in his repair kit can support on-site repairs.”

    The general’s gaze fell on Shen Xingtang, and Shen Xingtang returned his gaze confidently.

    After a few seconds of eye contact, the Lieutenant General retracted his gaze, seemingly agreeing to the impromptu repair action by the mechanic. He looked at Old Qiu and said, “Have Xiao Lu send over the situation on-site and be prepared for both possibilities.”

    Old Qiu immediately notified Lieutenant Lu.

    Just as the Lieutenant General finished speaking, he suddenly noticed a man leaning against the corner of the monitoring screen, dressed in a red and white combat suit.

    He furrowed his brows slightly, his gaze lingering on the man, but soon the monitoring angle shifted to focus on various pipes high up, and the man disappeared from view.

    Inside Base Station C-147, the energy fuel in the energy repository had already dripped all over the floor, making the entire pipeline slippery and difficult to climb. When Lieutenant Lu saw the young man climbing up, he subconsciously worried that the other party might act recklessly. However, when he saw the other party’s skilled climbing posture, that worry inexplicably diminished.

    Lieutenant Lu looked to the side at You Su, who didn’t take any action and just watched from the side.

    “You seem to trust him a lot,” Lieutenant Lu said.

    You Su stood against the wall, with two cracked wall patterns beside him. He replied indifferently, “Do I?”

    “Yes,” Lieutenant Lu looked away, “At least, eight years ago, you wouldn’t entrust defense to another teammate.”

    He walked towards the energy device’s position to check the situation.

    Upon hearing Lieutenant Lu’s words, You Su looked up at Ying Chenlin, who was climbing higher and higher, his figure reflected in his eyes and his thoughts unknown.

    As Lieutenant Lu approached the energy device, he realized that the situation was more serious than he had imagined.

    The information on the central energy device’s pipeline had completely changed. Lieutenant Lu surveyed the complex pipeline’s situation, then looked up at the young man high above them. How would that young man solve this problem?!

    Originally, there were pipelines inside the energy repository connecting to the defense system, providing long-term energy support for the defense system. These energy pipelines were specially reinforced. However, the internal damage to the walls caused several energy pipelines to malfunction in supplying the defense system. Emergency repairs weren’t easy. It was equivalent to finding out which specific energy pipeline corresponded to the defense system, and then gathering all the energy in the energy repository to supply the defense system.

    Lieutenant Lu looked at the chaotic energy pipelines, his brows tightly furrowed.

    He relayed this information through the communicator to Coria’s Director, and the people in the control room fell into contemplation upon receiving the message.

    A staff member who was knowledgeable about energy pipelines spoke up, “Lieutenant Lu’s analysis is correct. If the vibrations caused this problem, what needs to be repaired now is indeed done by identifying the corresponding pipeline and establishing a stable energy pipeline. However, the emergency measures inside the warehouse have already been activated. With the energy pipelines disrupted, the original pipeline drawings on the system may not match the current situation.”

    “It’s not that it can’t be operated,” the staff explained, “it’s just that this operation is highly difficult. According to the current rate of defense system’s weakening, the most worrisome situation is that before the repair is completed, the defense system will completely fail.”

    Old Qiu: “Can you calculate the current direction of the pipes?”

    “Let Lieutenant Lu send us all the information from the scene through the communicator,” the staff said. “We will immediately start the calculations…”

    Before their words were finished, the young man on the monitoring screen had already climbed to one of the pipes.

    That was one of the cracked energy pipes at the scene. Black energy fuel was dripping down from the crack, and the slippery liquid was almost covering the entire pipe.

    The staff member said, “He is going to patch up the leaking one first.”

    “But the location of that crack is towards the outer side, with no support around. Even if he wants to repair it, he probably can’t reach that crack—”

    At this moment, the young man had already reached its position.

    His combat suit was already contaminated with a lot of black adhesive, and the colors on one side of his body were unclear. After a brief assessment of the pipe’s situation, he bent his leg at the junction of the pipe. His whole body, supported by one leg, almost hung in the air. In a cunning posture, he directly touched the leaking area where the energy fuel was oozing out.

