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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 128

Dawn Galaxy (Warmongering)

128. Return Trip

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake and An Zheee

The conference room was quiet, and the other soldiers had already left through the back door. Ying Chenlin didn’t open the data on the anomalous crystals. When Lieutenant General Lin mentioned Ying Lingfeng, he opened the handwritten notes by him in the list of inheritance.

Although they were called handwritten notes, the way they were written wasn’t in the form of a personal letter as Ying Chenlin had thought. It looked more like a compiled manuscript scrawled on the data tablet and was without end.

With the rapid development of technology nowadays, many people choose to record their manuscripts in the form of smart manuscripts. However, this supplemental handwritten note was copied from paper, and the paper still bore many marks and traces of erasure.

“These are the handwritten notes your father made after every battle, which I found when sorting through his belongings.” Lieutenant General Lin paused slightly, taking a long pause before continuing, “We can’t remember who they were written for. Some were written to his subordinates, some to his friends, and some specifically to your mother.”

Ying Lingfeng liked to write manuscripts. These were basically battle manuscripts, which he wrote after each battle, summarizing the mistakes, and analyzing the experience. He loved writing manuscripts and would share them with his friends, or specifically write them in simpler language for his loved ones, recording every battle he had experienced in each manuscript.

Ying Chenlin asked, “What kind of person was my father?”

Lieutenant General Lin didn’t immediately respond upon hearing this.

When talking about Ying Lingfeng, many in the Frontier Army would mention his past experiences. He became the leader of the Special Forces at a young age, with the military rank of Major General. If it weren’t for his sacrifice in the Coria Restricted Zone, with his great achievements, he would now hold a top position in the First Star Domain’s Frontier Army.

Lieutenant General Lin reminisced about the image of that man in his memory. Twenty years later, whenever he heard the name Ying Lingfeng, he could vividly recall his appearance. Ying Chenlin didn’t resemble his father much; Ying Lingfeng had a stern face, giving off a sharp and keen aura.

Since he was young, Ying Lingfeng had been outstanding among his peers, a spirited young man who excelled in the training camp, from an ordinary soldier to an outstanding commander. Whether it was battling in the Contaminated Zones or participating in joint military exercises with the other major Star Domains’ Frontier Armies, Ying Lingfeng was always the most outstanding, confident and admirable.

Lieutenant General Lin had worked with him for a period of time when he was young. At that time, Lin was just an Artillery mecha pilot temporarily assigned to the Special Forces, he became Ying Lingfeng’s subordinate and obeyed his orders. When he first entered the Special Forces, Lin was young and arrogant, even though he had heard of the Special Forces’ reputation. He was still unwilling to submit.

This arrogance disappeared completely after he experienced several battles with Ying Lingfeng. Because he realized that strength wasn’t about an individual; it was about being able to lead a team well, a lesson he learned after entering the Special Forces. He realized that it was Ying Lingfeng who turned the Special Forces of the Dawn Galaxy into an invincible force, achieving fame in several consecutive Frontier Army joint military exercises.

Ying Lingfeng was a talent, a once-in-a-century genius.

He could have reached higher peaks, but he remained forever at the age of 32 due to the riot in the Coria Restricted Zone.

“People are like the wind, always moving forward,” Lieutenant General Lin answered after some thought. “He was born strong, and he was the most suitable to stand at the top of the elite mecha division.”

There was no need for Lieutenant General Lin to say more. When reading the contents of the manuscript, every stroke seemed to reflect the author’s personality.

The strokes were sharp, the language concise, and the battle experiences seemed to leap vividly from the short words and simple strokes. This was an invaluable experience for a commander.

Ying Chenlin couldn’t help but be absorbed in reading two pages. As he read the words, he felt an innate sense of compliance, following the drafts written by the other party to understand the battle strategies described. “These manuscripts are very important.”

“So, they can only be left to you,” Lieutenant General Lin said.

Ying Chenlin paused when he heard his words, then solemnly thanked him.

The items on this list of inheritance were all fragmented, except for two fixed assets. The rest were basically all pollutant materials and anomalous crystals. These manuscripts in particular seemed to have been deliberately organized and well-protected until now.

“Your grandfather took away a part of it at the beginning, and your father did not leave much behind. This inheritance was originally intended to be handed over to your grandfather. We haven’t been able to contact him for years, and I have been keeping it on behalf of him for many years. Now it should belong to you.”

