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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 115

Coria Contaminated Zone (Restricted Zone)

115. Isomerization/Transformation

    Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake

    “Made a few adjustments…?” You Su didn’t ask what kind of adjustments, as Ying Chenlin’s gaze had already returned to the search terms in the database.

    This database requires multiple permissions to access it. The abandoned data hadn’t been entirely erased. After entering the keywords, relevant information about the cultivation Tank in this location could quickly be retrieved. Ying Chenlin wanted to understand the composition of the old cultivation Tank. To deal with the pollutants, he needed to know what those pollutants were.

    However, when the relevant information popped up, Ying Chenlin’s pupils slightly contracted.

    “Tissue residual liquid?”

    The liquid originally stored in the old cultivation Tank turned out to be the remnants of various pollutants, and these remnants had been used for internal weapon research at the research institute.

    Seeing this, Ying Chenlin paused briefly and immediately retrieved relevant documented data. However, the internal contents of the database were vast. Just the research data related to this old cultivation Tank yielded tens of thousands of pieces of information.

    At this moment, Lieutenant Lu finished his communication and walked in from the door. Seeing the various information popping up in the database, his gaze paused in front of Ying Chenlin for a moment before saying, “I’ve consulted with the higher-ups. If you want to investigate the cultivation Tank and the internal weapons research within the base, I need to inform you beforehand.”

    Lieutenant Lu imported a set of data he just received from the Management Bureau into the public system of the laboratory. As soon as the data was imported, a video recorded by a researcher appeared in front of Ying Chenlin. The first thing he saw was a massive storage area.

    Gigantic equipment and heavy weapons were lined up on all sides, with various laboratories extending on both sides.

    The entire space presented a dark scene, giving an awe-inspiring feeling.

    Ying Chenlin stared straight at all the half-assembled weapons below. “This is—”

    “Haven’t you guessed it already?” You Su stood behind Ying Chenlin, his brows furrowed. He hadn’t seen this data eight years ago.

    He continued, “This is a weapons research institute, more precisely, a secret heavy weapons research institute in the Dawn Galaxy under the jurisdiction of the Star Alliance.”

    Ying Chenlin realized. So, the outermost layer of the Restricted Zone’s system aimed to protect these things.

    Moreover, the location of these things—could it be that behind the door they had originally wanted to enter was this!?

    “The real reason for protecting the base is to safeguard these heavy weapons.”

    Lieutenant Lu manipulated the relevant programs with his hand, and all the scenes appeared in front of the three of them in holographic images. “The researchers in the Frontier Army send people to inspect the Restricted Zone and investigate the situation of the underground heavy weapons at regular intervals, in order to conduct a risk assessment of the entire Contaminated Zone.”

    The scene in front of them zoomed in further. The power of the Frontier Army’s heavy weapons was well known. The spatial imagery was relatively well protected compared to the external buildings, but the impact of these heavy weapons, which could easily destroy half of the Contaminated Zone, was immense.

    Originally, just one mutated heavy weapon projectile was enough to devastate most of the Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone. Now, the combined power of all these heavy weapons here could probably disintegrate the entire Coria Contaminated Zone in an instant.

    Ying Chenlin looked on with trepidation, but the conditions of these weapons were strange. Some of the weapons even had their energy conduits severed on the walls. He was slightly puzzled. “Why protect them? Why not take these weapons away?”

    “Because they can’t be taken away.” Lieutenant Lu’s hand stopped in front of a certain location.

    Ying Chenlin looked in the direction he indicated and saw that the bottoms of those heavy weapons were mysteriously connected together, with some strange blue liquid spreading out on the ground.

    Lieutenant Lu’s gaze rested on the blue liquid. “Twenty years ago, the mutation caused severe damage to the base station. Among the researched heavy weapons was one abandoned pollutant weapon with pollutant remnants as its core. The impact caused the cultivation dish to be destroyed. When the researchers wanted to take away these heavy weapons, they found that the special pollutant weapon had already shattered. The remnants of the organism mixed with the heavy weapons and eventually became what they are now.”

    He said solemnly, “They cannot be severed, let alone destroyed.”