    Seeing his operation, the staff who initially said it was impossible were stunned, “Is he balancing only on one leg???”

    In fact, Ying Chenlin was indeed balancing his body with just one leg. The pipeline here was slippery, but compared to the more complex internal environment of mechas, there was a large enough space to steady himself and touch the leaking area. The splashed energy fuel fell on his face, and Ying Chenlin had to close one eye to avoid affecting his vision. He took out the repair goggles from the repair kit.

    Emergency patching is a very basic operation for a mechanic. After ensuring the balance of his body, Ying Chenlin immediately took out the corresponding tools.

    Unable to use powerful tools for fear of causing an energy combustion and explosion, he could only use a small special gel gun for patching. He shifted his position little by little, one hand judging the pipe’s crack, and the other hand promptly patching the crack.

    Fortunately, the crack in this pipe was not more than half a meter, and the patching did not take too much time.

    When he finished patching this pipe, Ying Chenlin’s tense heart temporarily relaxed.

    But this wasn’t the key point. The patch was made of mecha materials, and its durability wasn’t as good as genuine pipe materials. This patch could only barely hold up for a while, and he had to use the time gained to rebuild new pipes.

    He descended from the pipe’s level, lifted his gaze to confirm his next target, and immediately climbed towards that position.

    Manipulating the redirection of the pipes could indeed continue to protect the defense system, but Ying Chenlin’s biggest worry had not been resolved. During his actions, he still heard You Su’s words echoing in his mind: if the base station was destroyed, the border would be lost.

    The Coria Contaminated Zone’s location was indeed special… If it were to cause the border to be lost, the most likely scenario would be the disappearance of this core location in Coria. Although he didn’t know how that strange thing underground came to be, judging from Lieutenant Lu’s performance and the abnormal energy reactions inside the base, the thing buried underground was probably a hidden danger that neither the Frontier Army nor the Administration could solve, enough to completely destroy the Coria Contaminated Zone.

    From this perspective, he probably understood why Lieutenant Lu insisted on defending the base station.

    This base station was the last barrier imposed on that thing. Once breached, there would be endless troubles.

    Ying Chenlin fully understood the Frontier Army’s considerations, but with such a defense, even if they managed to protect the base station, they couldn’t guarantee the safety of all the mecha pilots.

    He didn’t want to see such a result. He believed there must be another way to have the best of both worlds.

    Thinking of this, Ying Chenlin looked higher up. There was so much energy here—

    He suddenly had an idea.

    Outside the venue, everyone’s focus was on the young man on the monitoring screen. He climbed quickly, carrying such a large repair kit on his back. He moved swiftly on the slippery pipes, adjusting the direction of the energy pipes as he reached each pipe’s position.

    In the control room, the staff immediately calculated the situation of the pipes at the scene. When the new blueprint was placed in front of Coria’s Director, he was immediately stunned. Several points specially marked on the new blueprint were almost identical to the actions of the mechanic on the monitoring screen. However, the mechanic at the scene was moving faster, almost deducing his next action while in motion.

    How could a mechanic be so familiar with controlling the pipes?

    Coria’s Director was full of shock. What did KID Base’s Boss Shen say before? Emptying Tianyu Star’s energy repository…?

    How much did the outside world not know about the situation in Tianyu Star’s Contaminated Zone?

    But Old Qiu looked at the figure of the young man and seemed to see the shadows of others on him.

    Shen Xingtang never doubted Ying Chenlin. After all, this treasure of hers was the one who could provide inexhaustible energy to the mecha team members in the defense area of a base station when all the energy sources were depleted. Back then, ‘requisitioning’ energy was achieved, and now it was just finding the corresponding delivery pipes in the chaotic energy pipeline. Even if the pipes were all messed up, for someone who was encountering the energy pipes of Base Station C-147 for the first time, the chaos made little difference.