Lieutenant General Lin concealed his emotions slightly and continued in a flat tone, “The two fixed assets inside will be transferred to your name after you sign the inheritance agreement, and the authority for handling them will be in your hands. Those two special anomalous crystals are unregistered S-grade anomalous crystals of unknown origin and ability. They are your father’s private property.”

Ying Chenlin lowered his eyes slightly and closed the supplementary manuscript, but when he opened the other one, he found it was blank.

Noticing his movements, Lieutenant General Lin explained, “The other manuscript is a special letter left by your mother, and there is also a storage device with it. We didn’t forcibly decrypt the encryption procedure of the manuscript, and the storage device will be handed over to you after you sign the document.”

“An encryption procedure…?” Ying Chenlin was slightly puzzled.

“Yes, we’re also not sure what your mother left for you.”

After Lieutenant General Lin finished speaking, he placed a small necklace in front of Ying Chenlin. “And this, too, is left for you.”

On the small necklace were two special rings. Upon touching them, one could sense a special mental power.

“The mental power’s rate of dissipation is very high, but we tried to preserve it as much as possible,” Lieutenant General Lin said. “These are your parents’ rings.”

Outside the conference room, several people stood in the silent corridor.

You Su leaned against the opposite side of the conference room’s main door, with two soldiers standing straight at the entrance. His gaze passed through the fully enclosed anti-glare screen wall and finally moved to the man on the side. “He specifically had you send someone to distract me, showing his meticulousness.”

The refined-looking man nodded towards You Su in acknowledgment. “The Lieutenant General has some things he wants to discuss privately with Mr. Ying.”

You Su half-lowered his eyes, not bothering to respond to the man’s words. He casually stood at the entrance of the conference room, the necklace around his neck hanging loosely.

The two soldiers responsible for guarding watched You Su vigilantly, extremely cautious of all his movements, especially focusing on the mecha key around You Su’s neck.

Theo, seeing the serious atmosphere, couldn’t utilize any of its detection systems. “You Su, I tried my best, but there are a lot of shielders in this conference room, and my radar can’t penetrate them.”

It glanced across at the soldiers. “It’s strange. Why do they keep staring at us?”

“The man is an aide-de-camp to someone surnamed Lin. When you first scanned the conference room with your radar, he received an alert. It’s not surprising that they’re watching you,” You Su replied nonchalantly. “If it weren’t for other considerations, those two soldiers would have already come up and confiscated you.”

“The aide-de-camp who sends you messages every year?” Theo looked at the man.

You Su didn’t answer, tacitly agreeing.

Theo nodded and then scanned towards the direction of the conference room again. “Will Ying Chenlin be bullied?”

You Su glanced around with the corner of his eye. “He won’t take a loss.”

“Oh, I thought he might,” Theo said puzzledly. “Then why are we waiting here?”

Before Theo could get a response, the door of the conference room opened.

You Su raised his eyes slightly and saw Ying Chenlin coming out, so he straightened up. “Finished signing?”

“Yeah.” Ying Chenlin hesitated slightly, glanced at the man behind him, and said thank you again.

Lieutenant General Lin nodded towards him in acknowledgment, and Ying Chenlin took a few steps to You Su’s side.

You Su glanced sideways at Lieutenant General Lin and said in a flat tone, “Feeling better?”

“A bit better than before,” Lieutenant General Lin still had an expressionless face. “Next time you come in, remember to turn off the mecha.”

You Su didn’t reply to him. When Ying Chenlin came out, he casually put his hand on Ying Chenlin’s shoulder and led him out. “Let’s go.”

Ying Chenlin was led a few steps before he turned his head slightly and nodded in Lieutenant General Lin’s direction before being hurried along by You Su.

The two walked a few steps away, and Ying Chenlin asked, “Is Lieutenant General Lin your relative?”

“Someone I don’t know,” You Su lazily responded.

Ying Chenlin didn’t believe You Su’s words. How could someone who didn’t know him pay attention to his condition? When they turned the corner in the corridor, he glanced back and saw Lieutenant General Lin still standing at the door of the conference room. “He’s still over there.”

You Su kept walking forward without stopping, his gaze shifting slightly to the side but quickly returning.

At that moment, he noticed the gaze beside him.

Ying Chenlin looked at him.

You Su chuckled lightly. “Got some money now?”

