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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 129

Dawn Galaxy (Warmongering)

129. Recovery

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

You Su didn’t follow up with another sentence, and though Ying Chenlin had doubts in his heart, he still didn’t ask.

Coming out of the general hospital, Shen Xingtang booked a spaceship with plenty of time before the flight. The group returned to Sirius with a series of materials purchased from out of town, intended for making new weapons and repairing the mechas.

Including the time spent in the hospital, KID had been away from Sirius for a little over two months. Dr. Eric was asked to run an errand halfway through and brought back all of Ying Chenlin’s medical records from his hospitalization. As soon as they returned to the base, Ying Chenlin was dragged away by Dr. Eric for a detailed physical examination.

Jiang Simiao dragged Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao to the warehouse to busy themselves sorting materials. Currently, KID was in dire need of money, and their priority was to sell off the piled-up materials through the online store for some cash.

As Jiang Simiao calculated the expenses they would incur next, he felt his heart bleeding.

But at least, when it came to making money, KID’s team was united. Even Huo Yan, who had just recovered from his waist injury, went to help Lu Xi. The materials sent back earlier had been sorted by Gu Xiaotian, leaving only the task of adjusting and addressing any new issues…

At the mention of the online store, Gu Xiaotian said, “Jiang Ge, the previous manager of the online store, Xiao Zhang Ge, submitted his resignation letter.”

“What!? Xiao Zhang is resigning!?” Jiang Simiao was thunderstruck.

Xiao Zhang, the customer service manager of KID’s online store, was skilled in business. Since joining KID, he had put the operation of KID’s online store on the right track. As someone who had screened countless resumes, Jiang Simiao knew that professionals like Xiao Zhang were hard to find. Upon hearing the news, he immediately went to find Shen Xingtang.

While the others were busy with the online store, Dr. Eric finally permitted Ying Chenlin to step into KID’s maintenance room once more. After a period of absence from the maintenance room, Ying Chenlin realized that during his recuperation, Grandpa Gu had managed the maintenance room very well. The spare mechas were stored in the mecha storage room, and all the mechas damaged in the Coria Contaminated Zone were parked in the maintenance room.

During these two months, Grandpa Gu had collaborated extensively with engineers from Jianheng Technology. There has been obvious progress in the A-Class component technology. Therefore, when Shen Xingtang went to discuss the sponsorship cooperation plan for the new season with Jianheng, Boss Zhou generously gave KID a sum of money, relieving their urgent need for repairing the mechas.

Jianheng was extremely supportive of KID. They even noticed media surveillance outside KID’s base recently and dispatched several security robots to patrol the entrance of the base. Boss Zhou never intervened in KID’s affairs, but he never hesitated to provide financial support. After Shen Xingtang received the money, she immediately had a larger promotional sign made. Faced with the gifts from their benefactor, they had to achieve results in the next season.

The methods Ying Chenlin used could only be used for his own purposes, and the methods provided to Jianheng could only improve part accuracy by a small degree. But with Grandpa Gu joining the research, Jianheng’s progress in component technology was faster than before. This was a good thing for KID. Advancement in the component market meant that the initial components would have better precision, gradually pushing the reform of component technology forward.

Perhaps because there had been new progress in component research, when Ying Chenlin saw Grandpa Gu again, he found that the old man’s complexion was much better than it was a few months ago when he first arrived at KID. He briskly walked into the maintenance room, not even needing auxiliary tools to get in and out of the mechas.

After Grandpa Gu mentioned the mechas waiting for repair to Ying Chenlin, he said, “You mentioned that you want to modify one into a Medical mecha. Jianheng also sent two templates for A-Class Medical mechas currently available on the market, saying they would be helpful for our modification. Do you have time for the modification?”

“Yes.” Ying Chenlin took the templates passed to him by Grandpa Gu and said, “Thank Boss Zhou for me next time.”

“Boss Zhou only asked me to pass on his gratitude. He heard you were sick, and he wanted to visit you when he passed by the military’s hospital, but the security there was tight, so he didn’t go in.” Grandpa Gu stood with his hands behind his back, seeing Ying Chenlin looking at the templates, he curiously asked, “Since you want to modify the mechas, which type of mecha do you want to start with? Based on the basic performance of Medical mechas, it should be similar to a Control mecha.”

