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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 116

Coria Contaminated Zone (Restricted Zone)

116. Hell Fire

    Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake

    “Can someone tell me what’s going on with that mecha!?”

    When Zhao Lejie’s voice filled the communication channel, the mecha pilots who were busy sprinkling energy fuel all looked up. They saw the black-red mecha soaring overhead, and the special signal carried by the mecha appeared on the soon-to-be-scrapped radar system. The Gale mecha pilots snapped out of their daze.


    “What’s wrong with that mecha!?”

    “Deputy, what’s the situation ah!?”

    Zhao Lejie had just climbed into the cockpit and roared angrily upon hearing the voices, “If I knew what was going on, would I be asking you guys!?”

    The sudden voice and movement caught the attention of everyone in the channel, not just those from Gale; even those from KID were startled when they saw the mecha.

    Ji Qingfeng, amidst spraying energy fuel, snapped out of his thoughts, “Crap, how did it get out!!!”

    He paused after speaking, “Wait!? Didn’t they say he couldn’t operate that mech?! He’s not f*cking following the doctor’s orders again!”

    Huo Yan was taken aback, his gaze pausing when he saw the mecha, “You Su.”

    Facing Huo Yan’s reaction, You Su listened to the noisy communication channel and looked at the mecha flying directly ahead. He simply said, “I advised against it.”

    Lu Xi added quietly, “It seems it’s not the first time he’s not following medical advice.”

    The Gale mecha pilot said cautiously, “I’ve seen this mecha before. It seems to be Sink’s mecha…”

    “There’s no ‘seems’ about it!” Zhao Lejie pointed to the radar system, “Isn’t the signal on the radar system clearly indicating it!?”

    Old Qiu’s gaze was firmly fixed on the mecha. He paused slightly before saying, “Yuan.”

    On the radar system, the signal for the mecha Yuan was faintly lit, and the special S-class mecha emblem was particularly prominent.

    Anyone with eyes could see that the mecha was the S-class mecha Yuan. The fame of this mecha was equivalent to its pilot, Sink. Even if they were in separate projects, most mecha pilots in the Alliance had heard of the ID Sink. As the first Individual Soldier mecha pilot in the history of the Dawn Galaxy Mech Alliance to win the championship trophy of the Star League, as well as achieving the Grand Slam as an Individual Soldier mecha pilot, they couldn’t possibly fail to recognize him.

    But the crucial point was that they were in the Contaminated Zone, the Coria Restricted Zone which the Frontier Army was scrambling to support. Why would this mecha suddenly appear!? Currently, everyone in this base station could count how many people were there and could recognize which mechas were present. The signals of the Frontier Army’s few mechas were still there. Who could guess who the pilot of this mecha was without even needing to think?

    A Gale mecha pilot said, “I remember seeing Sink’s name on the support list back in Qiu Jin…”

    Zhao Lejie said coldly, “Back then, Ying Chenlin’s name was also on the list.”

    On the radar, the signal of each mecha was displayed, except for the mecha originally piloted by Ying Chenlin. At that time, it could still be considered support from an Individual Soldier pilot in Qiu Jin, and when there were two lists, no one thought much of it. But what was going on now? How could a mecha suddenly appear without any other support? Who would believe it if they said it?

    The Gale mecha pilots all looked at the KID team in silence on the communication channel.

    KID was no longer pondering whether Ying Chenlin followed medical advice; now, the question was whether now that Ying Chenlin = Sink, could he hide behind this identity. It was obvious that unless both Gale and the Frontier Army were blind, Ying Chenlin couldn’t possibly conceal his identity anymore.

    Ying Chenlin = Sink?! Before this mecha appeared, the Gale mecha pilots didn’t believe it, but thinking about it, Ying Chenlin = Sink seemed to provide a reasonable explanation for the other party’s extraordinary piloting skills.

    Zhao Lejie couldn’t come up with a new curse for a long time and could only mutter angrily in the end.

    Ji Qingfeng, “This is a long story.”

    Zhao Lejie: “…”

    Ji Qingfeng: “Should we explain it later?”

    The black-red mecha flew rapidly over the base station. As he flew swiftly, energy fuel dripped from under his mecha, sprinkling onto a decaying grove of scorched trees. The pollutants looked up with grimaces on their faces, watching as the spilled energy followed the black-red mecha as it flew.

    The swiftly moving figure caught everyone’s attention, and the roar of the pollutants brought the mecha pilots back to their senses.

    Qi Sicheng had to steer the conversation on the communication channel back on track. “Quickly spread the energy fuel everywhere.”