    The reassembled heavy weapons could be said to be bound to the base station. The remnants of the organism were everywhere, and even the appearance of the weapons had completely changed. This meant that they couldn’t be dissected and dismantled according to their original weapon designs, nor could they be dismantled by force. Every year, the Frontier Army would bring in special weapons to neutralize this weapon, but so far, it had been 20 years, and the neutralization process for this fused weapon had not been completed.

    Upon hearing this, Ying Chenlin immediately went to the database and replaced the original inputted keywords.

    He searched for the abandoned pollutant weapon from twenty years ago, and sure enough, there was some data stored in the institute. When he saw the first search term, his expression suddenly changed.

    “It wasn’t until I got involved in the core missions in recent years that I knew what was really stored here.” Lieutenant Lu looked at You Su. “When we were on a mission, the Frontier Army chose to defend the base station for a reason. They couldn’t let anything happen to the base station. Have you considered the consequences of these weapons exploding after an incident at the base station?”

    Upon hearing this, You Su’s attitude towards Lieutenant Lu didn’t soften. “The result would be no different from what happened back then. Faced with the same situation, the Frontier Army would still sacrifice the lives of a few to ensure the safety of many.”

    He looked at Lieutenant Lu. “If reinforcements couldn’t come and we were faced with the same situation as eight years ago… would the outcome change?”

    Lieutenant Lu looked seriously at You Su and replied, “The mission of our Frontier Army is to safeguard the interests and safety of the citizens of the Star Alliance until the last moments of our lives.”

    You Su didn’t answer him, nor did he refute that statement.

    At this moment, a voice came from the side, interrupting their conversation. Both of them turned to look at the young man standing in front of the database.

    “No wonder,” Ying Chenlin retrieved that part of the data, and one item stated the design purpose of that weapon, “That abandoned weapon submerged in the cultivation fluid was originally designed to capture pollutants.”

    Since their entry into the restricted zone to the present, they had been attacked several times by strange tentacles. The purpose of those tentacles was the pollutants, not the mechas filled with energy, and they were impervious to their various mecha weapons. Because it wasn’t a complete pollutant itself, but rather an unfinished weapon.

    “Lieutenant Lu, are you sure that abandoned weapon was really unfinished?” Ying Chenlin asked.

    Upon hearing this, Lieutenant Lu said, “Wait a moment.”

    He took out the communicator and initiated contact with the Coria Management Bureau.

    After a while, a virtual image popped up on the communicator, displaying the bureau outside the Contaminated Zone.

    An elderly man walked up to the communicator, his cloudy eyes fixed on Ying Chenlin. “Indeed, that weapon was unfinished. We conducted all the neutralization operations. The fact that the weapon has been reassembled is a mistake on our part. Now, with all the information about energy pollutants and those tentacles that you and Lieutenant Lu mentioned, what have you discovered?”

    “These are just my speculations. The behavior of that tentacle is rigid, basically only capturing pollutants,” Ying Chenlin looked at the old man and calmly expressed his speculation, “I suspect its behavioral criteria is based on that abandoned weapon. However, it’s not a real pollutant, so it can’t digest the captured prey like other pollutants. Therefore, I speculate that the pollutants have transformed from ordinary pollutants to energy-type pollutants and then escaped from the underground.”

    The tentacle had access to the tunnels near the base station, and those tunnels should lead to the underground.

    “The solution has infiltrated the underground. The energy reaction underground doesn’t come from pollutants, but from all the fused heavy weapons,” Ying Chenlin swept his gaze towards the depleted old cultivation dish, “The underground has become a giant cultivation dish… constantly producing more energy-type pollutants.”

    Old Qiu looked at Ying Chenlin, his expression unchanged. “What you’re saying is correct. Before you spoke, our research team had come to the same conclusion. This fused weapon is likely alive.”

    Upon hearing this, Ying Chenlin’s expression became somewhat subtle. He seemed to want to say something but held back.

    The conversation between the two plunged the control room and the lab into silence.