“I want to modify an Individual Soldier mecha,” Ying Chenlin said.

Grandpa Gu was a little surprised to hear this.

Individual Soldier mechas and team battle mechas were not the same system. Nowadays, Medical mechas were also categorized under team combat mechas. If Ying Chenlin wanted to start modifying an Individual Soldier mecha, the amount of work would be greater than using a Control mecha, and the difficulty of the modification would be higher.

Ying Chenlin lowered his gaze slightly and looked at the mecha key hanging around his neck.

There were two more rings on the red rope of the mecha necklace, which collided with the key and storage device. He said, “Rest assured, I have a plan for the modification in my mind.”

The modification plan for an Individual Soldier mecha had undergone many revisions from his previous life to now. Time was indeed tight, but starting with an Individual Soldier mecha would allow him to regain his place on the League’s stage.

“Mecha modification takes time… The priority is still to solve the weapon issue first.”

Ying Chenlin closed the template of the Medical mecha and sent the weapon manuscripts from his hospitalization period to Grandpa Gu. “Take a look at this.”

“Did you draw this many manuscripts?” Grandpa Gu took the weapon manuscripts drawn by Ying Chenlin. “The boss said that the playoffs might start at the end of the year. We have less than half a year left.”

Seeing that Ying Chenlin had drawn so many manuscripts, Grandpa Gu didn’t know how idle this young man had been during his hospitalization period. If he really made these weapons according to the manuscripts, in addition to the batch of Qiu Jin crystals’ weapons, they would not only need to manufacture the weapons but also leave a break-in period for the mecha mechanics to test the weapons… Half a year indeed seemed a bit tight.

“Have the Qiu Jin weapons been tested?” Ying Chenlin asked.

Grandpa Gu had already tested the Qiu Jin weapons during his time in the base. “They’re done, but there were some problems during testing.”

In the narrow KID basement, the weapon storage room was opened up, where abandoned weapons and newly developed weapons were placed. Following Grandpa Gu, Ying Chenlin entered the storage room and found that the previously somewhat chaotic storage room had been tidied up by the old man, with medium-sized storage devices placed on the distant shelves, each containing weapons.

Grandpa Gu led Ying Chenlin to the innermost shelf, which had four levels, corresponding to four new weapons.

Since Theo’s dismountable weapons, Ying Chenlin had now added detachable interfaces to every weapon design, partly for easy dismantling of weapons, and partly for future considerations for the new tournament format.

Ying Chenlin opened the virtual screen before the shelf, and the virtual screen immediately displayed the three-dimensional models of the weapons, with all the test data recorded on it. The first weapon was made with the Eight Vines’ anomalous crystal that Ying Chenlin had killed in the Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone.

The Eight Vines were tough, especially its core, which had the ability to rebound damage, reflecting the damage inflicted by mecha pilots back at them. Ying Chenlin had recognized its toughness when he initially fought against it, so when he obtained this anomalous crystal, he immediately thought of making a weapon for Huo Yan.

Nowadays, defensive weapons for Tank mechas in the Mecha League were mostly high-resistance defense shields, aimed at resolving the damage they received. Anomalous crystals relating to toughness had always been the preferred weapon core for shield-type weapons. The first Devouring Shield that Ying Chenlin made for Huo Yan was not actually a major type of defensive weapon. The Devouring Shield was excellent at defending against artillery attacks, but compared to the other types, its endurance was not as good as that of resistance shields made from anomalous crystals with high-intensity toughness like Zhao Lejie’s.

But the special nature of the Eight Vines was obvious; it was a rare, tough plant-based pollutant, carrying an anti-damage anomalous crystal.

“A tough anti-damage shield,” Grandpa Gu looked at the weapon designed by Ying Chenlin. “An anti-damage ability is relatively rare, but few people will make it into a shield-type weapon. Anti-damage is not the same as resistance. While rebounding damage, the pressure applied to the weapon still exists. This weapon’s limit for endurance is lower than that of ordinary shield-type weapons. For example, using a Sniper Cannon charged to 100%, multiple shots could potentially bring it to a breaking point.”

