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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 117

Coria Contaminated Zone (Restricted Zone)

117. Plan

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake

A powerful shock wave swept outward from within the Restricted Zone, passing through the Restricted Zone to its very edge. The sea of flames, mechs and pollutants were submerged together.

Seeing the sea of fire spreading, YDS, Black Crow and those from the Second Star Domain, who had barely infiltrated the Frontier Army, rolled into the heat without stopping their mechas.

The Tank mech deployed its shielding system in front of them. The two ice-based weapon mechs from GBK immediately took out cooling measures. Seeing the intermingling black and red, Ke Lin exclaimed, “What’s this—everyone, back off!”

Hu Luobu slammed on the brakes, then turned to squeeze beside the Tank. “Damn, what triggered this!”

Ignoring everything else, the others quickly retreated under the circumstances behind the Tank mech. Several successive shockwaves swept through, severely affecting mech flight as they forced all mechs to land to withstand the onslaught.

Watching the continuous sea of flames outside the shielding system, Bai Xuyan said, “This scale of explosion isn’t accidental; otherwise, the Frontier Army wouldn’t have shut down the shielding system.”

…But whose strategy is this? Such an explosion and the Frontier Army allowed it!? Wasn’t the Frontier Army supposed to protect that base at all costs?

The shockwaves from the explosion were only a few initially. After the explosion, all the energy burned out. After the most intense waves of explosions ended, only a burning sea of flames remained before everyone. Hu Luobu looked at the scorched earth and the struggling pollutants on the ground. For some reason, he suddenly thought of the Tianyu Star incident from last year. He stared at the distant scene in a daze. “F*cking, could it be…”

Near the core detonation point at Base C-147, Zhao Lejie maximized his shielding system. However, when the shockwaves hit the shielding system, the numbing sensation from the shock paralyzed every mech, pushing them against the base’s defense system.

Zhao Lejie’s right hand, which controlled the shielding system, was bleeding from the palm. He gritted his teeth, looking ahead at the sea of black smoke. “Is it over?”

“It seems like the major explosion is over,” said a mech pilot from Gale.

Qi Sicheng frowned slightly, turning to look at the base behind him and the shielding system further away. “What’s the situation inside the base?”

Lin Yao, guarding the entrance of the base, raised his head. “The entrance is secure, it’s holding up!”

Inside the base’s control room, a Gale mech pilot shouted through the external loudspeaker, “All detected core detonation points have been blown up, and the energy reactions have greatly reduced! The base’s defense system hasn’t been breached; it’s intact!”

Lieutenant Lu watched as the Tank mech in front of him held on until the last moment. Layers of shockwaves caused cracks to appear in Zhao Lejie’s shielding system, considered one of the most robust in the Dawn Galaxy. The sound of explosions reverberated in his ears, and everyone experienced tinnitus.

He looked at the charred scene ahead, where the once rampant pollutants were mostly burned to ashes. The radar showed that nearly two-thirds of the reactions to special energy pollutants had decreased, with the remaining energy reactions being almost motionless.

Setting up the perimeter detonation points and luring the pollutants over to trigger the explosion—all these maneuvers sounded like fantasy and were completely impossible according to the Frontier Army’s assessment system. But when the sea of fire truly unfolded, burning so many pollutants to death, Lieutenant Lu had to admit that the success of such a hasty and reckless plan, choosing the detonation points within a short time, and preparing all defense measures, could not have been achieved without the efforts of all the mechs from KID and Gale.

Most importantly—

Lieutenant Lu looked towards the right.

The control room fell silent, with only red and black intermingling in view after the sea of fire engulfed everything completely. After the shock caused by the explosion triggered by that sea of Hell Fire, everyone’s gazes fell on the huge energy spike captured by the detection system. With each powerful shockwave, the hearts of all the staff tightened.

The defense system of the base could only withstand excessive energy impacts seven times. Considering the magnitude of the shockwaves caused by the energy fuel spilled by KID and Gale, their preliminary calculations for these shockwaves showed they would definitely exceed seven times. However, the selection of two core detonation points, the cushioning provided by multiple Tank mechs, and the mutual resistance of the shockwaves effectively prevented the explosions from exceeding the defense system’s tolerance limits for a single event of damage.

“Five times,” the staff recorded the impacts endured by the defense system, “No… six times.”