    Dealing with a neutralized fused weapon had already given the Frontier Army a headache for so many years. Now that this weapon had come back to life, the difficulty of dealing with it had risen to a completely new level. The most troublesome part was for the Frontier Army because this fused weapon had come back to life right under their noses. If it weren’t for Old Qiu’s spontaneous decision to investigate the Restricted Zone, and if it weren’t for KID and Gale accidentally entering the Restricted Zone, according to their original plan to survey the surroundings, this weapon might have caused an even greater disaster in the future.

    Inside the control room, the Lieutenant General frowned. “Hasn’t the support from the Frontier Army entered the Restricted Zone yet?”

    Coria’s Director said, “Lieutenant General, currently, all pollutants in the entirety of Coria’s Contaminated Zone are outside the Restricted Zone. Our forces have been filling in.”

    The most challenging part was the entrance to the Restricted Zone, even if the Frontier Army managed to reach the edge of the Restricted Zone.

    Once the entrance was moved to a different location, they would have to relocate.

    The expressions of the others in the control room varied, but Old Qiu looked at the young man on the screen. Seeing his hesitant expression, he spoke, “Chenlin, do you have anything else to say?”

    Ying Chenlin asked, “Old Qiu, are you sure that this weapon will really explode?”

    Old Qiu frowned when he heard this question and explained, “We couldn’t take away that weapon until now, but when we brought back a small part of the fallen weapon components back then, we only took it out of the base station. When that component was impacted, it exploded.”

    “The Frontier Army assessed that if that weapon was to explode entirely, the entire Coria Contaminated Zone would be gone.”

    “But there’s something very strange.” Ying Chenlin looked at Old Qiu. “Our mecha division attacked that tentacle several times, and the tentacle was unharmed. If this tentacle is related to that weapon, don’t you think this is very contradictory?”

    A weapon that explodes upon contact, yet a pollutant that remains unscathed after multiple attacks.

    “I’m not questioning the Frontier Army’s assessment, but as you said, the situation inside the Restricted Zone this year is drastically different from last year’s,” Ying Chenlin looked at Old Qiu and said, “That weapon was considered an energy-type weapon last year, but now, is it considered an energy-type weapon or a pollutant?”

    He continued, “Neutralizing an energy-type weapon is difficult, but would killing a pollutant be simpler?”

    Old Qiu’s eyes flashed with a hint of sharpness when he heard this. “Do you know what you’re talking about?”

    “I do, but all of us are holding our ground here until death, can it change the situation in the Restricted Zone? You can’t enter the Restricted Zone, and you don’t know the current situation inside it,” Ying Chenlin said seriously, “I believe in what my eyes see, and I have my own methods. Please allow me to try.”

    Everyone in the control room looked at the young man on the communicator. Despite his seemingly young age, when he uttered those words, his confidence was greater than anyone else’s, as if he had absolute certainty, making people involuntarily want to be convinced by him.

    Before the conversation could proceed to the next step, there were new changes outside the base station.

    A large gathering of energy-type pollutants had begun to assault the base station, forcing the people in the control room to immediately attend to the situation over there.

    “Uh-oh, Old Qiu, the pollutants outside the base station are increasing.”

    “There are too few mecha pilots guarding outside the base station. At this rate, they won’t last half a day.”

    The young man on the other end of the communicator seemed to have also noticed the situation. He immediately handed the communicator back to Lieutenant Lu and quickly walked out of the laboratory.

    The others in the control room looked at each other helplessly. The situation was extremely critical, yet they could only watch from here.

    Upon seeing this, Zhang Ge inexplicably looked at Shen Xingtang. “Is the method your family’s mechanic mentioned reliable?”

    “I’m not sure,” Shen Xingtang’s expression was somewhat serious, “But as far as I know, he enjoys taking risks.”

    Zhang Ge: “…What kind of risk can he take?”

    After a moment of silence, Zhang Ge continued, “Surely he wouldn’t suggest blasting open a path with energy fuel, right?”

    Shen Xingtang looked at him but didn’t say anything.

    Zhang Ge: “!”

    “Director!” A staff member received a message and quickly looked at Coria’s Director. “We’ve just received the latest news. The mecha pilots from the Dawn Galaxy and the Second Star Domain have already headed to the Jump Zone!”

