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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 125

Dawn Galaxy (Warmongering)

125. Benign

    Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake and An Zheee

    You Su had no other expression. After the other person said, “Long time no see,” he just responded lightly to acknowledge it.

    The Lieutenant General shifted his gaze and saw the doctor leading the medical team into the emergency room. He instructed the soldiers to closely monitor Ying Chenlin’s condition.

    After giving out these instructions, the Lieutenant General noticed the woman standing beside him. He nodded slightly to Shen Xingtang in acknowledgment, then left with his guards from the entrance of the emergency room.

    The aftermath of the Coria Contaminated Zone incident had to be handled by personnel from the First Star Domain’s military. As the overall commander, he did not stay here for long. After seeing them off, Shen Xingtang finally looked at You Su, who had been silent the whole time on the side. With such a striking resemblance, it was hard to believe there was no connection between them. She spoke up, “I remember you telling me that you don’t have any relatives or friends.”

    Shen Xingtang took in the conversation and expressions of the two with surprise, her curiosity about You Su reaching its peak. She met You Su during the clean-up mission in the Contaminated Zone eight years ago. At that time, she was responsible for maintaining Theo, and she only vaguely knew You Su back then. Later, she encountered him in the Dawn League.

    After retiring, You Su wandered through Contaminated Zones for years. When his mecha encountered problems, he would occasionally consult Shen Xingtang. However, despite knowing You Su for so long, Shen Xingtang only knew about his past in the Special Forces and rarely heard about any other relationships he had with the Frontier Army’s high-ranking officials.

    “You’re right, I don’t have any connection with him,” You Su said, leaning against the sidewall with his arms folded, his gaze falling on the virtual screen outside the emergency room. “Instead of worrying about me, you should think about why he personally brought the medical team over. Your big treasure’s relationships aren’t simple.”

    Jiang Simiao thought to himself that You Su’s relationships weren’t simple either, but he still looked at Shen Xingtang with curiosity. “Chenlin’s injury, it’s understandable that the Frontier Army sent a medical team to assist with the treatment, but to alert the medical team of the First Star Domain’s General Military…”

    His gaze fell to the side, where there were also Old Qiu’s guards… There were too many people paying attention to Ying Chenlin’s condition.

    You Su and the other members of KID were not in the central control room, so they knew little about the past events in the Coria Restricted Zone. Shen Xingtang had been in the central control room for so long that she had guessed some things.

    “Is it related to Ying Songshan?” You Su lowered his eyes slightly. “The authorization algorithm he used in the Restricted Zone was Ying Songshan’s algorithm. The Frontier Army has been looking for Ying Songshan for so many years without success, and he claims to have no family. If the Frontier Army can’t find Ying Songshan, it’s possible that he’s already deceased.”

    He thought of the photos on the wall of the research institute in the Restricted Zone and added, “That person is a survivor of the Coria Restricted Zone incident from back then. Ying Chenlin is related to the Coria Restricted Zone.”

    Jiang Simiao was bewildered and asked, “Who are you talking about?”

    Shen Xingtang glanced at the Frontier Army beside her. “The Major General.”

    Seeing You Su say these things, she cautiously added, “Let’s wait until Chenlin wakes up to discuss the specifics. He should be the one most eager to know about these things.”

    Inside the emergency room, several doctors stood in front of the medical cabin. Lying in the medical cabin was a pale-faced young man. At this moment, his brows were furrowed, and the mechanical appendage on his right arm had been completely dismantled. The repair fluid in the medical cabin maintained the activity of the arm tissues, and all the recorded data was transferred to the testing cabin next to it.

    The patient has a history of genetic illness.

    “Mental power A-S, physique B-S.”

    “It’s been one hour since the serum injection, and the infection’s situation hasn’t improved.”

    After reviewing Ying Chenlin’s medical history, the doctors from the First Star Domain’s General Military walked to the medical equipment to examine the changes in Ying Chenlin’s arm nerves. This was the first time the doctor encountered such a strange medical history. Genetic disease was already the disease with the lowest recovery rate in the Star Alliance. The variation in human genes was once classified as being related to environmental pollutants… Genetic diseases, combined with moderate infection, pose much more serious problems than just malignant infections.

    Moreover, while reading the medical records, the doctor also found that this patient had undergone an amputation surgery in the early stages of the genetic disease, foregoing control through medication, and choosing to terminate the consequences decisively.

    “The activity of the pollutant tissue fluid is too high.”

    Another doctor nearby explained, “We have extracted serum to manufacture this pollutant, but this pollutant itself is a fusion of weapon energy and the residual tissue of other pollutants. It behaves differently from conventional pollutants, and we are not sure if it will affect the patient.”

    The chief doctor of the General Military asked, “What is the ability of this pollutant?”

    Someone nearby replied, “Its main ability is regeneration. It has extremely efficient regenerative capabilities and is also fire-resistant.”