Coria’s Director looked on in astonishment. “They actually held on.”

Inside Base C-147, most buildings had cracks, and fragile equipment was directly destroyed by the impact. Immediately after the major explosion ended, all staff members checked the condition of Base C-147. However, when the inspection results came out, they were better than expected.

After the smoke cleared, everyone in the control room finally saw the situation around the base.

Most pollutants had been charred, and there was not a single pollutant flying outside the base. It was desolate, and one couldn’t tell that this place was suffering from a fierce attack by pollutants not long ago. Old Qiu immediately ordered the reinstatement of the shielding system around the Restricted Zone to prevent external pollutants from invading. Reports poured in from all directions.

“Report, the number of pollutants near the base has significantly decreased!”

“Report, the Frontier Army outside the Restricted Zone has sent word that, due to the explosion, most B-class pollutants have been incinerated, easing their advancement’s difficulties.”

“The team responsible for the Frontier Army reports that they have 10 minutes till they enter the Restricted Zone for assistance!”

“So, the detonation points were moved outward…” Old Qiu listened to various reports. “He didn’t just want to eradicate the pollutants near the base from the start; he wanted to burn all external pollutants as well.”

Coria’s Director also didn’t expect this outcome. “Too reckless, too crazy.”

Whispers of discussion spread among the staff, while on the other side, the faces of the leaders on the communication screen showed various expressions.

Especially the Lieutenant General of the Frontier Army, who frowned while watching the full recording of the explosion from the control room. Most people only remembered the results of the explosion that occurred in an instant, but only a few remembered the sea of flames that erupted in the scorched forest on the right side of the base before the explosion.

Shen Xingtang had to look up at the Lieutenant General, staring at his familiar face. She remembered the conversation between him and Old Qiu before the incident, which mentioned the pollutants killed by Major General Ying 20 years ago and the weapon of the mech Yuan.

Recently, Old Qiu approached her and also mentioned Yuan’s Sniper Cannon, Hell Fire.

Upon learning that Ying Chenlin was Sink, Shen Xingtang searched for Sink’s information. Due to the protection of minors, Sink’s true information was rarely exposed, and all she found on the Star Network were records of Sink as a solo mech pilot in the arena. In those records, Shen Xingtang also saw the use of that weapon by the mech Yuan, Hell Fire.

The Hell Fire Sniper Cannon had extremely high attack power, with the special ability to launch fierce attacks with fire-based energy crystals.

Furthermore, the most special aspect was the effect produced when the Sniper Cannon was fired—it could instantly create a sea of flames.

Depending on the level of charge and its usage, the range of that sea of flames varied. However, the rapid spread of its fire was constant, Hell Fire was the fastest-spreading weapon Shen Xingtang had seen in many mech competitions.

There were many fire-based energy crystal abilities, and weapons capable of creating a sea of flames through cannon fire existed as well.

Shen Xingtang had not previously thought much of this weapon’s uniqueness until just now when she saw Ying Chenlin single-handedly producing the effect of several people’s bombardment with one cannon shot. She suddenly understood why Old Qiu had approached her beforehand.

Old Qiu is a renowned expert in pollutant research. The characteristics he can ascertain indicate that this weapon definitely has special features that ordinary people cannot discern.

Shen Xingtang frowned tightly. The connection behind this weapon was not simple. What was the relationship between Ying Chenlin and the Frontier Army?

At this moment, several staff members expressed their confusion.

“How did that mech pilot do it!? Igniting a sea of flames simultaneously!?”

“I remember there were only two mech pilots on the right side. The white one hit the core detonation point, and the black one seemed to have ignited the surrounding energy fuel beforehand.”

Suddenly, everyone remembered. Before this massive fire erupted, all discussions had focused on Old Qiu.

Not long ago, he seemed to have mentioned a weapon. At that time, the black mech Yuan was using a Sniper Cannon, and the name of that weapon seemed to be called Hell Fire.

Noticing the gazes from all directions, even Li Jingyan, who knew everything about Sink’s mech, couldn’t help but look at Old Qiu. He hadn’t delved into Sink’s past, only knowing that Yuan was the mech Ying Chenlin had been piloting during the Individual Soldier Elimination matches. It was only later, upon entering the galaxy, that he learned the mech was an S-class one.

The underage access channel for Individual Soldiers was quiet, and many times Li Jingyan would see Ying Chenlin alone in the preparation area.