    Zhang Ge was stunned. “What?!”

    In the Jump Zone of Coria’s Management Bureau, mecha pilots clad in combat suits rushed into the Jump Zone. A large group of mecha pilots, responsible for transition operations, saw so many people barging in and felt overwhelmed. “Captain Bai, we need the director’s permission to activate the transition authority…”

    “Rules are dead, people are alive,” Bai Xuyan furrowed his brow and looked at the staff, “Our mechas might be worn out, but they’re not incapable of dealing with a few pollutants.”

    The staff looked embarrassed. “But we don’t have any orders.”

    As Bai Xuyan blocked the staff, Ke Lin, along with YDS and Black Crow and a few Individual Soldiers, had already swiftly crossed the crowd and rushed directly into the Jump Zone.

    Hu Luobu ran the fastest. “Hurry up, while Ba Xuyan’s blocking them over there.”

    Chi Lizi glanced back. “Is it really okay to leave him behind like this?”

    Hu Luobu replied, “What’s wrong with that? Let him listen at the corner. After listening, won’t he get to work?”

    A mecha pilot from GBK saw this scene and turned to look at Bai Xuyan. “Captain, it seems like they ran off.”

    Bai Xuyan was still arguing with the staff. Upon hearing this, he turned his head and saw that the group of Dawn mecha pilots behind him had already disappeared.

    Seeing this scene, Bai Xuyan turned back with a cold face. “Dawn has gone in. Can’t we go in?”

    The Staff: “!”

    Is that called going in?! That’s called barging in!

    The news about the Jump Zone reached the control room, and the mecha pilots from two major star domains had already entered the Jump Zone. The staff described the scene of the Frontier Army and Dawn mecha pilots barging in tearfully, “They went in following the Frontier Army’s leap channel. They were all big and tall, and I really couldn’t stop them.”

    Coria’s Director hung up the communication and turned to the two individuals from Dawn Galaxy standing in the corner.

    Zhang Ge looked at Shen Xingtang beside him, who remained silent. “Director, I’m useless. The leaders of YDS and Black Crow are in the lounge. Shall I go call them over?”
    *way to throw others under the bus!

    “It’s okay. Let them support,” Old Qiu knew well that the situation could no longer be reversed. His mind was filled with what Ying Chenlin had just said.

    At that moment, the Lieutenant General from the border suddenly spoke on the central communication screen. “Killing the pollutants?”

    Old Qiu looked at Lieutenant General upon hearing this. “If there’s a problem, I’ll immediately have Lietenant Lu stop.”

    “Switch the perspective to outside the base station,” the Lieutenant General said. “Let’s see what he’s up to.”

    Inside the Restricted Zone’s base station, Ying Chenlin and You Su immediately rushed out upon hearing the alarm from the communicator.

    As they were leaving, Lieutenant Lu suddenly stopped them. He looked at You Su. “What do you want to do?”

    You Su glanced at the already departing Ying Chenlin, then paused and looked back at Lieutenant Lu. “He should have made it clear. Our priority is to eradicate the pollutants.”

    Lieutenant Lu paused for a moment, and You Su followed Ying Chenlin out.

    The communicator was still connected to the control room. Lieutenant Lu received a reply from the control room and immediately followed suit.

    The situation outside the base station was even worse than what Ying Chenlin had guessed. The reactions marked as red on the energy meter were increasing, and the gathering energy-type pollutants were rushing towards the base station.

    A Gale mecha pilot saw Ying Chenlin and You Su coming out and hurriedly said, “\We just received a message from the deputy captain. There are also anomalous crystals in those energy-type pollutants.”

    It was unclear what those underground substances were, but these energy-type pollutants clearly retained the characteristics of ordinary pollutants. Ying Chenlin paused for a moment, seeming to confirm a certain idea. “Please inform the others and have the Tank mecha pilots and Artillery mecha pilots come over.”

    Seeing Ying Chenlin’s movement, You Su asked, “Where are you going?”

    “The control room.” Ying Chenlin didn’t stop his steps. “Didn’t I say I made some adjustments in the energy repository?”