    When the energy explosion operation occurred on Tianyu Star, Gale’s team had already seen KID use it once. At that time, the explosion swept through the base station and its surroundings, turning all pollutants within a radius of *one hundred li into the scorched earth. When Ying Chenlin mentioned spreading out the base station’s energy fuel, Qi Sicheng immediately understood Ying Chenlin’s intention.
    *the Chinese mile, 100 li = around 50 km

    With the 100% output of Base Station C-147’s defense system and the large amount of energy fuel extracted from the energy repository, even though everyone knew how to operate an energy explosion, when they saw such a large amount of energy fuel being extracted, the Gale mecha pilots were uneasy. “Isn’t it too risky to use an energy explosion in this place with so much energy fuel!?”

    “Do as you’re told.” Qi Sicheng looked at the two energy pipes pulled out of the base station. “It’s not a risk; it’s deliberate.”

    As the coordinator, Qi Sicheng knew the conditions of all the mechas at the moment. The degree of damage to the mechas could not be reversed in a short time, and facing more and more strange energy pollutants, they would only become increasingly unable to fight back through further attrition.

    So they had to find an opportunity to break through this dangerous situation, and now that opportunity was right in front of them.

    Ying Chenlin’s goal was simple: to use the large amount of energy fuel extracted from the energy repository to achieve a detonation. The external pollutants weren’t strong, but the difficulty lay in their number. If there was a faster way to deal with these pollutants, then at this stage, it was only with an energy explosion.

    “He sure dares to take risks, even daring to mobilize the energy from the energy repository.” Qi Sicheng looked at Huo Yan.

    Huo Yan smiled and said, “As the saying goes, riches and honor are sought within danger.”
    *basically fortune favors the bold

    Zhao Lejie asked puzzledly, “Can you tell me where the riches and honor come from in this situation?”

    “How are there no riches!?” Ji Qingfeng looked up at the boundless pollutants and said, “See? Although I don’t know what these pollutants are for, they have anomaly crystals! Old Zhao, did you forget about the joy of picking up anomalous crystals on Tianyu Star?”

    Zhao Lejie: “The joy of picking up anomalous crystals on Tianyu Star?”

    Ji Qingfeng: “Of course! Moreover, there are many varieties of these pollutants. They seem more valuable than those in Tianyu Star at a glance.”

    A Gale mecha pilot was completely speechless. Qi Sicheng looked at Huo Yan and said, “Sometimes I really admire you.”

    Huo Yan: “Admire what?”

    “Your mentality of making fun in hardship,” Qi Sicheng sincerely praised, “This kind of mentality is rare.”

    Huo Yan was a bit surprised, “Thanks for the compliment?”

    The Gale mecha pilot: “…”

    Is this a compliment!?

    The figure of the black-red mecha flying out was particularly outstanding. In the communication channel with only two people, You Su heard the faint sound of heavy breathing from the other side.

    The other party did not speak, but You Su learned all of his plans from his movements.

    You Su asked, “Can you hold on?”

    “I can hold on.” Ying Chenlin calmly answered, “But we need to speed up.”

    With high-intensity mental output, Ying Chenlin knew from the moment he activated Yuan that he had to bear a burden far beyond what was normal. The cockpit was exceptionally quiet, and his attention was focused on the radar and the sound of Yuan. His left hand controlling the Sniper Cannon felt a scorching heat, and at the moment he successfully synchronized with the mecha, he knew the reason why the key had been overheating.

    It turned out to be on Yuan’s Sniper Cannon.

    “The calculated distance is 79 meters.” Yuan’s voice appeared in Ying Chenlin’s ears, “Chenlin, your mental output can only last for 30 minutes. I don’t recommend using it at this time.”

    Ying Chenlin looked at the energy fuel on the radar, and his attention stayed on his left hand. “I didn’t expect the problem to arise from it.”

    The scorching heat gradually moved away from his left hand, and Ying Chenlin temporarily didn’t have time to explore these issues. “But I have to use it.”

    The communication system connected to the general channel with KID and Gale. Ying Chenlin displayed all the plans on the public screen. He didn’t blink. Without using weapons, he quickly avoided pollutants from all directions. The energy brought out from the base station was poured onto the ground of the scorched tree forest.

    When it connected, Ying Chenlin’s voice was quick and cold, “I will find a way to move the detonation point to a suitable distance for detonation. The arrangement of the energy lines is up to everyone.”

    There was no time for everyone to care about the relationship between Ying Chenlin and Sink. When they saw the plan, Zhao Lejie suddenly felt that making fun of hardship seemed to be no fun at all! He had to ask, “Wait a minute!? Why are we still pouring energy fuel out? Wasn’t it supposed to cause a small-scale explosion?”