Once, he mentioned Yuan. At that time, Ying Chenlin told him that Yuan was a mech left to him by his grandfather. At first, it was just an ordinary mech until one day, he heard a voice in his mind, and he realized that the mech his grandfather left him possessed an S-class embryo.

Moreover, Li Jingyan had never heard Ying Chenlin mention anything about Yuan again.

He had seen Yuan’s weapon many times and had never questioned the sea of flames it produced. Only this time, he saw a hidden meaning from the eyes of the Frontier Army.

“It’s normal for it to ignite,” Old Qiu sighed. “The fire caused by that pollutant back then was even larger than now. It burned the entire Restricted Zone and its surroundings. Its most special feature is the fire’s transmission speed.”

“Old Qiu, I’ve heard a bit about Major General Ying, but what does the weapon of the mech Yuan have to do with the pollutants he killed?” Li Jingyan spoke up. “Since it was the Frontier Army that killed the pollutants, why did an energy crystal end up in the hands of an ordinary mech pilot?”

Old Qiu hesitated to speak.

At this moment, the Lieutenant General on the communication screen interrupted the conversation.

The Lieutenant General spoke, “Because Major General Ying is dead, and that energy crystal is one of his legacies.”

The room fell silent. Upon hearing the Lieutenant General’s words, Old Qiu had no choice but to speak. “We did not find that energy crystal among Major General Ying’s legacies entrusted to the Frontier Army for safekeeping. In the end, it was discovered that the energy crystal had been taken away by Station Chief Ying Songshan, and its whereabouts have been unknown for all these years.”

“If this energy crystal is what really appeared just now, there is only one possibility.”

Old Qiu looked towards Shen Xingtang in the corner. “The mech Yuan was designed by Ying Songshan.”

On the other side of Base Station C-147, when Huo Yan lowered the shield, several pieces had already shattered.

His weapon’s resilience was originally not as strong as Zhao Lejie’s. Although the shielded area was slightly smaller than that of the left side, the capacity of the Devouring Shield had almost reached its limit.

Throughout the entire process, You Su and Ying Chenlin were protected behind Huo Yan. At most, their mechs suffered minor damage to their external armors due to shockwaves. Huo Yan, on the other hand, bore the brunt of the impact and encountered some issues with his mech.

“I’m fine, just felt a twinge in my waist,” Huo Yan drew a cool breath. “Are you two okay?”

“No problem,” You Su’s peripheral vision glanced into the distance, where the black smoke had dissipated somewhat, revealing the surroundings. “Let’s return to the base station first—”

Before the sentence was finished, their attention was drawn to Ying Chenlin, who had been silent beside them and hadn’t moved.

Apart from the alarm sounds caused by the shockwaves in the cockpit, all that remained was the gradually weakening energy reaction on the radar. Ying Chenlin did not hear the conversation between Huo Yan and You Su; his attention was entirely focused on the radar response. Among a multitude of energy reactions, several had never weakened, standing out starkly from the others.

Ying Chenlin endured the scorching sensation in his left hand. Ever since using the Sniper Cannon just now, the heat from Hell Fire had been increasing.

Yuan reminded, “Sensory feedback from the connected neural left hand has reached 65 degrees Celsius. Chenlin, let go.”

As if he hadn’t heard, Ying Chenlin’s gaze remained fixed on the deep red energy responses on the radar. “Something’s not right.”

Hearing Ying Chenlin’s unusual tone, You Su frowned. “What’s wrong?”

On the public communication channel, all mech pilots were discussing. Mech pilots were moving towards the base station’s interior. They had all sustained varying degrees of damage while outside, with the most significant damage being to several Tank mechs.

Zhao Lejie looked at his shield in pain, unsure if it could be repaired after returning. His weapon had never been damaged to this extent before. “After going back, I’ll have Zhang Ge arrange for a mechanic. I hope the shield won’t be completely ruined.”

“It’s okay, with just this bit of damage, it can definitely be fixed,” Ji Qingfeng said as people returned. “Come on, let’s tidy up and continue exterminating the remaining pollutants outside. Fortunately, energy crystals are fire-resistant, and picking up a bit of money will be enough for repairs.”

Zhao Lejie’s brows twitched. “Can money solve the problem of a broken weapon?”