This was also the reason why anti-damage shields were difficult to make.

After listening to Grandpa Gu’s words, Ying Chenlin had new considerations on the form of the anti-damage shield. He took an electronic pen and made new plans for the form of the anti-damage shield. “We can change its external form to streamline it.”

Grandpa Gu was immediately stunned when he heard Ying Chenlin’s words. Generally speaking, defensive weapons, in order to take care of their protection range, were made into 360-degree no-dead-angle shields. A streamlined defensive weapon also meant giving up all-round protection.

Ying Chenlin sketched out a streamlined shape with his pen strokes, which actually added extended patterns to the original mecha’s shield-type energy barrier design. This design made the defensive weapon capable of protecting only 180-degrees in the front, leaving the rear completely exposed.

This was something he had considered before; if the anti-damage shield couldn’t achieve high defense, then he would try to maximize its anti-damage effect!

In his previous life, Ying Chenlin had conducted tests, and the control of shield-type weapons actually depended entirely on the skill level of the mecha pilot.

Tank mecha pilots with high skill levels could adjust the angle of defense according to changes on the battlefield. Huo Yan was one such type of mecha pilot; he was bold yet meticulous, daring and decisive. In fact, he always deployed his shield to protect his teammates very promptly.

Such mecha pilots could fully utilize defensive weapons with partial coverage.

“We reduce the output range of the defensive weapon, concentrating its defense mainly on the front. This way, we can double the unique toughness of the Eight Vines,” Ying Chenlin demonstrated the attack trajectory with his pen, “If the attack comes from the front, the anti-damage shield can bounce off some of the long-range damage. The damage that cannot be bounced back can be mitigated by the streamlined design, which disperses the power output of the attack, reducing the pressure on the shield.”

According to the League’s regulations on weapon modification, a weapon cannot use two types of anomalous crystals, and there is also a limit on its maximum energy output. With this design, an anti-damage rate of over 60% would suffice. The remaining effort should be focused on enhancing the frontal resistance of the shield.

Upon hearing this, Grandpa Gu understood Ying Chenlin’s idea: reducing the output area and increasing the shield’s resistance. By modifying the shield’s appearance, the shield’s endurance could be increased. “We can introduce the model for further testing, but with a streamlined design, the rear loses protection, which will increase Huo Yan’s difficulties while operating it.”

He suddenly saw Ying Chenlin opening the testing interface of another weapon, “So the second blade made for him will come in handy.”

Originally, of the two anomalous crystals from Qiu Jin, the Eight Vines’ anomalous crystal was designed by Ying Chenlin into an anti-damage shield, and the Small Gorilla’s sonic boom anomalous crystal was placed on Huo Yan’s blade. Huo Yan often used only two weapons: one was a defensive weapon, the protective shield, and the other was the Light Blade.

The Light Blade was a melee weapon, but Ying Chenlin didn’t want it to be just an ordinary melee weapon. KID’s biggest weakness was their lack of control in front-line melee. So Ying Chenlin turned the Small Gorilla’s sonic boom ability into a sonic boom blade. When Huo Yan uses this blade, he can achieve a shock and knockback effect through the sonic boom weapon core mounted on the weapon.

The design of the anti-damage shield was inherently weak in defense; sometimes, offense could achieve a more significant effect than defense.

Once a mecha crossed the defensive range of the anti-damage shield and tried to attack Huo Yan, the sonic boom blade could achieve a knockback or repelling effect, passively achieving a defensive effect. Not only that, but this blade could even supplement KID’s front-line control during melee battles.

The look on Ying Chenlin’s face and his enthusiasm for explaining the weapon design couldn’t be concealed.

Grandpa Gu stood by and watched. Since he had encountered this young man, besides discovering his talent in mecha piloting and maintenance, he had also seen his ingenious ideas in weapon design. As the saying goes, only by starting from within the industry can one understand the industry’s affairs. Ying Chenlin always started from the mecha pilots themselves in his weapon design, designing weapons based on the mecha pilots’ operating habits.