    Ying Chenlin explained, “Can a small explosion kill so many pollutants?”

    It couldn’t. Everyone knew that apart from the pollutants around the base station, there were still more pollutants continuously pouring in from outside the Restricted Zone towards this direction.

    Zhao Lejie thought of the scale of Tianyu Star and the current distribution of energy fuel, muttering, “Too crazy, too crazy.”

    Ji Qingfeng said, “You’re still young, a little madness isn’t bad.”

    Qi Sicheng watched the movements of the black mecha, and the relocation of the detonation point was very obvious.

    From extracting energy from the energy repository, arranging for everyone to pour out energy fuel, to now moving the detonation point… he thought of a possibility, and for some reason, his whole body was affected by that idea, feeling an indescribable tremor.

    Steadiness could maintain their previous level, but Gale seemed to have stayed stagnant for many years now.

    Qi Sicheng admitted that he couldn’t do this, but when he saw that mecha, he seemed to see something that Gale had been lacking all along.

    Everyone was watching the movements of the two mechs. When the energy fuel was poured out, Lieutenant Lu and his team were already unable to stop the situation from escalating. Several border mecha pilots had to follow up to assess the situation. Lieutenant Lu’s eyes were firmly fixed on the movements of all mecha pilots, especially the black-red mecha that flew the farthest.

    “Their energy fuel is still spreading out.”

    “Some pollutants have already been attracted over.”

    “Lieutenant, it’ll probably be difficult to contain such an explosion!”

    Watching the energy fuel pouring out little by little, Lieutenant Lu noticed the layout around him. The amount of energy fuel poured near the base station was small, and more energy fuel was brought to the periphery of the base station by the mecha pilots. The routes were planned in advance.

    It was like a carefully considered range of energy distribution. His eyes flickered when he saw the situation and the minimized energy reaction, “They are extending the detonation point outward.”

    As the mechas finished pouring out the energy fuel and flew back, the external pollutants could generally be divided into two types: ordinary pollutants and special pollutants with anomalous energy reactions. Ordinary pollutants had a strong reaction to energy and usually gathered at the location of the energy spill, while those with anomalous energy reactions were not very sensitive to energy; some followed the energy, and some remained near the base station.

    But one thing remained unchanged: the energy fuel’s coverage spread throughout almost the entire base station.

    The base station was almost at the center of the energy spread out.

    Everyone’s astonishment had already shifted from the black-red mecha. Zhang Ge looked at the other person with a shocked face, “Boss Shen, that mech—”

    “Explanations for other things will have to wait.” Shen Xingtang’s gaze was tightly locked on the surroundings of the base station. “This time, it’s probably not that simple.”

    The staff inside the Management Bureau finally understood what the energy fuel, adjusted by Ying Chenlin in the energy repository, was. It was usable energy for the mechs, providing support for mecha pilots and, at the same time, being highly attractive for pollutants.

    The energy extraction was hastily prepared. The only possibility was that Ying Chenlin had reserved a pipeline to handle this matter when he adjusted the base station’s defense system.

    The only constant was that the power generated by this energy explosion was enough to flatten everything around.

    “Mark the locations where KID and Gale mecha pilots passed through.” Old Qiu hurriedly said.

    The staff quickly pulled up the routes. When everyone saw the marked routes, their gazes suddenly paused.

    Coria’s Director asked in astonishment, “What is this?”

    On the route map, the routes where KID and Gale scattered the energy were clear. Although it was around the base station, the routes they took seemed a bit strange. The energy fuel was distributed beyond almost a hundred meters from the base station. On closer inspection, you could see that the locations where more energy was poured were towards the left and right sides of the Base Station C-147, with only two core detonation points.

    “The energy fuel is just for combustion, and the core detonation points are positioned farther away.” Old Qiu said, “They only set up two detonation points, cleverly positioned, so that the base station will receive fewer shockwaves.”

    Coria’s Director urgently said, “But Old Qiu, this still doesn’t solve the core problem. Even if they move the core detonation points outward, it’s still impossible to determine if all the explosions around it will happen simultaneously. In the end, the shockwaves generated by the explosions won’t decrease.”

    Old Qiu said, “Didn’t I mention it before? As long as they detonate them simultaneously, it’s fine.”

    Without explaining too much he said, “Inform the person controlling the Restricted Zone’s system to shut down the Restricted Zone’s system in 10 minutes.”

    Coria’s Director was stunned, “Old Qiu, do you know what this operation represents?”

    “I know.” Old Qiu said seriously, “If something goes wrong, I’ll take full responsibility.”