Ji Qingfeng replied, “Money is omnipotent.”

Lin Yao echoed this in agreement.

Zhao Lejie couldn’t be bothered to argue with KID’s money obsession. He had just flown back to the base station and suddenly saw Qi Sicheng and the Lieutenant surnamed Lu still outside the station. “Boss, what are you guys doing there?”

In addition to them, KID’s Control mech, Lu Xi, was also parked outside.

“There are a few energy reactions that seem a bit strange.” Qi Sicheng looked at the radar.

Zhao Lejie, upon hearing this, redirected his attention back to the radar system. “It’s already quite impressive to burn so many at once. There are bound to be a few tough ones left. Once we’re resupplied, we’ll take care of them—”

Upon hearing Qi Sicheng’s words, the other mech pilots all focused their attention on their radars.

Initially, when they checked the radar, the energy reactions were weakening even further. However, when they checked again after two minutes, some energy reactions had indeed weakened. But there were still five distant energy reaction sources showing intense deep reds on the radar.

Zhao Lejie exclaimed, “F*ck, could there still be some energy left!?”

“They’re not reactions from the energy fuel you guys dumped,” Lieutenant Lu corrected. “Before you dumped them, these five reactions hadn’t moved much.”

Lu Xi added softly, “These five energy reactions seem to be similar to those tentacles that attacked us before.”

“What? Didn’t the big fire burn them all?” Ji Qingfeng paused at the revelation.

Upon hearing this statement, everyone’s thoughts varied, especially Lieutenant Lu’s. Those tentacles extended from underground, and from the mouths of many mech pilots, he knew that the large pollutant was likely lurking underneath the base station, closely related to the integrated weapon inside the station.

But now, despite such a massive explosion, those tentacles hadn’t been affected at all. This contradicted the Frontier Army’s judgment from last year. Clearly, the integrated weapon underground would explode in previous tests, so why were the tentacles related to that integrated weapon completely unscathed now?

At this point, he suddenly remembered the question he had asked Old Qiu not long ago.

What exactly is underground now, the original integrated weapon, or has it… turned into a pollutant?

Lieutenant Lu immediately contacted the Coria Contamination Zone’s Management Bureau. At that moment, they suddenly saw three mech propulsion units that had been stationary on the right side light up brightly. The billowing black smoke from their flight formed a horizontal line, and the three mechs soared into the thick smoke, heading straight towards one of the energy reaction sources.

“KID’s three mechs are leaving!”

“Don’t slack off yet, it’s not completely resolved.” Qi Sicheng paused, and as he was about to fly out, he stopped abruptly and turned to look at the defense system that had been hit multiple times and the remaining pollutants around.

He frowned tightly, contemplating how to deploy for the situation that would follow.

“Leave it to us.” Lieutenant Lu’s mech suddenly flew forward, and he quickly said, “I’ll go check it out, Captain Qi, you take care of the others here.”

Qi Sicheng had no choice but to stay in place. “The damaged mechs will be repaired by medical mechs. The mechs capable of fighting will go out to eliminate the remaining pollutants.”

“Yao Bao! Lu Xi!” Ji Qingfeng rushed out in his mech. “The pollutants to the east and south are all entrusted to us, KID.”

Upon hearing Ji Qingfeng’s words, Lin Yao and Lu Xi immediately followed in his footsteps.

Zhao Lejie cursed softly, and before the medical mech arrived, he braked urgently and turned to run outside. “Laozi will go north, with the Artillery. Follow me.”

The medical mech shouted, “Deputy, your shield—”

Mechs with minor damage hurried out, and the medical mech had no choice but to follow them out. There wasn’t a single mech left inside the entire base station.

The three mechs flew at high speed, passing through the black smoke and burning jungle, swiftly heading towards the nearest energy reaction’s source.

Huo Yan’s flying speed was slower, lagging behind the two. “Don’t worry about me, you go ahead and check it out first.”

You Su pushed the thrusters to the max. When he flew into the sea of fire, Theo’s voice kept complaining in the cockpit.

“These fires are so hot!” Theo exclaimed, “Can’t you fly where there’s no fire?”

You Su replied shortly, “Flying where there’s no fire won’t be fast enough.”

Theo was about to be annoyed to death when it signaled the mech ahead. But as soon as the signal was sent out, it saw the other party suddenly stop. Then, a certain tentacle chased directly after the black mech’s position. The mech made an abrupt turn in the sea of fire, narrowly avoiding the attack.