Seeing Ying Chenlin open the virtual screen for the third weapon, Grandpa Gu finally removed his gaze.

Even though there had been many tests for this weapon beforehand, when he saw the weapon, he couldn’t help but pause. The weapon presented on screen was a long stick, resembling the long staff weapons recorded in ancient Chinese history, but its functionality was not limited to close combat.

This was a weapon with a stick as its load-bearing center. Its weapon core came from the [Sand Lizard] in the Tianyu Contaminated Zone, a spatial enhancement anomalous crystal. When Grandpa Gu saw this weapon, he found it hard to imagine that someone would actually install a spatial enhancement anomalous crystal on a melee weapon, but Ying Chenlin did just that, and he spent a long time designing and researching this weapon.

In today’s Mecha Alliance, more people would try to turn a spatial enhancement weapon into a territorial weapon, to apply an enhanced magnetic field to allied mechas in specific spaces. However, Ying Chenlin’s approach split the dual attributes of this anomalous crystal. Its enhancement ability was applied to the melee stick-like weapon, displaying formidable attack power, making the effect of one strike twice that of other weapons.

As for its spatial ability, it was made into something else.

The long stick in the virtual screen stood in the middle position, with the center of the long stick as its range’s core, thereby unfolding a specific prototype space. This special transparent space inherits the spatial characteristics that originally separated everyone from the Sand Lizard, creating a divided space on the battlefield, like a huge cage, completely separating the inside and outside.

Ying Chenlin looked at the various data on the long stick, “It seems like this weapon’s testing can still be improved.”

Grandpa Gu said, “There is indeed a precedent for using spatial weapons in Guardian mechas, but to split the weapon’s characteristics into two areas, isn’t this wasting its dual attributes?”

“No,” Ying Chenlin lowered his eyes, “No matter how good its abilities are, a weapon is only considered good when used properly. Our mecha pilots are not suitable for gathering together. Spatial enhancement is redundant for us… On the contrary, separating them is the best option for a weapon most suitable for dividing the battlefield.”

This was also adjusted by Ying Chenlin, for the most suitable combat weapon for Lin Yao.

After looking at the three weapons, Grandpa Gu wanted to say more, but suddenly saw Ying Chenlin walking towards the last shelf.

That was the fourth weapon, made by Ying Chenlin for You Su. However, this time, once he had finished looking at the data, his brows furrowed slightly, seeming unsatisfied with certain values.

“We have very few materials of the wind attribute in our base. If we use more materials of the wind attribute, this weapon’s performance can be improved,” Grandpa Gu said looking at the weapon. You Su’s weapon was the most difficult for them, after all, Theo’s foundation was an S-Class mecha. Even though an S-grade anomalous crystal was used as the core, they still needed to consider using a large amount of S-Class materials.

Taking this into account for this type of weapon, it would be difficult to use some of the A-Class weapon parts originally in the KID base.

“Then we’ll make S-Class parts,” Ying Chenlin decided, “To make a good weapon, performance is the starting point. And making so many weapons requires a large amount of S-Class materials, making S-Class parts is the most cost-effective.”

They were not afraid of wasting S-Class materials. With Grandpa Gu overseeing them, the consumption of materials was controllable… Furthermore, by making S-Class parts, they could have the opportunity to choose. Parts with unsatisfactory accuracy could be auctioned off on the online store to recoup losses, while parts with suitable accuracy could be kept for weapon use.

Many mecha bases were preparing for battle now… Maybe they could seize this opportunity to acquire more good materials.

Just after Gale’s internal meeting, facing the upcoming new season and the anomalous crystals harvested from the Contaminated Zone, all mecha pilots were making thorough preparations. KID’s return to Sirius was not a secret, as there had been discussions on StarNet since they landed at Sirius’ Space Station.

In the past two months, several mecha bases took on clearance missions, but KID had disappeared without a trace.

Only a few bases like Gale knew that KID was recuperating in the Frontier Army’s Medical Station. Other StarNet users who were unaware thought that KID had entered its annual phase of inactivity. The gates of the base had not been opened, its official blog on StarNet had not been updated for more than two months, and the materials in their online store had not been restocked for more than half a month. New parts were virtually non-existent.

