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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 12

Banute Contaminated Zone

12. Beating People Up

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

KID’s side didn’t take immediate action; instead, they chose to observe in hiding, watching the DE mechas… forcibly take a beating.

The Nine-Dragon Rattan, energized by the Energy Cannons, was formidable, using its full strength against the DE mechas. The DE team suffered heavy losses, especially the Guardians, which were repeatedly swept by the Nine-Dragon Rattan, with most of them already heavily damaged.

These mecha pilots had tried their best to cut through the vines and create a path for Xu Yaojun, but no matter how many shots he fired, the Nine-Dragon Rattan remained lively, leaving them all nearly crippled.

Xu Yaojun’s expression was grim, his weapon’s incineration effect had not worked on the Nine-Dragon Rattan; instead, it only made it more furious. Artillery mechas were different from Tanks and Guardians; their main configuration focused on charged attacks, with very fragile defenses. Without front-line protection, his mecha was also damaged to some extent.

After this wave of attacks, his mecha, which had already suffered damage during the competition, now reached a damage level of 50, and it couldn’t hold on for much longer.

Xu Yaojun was unwilling to give up; he charged again towards the Nine-Dragon Rattan, but the vine had already anticipated his move.

Seeing his mecha’s damage level reach 60, Xu Yaojun exploded in anger, cursing, “I’m charging the Energy Cannon, can’t you Tanks protect me?”

He had never experienced such humiliation in the Alliance matches. As an Artillery mecha, he was always protected at the back.

The DE members remained silent. They only had five mechas left to fight, and they didn’t even have time to protect themselves, let alone him.

No one replied on the channel, and Xu Yaojun’s expression grew even more unpleasant.

Just then, a voice suddenly came through the channel, “Look, some mechas are going up!”

Following the sound, Xu Yaojun saw a familiar red figure; it was a KID mecha.

The red close combat(Guardian) mecha had its protective shield up, and after enduring the first wave of attacks, it quickly penetrated the vines and emerged halfway. Following closely behind was a Stealth mecha, moving even faster. After the close combat mecha cleared the way, the Stealth mecha quickly bound the vines with its Binding Chain.

These two… were Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao from KID?!

“Their movements are so fast!”

“Close combat and Stealth mechas working together to pave the way? Isn’t the Stealth mecha’s armor too weak for that!?”

“There is an Artillery mecha covering them!”

Before Xu Yaojun could speak, while the Stealth mecha bound the vines within its range, a precise shot from a distant Sniper Cannon hit the surrounding vines. The powerful firepower momentarily slowed down the Nine-Dragon Rattan’s movements. In that brief moment, KID’s two mechas had already followed the completely open path and charged straight towards the roots of the Nine-Dragon Rattan.

A path that had been impossible to open was now swiftly broken through by the three mechas coordination.

Xu Yaojun sneered, “Do you think you can pave the way with a long-range Sniper Cannon? Doesn’t charging take time? Once the Sniper Cannon cover is gone, they’ll be sent flying by the Nine-Dragon Rattan.”

The DE members looked over and indeed, the long-range Artillery mecha’s firepower had a slight time interval for its suppression.

In just a few seconds, the Nine-Dragon Rattan reacted, and other vines immediately swept toward those two KID mechas.

Xu Yaojun: “Look, they’re about to-“

Before he could finish speaking, a small burst of thunderous light suddenly emerged from the gap. A Thunder-Magnetic Cannon shot hit the vines, causing the paralysis effect of the thunder magnetic field to stop the frenzied vines.

A Thunder-Magnetic Cannon!? What the heck was that!?

A close combat mecha equipped with a Thunder-Magnetic Cannon!?

At this moment, the DE team finally noticed a close combat mecha flying close to the ground. It didn’t follow KID’s two mechas but flew on their flank, darting through the dancing vines during the intervals between attacks. Its movements seemed unhurried, but it dodged each attack perfectly.

However, that wasn’t the most crucial part. The key was that this was a B-Class mecha, wielding a Light Blade and a Thunder-Magnetic Cannon. It skillfully intercepted the charging interval of the Sniper Cannon, successfully creating a continuous opportunity for KID’s two mechas to advance.

Upon seeing this, Xu Yaojun’s expression changed slightly.

Not far away, the Nine-Dragon Rattan was repeatedly paralyzed by the B-Class mecha’s Thunder-Magnetic Cannon. It seemed to have noticed something, and its attack frequency suddenly increased. For a moment, the vines around it went wild, rushing toward the B-Class mecha in a frenzy.

In the team communication channel, Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao from KID broke through the outer defense line of vines and immediately realized the problem. Ji Qingfeng shouted, “Brother, it’s coming your way!”