    An S-level mutated pollutant. Some doctors present had witnessed the type of regenerative mutation, where the damage done by gunfire with 100% energy output could instantly regenerate. The activity of such abilities was indeed rarely found.

    “The data on the patient’s mechanical nerves is abnormal.”

    The doctor quickly walked to the testing instrument, looking at the various indicators jumping on the data sheet, and his gaze fell on the dismantled mechanical arm on the other side. The damaged mechanical arm also had pollutant tissue fluid, but the activity of the infected cells gradually weakened after the mechanical arm left the body. On the contrary, the infection site on Ying Chenlin’s real arm tissue had not shown any reduction in activity until now.

    All the doctors were quite surprised to see such results. Pollutant infections had many malignant consequences, and some patients even showed deformities. However, the maintenance of activity in this unusual condition was unprecedented.

    “It hasn’t weakened, nor has it strengthened…” The doctor looked at the unconscious Ying Chenlin on the hospital bed. “This may be related to the patient’s special physique. Inject the serum immediately.”

    The mobilization of the First Star Domain’s General Military finally suppressed the incident in the Coria Contaminated Zone’s Restricted Zone. For this, the military used nearly three types of large-scale defense weapons to barely maintain the collapse within the Restricted Zone. The pollutant tissue extracted from the mecha Yuan was brought back by Old Qiu’s team for research. The pollutant, which used energy as nutrients, did not die after losing its anomalous crystal but continued to survive. However, it lost its proud regenerative ability, weakening its defensive capabilities to the level of an S-level mutant.

    Originally, the energy from the fused weapons could not be neutralized. However, after extracting and researching parts of the pollutant tissue, the Frontier Army’s team discovered that the pollutant tissue had completely permeated the fusion weapon. It was impossible to neutralize the fused weapons, but the pollutant itself could be deactivated.

    This deactivation process was akin to another form of neutralization, but it required time. However, for the Frontier Army, this was the best outcome. After 20 years of surveillance and investigation in the Coria Contaminated Zone, there was finally unexpected progress in their operation. Once the deactivator was produced, the threat from the Restricted Zone could be completely eliminated.

    If it weren’t for KID and Gale’s intrusion this time, waiting for them to discover and then investigate the pollutant… It’s hard to imagine how much time and manpower would be required. Although the deactivator could be produced and the situation would be resolved, the cost of extracting the pollutant tissue to deal with this pollutant would probably be even more costly than in the current situation.

    When Li Jingyan received the joint clean-up and the Restricted Zone missions’ reports, he ended the conversation with the Chairman of the Second Star Domain and looked at his secretary. “Has everything been said to Gale’s side?”

    The secretary nodded and said, “We’ve kept the situation of Yuan appearing in the Coria Restricted Zone under wraps as usual. At that time, all personnel in the control room had been contacted, and they wouldn’t leak any relevant information. The Frontier Army provided significant assistance.”

    This incident involved the secrets of the Frontier Army, so they naturally wouldn’t leak anything.

    Moreover, there were limited people in the control room at the time, and those who had seen the mecha Yuan were mainly the Frontier Army and the mecha pilots of Gale. The news was suppressed. Now was not a good time to reveal this matter. Once it’s revealed that it’s related to Sink and KID, the media and related personnel blockading the KID base would likely increase, which wasn’t good for those who need urgent recovery.

    Besides, that child might not continue his career.

    As an elder, Li Jingyan wanted to provide that child with a more stable and peaceful life as much as possible. “I really hope to hear better news about him in the future.”

    “And what about the joint clean-up mission, Chairman?” the secretary asked.

    “Also kept under wraps.” Li Jingyan pointed to a report on the desk. “For the time being, the Second Star Domain won’t come looking for trouble. They’ve lost enough face over this matter at the General Assembly.”

    After saying this, he rubbed his temples with a headache. On the desk was a confidential file documenting the events before and after the incident in the Restricted Zone.

    Li Jingyan had never considered Ying Chenlin’s identity before, or rather, he knew the Frontier Army was looking for someone named Ying Songshan, but he didn’t expect Ying Songshan to be directly related to Ying Chenlin.

    Ying Songshan was Ying Chenlin’s grandfather.

    The effect of weapons with the attribute Sea of Fire appeared throughout the entire Alliance, with no less than 50 weapons. The Frontier Army often frequented Contaminated Zones on the border, with only a few missions being exchanged with the Mecha Alliance. Even if attention was paid to Yuan’s weapons, they generally wouldn’t notice that the weapons and the Fire Sea from that year originated from the same anomalous crystal.

    The anomalous crystal made into a weapon core weakened the pollutant’s power by so much.

    Only experts in pollutant research like Old Qiu could notice the difference in the core from the support in Qiu Jin. After returning, he flipped through file after file to confirm that the abnormal energy crystal on Yuan’s weapon came from the pollutant [Fire] from back then.