“Up ahead!” Theo warned!

You Su’s Energy Cannon had long been fully charged, and he shot directly at the burnt trees around them, causing the fragile giant trees to fall and smash onto the tentacles. His Energy Cannon barely had any effect on these pollutants; he could only use external attacks to impact them.

But the effectiveness of these trees was far from what it was previously; they had already been burnt, and the impact caused by their falling was negligible.

You Su knew this wasn’t a long-term solution, so he casually dropped a pollutant corpse from the storage compartment. It was a pollutant he had killed while passing through the swamp forest. As soon as the fresh pollutant appeared, the tentacles immediately rushed towards it, driven by its instinctual desires. He urgently reminded, “We can’t stay here too long!”

The surrounding voices lingered in Ying Chenlin’s ears; his mental strength was rapidly depleting, and the time left to drive Yuan was getting shorter and shorter. He watched the tentacle affected by the pollutant corpse. The tentacle’s movements were unexpectedly stiff as if it were just a creature driven solely by instinctual desire, devoid of any intelligence, mechanical as if it were a programmed routine.

“We can hold it off.” Ying Chenlin had to switch to melee weapons and quickly adjusted various internal parameters of the mech. “It responds to pollutants, so let’s use a large amount of pollutants to lure it.”

You Su looked at Ying Chenlin. “What do you plan to do?”

“Keep it on the ground,” Ying Chenlin said. “Something inside the base station attacked us. We couldn’t enter the area where the integrated weapon is located through the underground entrance of the base station. But if this tentacle is related to that integrated weapon, there must be a passage into the underground.”

You Su remembered the channel where the tentacle emerged. “Are you planning to go in from there?!”

“It has captured so many pollutants; there must be wider openings to enter,” Ying Chenlin said calmly and boldly. “Only by going down underground can we know what this thing really is… there are things I must know, and only going down can give me the answers.”

When Ying Chenlin said this, You Su heard a serious tone in his voice.

There was a hint of distraction in his gaze, but he wasn’t surprised by Ying Chenlin’s answer. “Because of Yuan?”

Ying Chenlin didn’t answer, nor did he refute.

“This fire was indeed satisfying,” You Su said, “but the most satisfying thing hasn’t been done yet.”

Ying Chenlin looked in the direction of You Su’s mech in astonishment.

Then he heard You Su’s next sentence, “Since you’re going down, I alone can’t help you.”

“Huo Yan.” You Su shouted in the distance.

Huo Yan’s flight paused. “What’s wrong? Do you need help?”

Outside Base Station C-147, while the KID trio was crazily collecting loot while exterminating pollutants, they had already filled up more than half of their storage compartments. Even though some things were burnt, stripping off the outer layer revealed valuable items underneath.

“Ah, I wonder where my daughter ran off to,” Ji Qingfeng couldn’t help but sigh while picking up pollutants. “What if she gets roasted?”

“If she gets roasted, she’s worthless,” Lin Yao said. “When roasted, it can only be used as food. I heard that insect-type pollutants have the highest nutritional value among pollutants.”

Listening to her two teammates talking, Lu Xi had already killed most of the pollutants flying around the base station. These pollutants, after being attacked by the fire, basically had no resistance, making them much easier to kill than before. Just as she finished cleaning up the pollutants here, she suddenly noticed an urgent private message from Huo Yan in the communication system.

In the distance, Zhao Lejie saw the speed at which the KID trio was collecting loot, and no matter how many times he saw it, couldn’t help but marvel.

An Artillery mecha pilot traveling with him commented, “KID’s attitude is really good…”

Zhao Lejie turned to look at him, “You’re slower at shooting than they are at controlling mechs?”

Before he could finish speaking, they suddenly saw Ji Qingfeng and the others coming towards them. In the blink of an eye, they rushed to them and grabbed a burnt pollutant.

Zhao Lejie: “?”

“You had the biggest one, just borrowing it!” Ji Qingfeng didn’t have time to explain clearly. In an instant, he flew far away with the pollutant in tow.

The Artillery mecha pilot added, “He took away our biggest one.”

Zhao Lejie immediately activated his thrusters and chased after them. “You f*cker, stop, explain yourself clearly! Do you have permission to borrow from us like that!”

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