    “Wait, why is he moving this pipe?” the staff member holding the blueprint suddenly said.

    The people in the control room looked at the pipe indicated by the staff member, which indeed deviated from the position calculated by the blueprint. Old Qiu looked at the direction of Ying Chenlin’s movements. The movements of the pipe he was moving had little to do with the defense system. Whether that pipe moved or not didn’t matter. He just didn’t understand why Ying Chenlin, since he had seen all the other conditions clearly, still wanted to touch it?

    Shen Xingtang frowned and hesitated, saying, “It seems like he’s not just moving one pipe.”

    Inside the venue, the pipes inside the energy repository continued to move as Ying Chenlin manipulated various pipe switches hanging in the air. The direction of all energy flows in the venue changed with his operation.

    The energy repository was very quiet, so quiet that only the sound of Ying Chenlin running on the pipes and twisting the pipe switches remained. After patching the leaking pipe, his speed increased. The changes in the valves of the internal pipe switches allowed the mixed energy to flow according to the new pipeline route.

    Lieutenant Lu didn’t go far; he stood in front of the central energy device and saw the colors representing various energy types separated and flowing horizontally inside the control panel, converging back into one pipe. This gathering didn’t affect its functionality; Ying Chenlin almost re-established an energy route to the defense system with its original balance.

    “So many pipes, and he can remember all of them.”

    “No wonder he patched it first. The defense system’s pipe had a problem, and he was adjusting the energy route.”

    Seeing such proficient pipe adjustments, Zhang Ge seemed to understand why the energy on Tianyu Star was consumed so quickly. He watched this scene with complex emotions, glanced at Shen Xingtang, who looked serious beside him, and no matter how many times he experienced this, he couldn’t help but marvel, “Where did KID find such a treasure?!”

    Zhang Ge asked, “Did you really hire him for 8000 credits?”

    “Again, asking for information?” Shen Xingtang glanced sideways, “I also hired a versatile online store manager for 4000 credits.”

    Zhang Ge: “…”

    It was true, with 8000 credits.

    “It seems like it can operate now,” one staff member said.

    Shen Xingtang and Zhang Ge immediately looked at the monitoring screen. They saw that the young man who had been running on the pipes had already come down from the pipes higher up. His body was stained with black energy fuel, and the original appearance of his combat suit could no longer be seen. Even his repair goggles were splattered with black dots.

    After landing, he placed the repair kit on his back on the ground and ran to the front of the central energy device.

    When the authorization box for adjusting the energy pipeline popped up, Lieutenant Lu was just about to request the authorization password via communicator. However, he saw the young man standing beside him take off his gloves and start calculating with the light brain on his body.

    Seeing his actions, Lieutenant Lu’s action of requesting communication stopped. The next moment, he saw Ying Chenlin enter the authorization password.

    Once the authorization password was entered, the permission to change the pipes was granted.

    Ying Chenlin watched the system operate normally, feeling relieved.

    At this moment, suddenly, the voice of another rang out.

    Lieutenant Lu looked at Ying Chenlin, his expression somewhat complicated. “How did you have the special authorization password?”

    Ying Chenlin paused. Seeing the serious expression of the other party, he was about to speak when footsteps came from the other side.

    You Su took a few steps and walked over, standing next to Ying Chenlin.

    Ying Chenlin didn’t directly answer Lieutenant Lu’s question. Instead, he brought up another matter. “Lieutenant Lu, before we proceed, we need to confirm something.”

    “My superiors have approved my application, and I can tell you the details of the mission.” Lieutenant Lu thought that Ying Chenlin still wanted to inquire about the situation inside the base station. He was about to briefly explain the current situation, but unexpectedly, the other party took the initiative to speak about another matter.

    “We’ll talk about the base station later; there is a more serious issue.” Ying Chenlin took the initiative to speak, “The problem with the base station’s energy pipeline has only been temporarily resolved. The defense system requires mixed energy, and if one of the pipelines in the mixed pipeline lacks energy, even if the defense system can operate normally, it won’t be sustained for too long.”