    The secretary asked in confusion, “Why did Ying Songshan leave the Frontier Army back then?”

    “Part of it was out of guilt. The creation of the fused weapon was due to his negligence as the Station Chief. Although he later designed a shielding system, he felt guilty because it resulted in a large number of casualties. Another part was probably because…”

    Li Jingyan stopped here without continuing and concluded, “Ying Songshan, the Station Chief back then, left without a word, disappeared for many years, and lived incognito on Mingguang Star for so many years.”

    There were no records of Ying Chenlin’s family connections, and the data was very clean.

    Such data probably had Ying Songshan’s handwriting on it.

    If the old man were still alive, perhaps he could see the achievements Ying Chenlin obtained later on.

    “Have all the mecha pilots from Coria been recalled?” Li Jingyan asked, changing the question.

    The secretary replied, “The mecha pilots from the Second Star Domain left after confirming the situation in the Restricted Zone. YDS and Black Crow left just two days ago… As for Gale and KID, they’ve all been transported to the Frontier Army’s primary medical station in the First Star Domain.”

    “All of them have been moved?” Li Jingyan was astonished.

    The primary medical station of the First Star Domain gathered a large number of medical elites.

    “Yes, that’s correct. The Frontier Army is handling all the treatments. Considering the severe pollutant in the Restricted Zone and the prolonged exposure of the mecha pilots…” The secretary rattled off everything in one breath. “Ying Chenlin’s prosthetic surgery is being handled by the Frontier Army. The military doctors can’t stay away from the main hospital for too long, so follow-up treatment will be conducted at the main medical station.”

    “Don’t worry, the surgery went very smoothly, and he should be awake by now.”

    At the primary medical station of the Frontier Army of the First Star Domain, the medical cabin in the advanced ward was still operational. When the young man lying in the medical cabin opened his eyes, his mind was empty, and he felt lethargic all over. The white medical cabin’s environment and the surrounding treatment lights always made him reminisce about the first time he underwent genetic disease surgery.

    Back then, his body was covered in sticky medicinal compounds, and he laid in the medical cabin for a whole month.

    But this time, he was awake, as if he had already passed that treatment period. There were no medications in the medical cabin, and he felt refreshed all over. There was no heavy scent of energy fuel, no smell of gunpowder in the air, and his ears were no longer filled with the thunderous sounds of artillery fire or the chaotic sound of electrical currents. All that remained was the quietness of the environment, so quiet that he could almost hear his own breathing.

    Ying Chenlin glanced sideways and caught sight of his right arm securely wrapped up on one side. The special fixation device made it impossible for his arm to move.

    He knew this was for the fusion period after a prosthetic limb was installed, where the mechanical nerves on the prosthetic needed to fuse and grow with the human nerves.

    Had he already left the Coria Restricted Zone?

    He vaguely remembered regaining consciousness for a moment from his coma, remembered being taken to the cockpit, and what happened afterwards… You Su.

    A voice suddenly replied, “If you’re looking for You Su, he went with Lu Xi and the others for routine checks and will come over in a while.”

    Ying Chenlin raised his eyes and saw Shen Xingtang standing next to his medical cabin, her eyes carrying a smile. “Awake now? Congratulations, you’ve broken the record this time. You slept one day longer than last time.”

    “Tang Jie…” Ying Chenlin was stunned.

    Shen Xingtang knew what the other party might be worried about and continued, “Don’t worry, the Frontier Army is handling things in the Restricted Zone.”

    Upon hearing this, Ying Chenlin’s blank memory gradually returned, and he struggled to sit up from the medical cabin.

    Seeing Ying Chenlin move, Shen Xingtang quickly reached out to support him, carefully avoiding his right hand. “Be careful, don’t press on your hand. The doctor said the fixation device can’t be removed for another week. You’re really lucky this time. If the tentacle had hit another part of you, what would we do? I’ve told you so many times to be careful, but when have you ever listened to me…”

    She stopped halfway when she saw the bewildered look on the young man’s face. After several surgeries and lying in the medical cabin for several days, it seemed like he hadn’t fully regained consciousness yet.

    Shen Xingtang sighed in resignation. “Forget it.”

    She was about to say something else when she suddenly noticed Ying Chenlin’s gaze falling on the side of the medical cabin.

    There was a special military data board placed on the platform there. She remembered the people who came in two days ago. “That’s something the Frontier Army sent over.”

    Ying Chenlin’s gaze was locked onto the data board, especially the special emblem on the front of it, which he had seen in his grandfather’s laboratory.

    He stared at it for a moment, his voice hoarse. “Sent over?”

    “That’s something your grandfather didn’t take with him back then,” Shen Xingtang explained, looking at Ying Chenlin. “It’s the inheritance your father left in the Frontier Army.”

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