    You Su caught up with him. “What do you want to do?”

    “I still have another purpose for going to the underground research institute. I want to know what constitutes those energy-type pollutants.” Ying Chenlin quickly climbed to the second floor. “When I saw the old cultivation pool, I think I understood it. These pollutants are ultimately composed of energy. In fact, the energy components on them are derived from the cultivation pool underground, which is itself a pollutant.”

    Ying Chenlin pushed open the door to the control room. The mecha pilots who had been in contact with the Management Bureau turned their heads.

    “How did you guys come over?” The mecha pilot asked in confusion.

    “Push the defense system to 100%.” Ying Chenlin quickly stepped forward to take control. While the Gale mecha pilot adjusted the defense system, he immediately entered the energy repository’s system from the control room and opened two specific pipelines that had been previously set in the energy repository. “Didn’t I say I made some adjustments earlier?”

    Upon seeing this, You Su suddenly understood.

    Ying Chenlin redirected both types of energy in the energy repository to the base station’s landing pad. He had done such operations when he was on Tianyu Star, providing energy to charge the mechs. But now, the purpose of these two pipelines is unclear.

    “I just checked. Although the defense system of this base station is aging, its defense level is stronger than that of Tianyu Star’s. The Frontier Army should have reinforced it over the years.” Ying Chenlin looked at You Su confidently. “The defense system could hold up on Tianyu Star back then. Do you think this base station can’t handle it?”

    When Lieutenant Lu followed in, he saw the maxed-out defense system and the mobilization of the energy system.

    Seeing this scene, he was slightly surprised. “To actually divert a large amount of energy to the defense system, such output would overdraw the defense system.”

    Ying Chenlin didn’t have time to say anything else. “Contact the Management Bureau. If they want to maintain the shielding system, they should turn off the shielding system in the Restricted Zone in half an hour.”

    Lieutenant Lu was astonished. “Do you know what you’re saying? Turning off the shielding system will allow all the pollutants from outside Coria to come in.”

    Ying Chenlin saw that the Tank mecha pilots and Artillery mecha pilots had already entered the base station. He immediately left the base station and hurried to the landing pad.

    Lieutenant Lu watched the almost frantic adjustments on the control room’s system, furrowing his brows tightly, and quickly followed suit.

    On the landing pad, as soon as Ying Chenlin arrived, he rushed to the processing room and pulled out three energy lines, handing them to the Tank mecha pilots. “Call Lin Yao over too. His weapon has a defense shield. Direct these energy lines into the mechas and expand the protective shield to its maximum range, and maximize the energy output.”

    Seeing this scene, Zhao Lejie was a bit confused as he held the items. “Wait, can you tell me what you’re trying to do?”

    “Haven’t you seen it on Tianyu Star?” Huo Yan understood this and said, “An energy explosion.”

    Zhao Lejie: “Damn! Are we really going to explode it!?”

    “I just extracted it from the base’s energy.” Ying Chenlin looked towards the processing room on the other side. “Let all the mechas come in, fill up with energy, and then go out. Huo Ge and Zhao Ge will be at the front and rear positions of the defense system, and Lin Yao will be inside the entrance.”

    Looking at the arrangements made by Ying Chenlin, You Su said, “This plan has its drawbacks, but the Tianyu Star’s defense system did withstand it. However, at that time, there were only two or three shockwaves. The area you want to explode is too large. We have too few Artillery mechas and cannot cause simultaneous explosions in a short time. We can’t just have three shockwaves.”

    Ying Chenlin lowered his gaze slightly. In fact, there was a detail he didn’t mention during the conversation with the old man just now.

    If that thing underground really only attacked pollutants, why did it actively attack him and You Su when they entered the underground earlier? Unusual things must have demons behind them. Ying Chenlin didn’t think he and You Su were targeted in particular, so the only possibility left was Yuan, who had been showing special reactions since approaching the Restricted Zone.

    All the authoritization algorithms here came from Yuan’s initialization algorithm. This algorithm was also given to him by his grandfather when he designed Yuan. Ying Chenlin wasn’t blind; he could see the deep connection between his grandfather and this base station.