    Lieutenant Lu’s voice sank as he said, “We will resolve the energy issue as soon as possible.”

    “I’m worried that the support’s time won’t be enough. Our mecha troops can’t hold on for too long.” Ying Chenlin looked at him. “You Frontier Army personnel have entered the Contaminated Cone so many times. What’s the deal with those energy-based pollutants outside?”

    Lieutenant Lu hesitated for a moment.

    You Su, standing beside him, spoke in a slightly lighter tone, “He can’t answer your question.”

    “I can’t answer this question for you, not because I’m deliberately hiding anything.” Lieutenant Lu glanced at You Su and said truthfully, “It’s just that in the Frontier Army’s previous reconnaissance missions, we never found this type of pollutant appearing, so I can’t provide you with accurate information.”

    This was also one of the reasons why everyone was caught off guard by this operation. Before the last reconnaissance mission last year, the situation inside the Restricted Zone was very good, with pollution levels at their lowest in many years. So the appearance of energy-based pollutants and reports of underground weapons attacking people this time were unprecedented. Lieutenant Lu furrowed his brows slightly. “But I suspect these pollutants may be related to the old cultivation Tanks at the research institute.”

    Ying Chenlin was puzzled. “Old cultivation Tanks?”

    Lieutenant Lu said, “That part of the research was stopped 20 years ago, and the data should still be sealed in the basement of the research institute.”

    Ying Chenlin asked directly, “Where is the entrance to the basement?”

    Inside the control room, when new energy entered the defense system’s energy pipeline at Base Station C-147 and the energy detector’s alarm messages originating from Base Station C-147 disappeared, everyone in the tense control room breathed a sigh of relief.

    “Did it actually work?”

    “Old Qiu, the alarm is gone, and the defense system is returning to its normal operations.”


    The others in the control room hadn’t expected the sudden problem at the base station to be solved by KID’s repairman. Not long ago, they were worried about the consequences of unresolved base station issues. Now, seeing the situation easing, many leaders in the room looked at Ying Chenlin on the monitoring screen with a few more appreciative glances.

    Old Qiu’s gaze lingered on Ying Chenlin. The surveillance angle didn’t zoom in; it just watched his back, but for some reason, he thought of Ying Songshan from many years ago. Base Station C-147 was managed by Ying Songshan. In the early years, when he and Ying Songshan worked at the base station, they often saw Ying Songshan dealing with all the problems that arose in the base station with the staff inside, laughing and joking.

    Ying Songshan was engaged in weapon research, but even before that, he was a mecha designer.

    From youth to middle age, he dedicated most of his life to the border. If it weren’t for that mutated pollutant all those years ago, he and Ying Songshan would probably have worked together until their old age. But that pollutant appeared, causing a riot, attacking the Frontier Army and researchers in succession, resulting in numerous deaths. During that time, Ying Songshan, aged several years, resigned out of guilt.

    At the time, everyone knew it wasn’t all his fault, but he still took all the blame upon himself.

    While others in the control room were quietly discussing, a staff member suddenly said, “Old Qiu, there’s movement in the energy repository.”

    Old Qiu asked, “What’s the situation?”

    The staff member said, “Lieutenant Lu sent a message saying they’ve entered the basement of the research institute.”

    They’ve entered the basement of the research institute? When this report came through, several people in the control room changed their demeanours, and they all looked towards the other side of the surveillance angle. In the telescopic view, they saw the young man standing at the central device, carrying a repair kit, already walking towards a dead end with two other people.

    Coria’s Director looked at Old Qiu. “The basement, I remember, contains data on the old cultivation Tanks, right?”

    Old Qiu was puzzled. “Contact Lieutenant Lu. What exactly do they want to do in the underground research institute?”

    “Pull up the surveillance. Can we follow them?” Coria’s Director said.