Therefore, when industry insiders were about to give up on monitoring KID, this group of people returned as if from a trip, and they entered their Sirius base vigorously.

The accident in the Coria Contaminated Zone was briefly explained in the form of a notice, blocking the curiosity of the netizens on StarNet. An impending disaster was thoroughly suppressed by the Frontier Army, including detailed information about the Dawn mecha pilots’ joint clean-up mission.

The only slightly inconvenient aspect was that there were too many people trying to gather information.

YDS and Black Crow didn’t make any noise about external matters. KID has been hiding for two months. During this time, countless mecha bases, including Gale, have been probing for information. Everyone was trying to find out about the anomalous crystals, after all, the new Mecha League season would start in about half a year.

Zhang Ge thought things were on the right track until his intern came to report about KID’s online store, “I’m resigning!”

It was embarrassing enough to pay someone 4,000 starcoins to work as a customer service representative for an online store. To think that they even reimbursed KID with 50 million starcoins as severance pay made Zhang Ge start getting headaches whenever he saw KID’s online store. He wished he could cut off all ties with KID immediately.

During the time Zhang Ge was at Coria, the intern had been covering for him. As soon as he received the news, he came to report to Zhang Ge, “Boss Shen said she’s raising the wages.”

Zhang Ge remained unmoved. He had been observing for so long and hadn’t seen any movement from that woman, “Even if the wages are raised, I won’t go.”

The intern continued, “But it seems like KID is about to release new products on the online store. They’ve received a lot of materials… Oh, and about the parts you’re concerned about, it seems like KID is short of money. They’ve started selling weapon parts.”

Zhang Ge remained expressionless, “They’ve sold weapon parts before. There’s nothing special about it.”

“But it seems like KID is short of money this time. The weapon parts they’re selling now have higher precision, like those designed by that designer, Yuan.” The intern continued, “And this time, it’s not just ordinary A-Class parts, they’re selling parts for A-Class mechas!”

Zhang Ge suddenly straightened up, “Parts for A-Class mechas? A-Class?”

“Not just A-Class, there are also S-Class parts,” the intern said, “They’re even preparing to auction them on StarNet. Many bases have already received the news and sent people to monitor KID’s online store!”

“S-Class parts!?” Zhang Ge was astonished. It was true that KID had produced S-Class parts before, but he had never seen so many high-precision S-Class parts being released all at once during his time at KID. “How desperate are they to auction off S-Class parts of such precision? And they’re weapon parts!?”

The intern shook his head, “Master Liu from the maintenance department even asked me specifically for information. He said that parts of this precision are rare and can be said to be of the highest level in the Dawn Galaxy… Not only in the Dawn Galaxy, but the news they released seems to have spread to other galaxies, and mecha pilots from other galaxies are also monitoring it.”

“Master Liu also asked me if I had any connections. We’re also making weapons recently, and high-precision parts…” The intern originally wanted to continue, but realized that it might not be easy to get information about their channels since their boss was already planning to resign from KID.

Zhang Ge fell silent for a moment, then picked up the tea on the table and took a sip, “Has our base sent someone to monitor them?”

“They have, but it’s not clear when they’ll start the auction,” the intern hadn’t finished speaking when he suddenly saw the man in front of him stand up, and his light brain had already logged into Zhang Ge’s chat account.

The Intern: “Boss Zhang?”

Zhang Ge logged into the account and changed his tone, “I’ll resign after a while.”

“Has KID finished dealing with their other matters!? They have time to sell S-Class parts, but they haven’t given any explanation about Zhao Lejie’s weapons.” Zhang Ge hurriedly contacted Shen Xingtang. It was only after contacting her that he remembered another matter, “You said KID raised the wages?”

The intern nodded.

Zhang Ge coughed, “How much did they raise to keep me?”

Seeing a hint of expectation in Zhang Ge’s eyes, the intern cautiously replied, “Ge, they raised it by 300.”

Author’s Note:

The Intern: Ge, you’re of little value.

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