    He had to eliminate these pollutants to determine what was really hidden below this Contaminated Zone.

    Ying Chenlin said, “Just make all the energy fuels explode simultaneously.”

    He grabbed the mecha key around his neck. The mecha key without mental input was scorching hot. Looking at You Su, he said, “I have a way to make them explode simultaneously.”

    When Lieutenant Lu came out, the pollutants around the base station were still attacking. KID and Gale’s mecha pilots were all filling up with energy inside the base station. He didn’t know where the energy pipes came from. Each mecha used its own energy line to fill up and then poured the energy fuel on the base station’s surroundings a hundred meters away.

    Seeing this scene, Lieutenant Lu’s face became extremely ugly. “What do you want to do!?”

    Zhao Lejie, who happened to be standing nearby, said, “Haven’t you seen it before?”

    “You’ll witness it shortly.”

    Lieutenant Lu looked at Zhao Lejie.

    Zhao Lejie didn’t have time to continue the conversation with him. He had just finished communicating the situation to Huo Yan and was planning to confirm it with Ying Chenlin. Suddenly, he saw mechas appearing abruptly on the landing pad in the distance. He saw Theo and was about to run over when he suddenly saw another mecha after Theo.

    Seeing this scene, he paused, “Wait?! Why is this mecha here!?”

    On the other side, noticing the situation at the base station in the Contaminated Zone, those who were equally nervous were in the Coria Management Bureau’s control room. Through the surveillance angle, everyone present noticed KID and Gale’s bold operation of pouring energy fuel outside the base station.

    In a state of astonishment, Zhang Ge quickly reacted, saying, “…They want to cause an energy explosion outside the base station.”

    Hearing Zhang Ge’s words, everyone else immediately realized. An energy explosion?!

    “Are they crazy?” The director of Coria’s Management Bureau said, “A shockwave from such an energy explosion, the base station may not be able to withstand it!”

    Zhang Ge’s legs felt a bit weak. If this base station couldn’t withstand it, it would be equivalent to the entire base station exploding, resulting in the instantaneous destruction of the Coria Contaminated Zone.

    Shen Xingtang had considered that Ying Chenlin might make bold moves, but she didn’t expect it to be a life-or-death situation.

    “Old Qiu! Lieutenant Lu sent a message saying that Ying Chenlin asked us to disable the shielding system in 20 minutes.”

    “We checked the base station, and all the defense systems inside the base station have been pushed to the maximum.” The staff checked the defense system’s situation and continued, “Not only that, but there are mechas with protective shields around the defense system.”

    “The defense system for shockwaves powered at 100% can indeed withstand an energy explosion.” Old Qiu frowned, “But the defense system can only withstand up to 7 excessive shockwaves at most. However, for such a wide-ranging energy explosion, there’s no way there will be only seven large shockwaves.”

    Just at that moment, a staff member urgently reported, “Old Qiu! Some Artillery mechas have gone out!”

    Everyone saw this scene and immediately understood.

    “They want to use the artillery mechs’ long-range shells to trigger the explosion!”

    “The number of these mechas is simply not enough. How can they achieve simultaneous detonation!?”

    Outside the base station, the pollutants became more frenzied due to the influence of the energy fuel. Several mechas retreated into the base station, while a few long-range mechas went in the opposite direction.

    Among those flying mechs, Li Jingyan and Shen Xingtang immediately locked onto one of them. Their pupils dilated slightly.

    Zhang Ge saw one of his own Gale mechas among the flying mechs. He quickly counted the number of mechas and, when he spotted an unfamiliar black mecha, he paused, “Wait, I remember that mecha isn’t ours!?”

    Among the mechas going against the flow, the black-red mecha flew alone to the east of the base station. Its rushing figure leaped in the air along a smooth trajectory. The pilot held a cannon-like weapon in their hands, and fiery patterns adorned the surface of the weapon.

    Old Qiu also saw that mecha and noticed the sniper cannon raised by the pilot, “No… with that weapon, it might work.”


    Megumi: “With this treasure, I summon…”

    Chenlin: “With this energy explosion, I summon…”

    His Domain Expansion is blowing sh*t up FR!

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