“If you have the time to look at me, why not go check out the auction?” 

Upon hearing this, Ying Chenlin thought about Yuan that needed repair, the weapon designs, and KID’s worrying situation in the future…

He turned his head slightly and answered, “I’m not going.”

The two figures in the distance had already walked far away, and Lieutenant General Lin finally withdrew his gaze. “He’s a bit more stable than eight years ago, but his temper hasn’t changed.”

After saying that, he added, “It’s rare, he’s protective of him.”

His aide reminded him, “Mr. You, he still cares about you. Sometimes, it’s better to step back at the appropriate time.”

Lieutenant General Lin said, “That kid hates me, and that resentment is hard to dispel. Let it be.”

The aide coughed and didn’t respond to Lieutenant General Lin’s words, changing the topic appropriately. “About what you mentioned earlier, with Young Mr. Ying…”

His superior had kept so many things for Major General Ying and even deliberately included Major General Ying’s manuscripts from back then in the inheritance. He had instructed the doctors in every matter, showing that he cared about the Major General’s orphan.

Lieutenant General Lin said, “Just keep an eye on him. If anything happens to that kid, report it to me, but don’t disturb his life.”

In the distance, the two people were no longer visible, so he turned and walked back.

The young man was only 19 years old, and his future was undoubtedly a smooth road ahead.

After staying at the general hospital for a whole month, when Ying Chenlin’s inheritance procedures were complete, he was allowed to remove the fixed device. The new arm needed a certain adaptation period, but the unprecedented sense of lightness brought him a different feeling.

This feeling lasted until he unexpectedly learned from Shen Xingtang about the treatment and materials used for the new arm. Upon learning of the astronomical price of this arm, it felt a bit heavy.

“Do you know how expensive it is? Fortunately the Frontier Army is fully responsible for it.” Shen Xingtang said, “Just know that it’s expensive, take good care of it. If there’s another incident in a Contamination Zone, you won’t be on the mission list anymore.”

After a doctor’s examination, Ying Chenlin was allowed to leave the hospital.

The KID team had been staying at the general hospital for almost two months, and they were finally returning to Sirius.

On the day of his discharge, Old Qiu specially came to see him off. In addition to bringing some of his grandfather’s and mother’s video materials, he also brought Shi Xuejun’s research manuscripts. Although Ying Chenlin couldn’t understand his mother’s research, he appreciated the elder’s kindness.

Old Qiu looked at the child who resembled a student in front of him, “When your hand heals, you’ll participate in the competition, won’t you?”

Ying Chenlin was momentarily surprised at the question, then replied, “Yes.”

As Ying Chenlin talked with Old Qiu, Huo Yan in the distance was leaving with a lot of luggage, followed by Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao, who were helping to carry the suitcases.

“Old Huo, why do you have so many things!?” Jiang Simiao was astonished.

Lin Yao added, “During this time, Huo ge’s comrades came to visit him, and the gifts piled up in the ward couldn’t fit anymore.”

Huo Yan’s popularity in the Frontier Army was inexplicably good. During his hospitalization for his waist injury, the ward was filled with Frontier Army personnel who came to visit him every day. He smiled and said, “They all came over from dawn after hearing I was hospitalized.”

They all came over??? How many good buddies do you have exactly?

Jiang Simiao knew that Huo Yan had good relations with those in the Frontier Army, but seeing the excessive amount of gifts was indeed exaggerated, “What kind of things are they sending that need so many storage boxes?”

“I think there’s everything,” Huo Yan thought for a moment, “They also sent some materials. They deal with a lot of pollutants in the Frontier Zone, so we should be able to use the materials.”

Ji Qingfeng sighed, “Sometimes I regret not joining the army when I was young.”

Jiang Simiao: “…”

You Su glanced at him and said, “You’re still young now, you can still go.”

“Well, forget it. I made an appointment with Old Zhao for the League.” Ji Qingfeng said, “A man shouldn’t break his promises.”

While they were talking, Ying Chenlin finished his conversation with Old Qiu and hurried over to the KID team.

Shen Xingtang noticed, “What took you so long?”

Ying Chenlin replied, “He gave me some things, and we exchanged contact information.”

You Su glanced sideways, noticing the light brain in Ying Chenlin’s hand, “Contact information?”

“Yeah.” Ying Chenlin looked up at You Su, “What’s wrong?”

You Su looked away, “Nothing.”

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