    On the communication screen, the Lieutenant General gaze, representing the First Domain Frontier Army, paused momentarily on You Su in the monitoring screen before quickly shifting to Ying Chenlin beside You Su. As the surveillance angle zoomed in, he could clearly see the face of the young man in the footage.

    Upon seeing the young man’s face, the expressions of several people in the control room changed slightly.

    The young man looked very young, with energy fuel still on his face. It was just a side profile, yet it gave off a very familiar feeling.

    “Old Qiu, what’s the name of this young man?” the Lieutenant General asked.

    When the Lieutenant General asked this question, Shen Xingtang’s expression changed slightly. Just as she was about to speak, Old Qiu beside him spoke first.

    Old Qiu said, “Lieutenant General, his name is Ying Chenlin.”

    Upon hearing this name, the Lieutenant’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the figures of several people on the surveillance screen had completely disappeared.

    Inside the base station, three people were running towards the underground research institute. It was quite a distance from the energy repository to the underground research institute. Lieutenant Lu was familiar with the internal situation and quickly led Ying Chenlin through another route under the research institute to reach the basement of the research institute’s building.

    As they approached the research institute, the energy meter’s reaction in Ying Chenlin’s hand became more intense. It seemed that there were authorizations required for the side entrance to the basement of the research institute, and Lieutenant Lu used his own authority to clear the way for Ying Chenlin.

    The actions of the three were very fast. When Lieutenant Lu brushed through the last layer of authorization, the long-sealed basement of the underground research institute appeared before everyone. Ying Chenlin entered the research institute ahead of them, and after assessing its inner layout, he went directly to the control panel in the laboratory.

    The control panel hadn’t been opened for a long time and was covered in dust.

    Ying Chenlin found the power button. When layer by layer of virtual screens lit up, he breathed a sigh of relief. “It seems the system here isn’t broken.”

    As all the systems lit up, a huge cultivation Tank appeared in the center of the transparent screen. At this moment, the cultivation Tank was empty, with only several cracks in the walls of its base.

    You Su observed, “The things down there seem restless.”

    Ying Chenlin just glanced at it briefly, his attention returning to the system as he accessed the research data here.

    Lieutenant Lu watched his actions, about to inquire about other matters when the communicator on his waist lit up again.

    He had to temporarily leave the laboratory and step outside to take the call.

    Inside the dimly lit laboratory, the blue light from the virtual screen reflected on the young man’s face. You Su’s gaze moved away from the cultivation Tank and landed on Ying Chenlin, who was accessing the data. “What are you looking for?”

    “The composition of the cultivation Tank,” Ying Chenlin replied without looking away.

    “I don’t agree with the strategy of holding out, even if this base station is very important.”

    Ying Chenlin lowered his gaze, his hands on the operating console not stopping. “So, I want to confirm one thing. If possible, I might have a solution.”

    Seeing the permission password prompt, Ying Chenlin had to recalibrate it with his light brain. After entering the authorization password, a database search box appeared before him. He inputted the corresponding keywords.

    [Searching, please wait.]

    “How do you plan to solve it?”

    You Su’s gaze remained on Ying Chenlin. The young man exuded the strong scent of energy fuel, but he seemed completely indifferent to it, not even bothering to remove the repair goggles from his face.

    Ying Chenlin tilted his head slightly in response, with You Su standing beside him.

    “I’m not sure what happened eight years ago,” he said earnestly, looking at You Su. “But I want to eliminate the pollutants and defend this base station without sacrificing anyone.”

    You Su didn’t reply, just silently watching him.

    Ying Chenlin didn’t expect an answer from You Su. However, as he turned his head slightly, he felt his face being wiped.

    He paused for a moment, realizing it was You Su’s hand just now.

    You Su withdrew his hand, fingertips stained with black energy fuel, completely unfazed. He calmly looked at the nearby database and reminded him, “A search term has been retrieved.”

    Ying Chenlin was momentarily stunned, then shifted his gaze to the database, adding in a softer tone, “When I was repairing the energy repository just now, I made a few adjustments.”

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