Instead of immediately retreating, Ying Chenlin adjusted his mecha and executed a reverse flight, swiftly avoiding the vines in front of him. With a quick move, he fired a Thunder Magnetic Cannon shot.

Ji Qingfeng was impressed by the skillful maneuver, “Your reaction speed is incredible.”

“You guys go ahead, don’t mind me,” Ying Chenlin quickly replied, preparing to take another shot. However, he suddenly caught sight of a strong airflow in his field of view. Without hesitation, he adjusted his position, and an Energy Cannon from behind him intercepted the attack.

“Thanks,” Ying Chenlin said.

You Su commented, “On the left.”

A new sniper shot was instantly launched, but the chaotic B-Class mecha seemed to have predicted its position in advance and quickly cleared the trajectory for the sniper shot.

“Nice dodge,” You Su remarked.

“Pretty good accuracy,” Ying Chenlin replied.

You Su quickly charged the next shot, targeting Ying Chenlin’s position, and fired.

The B-Class mecha once again evaded the attack, and the two of them established an unspoken understanding, working in tandem to create a new control chain.

Meanwhile, Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao, who had already advanced deep into the battlefield, didn’t look back. They quickly grasped the changes on the field, and in almost the same moment they noticed the Nine-Dragon Rattan attacking the B-Class mecha, the two of them seized the opportunity and penetrated the layers of protection around the Nine-Dragon Rattan’s roots.

The reason the Nine-Dragon Rattan could sustain such high-frequency attacks was solely due to the flower bud.

The five mechas that remained with DE were severely damaged. They knew it was impossible to rely on them to drive KID’s team away and seize the anomalous crystal. Although they were unwilling, they understood they could only wait for these people to weaken the Nine-Dragon Rattan…

Xu Yaojun’s mecha only had 20 units of energy left. He allocated one shot to deal with Lin Yao and Ji Qingfeng, and the other shot to deal with the B-Class mecha that was running around everywhere.

As long as he dealt with these three mechas, even the Artillery mecha lurking in the distance wouldn’t make it in time.

Xu Yaojun calculated the firing range of the Energy Cannon while waiting for the Nine-Dragon Rattan’s roots to be severed.

Ying Chenlin slightly glanced to the side and saw Xu Yaojun’s mecha on the left.

Five minutes passed, and the Nine-Dragon Rattan finally couldn’t hold on.

Seizing the opportunity, Xu Yaojun aimed at Lin Yao and Ji Qingfeng, and the Energy Cannon began its charging countdown.

However, at that moment, a sniper shot from a distance struck Xu Yaojun’s right hand that was charging up the Energy Cannon, accurately disrupting the charging process.

Suppressing the pain in his right hand, Xu Yaojun looked back in astonishment—It was the Artillery mecha!?

From a higher vantage point, You Su’s targeting sight locked onto the damaged red mecha. The energy meter reached 5%. His eyes were cold and indifferent, fixed on the mecha that was scrambling to avoid his view.

Suddenly, he noticed a movement at the edge of his scope—the B-Class mecha, JD1456, silently entered his field of view.

Unwilling to be stopped like this and seeing that the Nine-Dragon Rattan was about to give in, Xu Yaojun gritted his teeth and adjusted his weapon, intending to realign it with the two mechas near the Nine-Dragon Rattan.

However, as soon as he raised his scope, another B-Class mecha appeared in his sight. It was covered in green sap from the Nine-Dragon Rattan, and its white exterior was dirty, except for its auxiliary weapon, the Thunder Magnetic Cannon, which was glowing, charging up with electrical energy.

The B-Class mecha faced him directly as if it had been waiting for a long time.

Xu Yaojun looked surprised. When did this B-Class mecha get so close to him!?


Xu Yaojun was paralyzed by the Thunder Magnetic Cannon, cursing angrily. The charging process of the Energy Cannon was interrupted once again.

This shot brought his mecha’s damage level to a critical point. Xu Yaojun’s face twisted in ferocity, the intense pressure causing him to lose his last bit of reason. He disregarded everything and fired wildly in the direction of the B-Class mecha.

Ying Chenlin evaded the scattered shrapnel and suddenly noticed something, raising his head to look in the direction of the gray mecha in the distance.

At the same time, a sniper shot followed right after the Thunder Magnetic Cannon, taking advantage of the paralysis caused by the Thunder Magnetic Cannon on Xu Yaojun’s mecha. The shot with 5 units of energy precisely hit Xu Yaojun’s mecha’s right wrist, causing the entire right hand of his mecha, along with the weapon, to fall!

You Su looked at the white mecha through his scope, his usually calm eyes showing a touch of interest. “Pleasant cooperation.”

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Inner Child
11 months ago

A couple who beat people up together have a certain charm~

11 months ago

I'm liking their chemistry

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