    Inside Base Station C-147, Lieutenant Lu received a message from the Management Bureau, learning that the Restricted Zone’s shielding system would be shut down in 10 minutes.

    In the air, Gale and KID’s mechas had already returned one after another to enter the base station. Zhao Lejie hurriedly charged up with energy, and Ji Qingfeng beside him urged, “Old Zhao!”

    “I know! The left side, right?” Zhao Lejie unplugged the energy line and shouted as he rushed into the mecha, “I really owe you KID!”

    The Guardian and Stealth mechas mostly stayed inside the base station. However, the Artillery and Control mechas reversed directions and left the base station at this moment. A fully charged Tank mecha flew over the base station, with Zhao Lejie on the left side of the station, Huo Yan on the right side, and Lin Yao parking his mecha at the entrance of the base station.

    The two Tank mechas and the Guardian mecha simultaneously activated their protective shields, expanding them to their maximum range, around the base station, providing a new layer of defense around the station.

    This protective shield not only completely covered the base station, but also stood guard on both sides of the core detonation points. One of the Frontier Army mechs, carrying a protective shield, rushed forward when they saw this scene, “I also have a protective shield; I’m coming!”

    Lieutenant Lu frowned tightly. He had never seen such a bold and absurd move. But upon learning that Old Qiu had ordered to shut down the shielding system, he immediately joined the ranks, “Where else needs people?”

    Qi Sicheng shouted, “Everyone, go to the left!”

    “What about the right?” Lieutenant Lu asked.

    Qi Sicheng looked up and saw two mechs, one black and one white, swiftly passing over the base station, “Leave it to KID.”

    The passing Gale Artillery mecha saw KID’s Artillery mecha following Sink to the right and hesitated, “What about the left detonation point?”

    Qi Sicheng turned and walked away, “You handle it.”

    The Gale Artillery mech: “?! “

    All the Frontier Army mecha pilots engaged in external combat received instructions from the central control room of the Management Bureau and quickly adjusted their distances. The Frontier Army’s communication signals were almost overflowing the Management Bureau’s communication channels.

    The staff were going crazy, but they had to cover for this risky move. The staff responsible for controlling the Restricted Zone’s system was trembling, unable to imagine what would happen in five minutes.

    The mechas inside the base were moving rapidly. In the Management Bureau’s view, they saw that the formation had already been arranged in just a short five minutes. The Tank mechas were outside, within the protective shield and the interlayer of the base’s defense system. All the long-range mechas currently in the base were standing there. They had switched to the weapons with the longest range, aiming at the core detonation points and the surrounding energy extension lines.

    When the Management Bureau saw this scene, they finally understood what Old Qiu meant by simultaneous detonation.

    Multiple explosions would generate too many shockwaves, so they could only control the high-power explosions simultaneously to minimize the production of shockwaves. From moving the core detonation points outward, and arranging the energy lines, to the deployment of all long-range mecha pilots, the person behind this plan clearly knew what they were doing and made all arrangements to the best of their ability.

    They wanted all long-range mechas to shoot simultaneously, minimizing the production of shockwaves.

    “This is too bold…” Zhang Ge muttered, “If there’s a mistake, the consequences would be too severe.”

    Shen Xingtang’s eyes never left the screen for a moment. She looked at the positions of all the mech pilots on the system and said seriously, “Old Zhang, if even you don’t believe in them, then what’s the point of their actions?”

    Coria’s Director asked, “There are enough mechs on the left, but there are only two mechs on the right?”

    Compared to the well-prepared detonation point on the left, the detonation point on the right only had one Tank mech and two Artillery mechs. The discrepancy in forces on both sides made everyone’s hearts tighten, but their communications couldn’t penetrate the other side’s frequency anymore. All they could do was watch the bold and risky actions of these young mech pilots. Since the Frontier Army began its missions, there had never been a situation where their mission became so passive.

    On KID and Gale’s shared channel, there wasn’t silence before the imminent explosion, but rather a lively atmosphere.

    With only one minute left until the countdown to the Restricted Zone ended, Ji Qingfeng hid behind Lin Yao. The two stood at the main entrance of the base station. Ji Qingfeng shouted, “Old Zhao, are you okay?”

    Zhao Lejie stood in front, his hand controlling the shield already sweating. Behind his shield were KID, Gale, and all the Frontier Army mechs on the left side, each person bearing the responsibility of protecting N mechs. “If Laozi can’t do it, who else can?!”

    He looked at the Gale Artillery mech pilot. “Brother, it’s up to you to ignite the left detonation point.”

    The Gale Artillery mech’s cannon had the longest range among all the mechs and proudly assumed the responsibility of igniting the left detonation point. “The more you say it, the more nervous I get. I’m too nervous right now.”

    Lieutenant Lu frowned. “If necessary, I’ll do it.”

    The Gale Artillery: “A real man never says no, I got this.”

    Seeing the situation, Qi Sicheng said, “The left side is ready.”

    The message of readiness on the left was transmitted to the right. Huo Yan opened his shield and looked at the mechs beside him. “Don’t worry, my shield is tight. The rest is up to you.”

    Inside Ying Chenlin’s mecha, the targeting scope locked onto the distant scorched forest. Various bizarre pollutants passed through the clear scope, as did the menacing tentacles. In his mind, there seemed to only be the countdown initiated by Yuan. In the relatively quiet mecha, a voice sounded in the channel the two had established not long ago.

    “You’re so confident. What if the Management Bureau doesn’t shut down the shielding system?” You Su locked onto the right detonation point, his gaze fixed on the target, and his tone was as calm as ever. “Have you considered this question?”

    The two seemed to be having a short chat. When Ying Chenlin heard his voice, the sense of urgency caused by the countdown disappeared instantly.

    “The Management Bureau will shut it down. If they want to maintain the Restricted Zone’s system, they won’t allow the shielding system to face these attacks head-on.”

    Ying Chenlin said, “So as long as we plan and prepare, from the arrangement of the energy fuel, the Management Bureau and the Frontier Army can only follow us.”

    The countdown seemed to reach an even more urgent point. Upon hearing his response, You Su chuckled, “You’re the first one to pressure the Frontier Army like this.”

    For some reason, Ying Chenlin was curious about You Su’s words and asked, “What about you?”

    You Su spoke in a calm tone, “I had an adventure back then. The pollutants weren’t killed, but the mech got destroyed.”

    There were only 15 seconds left until the Restricted Zone’s system shut down—

    The steady ticking of seconds seemed to overlap with Ying Chenlin’s heartbeat. The scorching heat transmitted through his left hand seemed to have no effect on him. He endured the heat, feeling that the air he breathed out was hot. The Sniper Cannon in his hand was raised, and concentrated fiery red energy rapidly condensed in front of the Sniper Cannon.

    Ying Chenlin exhaled heavily. He said nonchalantly, “This time should be satisfying.”

    At this moment, the highest-ranking person on the contact screen, Coria’s Director, suddenly spoke, “Old Qiu, what’s up with that weapon?”

    “That mech is called Yuan, mecha pilot Sink’s S-Class mecha,” Old Qiu looked at the increasingly dense energy reactions, disclosing the information he had investigated about Sink. He continued, “It’s an S-class mech with a dual-fire system. Its melee weapon is the Flowing Fire Sword and the Hell Fire Cannon is for long-range attacks.”

    “Do you remember, Lieutenant General?” Old Qiu’s gaze landed on the contact screen. “The pollutant [Fire] that was killed by Major Lieutenant Ying back then.”

    Suddenly, everyone in the control room saw that the white mech Theo and the black mech Yuan simultaneously raised their Sniper Cannons.

    Not only them, but all the mech pilots on the left side also raised their weapons. The urgency of the countdown pressed down on everyone.

    A staff member: “5 seconds until the Restricted Zone’s shielding system is turned off!”

    “3 seconds!”

    “2 seconds!”

    “1 second!”

    Before the countdown reached 0, everyone’s firepower erupted simultaneously. When they opened fire their trails became streaks across the twilight sky, and the drawn arcs resembled each other momentarily and simultaneously launched shooting stars extending the moment of tranquility. On the side with only two people—the white mech Theo’s Sniper Cannon precisely locked onto the detonation point, and on the other mech’s side, only a thin red beam swiftly shot out.

    At the moment of impact, due to the Hell Fire Cannon’s special properties as a weapon, the instant it made contact, it created a sea of flames, rapidly igniting all the energy lines. When the sea of fire erupted, the middle-aged Lieutenant General sitting in the center of the contact screen had a slight change in expression, and his gaze was firmly locked on the black mecha.

    In the next second, all the artillery fire entered the scorched forest, followed by the sudden explosion of a fiery red cloud.


    The enormous fire burst open instantly, and a powerful shockwave swept throughout.

    All the pollutants were engulfed by the rapidly erupting sea of flames. The intense firelight overwhelmed the entire Restricted Zone, crossing over the deactivated shielding system, and sweeping towards its outskirts. Not only the pollutants inside the Restricted Zone, but also pollutants at its edge were swallowed up by this magnificent and extensive sea of flames, and everything was about to disappear.

    Just like twenty years ago, the Red Lotus Hell Fire burned everything.

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